2018 Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack Installation 3rd Gen

2018 Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack Installation 3rd Gen

So if you watch my main channel you would
know that I have gotten a new truck and I have a lot of plans for this thing like a
lift, a roof rack, which we’re actually going to do today. Now, a roof rack can’t hold a lot of weight. I think the one I’m installing right now,
just the OEM one, can hold about a hundred pounds. But the reason I want it is because between
the roof rack where it mounts right here, and over here on the side, you can put a light
bar. And if you remember from my old truck, I had
a 50 inch light bar that would light up the entire road right in front of me – almost
like it was daylight. Now, I can’t put a 50 inch between the roof
rack on this one, but I’m going to save that for a new video. This video is just a roof rack installation. Let’s get started. [Intro] Now, if I were to have Toyota install this
roof rack themselves, the OEM roof rack, it would cost me like a hundred bucks…a little
bit over 100 bucks, and I don’t think it’s going to be that hard. So I don’t really want to pay them that extra
money when I can just do it myself. Okay, so inside the box we have these brackets
right here, and there is an LH and an RH. So we have the left hand side and the right
hand side, and those are going to be mounted with these pink bolts right here. We’ll talk about the blue bolts in a second. And then we have these light blue bolts as
well. They are all kind of color coded with Loctite. And we have some washers and then another
large bolt. So I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos where
people take screwdrivers and stuff and try to get rid of this molding right here because
this is what the roof rack bolts into. There are some pre-drilled holes so it’s not
super hard. But I don’t think a screwdriver is really
necessary. You don’t have to worry about scratching your
truck – it just kind of pulls up all by itself. There is some tape down here at the bottom. That looks like it’s coming up well enough. Remember, this truck’s only about a couple
weeks old so tape really hasn’t had a whole lot of time to sit there and adhere to the
truck yet. And the back weather stripping comes off easy
enough as well. It’s got a little bit of adhesive on it, but
it looks like that will peel right off. So installing the rack itself, I have the
left hand one right here and there are the screw holes underneath this rubberish tape. Now I’ve seen some conflicting reports on
YouTube whether you should remove this or not. I’m going to leave it intact and just put
little holes where the bolts need to go, but I’m leaving this rubber tape thing, it’s kind
of like a seal, so it can compress a little bit as I’m tightening down the bolts and it
can act as kind of a large washer even though these washers are included. So now we have all of the washers down, and
we have this metal bracket in place. So this yellow piece is going to go in this
hole right here, and this black piece is going to snap into this circle here. So I should be able to get it in place. So the way this roof rack works is there’s
a little latch right here at the top, and the whole thing can swing around and clip
into the other side on the other part. So I’m going to take the dark blue, which
is actually a t20 bit, and I’m going to put it in the two little screws that go into the
metal brack and bolt it into the front. And then the longer screws, there are 3 of
them, they’re going to go inside these metal circle holes all the way through the back. And then we’re done with the left side. The last little bit is there is a little bit
of adhesive underneath this back part. Remove that adhesive protection and then tuck
it down inside of the weather stripping and push it in place. The driver’s side is in place and the passenger
side is now in place. The only thing different with the passenger
side is that there’s one more bolt that goes onto the swing arm. So how it works is that that will unsnap on
that end, this will unsnap on this end, and then the swing arms will just go into the
opposite holes from where they’re at. You can put skis up here, or in my case, an
LED light bar between these two front plastic mounts. And there it is installed in my truck. It took about 30-45 minutes. Saved me about 100 bucks. Kind of worth it in my opinion. Now we can get that LED light bar attached
between the two, or put some skis up there. You know, it’s nice to have a usable rack
on top of your truck. Trucks are meant to be useful. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” this video if it
helped you, and subscribe. Hope to see you around.

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  1. Woohoo! I was hoping to see another video from you here! Absolutely love these style videos. You'd be a great instructor to have.

  2. Hi Zack, I apologize cause I ask this question here but it better chance for you to notice here than on yours other chanel. I wanted to ask you if you could do teardown of Leef ibridge 3 I am interested how it works. Thanks in advance.

  3. You know you really enjoy a content producer when you watch vids they make on another channel that has absolutely nothing to do with why you fell in love with their main channel in the first place… 😛 😀

    I am the farthest thing from a truck guy and I still enjoyed watching Zack install that rack like a boss.

    Not that I am any kind of handyman expert, but this sort of DIY is stuff I have done in the past with good [and FAIL] results. Interestingly, now that I am in Hong Kong, I am discovering that this whole concept of DIY is pretty much unheard of in this part of the world, largely because of the relatively cheap labor costs available all over in Asia.

    To me, this is a terrible thing in one major respect – you end up with a population that is incapable of doing even the most basic tasks for themselves. So sad but is why stores like Home Depot utterly fail in Hong Kong. ikea is really the only kind of DIY stuff that people in HK might even conceive of tackling. A bit harsh, but in many areas, Hong Kong is a land of helpless children.

  4. I'm putting a 32" light bar in my lower bumper as well as 4 LED pods up by the windshield. I feel like a offloading video is in our near future?

  5. I'm looking for a roof rack for my 2018 Toyota Tacoma access cab. Can't find one. Got any help? Other words that rack there is for a double cab and won't work for an access cab. Correct?

  6. Hey Zack, I've got a Toyota Hilux and was thinking about lifting it too, but I was wondering if that wouldn't make it less stable on the road. Have you done that before?

  7. Hey Zack, you skip the part where weather strips were bolted back with bracket on it. Did you drill the holes in it?

  8. have you figured out the brackets yet for the light bar? I own both and trying to figure out that install.

  9. Do you plan on installing anything else to the roof rack? Like light pods/bars all around, solar panels, a rooftop tent, lighter weight gear?

  10. nice add on Zack. Very cool how the bars can fold away.
    Is that a bed in the background? you living in there????

  11. Hey Zack do you have any pictures of what the Tacoma looks like with skis or something mounted on top? Other than a light bar.

  12. Bro no offense but if you can get an iPhone or a actual video camera because the Samsung one isn’t cutting it very well

  13. Good video, but,   you are missing some valuable info,  not all of this rack co0mes w/ directions.  where the washers go???? in what sequence.

  14. Hey Zack. I'm going to assume your name's Zack because you use it in your 2ndary Youtube Channel name. Have you ever seen American Psycho, Zack? You should really look into it due to its oh so elegant portrayal of a handsome, young urban professional, Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), lives a second life as a gruesome serial killer by night. Take some time to check it out buck-a-roo.

  15. Noticed you have the moon roof — how tall are you? I am ~6'1.5" and I think it might be too close to go for the moon roof 🙁

  16. Hopefully this question doesn’t give any blow back as I do not have a Tacoma yet (working towards it) but does anyone think a prinsu rack will fit a 2014 RAV4?

  17. It's been awhile any issues with leaks? I just had to un install mine because of a leak, I just used rubber washers and silicon and hope that the issue goes away, great channel!

  18. When will you make the video of the lights that connect to the roof rack? I already purchased my roof rack and installed it and I would like to put lights just the same way you said you’re going to do them. I want to see how you’re going to do them so I can do it to my trip also. Thank you

  19. Zack I am not getting notification of your this channel. Jerryrigeverything is always on my screen. Full of liked videos.

  20. Question, have you installed the roof rack mounted light bar?
    I want to do the same but cant find the mounts for my 2018 taco.

  21. The video looks so washed out in the wider angles but look great up close is this a editing problem, expert, or just the phone? Cuz ik a lit of ppl use mac to edit and exporting a video from Samsung to a mac usually has its downsides usually effects the video If anyone can tell me that would be great

  22. Just got my 2019 Tacoma and all these videos have really helped me. Thank you very much for making these awesome vids.

  23. Proceeds two say i can buy it and insta ll it for cheaper looks at main channel this dude has two have a couple mill in his bank acount why would it matter

    Im a humble man from utah i got coupl mil onlly spent a coupl hundred thousand on everything i own

  24. I really like the look of this better over the Prinsu rack, particularly the fact that you can fold in the crossbars when you aren't using them

  25. On Jaguars and most German cars the roof rails are exposed by removing the plastic, just like you car interior it’s fixed in and you need to pull it off as it clips in, that’s why people likely use screw drivers as other manufacturers use better solutions. It can be clicked back in place if the roof rails are removed again also

  26. Have you noticed your bolts up there yet? Mine are all rusted and I’m about to remove it, kind hoping I don’t break off the heads 😬. Enjoy all your videos!

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