2018 Toyota Camry SE : What you need to know NOW

2018 Toyota Camry SE : What you need to know NOW

Hey gusy it’s Mary here at Rice Toyota and its week two of our National Clearance event so I want to show you sneak peek of the 2018 Toyota Camry has been a best seller for years. This redesign is sure to keep us at the top of our game. Come on. Take a look at the car As you notice the Camry exterior has been redesigned completely. Starting with the side profile of the car got a lot more lines and cleaner. You’ll notice the car is lower to the ground, wider and longer than previous Camry’s. As we come to the front of the car you’ll notice the grille has been completely redesigned And this is where you really notice that it’s lower to the ground wider and longer than before This little graphic we have on the hood talks about the standard safety features that are now on the 2018 camry they are Pedestrian Detection Pre Collision Detection. Dynamic Radar Cruise control Automatic High-beam and Lane Departure alert and assist, which I’ll tell you more about it as we get inside the car for now Let’s just look at how pretty it looks. Notice the 19-inch wheels here are really nice not your grandma’s every wheels they look like something that you or I would love to have on our car. Good looking down the side Come on around back. So one of the things that I help customers with all the time is connecting their cell phones to their new cars Or if they get a new phone they need to learn how to pair to their car I just paired my cell phone with this camry, and it was the easiest one I’ve ever done. It’s really cool So you’ll see graphic shows how it works When you get in the car, it asks you to pair your phone And it shows you on the screen step-by-step instructions making it really easy for you Fastest time I’ve ever spent pairing a phone to a car ever and I do it all the time, so that says a lot! Let’s take a look at the back of the car You notice the back of the car has LED taillights, which you can’t see because the car is not on this moment But they’re really beautiful and you can kind of take a look at what they look like on this graphic here They’re really sharp and modern looking at night time The whole exterior has been redesigned They’ve written Camry across the back even in a new font, that you’ve never seen Camry written in before We’ve got a backup camera right here, and as you come down the car. You’ve got dual Chrome tip exhaust right here on the back So let’s take a look at the trunk because cars could look pretty but they got to be functional too, right? so this car has a trunk that’s been designed to hold four full-size golf bags or Two really big strollers if you’re thinking in terms of kids, and there’s plenty of room back here The seats also fold down, so you have extra room if you need to put something really long in the trunk of your car Let’s take a look at the interior If you’re like me you’ve always got a couple kids in the car or maybe some friends so the back seats are really roomy. You’ve got room for three full-sized adults in the back. I’m going to take a look at the driver side I’m going to have my friend here getting on the passenger side So now that we’re inside the Camry. I’ll show you to my favorite features from the interior I really like is just how the steering wheel feels really smooth leather wrapped and sewn and it just feels good on your hands Also, love that all my controls are right here my cruise control my volume I can pick up the phone I can do voice commands Right here some of the safety features I was talking about earlier are controllable right here from your steering wheel So let’s take a look you’ve got the dynamic radar cruise control button here So if somebody cuts you off on a highway your car automatically slows you down. You’ve also got your lane departure assist So let’s say you drop your phone, and you’re reaching for it You swerve out of your lane the car gives you an alert and it pulls you back into your lane Let’s take a look at some of the menus You’ve got a bunch of apps on this which I really like you’ve got pandora iheartradio You’ve got NPR, sports, traffic, and yelp The one I use a lot is the weather apps And so for today, you can see the weather I can also see the forecast So if I go back I can see where my closest gas stations are I can also get an idea of any traffic incidents around me that may delay my journey, so you’ll see all the construction going on on battleground where they’re expanding the road Which is really nice to have that if you’re going to be in a hurry So this is something that I really enjoy having you’ve also got I heart radio and Pandora and pandora is great You can play any kind of music you want anytime you want! And if you’re really into the stock market you can check your stocks . The new 2018 Camry is amazing. It’s better horsepower, more miles per gallon ever before and it looks great, feels even better to drive. Invite you to come in and take a test drive whenever you’re ready. I’ll greet you at the front door Thanks so much guys. I appreciate your time, and I hope you enjoy the 2018 camry as much as we do

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  1. This should be an excellent upgrade from my 2000 Camry. It's still running excellent but I just want something more efficient and safer and of course better looking.

  2. Love my '18 SE. Better/sexier interior, beautiful center console, more space especially in the rear seating. I love the fact that it comes with LED headlamps(my first time with a car with LED headlamps lol). The exterior looks sportier and meaner. The Lane departure assist and pre-collision are awesome. Love the bigger screen for when i'm in reverse. I've had my SE for a full week now and haven't been to the gas station yet. All around beautiful car. I just need to name my new baby now.

  3. I just trade in my Toyota Camry 2016 and got this exact 2018 Camry SE, Super White Color!!! I love it!! Very different from my previous 2016 Camry SE!!!Better Sporty looks, Looks very fast. Suspension is excellent, Blind Side Monitor, Safety Package, Ceramic Brakes, 8 speed transmission, 203 HP Beautiful Interior!!! I love it. Toyota did an excellent job with this car!!!! This is my Ninth Toyota Vehicle!!! I currently own 3-Toyota Vehicles.

  4. I just got my SE 2 days ago with the upgraded audio and convince package. It looks great and drivers awesome. Noticed how she forgot to mention the scout navigation integration? It's the biggest flaw.

  5. The SE dosent have remote connect…according to the techs…I have this same car and it's great but on the tech Toyota is holding back …why…who knows

  6. Camry powertrain is trash I own a 2018 camry the worst car ever I can't get rid of it please don't get fooled by the name camry 2018 camry is trash .

  7. If anyone needs to know what's wrong with the 2018 camry reply I'll let you know I have 2018 camry the worst car ever

  8. The lady does a good job explaining the perks of the Camry. I just saw the two-tone paint version with black top and white painted body. Would love to see the silver combination. Nice car.

  9. Traded in my 09 for 018 silver and it’s beautiful. I’m a young adult that likes a sporty vehicle but with a good amount of space in my car, this car is perfect for that, though i would like a V6 instead of 2.5L just so that the car would be a lil faster rather than taking 15 seconds to get up to 60 lol

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