2018 Toyota Tacoma: Walkaround Complete | Toyota

2018 Toyota Tacoma: Walkaround Complete | Toyota

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  1. Fords trucks still number #1 lol toyota has drum brakes in the back how pitiful is that. You suck Toyota Ford is number one. Still no apple play omg your audio system is so outdated it I just can’t believe it. People go look at the ford trucks twill blow toyota away it gives you what features then Toyota don’t gives you

  2. Where can I find the videos of the Tundra that showed her on a ranch, in heavy rains, running a tree, etc.
    I think they are from the year 2008-2010.
    I loved them and wanted to see them.
    Thank you.

  3. Looks good but for 40,000 bucks I’ll keep my full size. Geez I wish someone would just make a basic no nonsense truck without all the gizmos to jack the price up. Remember basic trucks that lasted for 40 years??? That’s because they didn’t have much to go wrong with them. All this high tech crap just makes trucks unaffordable and a complete headache when things go wrong. Next time I buy a truck I’m just gonna buy a 1966-1976 and restore it

  4. That 6 speed automatic transmission is constantly up and down shifting when using cruise control. Sometimes it drives the engine RPM above 5000. Toyota should make a 5 speed manual as standard in all models and the 6 speed constantly shifting automatic as an option for those that want annoyed by the constantly shifting and high revving engine.

  5. I love this truck too but i live in thailand can you sale in thailand i think that very awesome and my grandma has drive a toyota too

  6. The front end looks too long to me. I would like to see the front windshield slope over the front wheel wells a bit. I could never afford one anyway so maybe my opinion doesn't count. I'm just a window shopper. =)

  7. Bought a 2004 Tacoma new, 150,000 miles, in great shape. I'll buy a new one when it dies on me. I'll probably die first.

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