2019 BMW 6 Series GT review – a better coupé than the Mercedes-Benz CLS? | What Car?

2019 BMW 6 Series GT review – a better coupé than the Mercedes-Benz CLS? | What Car?

Sometimes, you simply have to face facts
and admit that your bottom has got a little on the large side. For us mere
mortals, that means going to the gym. For BMWs 5 Series GT however, it meant a
swoop from the designers pen, and overall you’d have to say it’s worked, because
this is its replacement the 6 Series GT. It retains the hatchback style but is
now not based on the 5 Series platform, but on the same platform as the 7 Series
luxury saloon. That means it’s longer than the 5 GT with a lower roof line and
consequently a less dumpy back-end. It’s still not as swish looking as an
Audi A7 Sportback or Mercedes CLS, but at least buyers will feel like they’re
driving something more nimble than a frumpy MPV. If you’re tempted to buy a 6
Series GT at the end of watching this review, then head to whatcar.com and go
to our New Car Buying section and check out how much money we can save you. Although you can have one of two petrol
engines fitted to your 6 Series GT, it’s this straight six 3-litre diesel that
is set to be the most popular choice. It’s brisk, lighter on fuel, and better on
CO2 emissions. It pulls well from low revs and is one of the quietest,
smoothest diesels in its class. It is right up there with the Audi A7 3-litre
V6, and it’s only beaten by Mercedes’ 2.9 litre diesel. The 630d may be fast, but
it’s no sports car when it comes to handling. Even though the 6 Series GT
has been on a diet, it still feels heavy in corners and doesn’t grip the tarmac as well
as a 5 Series, or its main rivals for that matter. At least you can opt for an
xDrive four-wheel drive system that makes it feel more sure-footed in tricky
conditions. But, allied to steering that doesn’t have as good feel as we would
like, the overall impression is that the A7 Sportback and Mercedes CLS do
feel more agile. If comfort is your priority, then the
6 GT should be on your wishlist. Air suspension comes as standard, and it irons
out lumps and bumps in the road around town, and at motorway speeds, making this
car a great long-distance cruiser. Although BMW has reduced the height of
the 6 Series GT rear-end, it’s kept the seats the same height – which means that
you get a great visibility out the front and the sides. They’re also very soft and
comfortable, but you could do with a little bit more lateral support,
especially if you like to drive fairly briskly. For higher mileage users you may
want to spec the adjustable lumbar support, that’s a shame that it doesn’t
come as standard. In terms of interior quality, there’s lots of soft touch
plastics, piano black, and brushed aluminium look-alike plastic, but it’s
actually really classy, and it’s been lifted straight from the 5 Series.
You get a 10.3-inch touchscreen, connected to the iDrive system, which is
one of the best in the market. You have to pay extra to get Apple CarPlay and
Android users – don’t hate me! – but you cannot spec it, BMW have been rather
remiss here and you cannot get Android Auto, which is a bit of a disappointment.
For space and practicality, the 6 Series GT scores top marks. It’s as long as a 7
Series, so there’s oodles of space for driver and passengers. Plus, there’s lots
of storage compartments, there’s one there, and we’ve got two cupholders, and
another little cubby there. The door bins are big enough for a large bottle of water, and of course a banana, and the glovebox has
got my sunglasses in, but let’s see if it can hold this water… Yes, with ease.
Now we’ll go to the rear seats. Plenty of room,
you can fit three adults side-by-side thanks to a decent amount of headroom.
If you’re a child, it might feel as big as a house back here! There’s also
lots of added practicality because, we have some storage here. We’ve got two
cupholders, and if I fold that away we’ve got very large door bins. Big enough to
accommodate another big bottle, or a teddy bear perhaps?
Put him there… and if you just excuse me, I’m going to watch a film about BMW
racing cars… No I’m not! I’ve got a video review to do,
and I’d like to show you the space in the boot. The boot is bigger than both
the A7 Sportback and Mercedes CLS but it is quite shallow, so the BMW 5-series
Touring is more practical here. Although the 6 Series GT is a big step
up in price from a 5 Series Touring or saloon, it is more affordable to buy than
both the A7 Sportback and the Mercedes CLS. More good news! Even the cheapest SE
trim comes with all the creature comforts most people will need, including
leather seats, climate control, sat-nav and all-round parking sensors. It’s a safe
car too, scoring the maximum 5 stars in EuroNCAP crash-test, partly because
it has automatic emergency braking fitted as standard. The only area where
it falls short compared with its rivals, is lane departure warning and assistance,
you have to pay extra for. Now we do realise, for a lot of people buying a
four-door coupe, style is the number one priority. And for that reason the
swish A7 Sportback and Mercedes CLS are hard to overlook, and if you don’t
need the space to carry 5 passengers in comfort, they are both great cars, but
bear in mind that the 6 Series GT has a great diesel engine, masses of space inside, and
superb build quality inside and out, and it’s well worth considering if you’re in
the market for a large luxurious way to transport your family over long
distances. For plenty more on the 6 Series GT including our full online
review, and its rivals, head to whatcar.com. Never miss another video, hit
subscribe! If you’re thinking about buying one head to our New Car Buying
service where we can help save you thousands! [Music]

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. brits keep not getting the idea of the GTs… And you always sound like you will go 1000miles an hour all day long… come on…. its a great car

  2. The new relaxed presenting style is worlds better than the old top gear style. Please keep it up, the fake presenting didnt work. But PLEASE, stop encouraging dirty diesels. They will be gone soon.

  3. This looks and "feels" more like a boring minivan than a stylish 4 door coupe. It does not belong to the CLS/A7 category.

  4. Face the facts A7 is better than this in every way. Looks FARRR better too

    Would take that over this Panamera 2.0

  5. Borring review… All the same. Can't you came up with something different then all other UK car reviews?

  6. Ace review as always Rebecca. I have never been a fan of this GT series and this one is no different. The front looks typical BMW but the back and 3/4 back looks horrible and lardy. The CLS looks much better and the A7 better still.

  7. Rebecca is as lovely as ever. But, I hate to tell you, luv, but diesels are dirty. USA buyers won't touch one. a small turbo gas/ petrol engine is a much better choice. So, move here!

  8. Rebecca, another fabulous review!! But, IMHO, this bmw is trash!! Yuck, yuck!!

    Even numbered bmws were supposed to be Coupe platforms…

  9. So not very good then. But like so many in the motoring press, she refuses to criticize BMW. This firm keep giving us cars nobody ever wanted! She claims it's well equipped yet points out major omissions!

  10. Agh the crackle as you rasp your voice at end of every sentence gets very annoying. Abouttttt bmw racing carsssssss.

  11. No effin' way I would pick this instead of the new CLS!!!! This look ugly AF and misplaced in BMW's line of model!

  12. Remember when BMW used to make fantastic looking cars and everyone aspired to owning one? Feels like a long time ago that…

  13. Great car, 7 series comfort at a cheaper price and more luggage room as well. Highly underrated and cheap to buy used (5 series GT).

  14. I'll never watch any other review on cars AGAIN! This Rebecca has in hooked! Good Lord such a gorgeous woman; and SHE KNOWS ABOUT CARS!!!! What more could a man ask for. She is the Ultimate Woman!!! Wife material!

  15. Seems more suited for Europe where hatchbacks are more popular. But, huge. I saw one in Brussels and it was a hulk in traffic.

  16. Love it. I'm a chauffeur, and SPACE is so important – the 6GT is sedan-like enough to use as a limo, but with a fantastic boot. Even if BMW lowered the price of the 7-series to match it, I'd STILL prefer the 6 GT due to the practicality. Well done BMW!

  17. In the states, these are getting heavily discounted to the point it cost basically the same as a X3 M40i. I would definitely pick this over the X3

  18. Better than Panamera, CLS and A7!!! I wish I had one!! The conception of luxury, comfort and space is undoubtedly……….. Clever!!!!

  19. The 5 Series GT ( which is what this re badged car is ) was based on the 7 Series platform and was never based on the 5 series platform – so nothing new here.

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