2019 Audi SQ7 Vorsprung review – 5 things you need to know | What Car?

2019 Audi SQ7 Vorsprung review – 5 things you need to know | What Car?

[Music] Hello and welcome to the first of a new style of video here on the What Car?
channel. It is what it says on the tin really, the idea is: we tell you five
hopefully interesting things about a brand new car that we’ve got our hands
on for the very first time. Sometimes we’ll be on the cars launch abroad,
sometimes we’ll be back at What Car? towers in London, and others will be here
at our Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. It’s where we do all of our high-speed,
performance, and handling tests. The sort of stuff that it really wouldn’t be
safe to do on the road. Now, this isn’t intended to be an in-depth review so if
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We can also help you buy, and potentially save you quite a lot of money in the
process. To find out the latest discounts available on any new car, just click the
link up there in the top right hand corner. So, onto the car in the spotlight
today, and it’s the new Audi Q7 Vorsprung. Now if you aren’t familiar with
the Q7, it’s Audi’s biggest 4×4 and it’s been our favourite luxury SUV since its
launch in 2015, thanks to its supremely comfortable ride, whisper quiet cruising
manners, a classy interior, and seven seat practicality. Number one, What exactly
is the Vorsprung? Well Audi’s been using the strap line ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’
which roughly translates to: Progress through technology, in its advertising
campaigns for decades. But this is the first time it’s actually used the tag, or
part of it at least, on one of its cars. Now you can buy a Vorsprung edition of the
3-litre TDI 272 diesel, or the range-topping 4-litre V8 called the SQ7.
There’s no Vorsprung version of the Q7 e-tron, that’s the plug-in hybrid version,
or the entry-level 3-litre TDI 218. Whichever engine you choose, things like
the engine & gearbox are unchanged, although if you go for the 3-litre TDI
you’ll get adaptive air sport suspension. It’s slightly lower than the optional
air suspension that you can have on the S line model, so it doesn’t waft you
over bumps quite as brilliantly, although it’s still a really comfortable car. You also get (deep breath) huge 22 inch alloys, a black styling pack,
Matrix LED headlights, Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, Valcona leather
seats – that are heated in the front and in the back, a full leather package – which
includes, well, leather just about everywhere really,
an electrically adjustable steering wheel, a panoramic roof, an electric tonneau cover,
a head-up display, wireless phone charging, a BOSE 3D sound system, keyless
entry, a self parking system, a 360-degree camera, adaptive cruise control, and just
about every modern safety aid you can think of. That’s on top of everything you
get a standard with the regular S line trim. So how much does it cost?
Yep, you’ve probably guessed it, all those standard luxuries, and that cutting
edge safety gear, doesn’t come cheap. You’ll pay – wait for it – more than
21 thousand pounds (£21,000) more for a Vorsprung, than you will a 3-litre TDI 272 in
S line trim, the total bill just over seventy nine thousand pounds (£79,000).
If you go for the SQ7 Vorsprung, the premium is fifteen thousand pounds (£15,000) over the
regular SQ7, pushing the price up to just under ninety thousand pounds (£90,000).
It is worth remembering though that although that’s an enormous amount of money, it’s still
less than you’d pay for an equivalent Range Rover, let alone a Bentley Bentayga. You can already get around eight percent off the price without any
haggling by using our New Car Buying service. That’s a load of cash if you’re
paying upfront, or much lower monthly repayments if you aren’t. Number three, how
fast is it? now if you’re thinking, what is he on about? Who really cares how fast
a big seven seat SUV is? Well that’s a fair point, if you’re thinking about the
3-litre TDI model, I mean performance is brisk enough, 0-60 takes about
six and a half seconds, but it’s nothing to make a big song and dance about.
But, this isn’t the 3-litre TDI, it’s the 4-litre V8 SQ7, and it has nearly 430
brake horsepower. Now we’ve got a mile long straight here at our proving ground,
so, rather than talking too much about it, it’s probably best if I just demonstrate
what this car can do… So, all you do, just put the car in Drive, put your left foot
hard on the brake, right foot hard on the accelerator pedal and then release the
brake. [engine noise] And, we’re doing 60 miles an hour in 4.6
seconds. Look, there’s the proof. That’s as quick
as a Porsche Cayman, in a seven-seater five metre long SUV, that weighs more
than two tons. That’s ridiculous. Number four, will it
cost me more to run? Actually yes, but not by much. You see going for a Vorsprung
edition might not get you any more power, but those huge 22 inch alloys don’t do
fuel economy or CO2 emissions any favours. Expect to get around two miles less to
the gallon if you go for the SQ7, and three miles less if you go for the less
powerful 3-litre TDI 272. CO2 emissions jump by enough to put you into a
higher company car tax band, if you go for the 3-litre TDI, but not if you choose the SQ7. Finally, number five, should you buy one? Should you buy a Q7? Absolutely, the
looks might not be to everyone’s tastes, but objectively it’s one of the very
best cars you can buy, no matter how much money you’ve got to spend. But should you
buy a Vorsprung? Well, unless you’re the kind of person who just can’t resist
ticking every single option box when you buy a new car, you’ll get better value by
choosing the 3-litre TDI 272 in S line trim, or if you want bonkers performance
the regular SQ7. If you are buying a 3-litre TDI S line though, just make sure
you cough up extra for optional air suspension, because it makes the Q7 one
of the most comfortable cars on the planet. So that’s it, thanks for watching,
and if you’ve enjoyed this video then please do give us a like, and if there
are any brand new models that you’d like to see a ‘5 things’ video on then please
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  1. Thanks for a good review! Is this edition available in other markets too?

    And a small german lesson for you guys.
    Vorsprung is pronounced Forsprung, the letter V is pronounced F in german and a more correct translation is ”advantage by technique”

    So now you can say both Vettel and Volkswagen as the germans😜


  2. Although it is very expensive, I'm guessing this model will hold its value a lot better than the regular one. So I could be the better choice if buying privately

  3. Good video covering all the important points. Now, about saving money. You could possibly save me a shed load. My wife wants an SQ5 and that's fine with me. However, a brand new Q3 has just been announced so I'd like to know if there is a new Q5 /SQ5 on the horizon? Thanks.

  4. A chest-freezer on wheels, with a stinking old Diesel in it, call it "Vorsprung" as if any German company is capable of being ahead in technology these days (very low amount of startups *) and sell it at a premium. What a turd let alone the idiot that will buy it.

    * https://www.politico.eu/article/germany-falling-behind-china-on-tech-innovation-artificial-intelligence-angela-merkel-knows-it/

  5. Bad choice, considering the upcoming Q8 with its latest Audi interior.
    Looks to me like an end-of-lifetime-update, just ahead of a facelift.
    But ok, if you prefer the shape over the Q8’s and can’t wait for the SQ8.

  6. Why would anyone buy a car which is out of date before it hits the showroom? Most people don’t want a car which will poison us all with emissions? Audi needs to get an electric car to market soon!

  7. Of course the Q7 is cheaper than a real 4×4 like the Range Rover. The only advantage of the Q7 over a standard estate car is the increased forward view due to it height, but this extra height compromises the on-road handling! Don't even think of this 'car' as an off-road vehicle – it won't even get up a moderate wet grass hill.

  8. I'm always amazed how apparently professional people fail to check some simple things like the correct pronunciation/translation of some foreign words which if you pronounce them wrong make you sound like an ignorant. And you would cringe too if you would hear someone pronouncing some English words using the rules of her native language!

  9. Hello great Video, nice information about the car..
    However I think it has 435 bhp and not 429 Bhp..
    It is just a little remark about what I read..
    keep up the good work..

  10. So sad we in the states cannot buy such a fantastic vehicle! The idea of a V8 diesel really pushes all my buttons! I so want a SQ7! Personally, I think AUDI (really VW) is punishing the people whom love their diesels in America! They could sell them again but will not so..why?

  11. I have an Q7 with 324 hp ^^ amazing car .. i ate every suv until now . Porsche, bmw, mercedes .. i mean the one on the same level 🤙🏻

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