2019 Honda CR-V vs. 2019 Subaru Forester ― Small SUV Comparison & Review

2019 Honda CR-V vs. 2019 Subaru Forester ― Small SUV Comparison & Review

what have we got here? Looks like more small SUVs. Seriously, don’t any of you guys
want to buy a station wagon? No? You know what? I get it, because SUVs have
that up high driving position, and they carry a lot
of people and cargo. They’re very useful. But with so many
of them out there, how are you going to pick one? We recently did a
three SUV comparison of the Honda CR-V, the Toyota
RAV4, and the Mazda CX-5. In the comments on
that video, everybody was like, oh hey, guys, what
about the Subaru Forester? Where does it fit in? So we thought we’re going
to take the winner of that comparison– oops,spoiler– and match it up
with the Forester. Before we do, though, visit
us at Edmunds for all your car shopping needs. The CR-V and the Forester are
almost identical if you just go by the numbers– horsepower, seating,
fuel economy, price. It’s all almost the same. Those specs are useful, but
they don’t really tell you about the personality of a car. And that matters. I mean, you’re going to be using
this thing almost every day for years. Don’t think of it
like an appliance. Think of it like a partner
in crime or like a buddy. So here we are– Honda CR-V versus
Subaru Forester. Who will win? And why? The CR-V is sleeker,
with a streamlined front end and a higher door line. It looks sort of like
a smaller Honda Pilot. So think minivan adjacent,
but not fully committed to the minivan lifestyle. It works as a family car. But it would be
just as happy taking a group of adults
to a wine tasting. The Subaru Forester has a
totally different personality than the Honda. It’s nowhere near
as ruggedly oddball as it was when it was
introduced in the late ’90s. But it still has a
bit of that raised up station wagon feel,
especially from the side with that squared off nose
and those big windows. Like the CR-V, it’s
great for family duties. But in its non-working
hours, the Forester would like you to
take it camping. The interior of the Forester,
like the rest of it, is very user friendly. All of the controls
and all the information are neatly divided
up and easy to find. So whether you’re looking
at the steering wheel, at the gauge package
in front of you, or at either of
these two screens, you always know what
you’re going to find and where you’re
going to find it. I particularly like
the bright, big screen here in the center stack and
this clever third screen which sort of recaps all the
information for you but keeps it out of your way
so you can focus on driving. I was really surprised by the
materials in the Forester. They’re all soft
touch, and there’s a lot of interesting
textures and cool stitching. It reflects the fun
quality of the car. Honda does a good
job on interiors. There’s always plenty of
clever storage options, a lot of room for the driver and
passenger, and nice materials, especially in the CR-V.
Look at this wood trim– classy. One of the ways that the CR-V
made so much room for storage is by moving the shifter
up to the center stack. That’s not actually
something that I love. First of all, I think
it’s ergonomically weird. Especially if you’re
doing a three-point turn where you’re going
drive, reverse, drive, it’s kind of awkward. But even worse, it
takes up a lot of space that could be
infotainment screen. So this is already
a strange shape. And then the actual usable
part is really small. I mean, it’s about half
of the physical screen. I don’t know why they did that. And I don’t like it– B-minus. The CR-V does get some
points back, though, because it’s so family friendly. Check this out. If you’re trying to keep an
eye on whoever’s in the back, got a wide-angle mirror. I can see you. Another place where the CR-V
has a distinct advantage over the Forester
is in cargo space. With 39.2 cubic feet compared
to the Forester’s 33, the CR-V just has more
room for everything, which is great if three of your
coworkers just had new babies. Congrats, guys. [CHEERING] The only real bummer about
the Subaru is the power plant. The naturally aspirated
2.5 liter four cylinder makes 182 horsepower, which is
only eight less than the CR-V, but it feels like 80. It’s loud, and it’s slow. Look. That’s floored. Sad, Subaru. Sad. The transmission always feels
like you woke it up from a nap if you ask for passing power. Oh, there you are. Did you have a good sleep? That said, if you’re not
looking for top speed, just cruising around town, the
Subaru’s quiet and comfortable. This is nice. I like the Forester’s
big windows. Makes the car feel
smaller than it is. And the boxy shape makes
it really easy to park, even if you didn’t have
camera technology to help you. But you do. Subaru has rally in its blood. And while I would not choose
the Forester as my race entry, it does have 8.7 inches
of ground clearance, hill descent, and a train
selector that gives you options for mud and sand. It’s not a rock crawler. But it’s definitely
more off-road savvy than most small SUVs. And it can get you
to places like this. The Forester’s tech
is surprisingly good. I guess I wasn’t
expecting it to be, because it looked so much
more analog than the Honda. But it comes with a long
list of standard safety features and optional ones. And everything is easy to use. Both Apple CarPlay and
Android Auto are standard. Subaru’s EyeSight, which is its
driving aid, is really good. I didn’t really
know what to expect from that, because
I hadn’t ever been in a car that had it before. But it watches your face. And it can tell if you’re not
paying attention, looking away. And it reminds you to keep
your eyes on the road. Occasionally, I do feel
a little bit scolded. But it’s not
aggressive about it. And you can always turn it off. Adaptive cruise control is
awesome in the Forester. It feels very natural. It’ll bring you to a complete
stop and then all the way back up to freeway speed. It’s not herky-jerky. I really like it. They did a good job. Small turbo-charged engines
can really struggle in big, heavy vehicles, but not the
1.5 liter turbo-charged four cylinder in the CR-V. It’s
a real surprise in terms of passing power and off
the line performance– way faster than the Forester. Even with only 190 horsepower,
it really delivers. And you’re never in
a situation where you’re shaking
the steering wheel and on the gas and
going, come on, come on. No, you got it. It’s pretty quick. One of the things that makes
the CR-V such a pleasant drive experience is that even though
it has a CVT transmission, it doesn’t do that sad vacuum
cleaner thing where it goes, [GROAN],, like makes more
noise and no more power. Seems like the
engineers at Honda have really figured out CVTs. Everything in the CR-V
is nicely balanced– so steering, braking, throttle
response, the handling. It’s all predictable
and enjoyable. The CR-V is not
sold specifically as an off-road vehicle. But it is available
with all-wheel drive, and it has enough
ground clearance that you can go off pavement. There is a physical
volume knob in the CR-V. And honestly, that’s
the best thing about the infotainment system. And really, I mean,
you don’t know that you would miss one of
those until they take them away. So Honda did put it back. But the rest of the
infotainment, the screen and everything, is
pretty disappointing. It’s small, and it’s slow. And the native nav isn’t great. Luckily Apple CarPlay, Android
Auto, both standard in all but the base trim. So just plug your phone
in and call it good. Adaptive cruise control,
lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring,
forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking
are all standard on everything except for the LX trim. Don’t you feel safe? Don’t you feel cared for? The CR-V is our top-ranked small
SUV on the Edmunds website, because it’s just so
good at so many things. If you want a car that has
safety and convenience totally covered, the CR-V is your pick. The Forester has some flaws– that loud, slow engine mostly. But it also has a
sense of adventure that the CR-V is lacking. If you want a car with a
little more personality, take a look at the Forester. Let me put it to you this way– if I was hiring one of
these cars for a job, I would call the
CR-V. But if I wanted to invite one over
for a barbecue, that would be the Forester. Visit us at Edmunds for all
your car shopping needs. If you like this video, please
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I'm starting to hate these reviews. Stupid stupid stupid. She hates the shifter but likes the pop down mirror.

    I worry more about shit breaking on a car after several years. But to each there own.

  2. I wonder if any of these subaru fan boys ever drove one! It drives like a slow shit but perfect car for grandma's. btw resale value is shit too.

  3. Nothing about the difference in AWD ?(Subaru wins here too). I own the Subaru and my brother has the CRV. Of course, I am biased, but I feel like if you don't care about cars get a Honda they are quite literally the most boring vehicle manufacturer on the planet (I've had a few of them, great cars just boring). Reliability I would say is a tie because I still see 15 and 20 year old Subarus on the road every single day. The CRV has better interior storage compartments, however the interior design is atrocious with the gear selector raised in the middle of the dash. I also like the look of the dual exhaust on the CRV probably the only thing the crv has that I care for. As for the power that everyone (reviewers mainly) is complaining about, there is more than enough power to drive fast. I have had zero issues passing anyone who is driving remotely close to the speed limit. Subaru wins with the engine sound…it sounds like a car, not vacuum.

    Buy whatever you want…If I was in the market for a similar vehicle I would buy the Forester all over again.
    *note The sport model looks and feels way better than any CRV trim available in my opinion. I can also confirm that the fuel economy on the Forester is incredible. Got it down to 7.1 Litres /100KM HWY

  4. I solved the problem of lack of power in the Subaru Forester and bought a 2018 Subaru Forester XT with the 2.0 litre Turbo engine with 250HP. I am very happy going 0-100 kph in 6.5 sec..????

  5. I picked the 2019 Subaru Forester Sport over Honda CRV, because of costumer service and loyalty. Honda sucks when it comes to service. You have to wait in long lines for service. Subaru goes by appointment and no waiting time. Here in NYC time and excellent service is a plus. Honda sales people also think that they are better than anyone else. I don't go for that bull shit. Subaru sales people are more humble and considerate.
    and don't push you around. Anyway, I saved almost $3000 on the MSRP. Honda didn't want to go down on the MSRP, because they say that somebody is waiting on line and dying to buy their CRV, so they don't need my business.

  6. Lol notice how they don't even consider reliability when comparing the two. Subaru makes shit engines and shit transmissions.

  7. My first car was a 2004 Ford Explorer, but when I started commuting long distances I needed something with better gas mileage and ended up with a 2010 Kia Soul, which ended up getting rear ended and totaled by a Jeep Wrangler. After that I needed to find a car quickly and settled for a 2008 Honda Accord. I have to say though, I really miss having an SUV.

    That's why next year I'm looking to buy one. I've narrowed down my choices to either the new Toyota RAV4, the new Subaru Forester, or the upcoming 2020 Ford Escape. At this point in all honesty, given the its value, reliability, practicality, and most importantly safety features, I am leaning very heavily toward either a 2019 or 2020 Subaru Forester.

  8. Would have been nice if they had tested both in the snow, which is a major reason why people who live in the north buy these vehicles. My guess is the Forester would have won hands down. Oh, and as far as engines go, you might want to do a little research into the Honda direct injection issues before you opt for the turbo

  9. Two things from having a 2015 Forester for the past five years:

    1. The panoramic sunroof and big windows are simply awesome. Seriously, it makes a huge difference and if ever I get another car, the pano sunroof is a must.

    2. I don't love the power train. I used to live in Denver and flooring it at 50mph was downright lethargic. That being said, at sea level, it's decent. And if you want to make it more fun to drive, get a throttle-mapping device. I got one three months ago and it makes the car oh so fun to drive.

  10. I have a 2014 FJ Cruiser and I think I can safely say that if you are doing any off roading that would stress the Forester's CVT you have absolutely no business in a Forester and should get an FJ, a Tacoma TRD Offroad, a 4 Runner TRD Offroad or a Jeep Wrangler. On the other hand all of those are far slower than the Forester, ride like old trucks and cost about $1,500 more in terms of fuel costs per year. Life is a series of trade offs and the 2020 Forester has the most of what I value at the lowest possible cost.

  11. I will come back for a second look at the Forester when they up the HP.Too slow for me.I'm not ready to join the granny set yet

  12. Two completely different vehicles. One is awd, the is sometime almost awd. I dislike the forester so much, I bought two last year. Pretty quick doesn't matter with no ground clearance and as for transmissions, you keep the honda and let me keep the subie.

  13. I owned a forester and it was great. Until it got older and started needing repairs. Repairs on a Subaru are as expensive as a German car so I sold it. I would not buy another one. Especially with the questiional cvt in it. That said, I'd buy a mazda or Toyota before I'd buy either of these.

  14. I test drove both, and personally I found the crv slow because the transmission has an incredible lag that even a Toyota Corolla will smoke it off the starting line. The forester is more than adequate in sport mode and the AWD is nearly jeep capable.

  15. I was aiming for CRV when I started my car hunting, and changed my mind at the very last minute due to the fear that I might be screwed by its gas-oil issue. I got myself a Subaru Forester 2019 limited in the end and am happy that I made the purchase.

  16. Of course Forester!
    Maybe CRV little bit comfortable than Forester, but Forester overcomes CRV about that off-road capatibility and security.

  17. I have a 2015 Subaru forester, burning oil at 50,000 miles,and blown clutch,awaiting the 2nd engine to be installed, the 1st engine wouldn't even start,hey Subaru what does that tell me

  18. Nah, ill stick to the forester, not sure what this lady is talking about. But I've seen alot of crv stuck in a snow ditch with their front wheel oriented all wheel drive lol.

  19. Funny as a former 2018 CRV owner I really like my 2019 Forester for its functionality and engine as then 1.5 T was a dog on the highway. Maybe turbo lag. We don’t buy a mid sized suv for performance, do we?

  20. You should mention the fact that many consumer CRV reviews on the Edmunds site talk about serious reliability issues with the Honda. Specifically fuel dilution of the engine oil and parasitic drain of the battery. Driving these cars for brief video reviews is one thing but having to live with a vehicle with on a daily basis with reliability issues in an altogether different kettle of fish.

  21. I find it funny how you highlight so much on the Honda like all its safety features and how they are “standard” on almost all trims but fail to spend the same time saying how it is standard on every Subaru with the eyesight (which is standard on all models) also how everything you did showed your bias towards Honda small things like yelling, getting excited, adding balloons, and things like that for one car while just talking normal and harping on the other. Maybe just me but I’ve noticed a bias not with the show/program but with YOU and don’t think a person like you should be working in a job where an unbiased review is all you are supposed to be doing.

  22. Looking for a safe medium sized suv for your family. Great review. https://youtu.be/cs7PSpIMJYk test show consistency, reliability of each vehicle tested.

  23. I had a 2019 CR-V EX-L AWD for two weeks. I now own a 2019 Forester Sport (AWD is standard). Here's a few of my observations.

    1. The seats in the CR-V are the most uncomfortable of any car I've ever owned or driven. The seats were the deal breaker for me. I got rid of the car because of the seats. The Forester has among the most comfortable seats I've ever been in. The padding is just the right density and the support is in all the right places. An amazing difference!

    2. Pretty much all the tech in the Forester is more advanced and more user friendly. The infotainment center in the CR-V was awkward to use and simply not very good. I have a Google Pixel XL and it was not supported for Android Auto. In fact, there were very few brands supported at all. The Forester, however, has a great, big, easy to use infotainment screen with physical buttons that make operation when driving so much simpler. The on-screen buttons and controls make more sense and are easier to use. Plus, my phone is supported! 🙂

    3. The CR-V may have a few feet more cargo space, but it seems the space in the Forester is wider whereas the CR-V seems a little taller. I don't pile things to the ceiling, so I found the wider storage in the Forester to be much more useful.

    4. The Forester kicks the CR-V's butt on AWD. Don't take my word for it. Go look at videos on YouTube comparing the two – there's tons of them.

    5. Yes, the CR-V may have more acceleration than the Forester, but the Forester has plenty for day-to-day. You will need a little more time to pass at higher speeds, however.

    6. The CR-V was "dressed up" on the inside, the Forester Sport is not Subaru's "dressy" model, but it's beautiful on the inside. The colors and materials are amazing and wonderful. I love it. The Forester definitely feels more "me" with a very sporty look. (I'm 50-something.)

    There's a lot of other things I could say about both. My bottom line is this: in my mind, the Forester is superior in pretty much every way to the CR-V. Due to the unfortunate problem with the seats, I got a rare opportunity to really experience both cars.

    One important tip I would give to anyone car shopping is this. Do your homework on the internet. Look at specs, talk to people. Maybe take a couple for a quick spin. You know… all the normal things you would expect anyone to do when shopping for a car. Then, when you are pretty sure you've found the right car and you think you are ready to buy, spend about an hour in it. Sit in it on the lot for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Adjust things. Make sure it fits you. Then take it on a nice, long drive – not the typical 5 or 10 minute test drive most folks do. Spend at least 40 or 45 minutes driving. It is very revealing. You will know the car a lot better and make a more intelligent, informed decision. You will own this car for years to come. It will cost you a lot of money. Don't waste thousands on a car you really don't enjoy or even grow to hate because you were impatient or felt a little funny asking for an extended drive. If your salesman doesn't like you really checking out the car, then maybe you need a new salesman. I didn't do this in the CR-V because I didn't think I needed to and it cost me thousands of dollar in depreciation to drive it two weeks. Don't let that happen to you.

  24. The Forester just needs the return of the XT turbo option to be perfect. Their optional, regular gas 2.4 turbo would fit the bill. I trust that their standard transmission can't handle the extra power and torque.

  25. Honestly, I still love my old 2000 Legacy Wagon (sitting lower makes me feel more connected to the road), but there are times where that extra ground clearance would be nice. The best part is that it just works. It's not flashy, it's not plush, but every Subaru I've ever driven has worked well, and I didn't mind getting some dirt inside, or some slushy snow stuck to the undercarriage. Most of these others look like nothing more than lifted showroom cars that should never leave the pavement. Now if I could afford that 2020 Outback Onyx Edition XT … <3

  26. The 2019 Forester is so ugly I hate the new design. I have the 2015 XT 2.0 turbo. It looks better, sportier and its very quick. My wife has the 2019 Crv and she loves it!

  27. It seems like the CRV was the preordained winner here, the highly stressed tiny turbo engine in the CRV felt like it had 80 hp more than the understressed 2.5 in the Forester? While getting comparable mileage? Loud engine? The perfectly balanced boxer 4?
    Every other comparo online has the Forester winning easily.
    Also the comments section has the Forester winning.
    How do I know? I have owned both, got rid of the CRV and now my family owns 4 Subarus.
    Three 2018's and a 2005.
    Very happy.

  28. I own a forester and I drive it pretty fast but it doesn’t really make too much noise. It actually accelerates really good and the infrastructure of the forester is better.

  29. Can you show actual safety test vs talking about it? Not sure why lots of reviewer doesn't want to show that. I drove Subaru 2019. All their safety is 1 of the best. People complain about power all the time. I think its fast enough. If you want something to drag race on the highway, this is not your car.

  30. I test drove the CRV and the Forester. I liked to the Forester so much better. It is far more comfortable that the CRV. I found the drivers seat in the CRV to be uncomfortable and tiresome. Another and very important thing is being able to see all around me and feel safe in doing that . I felt like I was riding in a small submarine in the CVR. I felt the rear vision out of the back of the CRV to be poor. This made me nervous when I changed lanes. The Forester wins big on this . I bought a 2019 Forester sport and love the car. It is bigger than the 2018 and soooo very comfortable to drive and ride in. I am very happy with my decision to go with the Forester and really enjoy driving it all over the state.

  31. Subaru Forester. I live in Alaska, love the ground clearance, the light within the vehicle, and the handling in ice and snow. Prefer the looks. Honda CRV – mini van. Test drove them both, Forester was much more fun to drive, do not find engine lag a problem at all. Car is plenty perky.

  32. I would take the Forster with wife or girlfriend out to make babies in the back.
    I would take the CR-V. with family because it has more room in the back
    I could take the Forster to go on a hunting trip.
    I could take the CR-V to get groceries.

  33. CR-V may look nicer on the outside and speed up a little faster, but when it comes to long road trips through the mountains or unexpected off-roading, the Forester is gonna have your back. The Forester is built to be true AWD, whereas in the CR-V it’s treated like an add-on. Also, Subaru’s in general are significantly safer than anything else out there with steel rods built into the framework of their vehicles.

  34. I own the current Forester in the touring model and I drove the CRV 2018 in iceland also in top trim and before that I own a Audi A6, Acura MDX and a crosstrek hybrid (all AWD). I wouldn't say both have a huge margin of difference as a whole but as I was testing the CRV on the ring road it felt the transmission are slow to react and felt like a lack of power even though I wouldn't call the forester quick. Interior wise, I felt the seat for the CRV to be softer so felt more comfortable but a little skeptical for its long term durability. The dash and info wise, Forester also fair much better and more intuitive. As for AWD, I never have to shovel during the winter, just drive right out so that say something. The reason I pick the Forester at the end because it has a bit more personality and a use it a lot during winter for snowboarding.

  35. So basically, if you're looking for a tall, hatchback sedan, buy the Honda. If you want a CUV that actually functions like a CUV, buy the Subaru. I notice you didn't bother driving them on dirt, snow, or ice. The Honda will definitely get you to Starbucks just fine. Try getting it to that really great camping spot you heard about at that little lake in the mountains. I'll be there with a Forester to help tow you out.

  36. The Honda CR-V might have 190 hp with the help of the turbo, without it it's more like 168 hp. Anyone that has owned a turbo vehicle will tell you about the turbo lag when you go to pass or merge into traffic.

  37. at exactly 4 yrs ago today i bought a 2015 subaru forester xt. before i bought it, i went to honda and test drove a crv, right after i test drove it i went to subaru also to test drive one, and the final choice was the forester. until now it still gives me chills when i drive my forester, feels like im driving a new one everu single time. the only thing i hate about the forester is the suspension, some rattling noise can be heard on minor uneven roads. other than that, i think subaru is still my first choice.

  38. Bullshit. How much did Honda pay you? I tried both of them and Forester drives much better and Honda much louder inside and Honda's engine weak as a little pony.

  39. Drove both. CRV seemed lackluster as well in the get-up-and-go category. And lets not forget about the oil dilution issue. Honda said they fixed it with a software change, but I'm still skeptical. Foresters rear opening is wider than the CRVs. Eyesight is now standard all all trims 2020. Both were good overall, but the oil dilution issue sent me over to Subaru. I would have probably bought the CRV Hybrid but its not out yet.

  40. I think you've got your strips confused you started talking about ford cuv's. When you were diving the honda scary stuff. Take your meds eh.

  41. Why was the comparison with a turbo versus non-turbo? Come on…I own a Subaru 2016 Forester 2.0 L Turbo, and can say, it does have the passing power needed plus!

  42. I owened a civic and an impreza and yes for this kosher female she is better off with bigger bigger darker blacker more expensive borderlining everything accepting CR-V
    Subaru was alwasy weird and specific like that kid from your math class which like to collect knives and everytime you came over his house he would present all the knife infront of u showing off pointing it at you and u eventually stop chilling cuz he is just fucking weird but cool at the sametime? yeah u better off wit ha honda

  43. subaru=intel

    one puts money on ads other invensts in development
    subaru is pure hype I've owened many toyotas and subarus and over time anythnig subby past year 2003 IS TOTAL CRAP toyota is still ok but getting there

  44. Just picked up my Forester sport 2 days ago. I would not even consider a CR-V or Rav4 since Subaru has so much of a better All Wheel Drive System.

  45. I am a honda fan but the truth is crv and civic engine has a very big issue engine and fuel DILUTION!!! And existing recall is on going..

  46. What an absolutely bogus review! What about ground clearance? What about off-road capabilities? What about why someone would buy an SUV for such as going off the beaten trail camping, living in cold climates where there's a ton of snow and you need a ton of ground clearance! How about the advanced all-wheel drive system that the Subaru offers on all their trims and models? How about eyesight technology that Subaru offers standard? How about crash safety ratings? How about right handling and comfort? How about traction when the going gets rough and slippery? How about the difference in all-wheel drive capabilities (Because if you were honest you would have stated that only the Audi Quattro and Tesla compare to the AWD capabilities of the Subaru?) But you would only mention that if you were being honest in your review! Shameful FAKE REVIEW!

    It's clear that you have obviously been paid off by Honda. That is so pathetically sad!

  47. After driving the CR-V, I bought the Forester. Yes if you floor it, it is slower, but the overall driving experience is worlds better. Plus, the all wheel drive system is superior.

  48. Before you buy a CRV with the 1.5 turbo, check to see if they solved the oil dilution problem where gas gets into the oil. Especially in colder areas or if you drive short distances. Honda doesn't seem too concerned except to change the oil sooner, but you should be if you want your engine to survive a long life. Especially with a turbo attached to it! THAT problem was the main reason I didn't buy a CRV.

  49. I love the CRV and hate the Forester before the test drive. But after I did, Forester wins hand down in term of comfort, build quality, handling, personality, and more. Even the salesperson of Forester are more pleasant and motivated than the Honda ones.

  50. I agree with another comment. It's biased towards CR-V. How can you not compare $$ for similarly equipped models? Forester's AWD and safety features are way better than CRV for the same price range. What about interior quality? Legroom?? no mention of any of these features/comparison in this video. Total waste of time, I felt like watching 9 min of CRV advertisement.

  51. Read a few negative reviews about the CR-V battery and bought a 2020 Forester Limited. The navigation/infotainment system is planned, the safety features are excellent and the soft-touch interior is really attractive. The front leg room is amazing!

  52. Forester's crash mitigation system is way better. That and the better all wheel drive, ground clearance, handling, and ergonomics makes it a better choice all around. And I didn't even mention the better sightlines.

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