2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition Review

2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition Review

there’s no way around it the Nissan 370z
is old it’s been around since 2009 without a major redesign this one has a
black stripe on it actually a toupee but for 2018 we have a new heritage special
edition we’re looking at right here there are also some minor styling and
mechanical tweaks the 2018 Heritage Edition is a throwback to the 1977
Datsun 280z Zapf edition now it’s a model so obscure that anything couldn’t
even provide us a photo to show you so you’re going to have to go and google it
yourself for 2018 it’s available in two colors yellow and black and in this
yellow model you have black stripes down the side black stripes in the hood and
on the inside a few yellow accent pieces you can see the Heritage editions yellow
steering wheel the yellow accents on the seats and the gear selector but
otherwise this is a completely bass 373 doesn’t have a sport package doesn’t
have navigation this is a $31,000 car and that shows it’s like being in a time
machine back to 2009 at the base multimedia system there’s no touchscreen
you have to pair the Bluetooth through voice commands which granted an owner
would only have to do once but there’s no blind spot monitoring there’s no
cross traffic alert and that’s something competitors do have especially in the 30
to 40 thousand dollar price range like the Camaro and if you think the Camaros
visibility is bad you should drive one of these you almost need a passenger
sitting shotgun the whole time just to tell you it’s clear to back out a
parking space or to make a right turn but forget about all that stuff the Z is
all about driving it’s a two-seater sports coupe rear-wheel drive got a 332
horsepower v6 it’s just a cool car when I was driving this
a little kid on the side of the street shouted at me
hey mr. nice car and that just makes you feel good
my wife however she said I look like an idiot driving it with the stripes and
everything she actually called me I don’t think I can say that it’s been a
long time since I’ve driven the 373 and I think what stood out most was just how
nicely it ride the suspension is actually pretty soft and compliant over
rough roads and I had it on a highway journey about 200 miles but also spent a
lot of time driving in the city I never felt it uncomfortable doesn’t crash over
bumps and it doesn’t G are you out of your seat plus you have a very nice
seating position it’s high off the ground and it’s not low to the ground
like Scion fr-s will now the Toyota 86 or the Subaru BRZ on the flip side of
that it’s not a very engaging car to drive and perhaps that’s because this is
the base model it’s not the sport package which adds limited slip
differential and 19-inch wheels and tires this is the absolute base model
and it’s a little squishy in corners and it’s not quick to respond and one of the
things that the pre 7tz is missing it’s just a distinctive exhaust sound I hear
a lot of engine sounds it actually sounds like you’ve got your head sucking
up sewing machine it’s a very loud engine but you’re not
hearing that from the exhaust the Camaro has an optional multimode exhaust that
the various modes opens up and that is an exotic sounding v6 engine and I wish
the 370z sounded like that and it might if you uncork the exhaust with an
aftermarket sports exhaust but you don’t get that sound straight from the factory the most off-putting characteristic
about the Z on the highway is it’s nice it is just loud there’s a ton of road
noise there’s a ton of wind noise you do have trouble hearing a passenger at 70
miles an hour a lot of automakers that switch to
turbocharged engines in their sports cars but it’s refreshing to drive the
373 naturally aspirated v6 it’s crisp it’s clean
there’s no turbocharger lag what’s new for 2018 is an equity clutch now you may
recognize the exiting name from the aftermarket and he’s not partnered with
them to create a clutch that was a little easier to use you the clutch
take-up point was in a more natural spot and really it doesn’t drive like
anything special the clutch is fine it has medium effort the annoying thing
about it on this model anyway is that every time you use the clutch pedal you
hear the collect safety switch click on and off and you can feel it in the
clutch bottle it’s pretty annoying the Heritage Edition in a few tweaks keeps
the Z in the news for 2018 but it doesn’t really do a whole lot to move
the needle on what’s under the skin a pretty old car but it’s still just under
$32,000 and that’s pretty affordable for something that looks this good well
without the stripes anyway you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. christ, it took this guy 2 minutes in to acknowledge that the car is about driving, not useless tech. it's like he was forced to say anything good about it. and why does the design need changing? it's a beautiful shape. change for change sake isn't a great executive decision. it's just window dressing.

  2. Nissan should be ashamed. If you want to make a heritage car, put the ttv6 the Q50 red Sport gets under the hood, charge a few extra grand, and make us proud.

  3. another swing and a miss by an automaker and a heritage edition car…if Nissan wanted to make this car truly special, they could have thrown in bits from the sport pkg, e.g. LSD, and mild rear lip spoiler as well as some other do-dads to make the car more engaging and entertaining…The sports pkg is a must on something like this…as it stands, you HAVE to be a really BIG Nissan fan to buy this as its value will plummet faster than you can say Tochigi, Tochigi, Japan. Nissan has so much potential at their fingertips; however, they seem to be set in their ways and almost refuse to be innovative or original, although I do love their synchro rev-match feature…I realize the GT-R is the R&D benefactor, but not everyone has $100K to drop on a sports coupe/GT-car and everyone is lapping up CUVs of all flavors…if THEY would build an engaging sports car at the right price point, people will buy it as the car will sell itself

  4. Nissan just knows how to drive a platform into the ground. Between this, the Frontier and the GT-R, Nissan must have the oldest cars in the industry.

  5. As a previous owner of a 370z car, I can say they are very nice, however it's long since time to let the 370z go and replace it with something all new. I see people in the Z group all the time saying they are going to get a new one and I tell them all wait, save their money, and wait a year or so till a new body comes out and have a monster down payment instead. Great car, but it's time to move on.

  6. wow did they make this ugly with this "special" edition. Nissan has fallen so far in the product area. I uessthey are really just counting on the Rougue to carry the company. Very sad for a company that once had the slogan "Shift". Now it's "CVT"

  7. No offense this guy is a complete idiot… makes me cringe watching him..

    1.This car was made FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO DRIVE. No car enthusiast buys a 370z and thinks.. well theres no blind spot motoring NOPE not buying it.

    2. Z's are just those types of that come as a platform to the owner, to do whatever he wishes with car.

  8. You're review is spot-on, especially about visibility being worse than the Camaro, and highway interior noise. In the rear view mirror, you can only see the other car's hood, grille/headlights! I owned a 2103 370z Touring with the Sport package, and that was harsh at times. I replaced it with a 2015 Mustang GT, and it's a world of difference. Sometimes I miss my Fairlady, since it was just about as fast as the Mustang, but more nimble and easier to maneuver. Of course, not when backing up!

  9. WOW…..the bubble people live in…..I can tell no one commenting on this page has ever been outside america with their sports car (canada doesn't count). In europe at 8 years old, my 09 Z turns heads like a a six figure car.

  10. Nissan is going to have a slow death like Suzuki and Mitsubishi. It's a shame really because they have the right line up with a great heritage but refuse to do anything about it and that's going to keep hurting them until they realize they can no longer compete in the American market just like Mitsubishi and Suzuki did.

  11. But I love my z. No fancy touchscreen or those yatty yatty. Picked it over a Stang because everyone drives a Stang lol. There's not a day I get bored sitting in my Z

    He should stick to reviewing accords and Hyundai's!!! The Z may be old but NOTHING out there drives like it. It has the most feedback without driving an Alfa Romeo 4c. It accelerates as fast as Camaro 5 SS and gets around some tracks as fast as the last few Porsche Cayman S. A sport pkg gets you better performance and appearance for about $3,000 and it has very solid cornering for its weight. The Toyobaru Twins looked outdated 3 years after production, yet, nobody seems to focus on it as much as with Nissan. I'm still trying to figure out why the corporate reviews are so bad and the street reviews all agree that nothing drives like a Z?

    I think if I was worried about tech? I'd keep my fuckin Ass out of a sports car and look at a Camry.

    N no…. Camaro Mustang are NOT sports cars. Muscle falls under performance. It's time stupid reviewers get it right. Get a new job. Loser.

  13. I have the 13' Nismo 370z and for the price of 30k with only 5000 miles on it, I couldn't ask for more! I love my Nismo…with that being said the regular 370z IS getting pretty old. I understand why people hate the 370z. For 45k new for a Nismo or 30k for a "heritage" package (basically a base model with stripes) you can get so many better cars. Hopefully the new Z comes out soon so everybody can stop complaining but for the time being i'm loving my Nismo!
    Also, just bought an ebay axle back for the Nismo and damn does she sound good! for only $200 it really wakes the Z up, stock Nismo H-pipe and a simple axle back and it sounds like how the 370z should sound like from the factory!

  14. Come on NISSAN!!!!! Wake up !!!!! Like HONDA you slept in too long (20 years over slept). The Koreans starts from trash to stellar and you still waiting for them to surpass you by 1000 miles? There's so many little things can make this charming little beast lot better. Add on cheap stuffs like rear camera from your very bean counters from your other lowly ma pa models is so easy for manufacture to do. Add more cc to the engine or direct injections or high performance crankshaft or lighter cam lifters. Reduce some weight off the old chassis would help too. Your cookie cutter should been already paid OFF after those 20 years. So get up add some spices to it and don't be so CHEAP. You are hurting your own BRAND FGS. Not to mention change the CEO might help this Z car's future too .

  15. People need to stop bitching.

    Ford mustang-
    3rd gen lasted 14 years technically?
    4th lasted full 10 years?
    5th lasted 9 years.

    Nissan only fucked up not giving it a bit larger revision than just new wheels and a facelift.

  16. How can this dude seriously complain about the lack of blindspot monitoring? It's called a fisheye mirror, and almost every Z owner has one. As for the design, I prefer the 350 over the 370. Better looking tail lights, rear end overall. Only thing I like about the 370's body is the more angular A pillars.

  17. This guy doesn't know what a sports car should feel like.
    I have a 07 350Z and its a great sports car. I will one day buy a 370Z

  18. The GTR R35 and 370z is still great cars but they have to release new one R36 and 390z. They have runovered by another new vehicle 🙁 Also they must show up S16 silvia which is light weight sports coupe.

  19. Cant wait to see the new Z revealed this fall. This dude clearly doesnt like Nissan, he has no idea who this car is made for…

  20. It looks pretty nice but right now you can get a roomier Mustang GT Premium for a few hundred more…with a 5 liter V8….

  21. I like the 350 more & the 300 (Z-32 model) even more, but my favorite is what I'm driving, my 1973 Datsun 240Z. Nothing Nissan could do would make me prefer a modern Z. Biggest complaint after driving is mentioned in this video…visibility stinks. My other huge complaint (with 350 and 370) is the headroom and cabin size. I'm not claustrophobic, but I nearly am sitting in a 370.

  22. Eh I love my 2013 fairlady! Got the sport package and I added an alpine touchscreen. And the visibility isn’t too bad ! I can see pretty well. Turn your damn head if you’re backing up.

  23. This guy has said he prefers Camero features at least twice, fun & smart to test drive if shopping then, plus another similarly priced car; a VW GTI maybe… , gotta try out 3cars minimum before committing to a multi year relation ship w brand new car. Especially if you think you like cars & driving, &consider costs… Hey wouldn't a JEEP Wrangler be in this price segment too, desicions, desicions.

  24. It's a shame the Z cars don't have as loyal a following as the 911. No they are not competetors but they have the same history. The Z has remained realistically affordable. With that being said I think most have missed the point of this model. It is a light weight nanny free drivers car. Porsche just came out with the Carrera T. If you look up the video I think they copied off of the Heritage edition. The purpose of this vehicle is to get to the purist element of the vehicle. It will be a collectors item. Grab one if you can. I think the Z has been slowly refined to the point that Nissan is reaching the limits of the chassis in terms of engineering. This as allowed them to produce a beautifully refined platfrom that does what it does well. See it for what it is. I drive a 2006 Grand Touring. Love it when I can get it away from my wife.

  25. Driving grandma, that's all I saw in this review. It's a sports car, please review it like one. That's a disgrace to the true NISSAN Z enthusiasts….

  26. So what does the fucking money go towards? Just get a fuxking 09, paint it yellow and throw on some stripes and there you go. Fuxking rippoff. Come on Nissan, come out with a 380Z or whatever already.

  27. I have to agree. The 370Z needs to go. The 350 wasn't much to really celebrate considering how the Z32TT was a beast but it blew away the compition at the time time (early-mid 2000s) in terms of upgradability and performance. Going into 2018-2019 the 370Z is a piece of shit….sorry to say…and I have very VERY fond memories of the Z31 and Z32. 330hp and a 5.0sec 0-60 stock? Really? That's it? I can get a Mustang GT or Camaro for the same prices, better visibility and 450 HORSES

  28. Half of you guys don't even own a z so shut up. I'd hate to buy a car and a few years later they change the style. Guess what, you're outdated just that quick. I have a twin turbo z and it is rare and gets a lot of looks, guess why? Because they haven't built a turbo z after that. Go buy a corvette if you want a new body style every year. Ahahahha

  29. Someone who loves a specific car brand won't car about competitors. If you are crazy about Nissan a special edition Nissan car would be chosen instead of a competitor. Only someone who loves the brand as a whole would get a special edition car.

  30. I don't get why they would make a special edition of a car and not improve it performance wise. Just like the new BRZ STI, it has no boost in power. It's the same car pretty much.

  31. That model is basic because that's a base model!!
    The Nissan 370 Z is beautiful car!! You should do a review on the touring or Nismo model!! Z😍

  32. You're review is really biased!! The Nissan 370 Z is an amazing car!! I see you didn't call out Porshe or any other brand with the same body styles decade after decade!! Smh

    This review get a thumbs down 👎🏾👎🏾

  33. Everybody has their opinion of the 370Z but the one I have to disagree about that you mentioned in this video was having a conversation in the car while doing 70 miles an hour… I picked up a friend 40 miles away we took one of her bigger highways I drove anywhere is from 60 miles an hour to 90 miles an hour and not once did I have to yell at my passenger so he could hear me we had a normal conversation blasted the tunes on the stereo

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