2019 Ford Mustang Build | Exhaust, Lowered, and Wheels & Tires – Justin’s 2019 Mustang GT Build 🏎️

2019 Ford Mustang Build | Exhaust, Lowered, and Wheels & Tires – Justin’s 2019 Mustang GT Build 🏎️

Hey, what’s up, everybody? I’m Justin with americanmuscle.com. And look who’s back, right? My 2019 GT is in the shop again finally. Yes, I know we kind of teased you guys with
some of the early review videos. We hit the track with this thing bone stock
where it went 1190s and then 1160s with the tune and E85 and then we went radio silent. Well, we have some time to wrench on this
thing and get it ready for car show. So that’s the point of today’s video. We’re not going too crazy on this thing here
today. We’re just gonna tackle some basic stuff to
get it ready for our 11th Annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show because I can’t show up to that
thing with a bone stock Mustang. So we’re gonna fix that factory ride height,
we’re gonna fix those stock wheels and stock exhaust, make this thing a little bit lower,
a little bit louder and a whole hell of a lot cooler. And then, we’re really gonna start diving
into things fully going into that suspension and get this thing ready to go 10s on motor
and then 9s with some sort of forced induction. So with that said, guys, you’re gonna want
to subscribe to stay tuned for future updates with the 2019 here and follow along with our
progress. So without further ado, some basic minds,
I’m ready. Let’s get after it. First up, we’re setting the table with a brand
new set of springs. Now obviously there’s some appearance benefits
here, but again, we are going for more of a drag build, so let’s talk about what we
currently installed. These are the BMR drag lowering springs, so
1.2 inches, give or take up front, half-inch for the rear for the drop but again more to
the drop with the drag spring, 150-pound spring up front, very, very light and an 800-pound
spring in the rear. That’s what you want in a drag car. You want to get all that weight off the front
end, promote that weight transfer to the rear and promote that squatting, which is kind
of a good thing here with an IRS car, not so much with a solid rear axle car. This is the first of many BMR parts to come
for this particular car. Kelly, the BMR crew, thanks so much guys. You really hooked me up with this one. Again, we’re going all in for the rear suspension
which you will see in the next installment. But for now, again, we just want to get this
thing ready for the show, give it some kind of drop, get rid of that hideous factory stance. So this is the first piece of the puzzle. Up next, our man Andrew is wheeling him in,
look at that production value. Check these guys out. I’m stoked on these. Vince from Forgestar, can’t say enough good
stuff about him. He’s always taken good care of me, F14 drag
pack on the ’14, now he hooked me up with Forgestar’s latest and greatest drag wheel,
this is called the D5. This is the 18×5 it’s obviously a front runner
or a skinny. He’s also sent me an 18×9 for the front and
a 17×10 for the rear which I still have to finish up and we’ll show you guys that in
a second. But I just really dig the look of these things,
kind of a weld RTS thing going on as you can see here, but half the price, same weight,
and just a really killer drag wheel. Really stoked to get this on here. We do have a really killer looking rear as
well, so get this on and we’ll show you what’s going on in the rear. Well here they are guys, the rear setup for
the 2019 the Forgestar D5s for the rear, beadlock wheel and just check them out, man, a thing
of beauty. I am so pumped to have these on the car for
a couple of different reasons. But first and foremost, let’s talk about what
a beadlock is. Actually, a two-piece design here as you can
see, and as the name implies, this ring actually locks the bead of the tire to the wheel. Why do you want this? Well, for a lot of high horsepower applications,
drag cars, things like that, you run the risk of turning the actual tire on the wheel and
at that point you can sheer off a valve stem, that’s obviously gonna lead to a very bad
time. Off-road applications use something like this
as well, that way guys can air way down. We’re talking 10 pounds or less of air without
blowing a bead off and then also having a bad time. So they have their application. Now are they entirely necessary on cars making
600, 700, 800 horsepower? Probably not but I go back to that look and
again, these things are just so baller looking. I’m really pumped with the appearance and
I can’t wait to see them on the car. You do have to torque these in sequence, 12
foot-pounds per bolt in a star pattern. And believe me, when I tell you, it takes
a very long time. I already got one banged out, but now Andrew
is gonna step in, he’s gonna help me kind of get this thing ready. So let’s get to work. Hoowee, check out them new shoes, huh guys. I am so pumped with how this turned out. The new Forgestars are in place and they absolutely
look killer. But we didn’t talk much about the tires in
the previous segment, so let’s do that. Again, this is currently the front runner
setup, so that’s an 18×5 wheel up front, wrapped around it now is a Mickey Thompson Sportsman
SR 26x6x18, previous car, the 2014 I went with a 28-inch tall tire up front, didn’t
hate it but also thought it was a little ballooney up front. So this time around kept it a little shorter,
went the 26-inch tall tire and I think it looks absolutely killer. And for normal street use, we do have an 18×9
on the way with a street comp up front, so that’d be good for that. Now those look great and all, but the big
story here in my book is certainly these rear wheels. I absolutely love these things, 17×10 again
with the beadlock. Wrapped around them now is the Mickey Thompson
ET Street SS. Finally, right? I can run a radial on this thing without worrying
about breaking a ton of parts, thanks to the automatic. And the ET Street SS is a tire I feel comfortable
driving on more often than not because there are some tread voids on that thing unlike
a Mickey Pro or ET Street R. So if you happen to get caught in a little bit of rain, it’s
not a total Jesus take the wheel moment, you should be able to get through with minimal
drama. Now it is a 305/45 R17 so that equates to
basically a 28-inch tall tire, not really doing me any favors for 10s naturally aspirated. Ideally a 26 would be perfect there but it
will be hugely beneficial when we’re going for 9s with forced induction down the road
because we want to maximize that 355 rear gear the best as possible without physically
re-gearing the car. So that’s kind of my idea behind that 28-inch
tall tire in the rear end and plus she just got a big old booty now and I absolutely love
it. Looks killer on the BMR drag springs, just
the right amount of rake. Really Nice stance on this thing but now we’re
gonna do some more appearance stuff. So, yes, back onto the lift, I know we should’ve
just left it up there but I couldn’t wait to see how this thing would look on the ground. Throw it up on the lift, do some appearance
stuff and one more mod and then we’re done for the day. All right, guys, front end is done. This is how they should look from the factory
in my humble opinion. So let’s talk about what we did real quick. Up front here for the grille, Cervini’s hooked
us up with their C-Series upper and lower grille. Fixed my biggest gripe with the ’18 and ’19
Mustangs, that gloss black piano black grille which just doesn’t match anything on the front
end. So gone now is that thing and in its place
a very clean looking grille. And there’s a lot of nice options out there
in the aftermarket for these cars. I just like the simplicity of the Cervini’s
stuff, so that’s what I went with. But we also tackled the lower front chin splitter
or spoiler as well, so gone is the factory piece and in its place now is the RTR chin
spoiler. I really like this one because in my opinion,
it follows the lines of the factory option. It just kind of pumps it up a little bit,
makes it look like it’s on steroids and just accentuates that look. So very tough looking front end. Again, in my opinion, this is exactly how
I envision these cars should look from the factory and a big part of that is getting
rid of that gloss black grille. We also have one more part from RTR in the
rear to help give the car a little bit more aggression back there and then we’re just
about there for the big car show. So let’s move on back and show what we’re
doing there. Oh, avert your eyes. And that completes our second part here from
RTR, obviously the rear spoiler, as you guys can see. Always been a big fan of this thing ever since
Von [SP] and his team kicked it out on the S197. They haven’t really changed the design too
much over the years, they did switch from metal to plastic, but it’s kind retained that
same basic shape and that is low key a nice little kick up in the rear here. So it’s aggressive but without being crazy
or over the top. And I really liked the black look on this
particular car because there’s some other black accents going on. And that pretty much wraps things up for me
from an appearance standpoint, getting this thing ready for the show. You guys know the deal, I’m certainly a less
is more Mustang enthusiasts when it comes to exterior styling. So with the goodies up front, the rear spoiler,
the wheels, the drop, I think the car is looking a lot better now and is ready for the show. However, we do have one more thing to do on
this thing. We’re gonna get it back up in the air underneath
the car and we’ll show you what we’re doing there. Now for as good as these ’18s and ’19s sound
bone stock, they sound even better with the right exhaust system, so that’s we’re talking
about now. I just finished up installing the AWE touring
cat-back with my buddy Andrew. And listen, guys, historically if you’ve seen
my build, you’ve the ’14 or the Raptor, you know I’ve been a Corsa guy. Love their stuff, still do but this time around
I wanted to do something a little bit different. And honestly, the first time I heard the AWE
touring system on a gen three Coyote, I was in love. Combination of the H-pipe, the resonators,
the 180 tech and the mufflers gives it just a nice deep tone overall, killer materials
of course, 304 stainless throughout, they’re right around the corner, we’ve been through
their facility, seen how they’ve all come together and they top everything off with
a blow pop. I mean what more can you ask for? So Jesse and those guys over at AWE, thanks
again, really stoked to have this on the car. We are gonna do some more exhaust stuff down
the road. We don’t want to give too much away right
now, just know there’s more coming there, but we just wanted to throw a cat-back on
the car in time for the show. But now it comes a moment of truth, let’s
hear how this thing sounds. Got to clean those tires off a little bit
before we get started, you know. Let’s go for a little ride, shall we? So again, all in all, not a lot going on with
this, but in my opinion, the car is just looking awesome and sounding even better. I mean, just during that burnout, it’s perfect,
I mean, it sounds amazing. It’s not a rasp bomb, it’s got a little bit
of a growl to it, it’s deep enough and it just sounds really unique. I love the touring system. That sounds amazing. I think more than anything, I’m happy with
how the car looks. Not a lot of mods, you guys know me, a kind
of a less is more enthusiast Mustang owner when it comes to exterior styling between
the grilles, the front chin, the rear spoiler, the wheels, those Forgestar wheels, man, Vince,
those guys again really hooked me up. The springs ride great too, I mean the BMR
drags springs for being kind of like a drag-specific spring obviously, right? They really ride good, not very much different
from the factory in regards to firmness or anything like that. Let’s see if we can bang through some gears
here, shall we in the auto? Yeah, she feels pretty good, I’d say. Again still pretty much stock with an exhaust
and a tune that [inaudible 00:11:31] racing tune. But these things are quick, man. Again, 1190s pump gas, bone stock. Now with a tune it’s still being pretty healthy. So yeah, overall, guys, listen again, we didn’t
reinvent the wheel in this segment, we’re doing a lot of fun stuff coming up soon. You’re gonna want to see that. Lot more suspension, more power mods. Again, we’re gonna shoot for those 10s and
a lot of guys have done it, just gonna take some good air with this thing now that we’re
in the middle of summer. And then after we go for that, we’re gonna
really have some fun, go power adder and try to get this thing in the nine. So I’m really stoked. You guys are gonna have to stay tuned, really
hope you watch it. But overall, the springs ride great, the looks,
killer. Love how the car is looking right now, and
I could not be happier with that AWE exhaust. Let’s do the lame thing and put it in neutral
then automatic. Yeah, I mean it’s perfect. There you go, guys. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Believe me, we get a lot more stuff coming
for you very soon. Subscribe. You know the deal by now. Comment, let me know what your favorite part
of these mods are so far. And we’ll see you next time. So for all things Mustang, you know what to
do, right here at americanmuscle.com.

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