2019 Honda CR-V: The Best SUV | 2019 Edmunds Editors’ Choice

2019 Honda CR-V: The Best SUV | 2019 Edmunds Editors’ Choice

In recent years, the growth in popularity
of SUVs has been nothing less than a phenomenon. It’s the most fiercely
competitive sector of the market, and our winner
has to be a great all-rounder. The Edmunds Editors’ Choice
SUV for 2019 is the Honda CR-V. ELANA SCHERR: SUVs rule supreme
amongst family vehicles, but they have the daunting
task of having to be spacious, convenient, and economical. And that’s why the Honda
CR-V sets the benchmark. Despite its modest
footprint, it has plenty of room for
passengers and cargo. Inside, it has more
clever storage options than an Ikea catalog. MARK TAKAHASHI: One example
is the height-adjustable cargo floor and this
versatile center console bin that [? hides ?] both
small and large objects alike. For family-minded shoppers,
safety is a priority. And the CR-V has you covered
with a comprehensive list of advanced safety
features that are standard on all but the base model. DON EDMUNDS: The turbo
engine found in most trims packs plenty of punch, and it
delivers best-in-class fuel economy. And, of course, you can
also get all-wheel drive. Sure, it’s no sports car. But this Honda delivers a
pleasant driving experience. Simply put, the Honda CR-V
is the most well-rounded and thoughtfully designed
SUV on the road today. ALISTAIR WEAVER:
Head to edmunds.com for a full review
of the Honda CR-V and to find a great
deal near you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. No Gas in oil issues with mine and it's over a year old and 28,000 miles.
    From what I have read on a forum there seems to be a few people who have this issue and they seem to go to every media site and complain.

  2. Strange. I've been looking / reading reviews of the various brands and Honda seems to be lacking. Maybe they skew more on safety features and mileage. I was at a Mazda dealership and the CX 5 seems to pack more punch and way more stylish.

  3. Wow. Edmunds can't be taken seriously if recommending a car with a very well known garbage 1.5L engine with oil dilution problems and cabin heat not working in cold climates…the kinda climates you might live in if you wanted an AWD vehicle.

  4. I think Honda has a deal with Edmunds, because that’s the only way this tin can could win best suv of 2019. RAV4 all the way baby! Better looking, better mileage, better awd better audio, better everything! #RAV4

  5. I like the CR-V so much but the only thing thats killing me is that Honda couldn't even slap on a leather boot on the shift lever, it looks so cheap. All the other competitors have already done this. Anyone else bothered by this?

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