2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Interior Reviewed – In Depth Look At The JL’s New Features & Designs

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Interior Reviewed – In Depth Look At The JL’s New Features & Designs

I’m Ryan from extremeterrain.com and in this
video, we’re gonna talk all about the brand new interior in the brand new 2018 Jeep JL. Jeep made a lot of changes from the 2017 and
even 2018 JK’s to this brand new and redesigned 2018 JL. And one of the biggest changes is the interior. The interior’s also one of these things that
is a little bit of a love it or hate it game. Some people really like the additional creature
comforts and the more car-like feel of the interior of the JL, while others prefer the
more rough and tumble interior of the past, something specifically like that new Nav screen
people either love it or they hate it. But we are gonna go through everything both
the good and the bad. Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube
channel, that way you can check out some of the other review videos that we’ve done on
the JL as well as all of the builds and the other cool stuff that we’re gonna do with
this brand new jeep down the line. But for now, let’s get into some of those
interior changes. Of course, some of the biggest changes that
were made in the jeep are going to be the dash and everything you can get to from the
driver seat. And I wanna get into that. We’re also gonna go out on the road to show
you some of those features, but before we jump in there I wanna show you some of the
other stuff that Jeep did because they really left nothing untouched. In the back area here they redid the center
section that your rear seat passengers have access to, so they’re actually going to have
a couple of blowers so they get some HVAC back there which is really nice. Not something that you can change from what’s
blowing up front, but still get some extra circulation, some extra heating or cooling
in the back area which is nice. And again, that’s gonna be a change from past
generations. You have your window switches in that center
section as well and then you have a 120-volt outlet as well as a USB charging port. So, your rear seat passengers when they’re
on their phone they can be charging. You can also use that for any other accessories
that you might need. There’s also a bit of a storage area. It’s pretty small. I don’t know exactly what you’re gonna be
using that for. It’s not cup holders but there’s a little
bit of storage back there as well. Jeep has completed redesigned these seats
so they look good, they’re very comfortable, they’re gonna be a 60/40 split. And then in the center, you actually have
a little area that can pop down if you’re not having somebody sit there. And that becomes your cup holders for your
rear seat passengers. So, again, just a little bit of an additional
creature comfort that’s built right into the jeep. Now, that’s not the only bit of function that’s
built into these seats. You also have a little bit of an easier way
to get these folded down. So, you’re gonna have two different levers
that you’re gonna use when folding those seats. One is when you’re gonna flip the headrest
down out of the way, and then two actually flips the whole seat down so you don’t have
to worry about pulling the headrests out, adjusting them, or adjusting the front seats
to make some additional room when you’re folding the seats. So, something that was thought through very
well by Jeep and really well executed. Of course, this is the Sahara, so this has
the leather seats. These are, of course, the black ones, but
you can also get them in a tan leather. If you step down to the Sport or the Sport
S you’re going to have cloth interior either black or tan as well. One of the other things that I wanna mention
while we’re here before we move to that cargo area is the map light. The map lights in this jeep are LED and you
have not only an ambient light in the center but also four individual map lights that can
be turned on and off by your four passengers, so just one more creature comfort. So, let’s take a step back to the cargo space
here because there were definitely some big changes in that area as well. One of those is gonna be staring you right
in the face when you open this up if you have the option, and that is going to be this very
large alpine sub. We have the Sahara so it has the alpine sub
the nine-speaker stereo system in it. If you have a Sport or a Sport S you’re going
to have to get that option if you want it. But if you’re somebody who really enjoys music
that’s probably going to be a good option for you to take a look at. It’s going to come with all of the components
that you would usually have to upgrade to right out of the factory. So, that’s going to be the most glaring thing
but you also have a couple of other changes here. You can lift up this area and there’s some
storage underneath that’s going to actually have a drain built right into it so not that
it is insulated at all, but you could use it to throw some drinks and some ice in if
you want or just general storage that’s going to be hidden from prying eyes. You’re still going to have all the spots for
your nut and bolt hardware for when you do have your doors removed or your hard top removed. Just like in the JK you’re going to have that
and also you’re going to have your jack in the backspace as well. Of course, you’re going to have all your cargo
tie downs. They’re gonna be there to keep things from
sliding around in the back of the jeep. And a couple of the other things I wanna point
out are right over here. So, you’re gonna have an additional 12-volt
outlet that’s gonna be for when you’re camping, when you’re tailgating, or when you’re done
wheeling and you’re trying to air up some tyres with a compressor. This is gonna be really easy to get to for
you. You also have a little clip up here that’s
designed specifically to hold your wiring harness and your washer tube from your hard
top when you have your hard top removed. Now, again, like a lot of this stuff that’s
not going to impact your everyday life while you’re using your jeep, but it does prove
that Jeep really thought through this vehicle when they were designing it, and purposefully
thought of a lot of those little things that do just make it that much of a nicer vehicle. So, that really covers a lot of the stuff
in this backspace here. Now, let’s hop into the driver seat. I’ll go through a couple of the options up
there and then we’ll hit the road. So, when you first get in the JL it does feel
a little bit more refined and little bit more car-like. And that’s something that a lot of you guys
didn’t like when the JK came out over the TJ. Jeeps, in general, have always been very rough
and tumble, very utilitarian, not a lot of those creature comforts. So, when you start adding to that a lot of
you feel like that gets away from being a jeep. In my opinion, this is still very much a jeep,
it’s just a bit of a nicer jeep. It’s just a little bit more something that
I would feel comfortable and I would want to drive on a daily basis as well as hitting
the trails. So, everything in here has been completely
redesigned, you have a very nice feeling leather steering wheel, the dash itself is leather. This area right here is obviously very eye-catching. This is something that a lot of you guys aren’t
really crazy about as well. It looks like an iPad was just kinda stuck
in the middle of the dash here. And I get that. I understand where you’re coming from. On the flip side of that it makes you very
easy to see and very easy to get to, so whether you like the styling or not that’s up to you,
but I definitely like the functionality of this piece. Now, in the Sport model you are only going
to get a Uconnect 3 with a five-inch screen. If you go to the Sport S you can upgrade to
the Uconnect 4 with the larger seven-inch screen. In the Sahara and the Rubicon [SP] you also
have the option to go up to the 8.4-inch screen with a navigation system. On top of that, you also have a second screen
that’s going to be between your two analog gauges. You have a couple of gauges that are on there
all the time. There’s things that you always need to know
about. And then also a lot of things that you can
customize and change and really set it up exactly how you want it for driving on road
and off road. Then in the second section again redesigned,
everything was redesigned, that goes without saying at this point. Being that this is the Sahara and that it
has the cold weather package you’re gonna have buttons for your heated seats, your heated
steering wheel. Again, a lot of those creature comforts certainly
aren’t necessary but do make this a much more comfortable daily driver. Of course, the gear select has been redesigned
on this automatic transmission. You have a Jeep right up on top here which
kind of a cool feature, a little bit of an Easter egg, a little bit of a throwback to
the early days of Jeep. It’s very comfortable, very easy to get to. Again, just sticking with the well thought
out theme. We have the key here and there’s a little
bit of a slot right between your cup holders where you can set that and it fights right
in there because it is a push to start so that just gives you a nice place to store
that. So again, they really did a lot more thinking
with this jeep. Up here you have the handles on the A-pillar. In the back, you also have the same thing
on the B-pillar. If you wanna still get some after marketing
grab handles for up here you can but you don’t need to now because you have some integrated
right into the jeep. Again, my overall feeling about the interior
is that it is a little bit more luxurious feeling, a little bit more car feeling, but
in my personal opinion I like that. I think that this is still very much a jeep,
it’s still a very capable jeep on road and off road. It’s just a little bit more comfortable to
drive on road, and I certainly don’t think that’s a bad thing. So, let’s hit the road and I’ll show you a
couple more of these features that make a little bit more sense to show you while we’re
actually driving. So, now that we’re actually in the jeep driving
on the road the first thing that you’ll notice is how quiet it is. Now, this jeep does have a hard top on it
and this is the full factory hard top. You know, there’s nothing to flap. It’s very quiet. It’s a hard top. If you have the power soft top or the full
non-powered soft top you might get a little bit more wind noise in the jeep. There’s also as a factor [SP] set of those
HD tyres on it. So, they’re very quiet. There’s no tyre whine at all. I always forget when I get in this jeep and
I drive it the first time that it’s fully up to temperature and you come to a red light
and the engine shuts off. I always forget that I forgot to turn that
feature off. That’s something that this jeep does have
that isn’t my favorite. But the good thing is Jeep has a button that
you can press so that will turn that feature off so that as we’re cruising around here
that’s not startling me over and over again. So, the first thing that I wanna talk about
on the interior here is this big screen. Again, we have the optional package so we
have the larger screen here. I do wanna talk through some of the functions
so you have your radio on your left-hand side here and this does have XM Radio as well as,
of course, AM, FM, your different radio stations. You can set your favorites, pretty much work
it as you would a regular radio. It’s not something that I’m personally used
to. I don’t have that in my daily driver, having
the XM Radio. I really like it. The next feature is going to be your media. You can plug in USB, you can go down here
to the media port. You can actually put your auxiliary in there
as well so you have a couple of different options for inputs. Of course, you can also sync your phone with
Bluetooth direction to this, and that’ll allow you to play your music through here as well. And the next button over is going to be a
climate button and you can adjust all your temperatures here. You can also control where the air is coming
from, and if you have the cold weather package which we do, you can control your heated seats
and your heated steering wheel as well. Of course, you also have physical tactile
buttons down here before the heated seats and for the heated steering wheel as well
as for your temperatures and your fan, but a lot of that stuff is also accessible through
the main screen here. Here you have your Uconnect apps, and some
of these are things that we already saw buttons for. So, heated seats, heated steering wheel. You can access your backup camera through
here. You can turn on and off your auto dimming
rear-view mirror through these screens here. So, you have a lot of different features and
a lot of different settings that you can get to. So, that’s going to be a screen that you might
not use all the time because you can access a lot of these things in other ways but for
settings and forgetting everything set up you are going to be going through there. You have some other controls here that’s basically
just your heat, your steering wheel, your mirror. Again, this is now the third time that we’ve
seen buttons for that. And then you also have the physical buttons
so no shortage of ways to control those aspects of your jeep. And then we have the Nav. So, the navigation’s actually very good. It has your regular map views that you can
zoom in and out of, gives you your speedometer on the map as well. You can go back to the menu here and put in
your location. And it works pretty well. I’ve never been really impressed by a factory
navigation system when you’re used to using say Google Maps on your phone. That always works better in my opinion but
this is going to be an option for you and it will work pretty well. You also have a trails option. So, this is something where if you go off
road you can record breadcrumbs and then you can playback so when you are on the trail
you can find your way back again. So, that’s something that’s really nice that
not a lot of the other factory Navs had. You had to find an after market off road specific
Nav to have that type of feature which is great to have that built in here. This button over here is your phone button
so if you have your phone connected via Bluetooth this is going to give you all of your contacts
information. You can go to your keypad, you can make calls,
you can go through your contact list, your messages you can read there. So, you have a lot of different features that
you can access all through here. And that is just having your phone connected
via Bluetooth. Now, the next thing that I wanna talk about,
and this button actually changes when you have your phone plugged in is the Android
Auto and the Apple CarPlay. So, you have both of those options depending
on what type of phone you have. And this vehicle is the first vehicle that
I’ve really had a chance to play with this type of setup on and I really, really like
the way that it works. So, when you have your phone actually plugged
in you’ll see this button over here changes and you can go ahead and hit the Android button. And it mirrors some of the apps that are on
your phone. You can see here you have sort of a main screen
here. Music, if you’re playing music through your
phone that’ll show up here. A shortcut to get you home through your navigation
systems. A couple of things that you might have on
your calendar as well are gonna show up here. Weather is gonna show up here. So, that’s sort of your home screen and that’s
in the middle here. Now, on the left-hand side you can go to your
maps. And this is Google maps. So, if you prefer to use Google maps because
you have your traffic and you have very quick rerouting and say you don’t get the Nav in
your JL you can use this to get you where you need to go through your phone. Or if you just prefer this over the Nav that’s
actually in the jeep then you can use this. And that’s a really great feature. Here you have your phone again. That’s pretty much the same setup that you
had even if you connected your phone via Bluetooth. A little bit different user interface but
pretty the same features there. Over here, you’re going to have some of the
music features so any app that you have that plays music that’s Android Auto compatible
is going to be listed here. So, your Pandora, your Spotify, any of those
other apps that play music are gonna be listed right through here, so you can go ahead and
play those directly through there. And then finally over here you can return
to Uconnect while still having your phone plugged in. If you wanna go back to your standard Uconnect
user interface and get out of Android Auto but still have your phone plugged in for charging. So, this is something that I’m really excited
about, I really, really like. I know that it’s not a JL specific feature
but it is something that I’m really glad Jeep added into the JL. In order to have that Android Auto or the
Apple CarPlay, of course, you have to be plugged into a USB so like I said here you have a
USB port in your media here and there’s also one in the center console so you can plug
in a couple of different, you have a couple of different options. So, now we’ll go directly below that Uconnect
screen. And a lot of the buttons that you have up
here you’re going to have tactile again and some buttons that you don’t have on the screen
you’ll only have the tactile buttons. You have your three Navs, volume, your fan
speed, and your tune or browse scroll wheel. In the middle here you have your defrost buttons. This jeep, again, has the cold weather package
so you’re going to have your heated steering wheel and your heated seats. Dual climate control so you have two temperate
control levels here. You can also just turn your fan to auto where
it’ll automatically control where the air’s coming out of and the temperature of the air,
something I personally really like. A couple down the bottom here you have the
mute button that comes in handy. This is where that auto start button is so
you can turn that feature on or off. Unfortunately, every time you turn the jeep
on or off again it automatically turns that feature back on. It doesn’t save your last setting. Right next to it you have your traction control,
your hazards, your downhill speed decent. You’re still going to have that. The JK had that as well. And then right next to that you have a screen
off button so that’ll kill this completely whether it’s just too distracting for you,
you don’t want it on for some other reason you hit that button and you kill it. Dropping down from there you have your window
buttons, you can turn the rear window controls on and off because as I said in the center
stack you have rear window buttons for your rear seat passengers. Now, going back into the center section here
because as different as this is, this is very different as well this dashboard area. What you have here are two analog gauges. On the right-hand stage you have your speedometer,
on your left you have your tachometer. And everything else is a screen. The gauges that you’re gonna have there all
the time are going to be your fuel gauge and your cooling temperature. That’s going to be there all the time as well. Obviously, those are things that you’re going
to be wanting to be monitoring all the time so that they’re always going to be there for
you. Across the top you have three areas that you
can completely customize, so a lot of stuff that you can setup to give you exactly the
information you wanna see while you’re driving in the jeep. So, as you scroll through here number one
is going to be your speedometer. It gives you a big digital speedometer. Of course, you already have your analog speedo,
but if you wanted to have a digital speedometer you have that option. And if you go down from there, and this is
gonna give you vehicle information so this tells you what PSI your tyres are at. You can go over and take a look at your cooling
temperature in a different way. Your trans temp, your oil temp, oil pressure,
oil life, and then finally, your battery voltage. So, a lot of information that you otherwise
don’t have gauges for is gonna be available right through the center section there which
is great. Going back down you have an off road specific
screen, so that’s going to tell you where your transfer case is. If it’s locked or if it’s unlocked and it’s
also going to tell you the angle of your tyres, which is helpful if you’re in an awkward situation
you can’t exactly see where your tyres are. Maybe you don’t have a spotter. You’re gonna be able to look right there on
that off road screen. Then you can also check out your pitch and
roll screen, so that tells you what angle the keep is at. If you’re in an off camera situation I wanna
make sure you’re not gonna roll. That’s gonna help you out with that. Jumping down to the next screen is your fuel
economy screen. It gives you your current and your average
MPG and that’ll give you for a couple of different trips. So, you can do either trip A, trip B. Down
a little bit further you have trip information. Again, trip A and trip B tells you your time,
MPG, and your mileage of those different trips. That’s really your trip-odometor. Next, it’s going to give you the status of
your auto start feature. Going down you have your audio, so if we go
back here to radio it’s going to tell you what station you’re on. And you still have your buttons on the back
of your steering wheel here that you can scroll through. If we go down you have your messages, so we
have no stored messages currently but that will give you access to any sort of messages
that you might have. And finally, we get to the screen setup. Now, this is not available while you’re in
motion but this is the screen that you’re going to use to customize the three small
screens across the top. So, right now I have from left to right the
compass, my range till empty, and the outside temperature. But again, I can really customize those. Compass, outside temperature, your time, range,
empty, average miles per gallon, current miles per gallon, trip A or B distances. And then you can also turn any of them off
across the top if you don’t want that much information, if it’s distracting and you just
wanna see nothing up there. Between the two screens here you really have
a ton of information. anything you would wanna know about your jeep
you are going to have access to. Just to the left of that main screen is a
small screen, and it’s still a digital screen. It’s going to give you your transfer case
selection what you currently selected. Now, because this jeep does have the select
track I can go ahead and shift into four high auto on this dry road and it’s not really
gonna hurt anything, and it changes the selection up top to four high auto. Jumping back to the steering wheel for a second,
I was working through all of those menus with the arrows and the OK button on the left-hand
side. Then you have your phone answer and hang up
on the left as well as your voice recognition. This system is very good, it’s very usable. However, if you have an Android or an Apple
phone I would go ahead and plug your phone in and then you’re gonna be able to use the
Google Assistant with this same button which is very, very nice because you know how accurate
this is and all the different things that Google Assistant is able to do for you. The right-hand side of the steering wheel
that’s where your cruise control is going to be set and that’s pretty standard there. This is actually both a tilt and telescoping
steering column. And that’s something that’s really, really
nice, not just for somebody who’s tall like myself. No matter what size and body shape you are,
being able to adjust the seat completely and also being able to adjust the steering column
completely really lets you get in a comfortable driving position so that’s really nice. Now, speaking of adjusting the seat you, of
course, have the tilt of the back of the seat. You can pump the seat so that you can move
it up and you can move it down giving you a higher or lower seat overall. And this jeep also has lumbar support so it
can actually control where the lumbar support is. I can roll it up and down in the back of the
seat so definitely adding a comfort level. Over on the left-hand side you have your controls
for your lights. So, we have the LED lighting package, you
can turn them off, parking lights, headlines, and then there’s also an auto on this jeep
here so it’ll automatically turn those on and off for you. You also have your fog lights where you can
turn those on. And then you’re going to have two different
dimming wheels. One is going to be for your interior overhead
lights and then the other is going to be for your gauges. So, you can really customize the interior
lights. I personally like all my dash lights to be
very dim when I’m driving at night, so that gives you the ability to dim those out and
to change that which is going to be really nice. If you move over onto the door you have your
power mirror selections. Left, right, and then you can move them around. You have your power locks. Your pretty standard stuff. A couple more things that I do wanna note
on the interior here I have my Home link, my Home connect button’s up here so I can
program up to three different garage door openers into this piece here that is moulded
directly into my visor so I don’t have additional garage door openers actually attached up there. That’s a really nice feature. And this mirror is auto dimming in the Sahara
here. And above that you have an assist and an SOS
button. The assist is going to link you through your
Uconnect, one of your Uconnect apps. So, as long as you have your subscription
for Uconnect you can go ahead and use that. And then your SOS, of course, if you get yourself
into a situation where you need some help you can press that button and that’s going
to send somebody right out and help you. So, that’s going to do it for the overall
review of the interior of the JL. I know a lot of you guys are gonna hate on
it because of how refined it is. Personally, I come from a TJ, I come from
very few creature comforts. But maybe it’s because I’m getting a little
bit older. I don’t know what it is but even though this
is a jeep I like having these extra features. I like it being comfortable if it’s gonna
be my daily driver. And a lot of these things do have a lot of
comfort and a lot of modern conveniences that I really like. But it’s still a jeep, it’s still incredible
capable. It looks like a jeep, it drives like a jeep,
it feels like a jeep. It’s just a little bit more comfortable than
some of the jeeps in the past. So, I really like what Jeep has done with
this. Go ahead and comment below. I know a lot of you will disagree. I’m sure some of you will agree as well. Comment below and make sure that you’re also
subscribed to our YouTube channel. That’s going to give you access to all of
the other review videos that we have done and all the ones that are going to be coming

About the Author: Michael Flood


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    Last thing…

    The roof and doors are not meant to provide any structural integrity or help to protect you in a rollover or T-BONE!

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  7. What a fabulous jeep!That is very cool!But, If you wanna your car to be more cool than before,Please buy some Automotive accessories to decorate your little baby,just like led light bar or fog light. Maybe you should buy these automotive parts from Amazon!Remember a word——-Turbo! That is amazing Led light.Since I devote to the passion of reinventing my car, I always use this brand, which take more surprise to me! I love it very very much! I hope everyone who like modified vehicle to choose it. Only in this way can I share my pleasure to people.

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