2019 Ferrari 488 Pista First Drive in Italy — 710 hp — TEST/DRIVE

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista First Drive in Italy — 710 hp — TEST/DRIVE

something I wouldn’t do normally I’m
going immediately into traction control off why there’s a new power oversteer
controller that even with traction control off allows you to get big drift
angles but then still will reel you in but it’s not traditional trash control big oversteer there see if we do that
again a little bit all the way to second here very low speed turn Lawrence law work here with the drive a
very special day here with the Ferrari 488 pista not just anywhere in Italy but
at Ferraris fabled Fiorano circuit and we know this has movie star looks but
this baby has been to drama school as well everything is heightened the looks
the downforce the power the shift strategy and the voice this car is eight
decibels louder inside the car the leading flaw of the original 488 just
not enough of lung power from that turbocharged v8 and speaking of the vid
the most powerful 8 cylinder engine in Ferrari history and it’s not even close
710 horsepower from just 3.9 litres of displacement what does that give you
zero to 60 well let’s call it 2.7 seconds might even go to point 6 0 to
120 and about seven and a half seconds and a 211 mile an hour top speed I’m just gonna warm the tires up a
little bit we’ve got new Michelin Pilot Sport k2 rubber designed specifically
for this car it’s a very short circuit this car in pro hands can run about a
minute and twenty one second lap here gearshift is amazing twin-turbo v8 will go over the
pedestrian bridge here listen to that thing hard on the brakes
here my god is this a brute steering is justice very lively and this thing shriek almost hard to
describe how much more sensation there is than the conventional 488 it’s just a
hairy beast and here’s my cooldown lap we can talk about I can stop sweating
and talk about the car it’s incredible redline strategy where most cars you’ll
approach the rim left rev limiter the car has to predict that you’re about to
hit the engine peak and a little start dialing back the fuel way before you we
actually really get there this Ferrari 488 pista reaches redline keeps the fuel
going and just sir you can feel it at the top of a red line just surging into
the next gear with the car continuing to accelerate instead of just losing all
your momentum going bat bat bat bat bat against the limiter the thing just keeps
on going so much work on this car so much
transfer of race technology from everything from Formula One to the World
Endurance Championship Ferrari 488 to the Ferrari Challenge spec series and it
begins up front an entirely redesigned front end from this carbon-fiber hood
and the first-ever f-duct on a Ferrari Road car the air goes in it goes up and
over the bonnet and creates downforce over the front axle huge intakes here
and these little flicks on the side hot air goes into the wheel arches and
creates suction contributing to a 12% overall gain in downforce versus the
standard 488 moving to the rear of course where the intakes were on the
standard 40 88 there’s still these big sexy openings but strictly for engine
compartment cooling now the actual engine intakes themselves have moved to
the rear and one of the coolest little dynamic features this new oversteer
little control you can shut traction control off on this vehicle and still
have control over oversteer but with traction control completely off and it
lets you really play around at the limit as your skill and your daring allows to
really generate some power oversteer but still have the system come in with
individual braking but it is not traditional stability control and the
performance almost indescribable what do you get from a 710 horsepower
car that weighs about 200 pounds less than a standard Ferrari 488 first the
weight savings this car weighs barely 2,900 pounds dry weight closer to 3,100
pounds with all fluids incredibly lightweight car
combine that with 710 horsepower and the spectacular dual-clutch 7-speed and
officially 2.8 5 seconds from 0 to 62 miles an hour extrapolating we’re
thinking people are going to get easily 2.7 seconds out of this 7.6 seconds to
124 miles per hour and a 211 mile an hour top speed but numbers aside this
car is alive its visceral it sounds chesty and spectacular one of the
world’s great supercars the Ferrari 488 pista you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. So you mean to tell me that it uses the brakes to keep you from spinning. That's traction control. Stuff a can in it wise mouth you said it like 6 times in 6 minutes

  2. It's a cool car and a decent video. Thanks. I'd be very wary of reporting the weight and acceleration numbers Ferrari gives though, it may come back to haunt you. They're very….optimistic. Also, were you explaining that it'll upshift for you when you don't want it to? And that traction control is always on even when you try to turn it off?

  3. If obviously like to drive one of these cars. I think both paddles should be pull/push at least as an option though because it would allow both hands the ability to shift
    Plus, for me, as a paraplegic, my hands are always full of car while in doing any aggressive driving so to have this convenience would be awesome!

  4. Always find it amazing that they can somehow find another 200lbs of weight savings on an already light vehicle. Crazy

  5. You did the road segment at a racetrack and really did not do a track moment at the track. No lap times. No real testing.. only reading the specs back to us

  6. Ferrari builds one dream driving machine after another, while some other company adds ever bigger turbos to hang on.

  7. Gents, note that for turbo, this is the BEST sounding car out there. Agreed, compared to NA it is a notch less exciting. However, compared to ANY Porsche or Mclaren turbo, this is better sounding – by a country mile. I too love NA motors but turbo is here to stay. Ferraris turbo feels closest to NA compared to any other car. Great review!!

  8. Against modern competition this should have been the GTB, with a much more exciting top spec/limited edition.

  9. 1 flaw it still isn’t as fast as McLaren. What will Ferrari do when they can’t keep up with the current 720 only to face the 720LT right around the corner. It’s almost like each Ferrari model is irrelevant in terms of performance, the way they price these you would think they would dominate. 😔 Ferrari is just a show horse 🐎.

  10. Shut up and put the 812’s engine in there already. Make her scream. Not moan like a bitch. This beautiful and sexy gal deserves better than that turbo garbage.

  11. The Ferrari Pista is super awesome but it doesn't change the world. The Dodge Viper created by Lamborghini is the one that changed the world… The Viper Defender.

    The Dodge Viper is the famous cop car brand. Cops change the world for the better.

    The Ferrari Pista is by far much better than the Dodge Viper but it does not have the magic of the Viper Defender. The Viper Defender is the ordinary guy's hero. The Ferrari Pista is the rich man's hero.

    Sigh… I am so sorry, Sir.

  12. I've decided after watching 6.32 minutes f the video I'm qualified to say you should not wear that shirt at all. Thank you.

  13. im a fan of ferrari but again i think ferrari is making to mutch noise for nothing, because the lambo hurricane its beter and if this pista is that good , try break nurburgring time lap , i think porsche and lambo are the best right now , and ferrari its holding by its name, after all the mclaren 720s is faster than any ferrari ever and its not top level trim mclaren

  14. It gives you a muffled engine sound that's ruined by turbos which should not be needed in cars at this price

  15. people comparing this to the performante arent real petrol heads. if you disagree just thumbs down and dont try to argue lol

  16. All these cry babies crying it doesn't have a NA engine. I am sure they have never ever driven A Ferrari. You may bash me but turbo is the way to go and electric is the future. Sound is just a waste of energy and efficiency is the key. As much as I love a NA V12 or V10 F1 screamer, it would be a step backwards to go for those just for the "soul" shit.

  17. The Pista isn't the replacement for the Speciale is it? Has the stripes and the same exhaust mounting. Which I like. But there's still a lot of interior amenities. So I guess not. More a "488 II" 🙂

  18. Drifting is fucking stupid… hate these reviewers catering to children… just what I want to do with a Ferrari is drift a 300k plus track monster…

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