2018 Indian Scout Sixty | First Ride | Review

2018 Indian Scout Sixty | First Ride | Review

hi guys nothing2prove here today is a beautiful day because any day that one can be on two wheels is a beautiful day and today I am on the 2017 model Indian scouts sixty four sixty cubic centimeters that’s what the sixty stands for or 999 C seeds so I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride all right away let’s take a look at the beautiful lines on this bike going around the corner oh look at that that’s gorgeous oh yeah so right away this writing position is much much more comfortable much more laid back than the Scout barber by all means in every shape and form the foot pegs are more relaxed or pushed out a little bit more the bar is back again I’m comparing to the bobber so the regular Scout which is the eleven hundred and thirty three CC and this is the the sixty which is the nine hundred and nine hundred and ninety nine CC so right away this is an entry-level I would say not necessarily beginner ish bike maybe an entry level bike and let’s make sure that I’m going the speed limit here and right away it’s got good manners it’s very easy very I like it there’s nothing I had to get used to on this Cruiser and get to give you it to give you a little history here Indian first made the first Scout in 1920 and then they came out with another iteration in 28 1925 and then they came out with a with the 101 Scout which is what everybody’s familiar with in 1928 so a lot of people will associate Scout with 1928 but in 1920 was the one that they started racing on Bonneville where a lot of speed records were set well it doesn’t look like the normal 1920 Scout you know they modified it and it did a whole bunch of other stuff to it but that is the basic bare-bones the history to this Scout I’m just so comfortable I just want to cruise all day long on this bike like this this this bike doesn’t doesn’t impose anything on you it just says I’m here what do you need you want to roll on the throttle get a little power in the corner yeah I can do that you want to lean over a little bit yeah it’s in the roots it’s in my history if you go all the way back to 1920 so you go back 98 years so yeah this does have a little bit of sporting nature to it and and and actually a little tidbit of factual knowledge the scow was the first bike ever in the world produced for the sporting customer back then it was a sportive customer or for racing purposes because that was huge guys back in the 1920s right after World War one we’re doing a lot of racing and etc and this one was the first one produced for that okay let’s let’s see how the the low-speed maneuvers are on this oh my gosh she leans right over oh nice very easy very relaxed just dips right into the corner very easily let’s drop her down to first at the 30 here and see how she runs in first gear at 30 Wow beautiful with this belt drive this ya there’s no driveline lash no shaft Jackie Jackie if you have a shaft drive or chain lag this belt drive is just so smooth and it’s actually got a fairly decent sound for only being a leader v-twin so to speak to 999 CC s but the your numbers on this bike 78 PS and 89 Newton meters of torque what’s it’s respectable and it’s not overwhelming and it’s easy to control and especially in traffic here like this this is very easy so as we can go slow if you want do you want to go a little bit harder in the corners I can do that too I can do this all day long whatever it is you want to do let’s see what passing would be Oh not bad but just another little bit of tidbit of information since we’re going so slow in traffic here is is that Indian when they produced the Scout they had in mind the the sporting nature of the average motorcycle rider but then also they wanted to make a smaller cruiser for the world market they know that in the European market that they don’t like big these big huge three four hundred kilogram behemoths they’re not gonna sell as well in Europe yes they do so but not that’s that’s not what they were aiming for with this let’s do a walk-around on this this bike and let’s see I should do one right here okay let’s take a look at this machine let’s take a look at this beautiful bike and this is a beautiful bike believe me this is a gorgeous machine with all this history in this thing okay so let’s go over some of the basics the hep –tx everything’s your basic your basically this this will toggle you this between the menu items and in here then your highs and lows turn signals horn your kill switch starter all very minimalistic it’s all you but what you really need and and same thing here with this gauge look at that classic color with with the cream in the maroon the old Indian colors there on the dial that is great and then your black leather seats in the 60s for the Indian scout 60 the the actual Scout series will be also it will always be your brown leather seats and also gray frame here and here now this is also what I like about the Scout series here they built this liquid cooled radiator cage that’s part of the frame right there that that is great thinking they’re Polaris thank you very much and you’re talking about old school look at this front end that’s about as basic as this sixty gets it doesn’t get any more basic than that Wow now also the difference between the the normal Scout and the Scout sixty those two and then you have the bobber the bobber they changed this to a more well I’ll overlay the pitcher to see what it’s like and I like this established 1901 Indian motorcycle company and and you notice these heads are not polished like they are on the Scout and the bloggers the heads are present so that’s what they did lead they they eliminated a lot of chroming on this bike the handlebars chrome they have here’s chromed and so on but so the sixty you get to keep two grand in your pocket is it worth it sure if you’re just starting out and you want a lightweight Cruiser I was gonna say a lightweight bike no this is not a lightweight bike 250 plus kilograms but it’s lightweight for a cruiser that’s what this is and just look at this shot oh yeah this is just awesome I like that that the blacked out look here with this particular sixty this just looks great and I like all these little little things on here like on this rubber boot here on the top of the of the shock Indian there then you have the eye there there I hear all these little little cues it looks so good and not bad for ten grand you can get into one of these for less than ten grand that’s a deal that’s what I call getting into the cruiser market at a low level cost as if that is a deal okay let’s go ahead and get back get back on the road let’s check for traffic we’re clear both ways let’s see if we can dip into this bad boy oh yeah she leans in very nicely so what I would like to say is what is that what is the difference between the scouts and the Scout 60 so right away on the 60 they cut out the chrome they cut the engine size down and they cut out 5th gear and they gave you two grand in your pocket well they didn’t give it to you you get to keep two grand in your pocket as about the rough consideration here and that they’re talking about but also the Scout and the Scout 60 has if you really don’t want to ride them so aggressive the difference between the Scout in the Scout sixties is real really same everything’s the same except those three things a little bit smaller motor on the 60 cut out fifth gear and cut out some chrome and your bank account has 2,000 more more in it I call that ideal let’s see how this thing turns around let’s see crank it over oh that’s a bad so let’s sum up the three pillars of motorcycling the first one is powertrain so the engine and transmission no complaints the motor is exactly what you what I expected from a 999 CC just over 60 cubic inches but that with this liquid cooling this thing will rub rev to 8,000 rpms it’s like wow that’s so no complaints and pillar number two that I always talk about is the chassis brakes and suspension I talked about that already again no complaints you could ride all day with this bike no problem and then the third economics beautiful comfortable all day riding the seat height who cares about the seat height it’s low that’s all you care about that the seat is low enough so then you don’t have to care about it it’s a cruiser why do you care okay guys I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the 2017 Indian scout 60 it was a very pleasant ride very relaxing very enjoyable for lack of a better word pleasant is the word I like I think I like the word pleasant and if you want to ride have a have a pleasant ride all the time get yourself one of these go see the guys at Bear lager now I’ll leave the link in the description below give give David Kona can call and say hey let me take that that 60 out for a spin because I want to keep the two grand instead of buying the full-size Scout keep that two grand in my pocket except I would buy there at the backseat to I would get that as an extra alright so take it easy guys and as usual ride safe and ride like there’s nothing to prove Cheers there is a rumor going around that a Indian engine engineer said about the eleven hundred and thirty three CC that goes in at normal scout and the bobber that they can actually get a hundred and forty ponies out of that what a hundred and forty ponies yes that’s what I said instead of instead of 98 it’s like really make that bike Indian give it a hundred and forty ponies and I will buy it ah I could do this all day long riding like this into the sunset into the Setting Sun let’s call west young man that’s what this reminds me of give me some cowboy boots and some jeans some some good jeans Levi’s and a black leather jacket or leather jacket and a half helmet and let me ride off into the end and some brown leather gloves and let me ride off into the sunset on this bike that’s what this bike says it wants to do oh this this bike says sit back put one hand on your lap put it on the tank get out the newspaper and read the newspaper and let me draw it for you that’s what this bike says you get out the newspaper let us do the road that should be Indians new slogan read the newspaper let us do the driving

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  1. could you also do a review of Triumph bonneville and HD 883 IRON that is in the same class and say how you would compare them pros and cons

  2. Looking forward to it, I do like the way you do the review, please keep IT coming and do some HD reviews and you will Even more viewers. 😊

  3. Definitely yes, a good entry level bike due to its great handling and predicable power delivery- but also more than enough performance to take you to the next level as you progress in riding skill. I looked at and tried out the HD 48, Vulcan S, and Yamaha Bolt. As entertaining as they all were, this was the one for performance and retro awesomeness.  Riding mine for a year now after being away from the sport for ten years. One of the best choices I've ever made 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for the review. I’m considering getting into the motorcycling mondo just because of these scout bikes. Really got impressed when I first saw it. Now the dilemma is whether to get the Scout or the scout Bobber.

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