2019 Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake Review | carsales

2019 Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake Review | carsales

The people who usually buy a full size US
pickup do so because they want to haul a major load. But if you just love this class of truck and
you want to make a bold statement on the street, it’s going to be pretty darn hard to top
this Ford Shelby F150 Super Snake. Shelby American has been producing high output
and highly desirable performance machines since the early 1960s. But more recently, it’s turned its attention
to the latest generation Ford F150, to create the beast before you now. This limited edition Shelby custom has been
brought to Australia by Melbourne’s Harrison F Trucks. The conversion carried out locally by an experienced
team of automotive specialists. While it has a four wheel drive drive line,
the Ford Shelby F150 Super Snake has been lowered and honed for the street. While in contrast, the straight Ford Shelby
F150 is lifted and ready for some serious off road action. It’s powered by Ford’s Coyote 5L petrol
V8. Essentially, the same base unit is found in
the Mustang GT, but Shelby has made numerous upgrades to the F150 Super Snake, both inside
and out. While Shelby doesn’t quote the vehicle’s
torque output, a Whipple supercharger lifts the V8’s power to a whopping 755 horsepower,
or 563 kilowatts. Around here, that’s a shortcut to a court
appearance and newspaper headlines. But at any speed, this engine is just so stirring,
it’s so responsive. Add in the whine of the supercharger and the
deep rumble of the Borla performance exhaust, it all adds up to a spine tingling performance. This is a big vehicle, both in terms of its
dimensions and its weight. But push that right pedal and it charges,
it charges hard. It’s got all the electronic fruit, including
autonomous braking and adaptive cruise control. And the onerous task of parking is made a
little easier thanks to the front and rear sensors, a 360 degree camera setup, and an
electronic park assist. With its lowered and tuned suspension, the
Super Snake’s handling is far sharper than you’d expect for any full sized pickup. It’s supple and smooth on typical roads,
yet body roll through the bends has been dialled right back. All that tarmac tearing grunt is delivered
via Ford’s recently introduced ten speed automatic transmission, which does a great
job. Fuel economy? While this vehicle wasn’t developed for
its green credentials, around town and unloaded, we’ve seen economy fluctuating between 15L
and 20L per 100km. But people will buy this truck for its performance
and for how it looks. And it looks superb. With its 22 inch rims, low profile rubber,
unique Shelby bodywork, and that hallmark Shelby striping. The premium feel continues with the interior,
which benefits from carbon fibre highlights, acres of leather, numbered Shelby dash plaque,
and cover badging, and embroidered front seats. But it still retains Ford’s F series load
lugging ability, with a four ton towing limit that, if required, will haul some major toys. So, what can you expect to pay for all this
special treatment from one of the world’s most renowned performance tuning houses. Harrison F Trucks will help you into a Ford
Shelby F150 Super Snake for a cool $250,000 or $249,990, to be exact. Plus on roads. That’s roughly the equivalent of nearly
nine of Ford’s entry level Ranger XL single cabs. But then, this vehicle here is about as far
as you can possibly get from a humble hay hauler. The Ford Shelby F150 Super Snake is one stunning
bit of gear. It’s in a class of its own. Why have a muscle car when you can have the
ultimate muscle truck.

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