2018 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI DSG Highline Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

2018 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI DSG Highline Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

What we have here today is the ever-popular Volkswagen Golf 1.4 liters Now it looks very good. But can it drive just as good one way to find out. Are you ready man? Let’s drive this thing All right, so we are in the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Highline. And Julian’s behind the wheel And really I’m a big fan of the Volkswagen Golf. Likewise. I am a bloody big fan of the Golf I mean we have driven so many different cars and this car is a sound reminder of just what a car should be and it’s also a reminder of just how comfortable it really is. This is the kind of car that you really need. Yes Incredibly comfortable. It’s full of features It’s crazy man, it’s crazy. It’s really all the hatchback you ever need That’s a GTI, actually Oh really? Yeah, just drove past Anyway, here’s why it is great. Okay, but yeah, so here’s why it is great. Okay. This is a Highline version. It is very high spec We got the 12.3″ active info display right in front of Julian here So legible So easy to read Yeah, it looks complex. It looks like it’s very difficult to navigate but because of the the buttons and all the controls on the steering wheel the multifunctional steering wheel It’s actually very easy to navigate around this active info display screen Yes, that’s right. Elsewhere, you know have soft touch material You come to this area over here Fitted in gloss black is the beautiful Discovery Pro 9.2″ But I’ll tell you what’s really cool is when you put your finger around it has a sensor that that comes up All the buttons actually appear So yeah, but there’s only one thing I don’t like about it, which is it leaves a lot of fingerprints on the screen Yes, that’s right. It removes a couple of buttons like the volume, you have to tap a couple of times I can adjust all this with the steering wheel buttons and stuff But I think what’s really cool about the whole car is it actually feels a lot more expensive than it really costs. How much does it cost? I think it’s $119,000 to $120,000? Ok, it’s thereabouts. It’s over $110,000 I mean there are other options that you can get but however at that price You’re getting so much car for the money you’re paying actually Yes, right. And I mean this screen it comes with Apple CarPlay Android Auto Mirrorlink. It has preloaded GPS maps Really, it is all you ever need and it’s not complicated to use, it is so easy It is very straightforward But I’ll tell you what it’s missing, this car Ventilated seats. Right? I mean like Even KIA has it. So the least you can do is have ventilated seats But that said I mean there’s Auto Hold Electric Park Brake button with Auto Hold I actually asked several people before and apparently Auto Hold makes them feel like the car is a premium car. Just from that button alone? Just from that button alone it makes people feel like it’s a premium car It’s not a handbrake, it’s not a foot brake. It makes it feel a lot more premium than it genuinely is But still a very comfortable car. The seats, although not ventilated, are very comfortable also Another complaint that I have I’m just I’m just trying to find fault with the car. I really like this car So despite it being a Highline which is currently the top-of-the-line variant It doesn’t have electric seats. Not even the driver side Oh you don’t have electric seats over there? No, it’s all manual In 2020, you should have something (electric seats) like that Cars of today should actually have all these as a basic These are fundamental necessities Yes, that’s right. Speaking of features, necessities and all that Everything is in the right place – air conditioning Gear lever – actual gear lever which I really like You could drive this car blindfolded. I probably could drive this from home to work blindfolded It’s all there You’ll get into an accident but it’s all there Yeah, I I know what you mean But still, you know what’s special about this car? You could be a student, a university student. You could be a working adult You could be anybody you could be a father, you could be a son You could be a CEO, you could be a writer, you could be an editor This car actually suits you. This car is for everybody You would fit right in It doesn’t make you feel like “oh I’m driving my dad’s car.” You know what I mean? You know how you you do a parallel park at some Maxwell And then everybody’s looking at you and then just go like “this guy driving father’s car” This car is a car for everyone. Yeah, you’re not going to look out of place in a Golf Yeah, and that’s what I really really like about the car So Practicality. The golf has a lot of it. You got big cubby holders. You’ve got space to put your phone. More cupholders Yeah, and at the back when you go to the back There’s so much space Shaz is enjoying the ride and he’s on the centre seat Comfortable, right? It’s good stuff. A lot of space for the whole family And that’s not all it has A very reasonably sized boot I was just checking the transmission tunnel. I think that’s the advantage of being a front wheel driven car So, I mean you can actually fit three at the back with ease. Yeah, it is. That’s my main complaint. I don’t know why car makers are making the centre seats so uncomfortable? Audi has this problem And that’s not all We have a reasonably sized boot At about 400 liters Close to 400, about 380 It is definitely competitive in its class – this car in terms of boot space and it’s a lot deeper than you think it is so you can actually load a lot of stuff at the back. If you need to, you can fold one seat down or all seats down Very customizable in luggage (space) Here’s my complaint, in terms of cubby holes I mean, yeah You have the lot of stuff you can put a lot of barang barang here, here and all that kind of stuff. But I don’t understand why, it being a Highline, which is currently the top of the line variant, right? It doesn’t come with wireless charging I wonder if it’s actually A cost thing Is it very expensive to load up wireless (charging)? I mean you sort of start to question this kind of stuff because carmakers like Hyundai, KIA they are actually having it as standard So I think they should actually consider this but then again, I mean if they’ll listen to me, I wouldn’t be an editor And now that we are on the highway, it’s very easy to get up to speed I mean overtaking’s not a problem. It feels very comfortable. It feels very easy. It’s just accelerate, brake, accelerate, brake It’s very straightforward Exactly, this transimission – so quick Volkswagen is the best when it comes to the DSG transmission Dual-clutch 7-speed transmission this car puts out some how many horses again? About 121 (123 actually) How much newton-meters again? I know it’s 200, torque So this car is a Category A (COE) Because it’s below 130 horsepower Yeah, it doesn’t feel like I’m asking you because I I remembered the figures but the only thing is that it it feels a lot more (torque) Fpr some reason, I kept thinking that the torque was 450 Because it feels so much more urgent than it actually is Not 450 levels to me, feels like about close to 300 Behind the wheel when you accelerate. It just goes, it surges past It feels like the power comes in even before the turbo kicks in Before the spool builds up, you know what I mean? Other cars (with) dual clutch transmissions, but when you floor it the gearbox is like “arrrgh what you wanna do man?” It feels like it’s all packed back to back so when you’re in gear 1, gear 2 is prepared to sync in. When you’re in gear 2, gear 3 is prepared to sync in So it feels very urgent Here’s the question right? The GTI is what about$160,000? This is 120-ish or slightly over hundred thousand So why would you need a GTI when this actually suffices, right? I would need the GTI though Really? I’m a fan of the GTI (I don’t know it’s quite pricey) The GTI’s $160,000 This car, 1.4 litre, road tax is cheaper. It’s more affordable I just wouldn’t get it in this colour So in the Highline also, it comes with this very big sunroof Right, right, right, right, right. Right, right You can tilt it, you can fully open it and get this, what I really like about it Is that if you close this you get this sort of perforated screen Doesn’t make sense to you Yeah it doesn’t But if you just want air to come in, some ventilation to come in You can tilt the sunroof or open it completely and this will still be there So you can get air without sunshine Rather than the whole thing being covered up What I always thought was I mean the best part about having sunroof is that you know on a hot day when you park in an open air car park For my own car, I have to wind down the windows But if I had a sunroof, I would just open the sunroof because hot air rises, right? So it’s a lot easier, the car cools down a lot faster. Yes Volkswagen knows that too So if you’re walking to your car, you can press and hold the unlock button and you will bring the windows down And you will tilt the sunroof Volkswagen knows your issues that you face. It has a solution If Volkswagen knows the issue that I face they would have ventilated seats man All right now that I am thoroughly enjoying the car tell you what why don’t We stop somewhere now you get behind the wheel and you tell me exactly how it feels. Yes, please please do So, how does it feel like behind the wheel? It feels really good man I love the big windows It’s so easy to see out of, you know and the steering wheel is so nice and light The throttle is also very responsive It feels a lot more than it states, right in the spec sheet? This 1.4 litre Golf produces some 123 brake horsepower with 200 Newton metres of torque It gets from 0 to 100 in just 9.1 seconds. And before it reaches a top speed of slightly over 200km/h But I think as always a 1.4 Litre in the spec sheet It actually stays a does some 5.5L/100KM But I don’t think we’ll reach that. I mean it’s quite a challenge I think it would get really close to it because this 7-speed gearbox is really efficient I mean it shifts so quickly and it gets the revs in the power band exactly when Whenever you step your foot down. And it complements the car so well, I mean this steering It actually feels a lot faster than it should at the driver seat. Yeah, exactly. We’re doing we’re doing a quite reasonable speed. Yeah, I mean It feels good. It feels good. Even from where I’m seated as a passenger I don’t feel like you know when you go fast on certain cars you feel a bit scared but this car just feels like it’s it’s right where it belongs It’s so easy to point Being easy to look out off is one thing but having a nice steering wheel and all that kind of stuff It’s easy to place on the road. And it’s fun it’s actually a fun car You know what would be really fun? If for some weird reason Volkswagen decides to make the Golf real wheel drive. That would be fun Yeah, that will be fun. There will be a bit scary, but it will be fun But you still can have quite a lot of fun with this car. Yeah, yeah Yeah, who says front wheel drive; front wheel driven cars can’t be fun It’s actually very fun. And if you’re looking for more power, there’s a Golf GTI. There’s a Golf R and you still get the same great interior that you have right now just extra power all-wheel drive you put your foot down ample grip. But, you know what? That’s another story for another time In this Golf Honestly, it feels comfortable as well from where I’m seated. I mean you know how It can be really painful being a passenger Especially when you’re at the back if you especially when it’s overly stiff It feels like the front wheels are driving and you’re dragging the rear along with you But it (the Golf) just soaks everything up. This just feels really comfortable. Yes The car does have some drive modes. In the form of this button over here you have Eco, Normal Sport and Individual. Yes. I see that now. Like if you go to individual you can only change the weight of the steering wheel, right? There’s dynamic cornering light as well You can choose sport or normal Yeah, that’s how quick the lights turn at night. It’s actually very useful at night Especially dark corners, it just lights your path really quickly. And of course we have eco mode which while you’re driving along you let off the throttle and it’ll coast. I think this is the most or rather this system in the Volkswagen is the one which is You know, it’s predictable when you let off the throttle it coasts. Some systems on the other hand, let Mercedes for example If you let off the throttle it doesn’t coast You don’t know whether it’s coasting or not. What’s going on? Let’s be honest. This car will still do very good fuel consumption figures. We are definitely gonna do more than More than 12 if you are very, you know, light-footed Not for us though We’re driving this car like we’re driving a GTI. Yeah We have some bendy bits up ahead Shaz, are you ready man? So We are doing very reasonable speeds through these bends right now and the car doesn’t feel unsettled. It’s just doing its job Yeah, as a Golf and it’s nice, you know? It’s not like some other cars where it’s a bit unpredictable through bends and all that The engine sounds really sweet actually No pedal shifters though. But honestly, you don’t really need that. Yeah, I am just put it into S (Sport) it does the job better than you I point the steering wheel it goes where I want it to go Slight bit of understeer though, but I mean it’s very predictable It’s not it’s not understeer that scares you, it’s there just to tell you You’re a bit. Yes. Yes, you’re pushing a bit too much but aside from that. No problem Honestly I prefer this light steering wheel than I prefer the normal steering wheel. I don’t really like Sport when it’s heavy. Yes, you put it in Normal. It’s nice But here’s the thing I don’t like the whole Sport mode thing because it holds the revs unnecessarily So you feel like it’s a lot of strain on the engine. That is right. So you still have the option to shift to manual, so it’s fine Yes Putting it in Sport it does hold the revs a bit high And then if you put into D, it shifts a bit too quickly up the gears but if you do it manually it’s a lot easier So the road is it’s quite bumpy. It’s a lot of broken tarmac and stuff I mean it’s all broken and under construction. Yeah, but how’s the ride? It’s good right? It’s good I mean from from where I am. It’s actually really comfortable. Yes, right. I don’t know how Shaz feels but front seat It’s definitely comfortable. Shaz, how is it? And the thing is, there’s no like adaptive dampers or anything in this 1.4 Highline. But it’s doing the job really well It doesn’t want to crash and die And it’s very comfortable which is fantastic. Now the road is smoothened up ahead and this is really nice and smooth It actually feels a lot better than some of the cars we’ve tested Other car manufacturers really need to learn a thing or two about how Volkswagen does the Golf, you know, I’m pretty sure they are already. So yeah Okay, as what we do every week. We will have to decide whether or not we will buy, won’t buy or go try the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Highline You’ve got your answer already? I do, I do have the answer In 3, 2, 1 Go try? Go try for me a Why? I really like the Golf It’s nice and comfortable. It’s all you ever need, but I think I would go for the Comfortline The Comfortline is I think just below $100,000. Okay. Yeah. I mean I want a car which does the job. These features are great But it’s not something that you’ll need It doesn’t spoil the car. It makes things nice But I would go for the Comfortline. It does the job Fuel consumption, the drive, the engine would be the same. It also will have Apple CarPlay Everything would be there the screen will be smaller, but I would go for the Comfortline That works for me. Yeah, fine, fair enough fair enough and Mine is a “Will Buy”. Definitely buy I won’t even bother with the Comfortline because I like all this stuff, you know The 12.3″ the 9.2″ right here. I mean Sunroof. Because you won’t get sunroof in the Comfortline. And I really really like the sunroof I like the whole package. It feels like Volkswagen actually did a really really In-depth think. Thought through about the whole car and how it should be. Very driver centric Just like you I like how it drives, it’s comfortable, its body Just not the color here I just don’t like the color here. That’s all. That’s my only complaint. You know, I know it sounds ridiculous But with everything that you see here how it feels and how it looks I would It’s very forgivable that it doesn’t have ventilated seats. Very forgivable. The air-con’s working great so I can forgive that. No wireless charging. That’s fine I can also close one eye for that. But definitely I will buy this car Not this color. Silver. Yeah So Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Comment in the comment box below Tell us whether or not you will buy, won’t buy. Or go try the Volkswagen Golf And don’t forget to hit the bell notification button So that you will be informed every time we upload So that’s our review for 1.4 Golf. Thank you for watching see you next time

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