2018 Toyota Yaris Review: First Impressions

2018 Toyota Yaris Review: First Impressions

toyota is taking a stab at making it subcompact yaris a little more sporty a little less cute in this latest refresh of the car will take you through it start off with the styling here now this is a yaris four-door hatchback it’s also available as a two-door hatchback those are the SE version it’s got a little bit of a wider grill here with a specific kind of darkened insert there’s a little bit of matching kind of themes going on here around the wheels 16-inch alloy wheels here on the SE they’ve got kind of these darker inserts as well and probably the easiest way to tell apart this new york versus older editions of this generation they’re gonna be the tail light they actually are more horizontal now instead of vertical they kind of stretch inward a little bit more you get inside the big news on the RS is a multimedia system now 6.1 inch screen standard 7 inch screen optional that’s a 7-inch screen on the SE here a little better integrated than before when it was kind of in a boxy cut out look like you went to Best Buy and kind of pick it up somewhere the RS has never been the most appealing Carter drive but Toyota has valued down pat here because this car comes standard with forward collision warning automatic emergency braking and a backup camera so certainly a lot of features were probably a very low price that we won’t know that until closer to the yards of on sale date in summer of 2017 thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel you

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  1. The problem with the Yaris is that it does NOT have a really low price. Compared to a lot of its competitors (e.g. Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Mitsubishi Mirage, Ford Fiesta to name a few) it sells for several thousand more. (I'm talking actual sale price, not MSRP.)

  2. The little Toyotas were more fun when they either had manual steering or hydraulic power steering.

  3. Does Toyota have any idea how stupid those front grills look? Kia Motors hired Peter Schreyer to improve the look of their automobiles. I think it's about time Toyota followed suit because they are producing some really hideous stuff.

  4. The styling stinks, as is expected from Toyota. It looks like an unhappy constipated bug. The new 2018 Hyundai Accent, however, looks fantastic, like a super European mini sports sedan. Toyota needs to learn from Hyundai what automotive beauty is all about. Stop buildings cars with faces of terrorist fish (Camry), angry birds (all the models with beaks, like Corolla iM), alien snow plows (Lexus, regular Corolla), and frowning insects (Yaris).

  5. A vast improvement over the 2013 model year I test drove. I was so disappointed with it and went with a Ford Fiesta instead.

  6. That time-tested '4-spd automatic' is bulletproof for reliability, and is highly optimized/tuned for suburban/urban type driving – easily the best daily-driver subcompact/compact transmission ever built. The equally venerable 1NZ-FE engine is also bulletproof – and easily the best designed/built engine ever put into a car in this class. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. The car is pure gold at its intended design-purpose & price point – most especially the SE trim version

  7. Cheap nasty inside.inner door panels poor quality.only 1 electic window switch lights up out the 4.Electric mirrors switch dont light up at all.under powered 1.33 vvti and ride is bad.i was forever screaming at it.Because it had no power to overtake nothing .And over priced. I20 corca fiesta jazz polo mini.even a fiat punto drives and feels much better and faster than a yarris.Hybrid is the 1 to have but £16.000+.

  8. How come Toyota never has aircondition fir the rear seats? Golf gti and subaru do. I have a 2015 rav4 xle and 2011 yaris both do not have it. I live where it gets 115 degrees in the summer.

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