2019 BMW X4 review – better than the Mercedes GLC Coupe? | What Car?

2019 BMW X4 review – better than the Mercedes GLC Coupe? | What Car?

Like marmite, brexit, and whether you should
put milk in before or after the water in your tea, the BMW X4 is a car which polarises opinion.
Some people love its SUV-coupé shape, which ensure that it stands out from the crowd,
while others, well, don’t. Because certainly, while the X4 is distinctive that swooping
roofline makes it less practical than the BMW X3 on which it’s based. So is the BMW X4 a compromise too far? And
how does it compare with rivals including the Mercedes GLC Coupé and Porsche Macan?
That’s what we’ll be testing in this video review, and we’ll tell you what it’s like
to drive, how practical it is and which version we think makes the most sense. And don’t forget, we don’t just review
cars at What Car?, we can also help you find one for a great deal, so head on over to whatcar.com
and see how much we can save you. First, though, let’s see what this BMW X4
is like on the road. Diesel is very much the order of the day in
this X4, with only one petrol engine on offer. The range-topping 322bhp M40d is well suited
to those seeking hot hatchback levels of performance, but for the vast majority of buyers the smaller
2.0-litre 187bhp diesel in the xDrive20d model we’re driving here will be a better bet. This engine offers smooth acceleration and
is quieter than the diesels you’ll find in the rival Mercedes GLC Coupé. There’s very little road noise
on offer, too, and although there is a bit of road noise at speed it’s not intrusive. Now in front of any of the X4’s engine names
you’ll find the word Xdrive, and that’s BMW code for four-wheel drive. You also get a smooth
eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard. BMW has firmed up the X4’s suspension in
an effort to make it even better to drive than the impressive X3, and sure enough it
handles remarkably well for such a large car, turning into corners swiftly with very little
body lean. It’s good at absorbing lumps and bumps in the road, too, especially if
you go for the optional adaptive suspension. You can feel the car shimmying around beneath
you on scruffy roads, but it’s rarely uncomfortable. If you’ve been in the latest BMW X3 then
this X4’s interior should make you feel right at home, because it’s almost identical.
And that’s no bad thing, because all of the materials you touch look and feel classy. This seating position puts you nice and high
up, which means that visibility is great out of the front. It’s not so good when trying
to reverse, however, thanks to that sloping roofline, but rear parking sensors and a reversing
camera come as standard on every car, so parking should be straightforward. The driver’s seat is comfortable and offers
lots of adjustment, but we think it’s a bit stingy of BMW to charge extra for adjustable
lumbar support, which really helps keep back twinges at bay on those longer journeys. It’s
an inexpensive upgrade, though. BMW’s iDrive infotainment system sets the
standard for ease of use in this market. It looks great and it’s easy to find what you
want within its menus. And because you can keep one eye on the road as you use this rotary
dial on the centre console to make selections, it’s far less distracting to use on the
move than a touchscreen-only system. Here in the front of the X4, there’s plenty
of room to stretch out and there are lots of cubby spaces to store your odds and ends. In here, we’ve got a space for your mobile phone. And then, we’ve got a large space under the central armrest. Nope, that’s not going to fit… But we can fit some snacks, it’s a decent size. And we’ve got doorbins, which have this partition for your water bottle. The glovebox is also a decent size. It’s a different story for those in the
rear seats, however, because of the X4’s sloping roof those more than six-feet tall
will probably not like it at all. We’ve got a good armrest here, if you’re sitting in these outside seats, but… Sit in the middle seat, and even my head is almost touching the roofline! These rear doors are also quite small, so getting in and out can sometimes
be less than dignified. But what about the boot? Well, it’s certainly
big enough to swallow several large suitcases with ease, and if a weekend trip to Ikea is
on the cards then those rear seats can split and fold to turn the X4 into a stylish van. The X4 is an expensive choice, both compared
with the X3 on which it is based and the rival Mercedes GLC Coupé – and that’s the same
whether you’re buying with cash or on a PCP finance deal. Running costs are better,
and if you go for our recommended 20d diesel engine you shouldn’t be visiting the fuel
station that often. We’d team that engine with entry-level Sport
trim, which comes with everything you’re likely to need including leather upholstery,
sat-nav, cruise control, automatic emergency braking and adaptive LED headlights. Upgrading
to M Sport trim brings larger alloy wheels, sports seats and more aggressive styling,
while M Sport X cars get a panoramic glass roof and contrasting grey cladding around
the car’s lower edges. There are many more practical SUV choices,
but thanks to its sharp handling and user friendly infotainment system we can still
happily recommend the X4 if you’re after an SUV that’s enjoyable to drive with some
added style thrown into the mix. For plenty more on the BMW X4, including our
full online review of it and its key rivals head to whatcar.com, and while you’re there
click on our new car deals section to see how much we can save you on your next car
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  6. Why is that most car reviewers review the highest specs and the most powerful engine, where only 10% of buyers can afford? Why not start to review the base model, where the majority of people can afford?

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