2018 Volvo XC60 Review — Cars.com

2018 Volvo XC60 Review — Cars.com

I’m here with the Volvo xc90 and the
all-new Volvo xc60 but without telling you which one is which would you be able
to know well this is the xc60 it’s all new for 2018 and this one is the xc90
and we love the xc90 it was our best of in 2016 which is cars that comments most
prestigious award but now in 2018 you have the xc60 that’s completely
redesigned from the frame-up and it looks like the xc90 on the inside and
out but there are some key differences that at this lower price point
vexy 60 is a car that you want the 60 is expectedly less expensive than the 90
but perhaps most surprising is that the interior style and quality it’s almost
spot-on with the xc90 it has the same massive touchscreen and also the styling
I mean you can compare the two they look nearly identical where the 90 does have
an edge though is the door panel the door panels on the 90 have more details
they have more aluminum and wood highlights and trim the 60 is a little
more bare in that regard but overall you have that same luxurious feeling except
for less money the xc90 doesn’t have this highlight on the dashboard which on
this car is filled with an optional driftwood inlay it runs from the left
side of the car to the right side of the car and it just ties together the whole
interior and it stands out as very high quality the wood is porous and you can
run your fingernail over it and feel the texture of the wood inlay it’s a very
well-done and classy piece that ups the luxuriousness of the xc60 s interior
unique to the 60 r cave-like storage areas underneath the seat
cushion the seats don’t flip up to show any of this but there’s this opening
underneath them it’s about 9 inches deep about 11 inches wide and you can fit
things like tablet or maybe a book something just to
keep it out of the way we just hope that you discover this before your kids do
because it’s big enough to fit a lot of crap
the xc60 takes a page from the v90 wagons cargo area and that’s with the
dual position rear cargo cover now this cover it has a standard position that’s
horizontal with the floor but it also has a taller position where you can move
into it so you can fit taller objects in the cargo area and still keep them
hidden from onlookers the xc60 is definitely the more dynamic driving of
the – it has a shorter wheelbase and it’s also 300 pounds lighter than the
xc90 but it’s lighter and also has the same amount of power as the xc90 so it’s
faster zero to 60 for the base model is almost a full second faster than the
xc90 s base model and the 400 horsepower t8 can do 0 to 60 and 4.9 seconds
compared with 5.3 seconds of the xc90 and that’s something you can feel in the
seat of your pants when you’re driving the xc60 it is definitely the more
athletic of the two it’s still not as dynamic driving as a Porsche Macan or
BMW x4 m40 the sharpness and the flatness in corners just isn’t there
it’s a perfectly fine riding and driving SUV but perhaps not as sporty as other
cars out there perhaps what’s more impressive is just how much the xc60
really is like the xc90 one of the 60s options is the air suspension and that
gives the car adjustable ride height and also adjustable firmness suspension so
you have various modes including the dynamic mode and normal mode and eco
mode where the height of the suspension can change to impact aerodynamics and
ride quality the cargo area also with that air suspension has a cargo load
mode where from the back of the cargo area you can hit the button in side of
the cargo area and lower the rear of the car for easier cargo access
the xc60 starts around five thousand dollars lower than the xc90 who comes
with all-wheel drive that the xc90 makes optional but it doesn’t stay in the
$40,000 range for too long the inscription trim level that we’re
testing in the t8 hybrid is a $70,000 car and the xc90 next to it is a seventy
four thousand dollar car in the t6 trim level but it’s pretty simple to
determine which one you should buy if you don’t need that third row the xc60
is the way to go you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I’ve heard that even tho they’re both based on the same platform, the newer XC 60 is actually quieter and has a faster infotainment system than the older xc90.

    Do you have the same impression? I recently drove both the XC 90 and S 90 and I was surprised how noisy the interior was.

  2. Just a head's up to my friends . I bought this Volvo in March and was never told it has tires that CAN NOT be repaired. You see there is foam in the tire to make it a quiet ride. So when I had a slow leak in one of my tires I paid 270 dollars for a new tire. Then I had to go back and pay 600 dollars more for the tire coverage and was insulted by them saying that I should have bought the tire coverage in the first place. I told them no one ever told me that these tires were unrepairable and they said "Sorry". This is a leased car and I have it approx 5 months. Now I still have to wait 45 days for this to take affect so my car will probably sit in the driveway for most of the duration. Thanks Volvo

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