2019 Ford Ranger vs. 2018 Toyota Tacoma: Real-World Test — Pickuptrucks.com

2019 Ford Ranger vs. 2018 Toyota Tacoma: Real-World Test — Pickuptrucks.com

it’s not easy to make a big splash in
the pickup truck world but that’s exactly what Ford wants to do by
bringing back the 2019 Ford Ranger so we thought it would be a good idea to put
it up against the top seller in the mid-size segment so we’ve got Tacoma
against the Ranger I’m here with West Coast editor for cars
comm Brian Wong Brian I want to give you some numbers and then I want your
impressions of these vehicles we’ve got it sounds good the Tacoma the 3.5 liter
v6 278 horsepower 265 foot-pounds of torque the new Ranger only comes in a
four-cylinder 2.3 liter EcoBoost as a pretty good sized turbocharger but it’s
270 horsepower 310 foot-pounds of torque how did they drive on road yeah I think
that the difference in torque really sticks out in favor of the Ranger one of
our long-term complaints about the Tacoma has really been the peak eNOS of
that engine but I thought the Ranger had a lot more even power delivery on-road
off-road and it just made it more fun to drive overall okay so when we did Canyon
carving we went up and over a few mountain ranges which one was more fun
to drive oh the port for sure and that because you didn’t really have to put
your foot in it to get to go there’s a pretty willing participant from even mid
throttle very quick throttle response 10 speed transmission probably there’s a
lot of good too it’s got a sport mode but it has a very very touchy almost
throttle so when you want to go all you do is put your foot into it you’re gone
yeah this Ford 10 speed automatic transmission has started to make its way
into more and more Ford products as well as GM products and I would say that it’s
done pretty well and pretty much all applications and today it did everything
that we could throw at it with you know great vigor but I know there’s a lot of
Toyota guys out there screaming at us what about the transmission button yet
you have to push to change the algorithm and formatting of the software in the
transmission that helps a lot and then it’s got a sport mode you can flip over
and instead of the thumb drive transmission you have on the Ford you’ve
actually got a shifter yeah the shifter to move through the gears on the Toyota
is a much more it’s a preferred way to kind of do that
it feels more mechanical you feel more in tune with the truck rather than just
kind of using thumbless to to flip through gears but
at the end of the day I’m still taking the Ranger I’m still taking that
advantage into work and I’m still taking that very consistent water delivery
whether you’re in a sport mode or not so when you’re distant drive the Ranger is
far better and when you’re in sport I still think it edges it so more fun to
drive but how did it do during our fuel economy testing it’s interesting because
you would automatically kind of give the big advantage to the smaller engine but
in this case they actually came out basically in a dead heat after our 270
or so mile drive that we did the other day on roads so you’re not quite getting
the advantage of fuel economy that you think from a 4-cylinder but again I
think the performance kind of makes up for it so more fun to drive gets fairly
good yeah enemy but the v6 and the 4-cylinder do
pretty much the same thickness yeah and that’s kind of what Toyota was going for
with his v6 right it kind of switches cycles on you so it starts on the
atkinson cycle which is more efficient and i think that that’s really how able
to keep up with this truck in terms of fuel economy as you might expect a lot
of differentiation here in the interiors this is the ranger lariat model so we’ve
got nicely contoured front seats leather wrapped also soft touches both in the
center console on the door so your elbows don’t get roughed up and also
here on the dash itself this is a softer material it’s not the hard plastic that
we see on the XL or the XLT much more organic layout more horizontal
nice big 8 inch color screen here for the navigation and a lot of cubby spaces
in the doors also in the front and cupholders here in the center here in
the backseat the Ranger also differentiates itself with Tacoma in a
few key ways the first is more charging options the back that become was very
Spartan no air vents to the backseat passengers no even charging options but
here in the back of the Ford you get two USB ports and a 110 volt three prong
household outlet now that joins two USB ports up front and two more 12-volt up
front so that you keep all your devices charging the Ranger and that’s something
that modern people really need especially those with kids so if you’re
gonna use this also as a family vehicle that’s a really important consideration
also on the Ranger back seat folds up and folds down no storage behind the
seat here but underneath to decently sized cubbies for you to fit two
and other things that you really want to keep in the truck now those charging
ports are another way in which the Ranger interior really kind of leaps
ahead of a Tacoma that stink multimedia system has Android auto ball car plate
in just a cleaner overall user experience Toyota really needs updates
multimedia system and the Tacoma is no exception so we started out with the
interior the Ranger which is the one that I would say that we clearly liked
better Toyota no slouch in that department we actually
like the styling of this a lot the dials and the whole dashboard here looks more
rugged mark talking about the horizontal integration of the Rangers dashboard so
they’re definitely more vertical all of your controls be kind of stacked up here
in the center console there’s not a whole lot going on on the right side of
the cabin at all really just focuses down to the center now as we mentioned
screens definitely better than the Ford it has those my Ford touch screens in
the instrument panel it also has a larger touchscreen the center console so
you had a smaller touchscreen but it’s also missing connectivity options no
lanes right Auto no apple carplay in the Toyota infotainment system is one that
we’ve been asked them to update for years so when I do get updated in there
are other vehicles hopefully those changes do come to the next generation
of Tacoma one thing to mention that it does do well it has a large wireless
charging pad so if you have a smart phone with wireless charging it’s
actually big enough to fit even the larger smartphones of today with the
case on so my phone fits in there fine not always the case in different
vehicles one other thing that we do like about the Toyota interior this shift
knob here the shift action when you’re doing up and down and locking out gears
much better than the thumb shifter that’s on the Ranger mark how about the
backseat yeah the key word back here is Spartan very limited in legroom Headroom
a little bit more cramped than the Ranger also no AC vents no charging
ports here and back what they do offer is a little bit of storage under the
seat bottom seat slips forward and if you fold forward the seat backs there’s
also some hidden storage back there as well here at the back of the trucks not
a lot of creativity not a lot of complexity but there are differences
what what are you seeing between these two the most obvious difference is that
we have a composite bedliner in the back that the coma it was spray in bedliner
in the back of the the Ranger and this composite bed later probably helps the
Tacoma on overall on weight but it does you know have kind of a slippery floor
that you don’t really get with the Ranger there is one thing about the
tacomas bed that is heavier and that would be the tailgate so back here steel
on the Ford it is aluminum and much easier to lift up you can even do
it with two or three fingers now the Toyota tailgate is strutted so it
actually softly releases so thick that it does yeah but the Ranger does not
have that option but it is very light so it’s very easy to close all right we
also took these to the scale the truck scales and found out some very
interesting details about payload yeah so you have a very big advantage in
payload overall payload for the Ranger so that checks in at about 1500 pounds
of payload as we wait at the scale it’s a combo you’re down around a thousand
pounds and that’s a 50% difference in payload between the two vehicles and
very interesting we found out that they both of these vehicles are both crew
cabs both four-wheel drive both 5 foot beds weigh about the same thing with 20
pounds of each other yeah really close in weight but since the gbw number is so
much higher on the Ford they get 4 500 pounds more payload capacity yeah
maximum payload capacity which is super cab 2-wheel drive version is over 1,800
pounds so way higher than anything Toyota and for that matter anything
Colorado Canyon or frontier can offer right and that will kind of be a big
selling a big selling or detracting point for one of these trucks for
consumers who are gonna be hauling a lot of stuff so if you’re gonna have to
carry anything that’s over a thousand pounds that immediately disqualifies it
Acoma for you and leaves you with the Ranger the last thing I want to make
sure we talk about at the back of the trucks here their rear axles very
interesting strategy Tacoma still has drum brakes they both use monotube
shocks and a four leaf pack suspension in the Tacoma but basically a one leaf
package in the Ranger that still has more payload than anything else yeah
it’s impressive for what they’re able to do we did get a chance to go play with
these vehicles off-road but we should note this is the top level Ranger it has
the FX 4 package four-wheel drive but Toyota we have the TRD sport there’s
still a TRD off-road and a TRD pro level above that so a fairly level comparison
but not identical Brian talked to me about how much fun we had first of all
and then what what technology in each of the
vehicles kind of allow that to have yeah I think it’s safe to say that both of us
weren’t impressed by what each truck was able to accomplish on the Toyota side
it’s the TRD sport so it doesn’t have plated as crawl control system which
we’ve enjoyed in the past but even on a street tire it was able to kind of
handle everything that we threw at it from a Hill Climb to going through ruts
to even a rock crawling section the suspension flex and the coma and the
amount of you know ease with which it’s able to kind of traverse obstacles very
impressive for not their top level off-road truck now on the fort side
comes with trail control they’re kind of virginal crawl control and much too the
way that Ford has kind of endorsed it it’s quiet you go crawl controls kind of
loud you can hear all the mechanical linkages kind of working on the Ford you
just slap it in there take your foot off the gas take your foot off the brake and
it crawls out with nary a sound so it’s a much quieter that feels like a much
smoother system except for in one instance and that would be rock crawling
so for some reason the trail control system on the Ford kind of when you get
over a rock or when you get over a lip it gives you like a little bit of rock
back and it’s very disconcerting when you’re on a trail and you’re trying to
get over something and be smooth to have the system feel like it’s gonna rock
back on you at a certain point I kind of just took control and I was like you
know the truck the trill bitch was doing real well I think I can do a little bit
better and I don’t know if I’ve ever had that feeling with crawl control ya know
we both have had a lot of experience with Toyota’s crawl control and we’ve
although we’ve always am constantly are commenting about how noisy it is when
you know those brakes are going on and off the trail control much smoother much
quieter more organic almost as it climbs over those obstacles but yeah you’re
exactly right in those situations where we were going up the steep grades and
that throttle wasn’t quite enough to keep that vehicle locked down
it almost was if it was prevented from using the brakes to keep it from rolling
backwards it got a little rolling backwards in some cases maybe even a
foot or maybe more than a foot before the throttle kicked in and actually
brought that back up to speed and you held your ground and then eventually the
traction found its way forward and maybe we’ve been overly I guess critical we
might be of the word about crawl control and it’s noises because I think that
there is some comfort in hearing the traction control and hearing the brakes
working concert so well with the powertrain on the Toyota
the Ford we got there we’re like oh we don’t want sound well maybe that’s not
the best you know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side
recommendations that we obviously have for anybody thinking about these
vehicles first thing you want to think about is putting a good off-road maybe
all-terrain yeah or if you’re gonna do any off-roading but secondly maybe wait
for the Ford Ranger Raptor we keep hearing rumors about that coming down
the road that can’t be very difficult to make no I think that’s coming and I
think that if you’re gonna do some real serious off-roading in the Ranger that
might be the one to wait for but I will say this the fx4 was really impressive
on dirt so kind of how the Raptor has made its name as a dirt runner the fx4
does a very good impression we took it over some washes at 3040 miles an hour
suspension felt very stable that powertrain really responsive easy to
manipulate the throttle through corners so you can kind of get the tail to swing
out a little bit as we did a few times great fun in the wash yeah Ford
engineers have dialed in the suspension both on pavement and for all sorts of
off-road use which we experienced today yeah I think that the Ranger just it
drives really well and I think that that’s something you could say about it
both on Road which we experienced yesterday and off-road with the
experience today and that’s a really big compliment to pay for a truck especially
something in this segment where there are other trucks that don’t necessarily
drive as well in one condition or the other so there you have just some of our
thoughts about some very specific categories about how these two trucks
compare with one another but we have no doubt if this new Ranger is going to do
this well against the top seller consumers are very likely to respond
well to for more details and to find out who won our competition go to pickup
trucks calm you you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Ranger Raptor already exist. I've seen it all over Vietnam. From what I heard from the locals the Ranger is a very popular truck in Vietnam maybe even best selling.

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  7. I don't have a horse in either race, since I'm currently in the market for a truck. That said, I think about long term cost to own, cost to repair, cost to insure, long-term reliability, etc. Toyota tends to be near the top of those lists. Cheap to own (typically in comparison to competition) and cheap to repair are two big selling points for me. Further, the more complex an engine, the more shit can and will go wrong, and the more expensive it will be to fix. Imo, a typical V6 is pretty easy to work on, and likely will give you a better experience long term than the V4 Eco.

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  13. Trucks aren’t cars.
    See how one feels after 5 years of ownership when the ranger takes a nose dive in resale.

  14. No comparison, the Toyota. For resale value and reliability. Frankly, I think the new ranger is ugly as sin. Hope that isn't what we can expect to see for the Bronco.

  15. Real world review here. I had a 2016 F-150 5.0 and actually traded it in on 2019 Ranger. I thought the power would be an issue but it's not in the least.
    I drove the Tacoma as well and I did like the ride of the Tacoma a bit better thanks to the Bilstein Shocks. However I wasn't going to pay roughly $40,000 for a truck still using drums on the rear… C'mon Toyota it's 2019.

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  17. i drove test both, its true that tacoma has smaller cab than ranger.. and im leaning towards ranger.. the only thing that holding me is tacoma is tacoma, but ford makes number 1 trucks.. im torn.. lol

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    Yeah right Ford! Taco is superior in every category except a drag race.

  21. Let's compare the interior of a $41k top end Ranger Lariat vs a mid level $35k Tacoma TRD Sport. Calling it a "fairly level comparison" is idiotic. There's almost a $7k difference between the two. Also let's ignore the fact that the Tacoma has a bed outlet and the Ranger does not. To get the outlet in the bed, you swap to a composite bed liner in the Ford, removing one of their "advantages" of the Ford. This is clearly biased. How much did Ford pay you guys this time?? hmmm.

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    Seriously tho, their top edition offroad ranger a year newer than the "similar comparison" sport tacoma. The sport package even beat the offroad version ranger on the uphill. Probably would the same if they would have done actual offroading for these two trucks which are known for offroading. Come on now

  24. I own a 1999 ford Ranger I bought new and it has 210k on it and I just bought a 2019 Tacoma with the 4 cylinder engine. Why the Tacoma it is more simple and I think the engine will hold up better on the long run because a turbo charged engine will not hold up as long and I plan on keeping this truck for 20 years. I’m still keeping my old Ranger to drive to work but I have had to rebuild the front end, replace all the fuel injectors, water pump, mass air flow sensor, two alternators, universal joints, cruise control buttons, fan switch, some of the dash lights, 1 leaf spring shackle, 3 o2 sensors and the condenser on the ac system. So I bet when I have 210k on my Tacoma I don’t have to do half of the work on it I did my Ranger and atleast I can do this work myself because if I had to pay someone it would have cost me a small fortune. I still have a soft spot for my old red Ranger plus the wife hates it so I have to keep it lol

  25. Tacoma is top seller because unlike Ford, Chevy & Nissan, they didn't make their midsize pickup a miniature version of their full-size pickup. It looks like a badass trophy truck. Take a hint, Ford, Chevy, and Nissan.

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  31. Listen those Toyota's do have a reliability aspect so if you're going to buy a truck for the long-term (5-10yrs) and like the older interiors Toyota makes for their Tacoma customers then, by all means, get the Tacoma, but if you're going to lease it or have a short-term ownership then definitely get that Ranger it's zippier on the road, you get slightly better throttle response and a nice little sport mode if you want to have some fun.

  32. Thanks for doing such an awesome video gentlemen. I have been looking at both trucks trying to decide. I think if I did more off roading than I do I honestly would rather have the Tacoma, but since I don't do as much as I want I'm starting to lean toward the ranger.

  33. I have a 2018 Taco. The 6 speed AT is slow to respond, indecisive, spends a lot of time hunting for gears and though the engine has plenty of power, sometimes you really need to stomp on it to get the truck to move. I'm thinking about trading it in for a Ranger.

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