2019 Ford EcoSport – Review & Road Test

2019 Ford EcoSport – Review & Road Test

As if playing hands in an automotive
poker game Ford his folded production of their sedans and gone all-in with SUVs
and crossovers. In order to make good on that hefty bet Ford had to fill a
glaring hole in its hand, and so they have played the subcompact SUV card. Enter the
EcoSport. This baby ute’s been sold in South
America since 2004. It also migrated to Asia and Europe prior to its arrival on
American soil.Competition at this level is fierce with Honda’s HRV, the Chevy
Trax, Mazda CX-3 and the Hyundai Kona all vying for purchasing dollars. Is the
EcoSport worthy to sit at the same table? At first glance, well, the EcoSport’s
profile is distinctive. Whether it’s aesthetically pleasing to everyone
remains to be seen, but there is a resemblance to the rest of Ford’s SUV
family, including the Escape, Edge, Explorer and Expedition. The high
roofline might not jive with more modern aesthetics, but at least you’ll stand out
and up in the crowd. Remember that this design, while it’s new to the US,
originally came out in 2013, which might be why it looks like something designed
when the latest iPhone was the 5. Inside, as expected at this price point, there’s
abundant hard plastic, but the steering wheel is leather wrapped on the SE trim
and above. The arm rests aren’t level and the one on the center console sits a bit
far back for vertically challenged people like me who slide the seat far
forward. Also, visibility isn’t great. These a-pillars are massive. An effort at
visual interest was made with these contrasting interior colors, and I have
to admit like the 70s kid in me is kind of digging this retro looking upholstery.
It’s sort of groovy. Two USB ports come standard on all trims. The eight-inch color
screen is optional on the SE trim but comes standard on the SES and above.
Ford’s very good Sync 3 Connect infotainment system is one of the more
intuitive around to use. So the bad news in here is seat comfort in that it’s not,
at least not for my body type. There’s very little contour support in the seat
cushion, and there’s lumbar but it’s just not enough. I’ve been sitting in this car
for a week, and I still have yet to find a comfortable position for my body. And
unless you know how to use this sort of unusual headrest mechanism, which nobody
in the Kelley Blue Book Office could figure out, then you’re sitting in this
sort of C shaped position. This is a relief,
but it’s still not good. The rear seats sit fairly upright, though it’s more
supportive on the upper part of my body at least. There’s no recline, and because
of the camel hump and the center console’s position, the middle seat isn’t suitable
for adult legs. When it comes to cargo space the EcoSport is small for the
category. The floor is adjustable, though, so you can vary space or make it
completely flat, albeit temporarily, for larger things.That’s a great creative
problem solve, but the back hatch uses an old-school swing door. Because of its
diminutive size the EcoSport is really easy to park in the city, but that also
means that there’s probably somebody parked pretty close behind you making
this hatch tricky to open. On the plus side, the EcoSport can pull its weight
with a solid towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. That’s a decent sized great
white shark, a Cessna or 130,000 regular size marshmallows. You know the downside to all of that hauling though is how you’re gonna
actually get it anywhere. The EcoSport is not the most powerful subcompact SUV you
can buy. The base car has a one-liter inline
3-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 123 horsepower
incidentally. That is the lowest displacement engine on the vehicle
market today. Meanwhile, the optional 2-liter four-cylinder engine produces
166 hp, that’s more than the Honda HRV, but less than the 2.4-liter
engine found in the Jeep Renegade, which incidentally can also tow 2,000 pounds.
Power in the EcoSport is sent through a 6-speed automatic transmission to the
front tires or to all four wheels if you spring for the optional $1500 all-wheel
drive. It’s got good brakes, though. Despite its modest acceleration the EcoSport’s fuel
economy is 27 in the city and 29 in the highway on the front drive base models
and 23 in the city 29 in the highway for the all-wheel-drive version. Both are
among the lowest in the segment. You know I will say, though, the SES’s all-wheel
drive sport-tuned suspension and the torque vectoring software that Ford’s
running on this makes for a driving experience that’s almost spirited, but
I’m gonna seriously caveat that though and stay with momentum, because before
that, not so much. There aren’t many standard safety
features available across all trims beyond a rear-view camera, but the SES
and Titanium come with cross-traffic alerts, blind spot warning, and a reverse
assistant system, plus they get a nicer stereo, keyless access with push-button
start, a voice-activated touchscreen navigation system, and perforated leather
seating surfaces. Pricing on our SES all-wheel drive comes in just under
$28,000 but the base is closer to $21,000. Both of those numbers include
destination charges. From some key competitors you can get a lot more for
the same or even less, though Ford may be more inclined than some car makers to
offer incentives on their subcompact SUV. As we saw with the successful Fiesta,
Ford knows how to play the subcompact game, but the EcoSport feels like more of
a real gamble. Showing up late and trying to
successfully elbow your way into a roomful of already really skilled
players gonna take a lot of love from Lady Luck, but if you’re a blue oval
loyal person and looking for a tiny SUV this is the only game in town.
If it’s my money I’m gonna place it elsewhere.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. first like any new vehicle I think the MSRP on this car is expensive and with that sticker price this thing is way overpriced. however like any new car you can expect rebates and incentives from any of the American offerings.
    And this vehicle is no different. it is expensive and overpriced but there is room for Ford to offer substantial rebates on it and still turn a profit.
    currently there are some decent rebates on it there is zero percent financing depending on what terms you going with. inquire information about it or another Ford vehicle and Ford will probably send you a private rebate offer.
    it's the end of the model year the 2019 have not made it to the dealer lots yet if I can get a substantial rebate and or throw in interest-free financing and able to get a perhaps a private offer on top of all other deals I'd buy then.
    I'm looking at a front wheel drive titanium version of this vehicle. The sticker price for such a combination is roughly about $27,000.
    with the rebates available in dealer discount I believe that you could buy it out the door for 23000. Plus taxes and tags and that's not discussing any trade. I am serious about buying one I have already been to a couple dealers nothing is on the lot exactly what I want it would have to be a dealer locate and I have already crunch some numbers with some dealerships and had some offers made.
    what's the rebates available in dealer discount I think you can get about four grand off of any trim level. That makes it somewhat more attractive.

  2. Ford decided to remove the spare tire mounted on the back door but didn’t change it from a swing door to a hatchback 😶

  3. Man… Fords homecountry gets an older model than countries like Brazil and India. Just look up the indian model, its a bestseller due to its efficiency and price. Although the interiors arethe same as updated one, the extirior is slightly different. We get led DRLS

  4. buy u a scooter , women! U dont understand car, please, dont make more test, shame, or maybe you be happy with a chevrolet 1955 model, he is biiiiiig!

  5. This what’s replacing the Fiesta, it’s actually pathetic especially for the price. I really don’t see the point but what do I know

  6. Scotty Kilmer says buy used low miles and get a great deal and the 3 cylinder is a proven engine, also check who makes the other SUV transmissions, many only go 100,000 miles and cost thousands to replace. Of course Toyota & Honda make the best/reliable vehicles but at a hefty price. Treat the Ecosport nice and change the fluids regularly and it'll last quite awhile. Why would anyone want to believe a marchmellow reviewer anyway?

  7. Somebody decided to run into my parked 2016 F150 totaling it. I needed a car quickly, so I got the 2018 EcoSport. I was mildly surprised with this little SUV. It did make me think of a roller skate compared to the F150. But, this little car with the 2.0 engine is quite peppy. The highest mpg I have gotten is 34 and lowest 24. To me it has plenty of room for my 200lbs and 6’1” shape. The seats are comfortable, not luxury comfortable, and is not expected to be. I constantly drive between San Antonio TX and Corpus Christi the speed limit 75 mph; this little car maintains that easily. I like the side opening rear door, I do not have to worry about bumping my head. It is well equipped, the only thing it does not have is the navigation system, which I was told was about $1700. That is okay, just use my smart phone and google maps! It is much easier to park that the F150 was, but again to be expected. The reviewer in the video already seemed as if she had a biased opinion when she started the review. If I would have had the time to do more shopping around, I think I would have still gotten the EcoSport.

  8. I'm looking for a car with easy enter access. Living in the UK these days where a full size SUV, while getting popular here, isn't the smart choice considering the size of the roads and parking. If they made a few tweaks to this car it's something I would look at. Volkswagen is coming out with a T-Cross this Spring (UK) I think might fit the requirements for me. I test drove a Honda Jazz (I used to own one and liked it) that is getting a new engine as well (and the HR-V)…..although that engine has had some issues on the CR-V.

  9. Journalists complain about cars not having lumbar support and when they review one with lumbar support they complain about it being uncomfortable 😂

  10. It may seem weak but it really isn’t once you’re actually in one. No race car, but does just fine for the driving that most people would do!

  11. Ford gave up cars because they couldn't make reliable and attractive cars. And this ugly expensive thing is what their offering. Mawhahaha! Im sure this won't blow up in their face.

  12. I recently bought a new 2019 FWD Ecosport Titanium. I choose it because of some options over other vehicles.
    First, I absolutely despise black interior. Hyundai Kona and Honda HRV , Subaru Crosstrek are usually black interiors. Yes, you can get grey in any of those. No beige. Choose the HRV and you are limited to just 3 exterior colors if you go with grey. Kona, has grey seats, but dash and doors are still almost all black. Same with Crosstrek. Crosstrek say grey interior. That's BS in my opinion, to me it's black with a grey stripe.
    I choose the Ecosport in medium light stone interior, which is being.
    Loaded up the Titanium trim brings some good options. Yes it lacks some modern safety features. The Titanium trim brings better softer suspension compared to SES trim. Titanium adds the 700watt B&O sound system that rocks. Adds 8.5" touch screen. Adds NAV with the SYNC 3. Adds projector headlights. Nothing fancy, just halogen bulbs but an improvement with projector lenses.
    I have the 1.0 Ecosport. This thing is a gem despite perhaps being low on power. It isn't bad and handles all the roads and hills I drive . I feel bad for those you get the 4WD. You get take hefty hit In fuel mileage. The 1.0 is way superior in noise , vibration, and harshness. The 1.0 is definitely a superior product to the 2.0 offering despite being the weaker engine.
    Also if you read the reviews, the 2.0 isn't really much quicker at all. The 4WD and 2.0L adds about 300lbs of weight over the FWD. Neatly canceling out those horsepower gains.
    Now to the fuel economy. I live in Pennsylvania and live in the mountains, also I drive way above average miles per year. I specifically went of my way to obtain a FWD version. Almost everything is 4WD where I live. I had to 90mi to Pittsburgh suburb dealership just to find and test drive a FWD equipped Ecosport.
    I live less than mile from a ski resort and 2nd highest mountain in the state. I'm up and down hills and mountains and drive on roads that's aren't conducive to producing good fuel economy on vehicles. I'm currently at 2500mi on my vehicle. My first tank of gas was my worst and averaged over 31MPG for the tank.
    My last fill-up I drove 346.7mi and squeezed in 10.44 gal of fuel giving me an average of 33.2 MPG for the tank. All of my fillups have yeided about 33 34MPG average. The dash info yields similar results. I reset my trip odometer at fill up and check miles when I filled up.
    I don't know how EPA calculates MPG, the numbers seem low for this vehicle. I really don't know how you could drive this vehicle and only muster 27MPG.
    Also, I drive high mileage. I prefer any vehicle in FWD over a 4WD or AWD counterpart. The FWD will deliver better fuel economy. I live near a ski resort and I have never owned a 4WD vehicle yet. I drive high mileage and I will winterize my vehicle and switch to a dedicated winter tire when the season comes. A quality set of winter tires is superior to any All season tire. I've past many 4WD and AWD that couldn't go in snow. Braking and handling is superior with a good set of winter tires. Never will I pay the extra money for a 4WD vehicle and take the hot on fuel economy.
    It is normal with my occupation to drive upwards of 40,000mi/yr.

  13. The Hyundai and the Toyota sub compacts look like shit so at least the ecosport looks nice. Not that one though that orange color and trim level also look like garbage but less fancy ecosports look nicer usually

  14. It's a shame they didn't keep the spare tire on the back of the EcoSport like the one it has in it's home market. That's the reason for the swing-out tailgate. A real shame. I miss the era of SUVs with spare tires on the back…I know, I'm old. And now everything looks the same.

  15. I really like my ecosport.not as fast as a kona,but? Its got alot more clearance,and it can tow a couple thousand pounds too.and its not a rocket but its not painfully slow like an hrv.one thing about fords too is that in 25 years itll still be intact,no rust holes lime in a honda or a hyundai.its unstoppable in the snow too.

  16. I've never seen someone complain about the console and door elbow rest not being at the exact same height. Who cares? You're driving – not at the movies. I also beg to differ about the seat comfort. I have a 2019 EcoSport, and one of the first things that I noticed about it was the seat comfort. However, I am very small framed. Taller or wider people may struggle in this car.

  17. High price for what it is with low resale value. In two years after you buy it, you'll be begging people to give you half of what you paid. In three years even worst. Same stupid choice as the Escape. Just stay away from the brand "Ford".

  18. Test drove one of these today. Fell in love with it. Looking to trade my 2016 Toyota Corolla on one! That Corolla is my 2nd Toyota ever and it's just as much of a money pit as the first one I had (2005 Camry). It's so cheap and the suspension makes all kinds of noises that 4 different Toyota dealerships can't replicate. So ready to dump it for the Ecosport.

  19. I’m not even a ford guy and I like this car, and looks bette run person. I like the more subdued styling unlike a lot of small crossovers these days. I think it’s gonna sell quite well.

  20. I've seen a bunch of these on the road in Massachusetts. They look like cute baby Escapes. Good room for a small suv and the 2.0 has good power. Looks like the Ecosport has the most ground clearance in it's class to go a little off roading too.

  21. This should be priced much lower. Like around 18k new. Looks like a little ugly and cheap. I think I'd rather have the Chevy Trax.

  22. I sat In one in a showroom and was impressed but the way in which the back door opens is just plain stupid. Some of Ford designers should be fired for coming up with this design and the head honchos who allowed this concept to go into production should also be fired

  23. Couldn’t finish the video because she pronounces it “echo”sport.. not Eco, like economical, because that’s what it stands for 😂

  24. We've only had our new 2019 EcoSport SE for 2 weeks, but we love it. I'm a very big guy with several health issues, & needed something I could get in & out of easily. Love all the bells & whistles this car has.

  25. May shajesan is diesel engine mor improvements 1700 & bhp 130 torque 315 & freestyle diesel & ecosport diesel & mayleg mor & mor improvements

  26. 3 cylinder engines made in Romania rest of the cars made in Mexico and Brazil so this is a Ford without being a Ford just slap a name on something no thanks

  27. This is a Brazilian baby. The Ford EcoSport was invented in here back in 2003 and it was responsible of opening a segment on our market of small SUVs and crossovers. Since then, the EcoSport became a very popular and reliable vehicle on the Brazilian market.
    It's curious that Ford of USA chose the Indian assembly line to build the vehicle for them, since they have an fully loaded assembly line right here, that serves the entire latin american market as well.
    And no, Mexico has no involvement with the EcoSport whatsoever

  28. I just bought a new 2019 Ecosport about a month and a half ago, but I gotta say, this review is unfairly and overly negative. I drive 4,000 miles a month for work and I’m 6’4” @ 260 lbs (yeah, I’m a pretty big dude) and the seat comfort is totally fine and very much adjustable, even for my SE model (and YES, there is a lumbar adjustment, KBB. Unfortunate that they missed that.). Plus, with careful driving, I get well over 33
    mpg combined. The rear swing gate isn’t a problem at all! They barely show it before they hastily cut away, but the rear swing gate has a mid-way hydraulic stop which still gives you full access to the back of the car. With all the cities and towns that I travel in and around, I’ve yet to come across any issue with opening it. As a matter of fact, the small size of the car enables me to fully open the swing gate almost every time! And, I LOVE the side-opening swing gate, especially as a tall guy!

    One thing I will say — the only drawback I have so far is the power. I have the inline 3 cylinder turbo, and while it’s feisty and I can still pass with mostly relative ease, if I really want to get on the gas for an emergency, the power’s just not there. I believe it’s mostly due to throttle response and gearing; both seem haphazard and somewhat lazy. But hey, dat TOW CAPACITY doe!

    And come ON, for 20 grand brand NEW?? Gotta say, I LOVE this thing!

  29. I just got this car last night, it is only my husband and I and occasionally my granddaughter so this is the perfect size for us and I love how it handles and drives. Ours is in the aqua blue and with 3 ruptured discs in my neck, the backup camera is going to be a lifesaver.

  30. I have had a 2018 for a year now & love mine!! It is perfect for me. Love the fact that the driver’s seat goes up, down, front, back, & reclines. Perfect for a person who has had hip replacement surgeries, like me. Also, being disabled, due to the hips surgeries, I love that the back opens like a door instead of a hatch. Much, much easier. It is easy to do everything I need it to do. Ford gave me a deal that I could not pass up. Recommend that you take a test drive before passing on this baby!

  31. This car, Yes CARS is a gutless pos never but this Trash! So glad we only had to rent it because it was the last car to rent. dont even rent it!!

  32. I just purchased the titanium trim of this vehicle and I love it, more room than you think, the 2.0L i4 AWD has decent power(its not a mustang, but more than serviceable) . These auto reviewers all have the same problem, they drive so many cars, like high end brands, they can't compartmentalize their reviews to a single class of vehicles. For the deals you can get on this (I got my at $19132) you simply can not go wrong with this little SUV.

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