2018 Hyundai Sonata – Review and Road Test

2018 Hyundai Sonata – Review and Road Test

As Americans increasingly choose SUVs
over cars the traditional midsize sedan category has gone from competitive to
even more competitive. With, like, a zillion alternatives, give or take, is
there a good reason to choose the Hyundai Sonata. Sure, legroom, while less
generous than the Accord, is still fantastic. My head barely brushes the
headliner in the outboard seats but with a slight slouch the rear quarters make
a lovely place to pass the time. Your stuff also won’t mind spending time in
these spacious 16.7 cubic foot trunk. It sure is a great time to be a camera bag. Pro tip: the external trunk release is completely invisible. I dare you to find
it. It’s actually hidden right here at the top of the H. Push it. An even
simpler solution is a hands-free release included on all but the base trim that,
with the fob in your pocket, opens the trunk after three seconds. Overall the
Sonata’s interior strikes a nice balance between function and style. There’s unambiguous separation between the audio and climate controls, all those
controls are easy to reach from the driver’s seat, soft materials make
meaningful cameos where it counts, and the general aesthetic is upscale and
modern. Statements that also apply to the exterior. The Sonata looks good in motion and it feels good from the driver’s seat. It rides in controlled and comfortable fashion. Put
another way, your mother-in-law will not complain
about bumps. Mine will…she won’t. She’s a lovely woman. Hi, Paula! Pick up
some speed and the Sonata turns competently with minimal body roll.
I suppose the steering could be a little more communicative but middling steering feel still ranks lower than man buns and the phrase spooktacular on the list of
things that absolutely drive me crazy. Steering so average, it’s scary! It’s not
clever people. Visibility from the driver’s seat is
fantabulous thanks to rear quarter windows that break up the C-pillars.
One other thing I like about the Sonata are the brakes. It’s very easy to come to
a smooth stop though I’ve noticed when you apply the brakes hard the sunroof closes. At least a little cover there. Maybe that’s a feature. On the power train front there are
several choices. Settle in. There’s a base 2.4 liter four-cylinder
and 6-speed automatic combo offering good power and decent fuel economy, a
hearty 2-liter turbocharged engine paired with a smooth 8-speed automatic
transmission, and in the Eco trim a 1.6 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder combined
with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that, to be honest, is only marginally
more efficient than the base engine and is actually less efficient than basic
versions of the Accord and Camry. Efficiency concerns should be addressed
by the Sonata Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid but annoyingly they weren’t revealed prior to me typing the sentence I just read. Regardless of
engine all Sonatas offer eco, comfort, and sport drive modes that alter throttle
steering and transmission behavior. Meanwhile a smart mode that varies
vehicle feel depending on driver input is added to the mix in cars equipped
with the turbocharged 2-liter engine. For a little less than $23,000, destination
included, a base Sonata SE trim comes with seven airbags including a driver’s
knee airbag, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind spot monitoring, all features that
usually cost extra, and a seven-inch touchscreen featuring a
USB input, a backup camera, and the convenient smartphone integration of
apple carplay and android auto, which Toyota simply doesn’t offer on the Camry
in case you were wondering. Versus the competition the Sonata is competitively
priced with decent resale values. We should also mention that all Hyundai’s
include a 5-year, 60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a long 10-year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Climb your way to the higher trims and
option packages and you can enjoy rear seat vents and sun shades, a second-row
USB port, rear parking sensors, power ventilated and heated leather seats, a
heated steering wheel, wireless phone charging, and a navigation-equipped
8-inch touchscreen. Among the Sonata’s optional driver assist features are
adaptive cruise control with stop/start capability, lane departure warning with
lane keep assist, and forward collision alert. Choose a nicely appointed Sonata
Limited trim with the turbocharged 2-liter engine and the MSRP lands a
little higher than $33,000. Oh, and there’s also a Sport trim with a
flat-bottom steering wheel and sporty-er styling. Just so you know. Midsize sedan shoppers are faced with a vast array of choices. The Chevy Malibu and Nissan Altima are comfortable and accommodating, the Toyota Camry has a
reputation for reliability and now it kinda looks cool, the Ford Fusion looks
cool too and offer some compelling features, the Mazda 6 is a pleasure to
drive, and the Honda Accord is just plain excellent top to bottom. I’ve said it
before, depending on your tastes any of those mid-size sedans could be the right
choice but the Sonata does have its pluses. It’s an eye-catching, comfortable value
of a sedan with a long warranty and a big trunk. For most midsize sedan buyers
that’s really all you need.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. lol. our 09 santa fe moonroof closes when you brake hard as well. but the upside its almost effortless to glide back and forth the shade cover

  2. Hey man, can you review the new Audi A7? Not the new A8 since it broke my heart. I really like your review, Micah Muzio.

  3. Honestly I think this generation Sonata looks much better than the previous generation Sonata. I love how the Sonata hybrid from that generation looks, though. Its just how they made the tail lights on the previous gen that made it ugly to me.

  4. I saw one of these on the road and was just thinking, "What IS that horrific thing?" Then I saw "S O N A T A" spelled out on the trunk…. Hyundai really messed up the Sonata with the refresh, lmao

  5. I sell new and used cars in the new england area and 90% of people are looking for suvs these days. You cant get most people to even consider a car.

  6. Previous generation exterior was better looking.
    With the same price range I believe VW Passat is the best midsize affordable sedan

  7. It's funny how at the beginning of the video, the previous gen. Sonata (2011-2014) was driving behind it . The previous gen. Sonata is the best looking Sonata. This new one looks odd

  8. Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  9. Is this Sonata unique to North America? I only ask because I know Honda and Ford have gone to a 1.5L turbo 4 cylinder engine, because in Europe anything larger than 1.5L gets an extra tax. So I was wondering if this platform is unique to us. And it's huge, of course….

  10. The models from around 2012 were a thousand times better, so sexy, everyone had one!!! Now they are just bleh and you never even see them on the road. Hyundai has been doing great but this last few years has been a very big MISS!

  11. Hi, I am a loser who lives in Korea. I ride Hyundai. Do you want to ride Hyundai?
    Do you want to ride in a Hyundai car that would pretend not to know if it had serious problems?
    I'd recommend you and your loved ones drive with their lives on the line. Hyundai Motor Company

  12. @ 3:11 those lines dont meet right.The 2018 Sonata deleted alot of features for 2018 such as door welcome lights,pano roof,glove box light and many more .That grille looks like a mud skippers mouth.This currrent model will not sell well

  13. I still think my 2013 Hyundai Sonata limited 2.0t still looks better on the wheels, styling, curves, and wheels then the 2015 refresh or this new 2018 model…not to mention they've removed the panoramic sunroof claiming they wanted to save weight and dropped the horsepower from 275 in my 2013 down to 245 claiming they wanted to make it more efficient, I just don't get it…it'll be back to the boring rental car lot model it used to be back in the early 2000's in no time…smh

  14. my mom has a 2015 limited, i have a 2012 limited. the difference between the 2012 and 2015 are huge but from 2015 to 2018 the only thing i see worth is the damn hidden trunk button 😂

  15. My 2011 Sonata looks classier, especially the mini digital gauge cluster for the gas tank, engine temperature, doors etc. The dashboard on the 2011-2013 Sonata models is way classier on all trims. Even the base. But that’s just my opinion.

  16. 2017 Passat is very much reliable for us. In their 2017 base trim they offer Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist), it saved us from big collision. No one was offering this in their base trim unless you pay extra.

  17. I've had my 18 Sonata since November and while it wasn't my first choice for a four door sedan, the price simply cannot be beat. I previously owned a Subaru Legacy with hundreds of thousands of miles and wanted a new one but lease deals were astronomical compared to the Hyundai. Actually all lease deals besides the Altima were astronomically higher. Plus I get a ton of features standard and that wonderful warranty. Still obsessed with the trunk button! Styling has grown on me, the interior is meh but who cares, I use it to commute to work and shuttle my two pups on dog park runs and hiking trips so glad it's not fancy inside. Outside it looks much more premium than it is. I do wish I got the Eco model with the 1.6T but the 2.4 is adequate and I can't complain about the mpgs. My only complaint with the car was interior cloth color but in talking to a different salesman at Hyundai I realized I was flat out lied to by the guy that sold me the car. I have the grey gross cloth but it does come with a darker almost black which is what I asked for. Bullcrap but whatever. After browsing all the dealers I flat out refuse to go to Honda ever again after their horrific service and Subaru is not far behind. My only other pleasant experience was at Mazda. Kudos to Hyundai for this wonderful car. Can't wait for the all new model in a few years.

  18. Got an SEL with Tech Pack for 22.5k a couple of months back. No other car in the segment can beat the price to features ratio. No real weaknesses noticed and it is a great car for daily commute. Absolutely love the ADAS features like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise. The bluelink app feature sealed the deal for me. Definitely would recommend it

  19. One huge drawback in both the Korean car makers' rear seat and something no reviewer seems to point out is the lack of thigh support and awkwardly short seats, which makes any journey more than 30 minutes really tiring. I don't know why Kia and Hyundai can't get it right? Even in something like a midsize sedan? This is definitely one area where both Camry and Accord really shine.

  20. The front end is smarter than the 2013~2017 version, but the rear end is a mess with the flat "Sonata" plaque with nothing to break up the flat trunk panel.
    The interior remains…actually boring. The only real redeeming feature I like is the PHEV version which the Camry & Accord still do not have & the batteries don't eat as much space as the Fusion Energi.

  21. I like the older model. There something about this model that I do not like. When looking at it from the rear it looks really narrow and tall which doesn’t look good at all.

  22. I suppose what makes me lean to the Hyundai/Kia, all other things being basically equal, is that no other maker has this good a warranty. Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Chevy, Ford, Chrysler/Jeep, none of them will back their vehicles with 5/60 and 10/100. WHY?

  23. My sonata is really comfortable, even in the rear seats. I'm a big guy and I still feel like I have soo much rook in the car. To be honest, I feels like a full sized sedan in my perspective

  24. Man and I thought the 2013 and 2015 models were pretty, the 2017-2018 is just gorgeous. Looks luxury from the front and back.

  25. doesnt matter what bullshit car manufacturers saying about advance headlights can fill the role of fog lights so there is no need for them,thats not fucking true.

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