2019 Honda Fit – Review & Road Test

2019 Honda Fit – Review & Road Test

The third-generation Honda Fit is a
roomy, unexpectedly fun subcompact hatchback ripe with value.
I suppose Honda let the Fit ride a few more years as is but no following
mid-cycle update the Fit is even fittier. Like most mid-cycle updates the Fit
wears revised front and rear fascias and a new grille. There’s a side-by-side if
you’re curious. Though the big news is the addition of a Fit Sport trim to the
lineup. If you’ve always wanted a Honda Fit with glossy black wheels a sweet
body kit and a gentle spray of orange accents inside and out the Fit Sport is
your dream made manifest. Sporty accoutrement aside, the Fit remains an
oddly roomy runabout. For example, its interior is larger in nearly every
dimension then the similarly sized Toyota Yaris. That roominess is made
possible through clever packaging including a gas tank hidden under the
front seats. Honda’s cleverness is also expressed in the fit so-called magic
seat. The magic seat folds flat which doesn’t
seem all that magical but the seat bottoms also flip up to carry tall items,
and if you have particularly long items the front seat can flip down. Looks like
it might be time for another trip to Irene’s Hat Rack over in the hatrack
district. All told you’ve got a substantial 16.6-cubic feet
behind the second row seats and 52.7 cubic feet of space behind the front
seats. Add wide-opening doors and a low load height and the result is an
exceptionally versatile cargo hauler. The same applies when hauling people. Front
seat headroom is excellent. Rear seat headroom is just a bit less excellent,
and the rear seat backs offer a two-position recline function. What’s
more impressive is legroom. A traditional pain point in subcompacts, the Fit’s
legroom utterly trounces competitors like the Chevy Sonic and Kia Rio. Y’know
the legroom is impressive when I dredge up words like trounce to describe it. Tempering that dimensional love is the
driving position. With the seat adjusted so my legs are comfortable, the steering
wheel is too far away. So, I can either drive with cramped legs or imitation GI
Joe arms. Aw, I can’t articulate. I also wish sliding sun visors weren’t
reserved for higher trims and the armrests were usable without throwing
out my back, but otherwise complaints are few. The audio system is once again
blessed with a volume knob. The climate controls are dead simple to reach and
operate. There’s an abundance of cup holders and storage spots. Soft materials
appear just enough to class up the joint, and the front bucket seats are
comfortable with primo lateral support. A good thing since the Fit steers with
precision and corners unusually well for entry-level car. But I’m guessing you don’t care about
ultimate road-holding. I’m guessing you care about park-ability, and lens flare.
You’re welcome on the second. On that score the Fit is a winner
thanks to subcompact dimensions, a standard multi angle backup camera, and
exceptional visibility provided by huge windows. When you’re not parking, a Honda
Fit delights with nice break fee,l a compliant ride, and a decently hushed
interior, you know, considering the price tag. Moving the Honda Fit is a 1.5-liter
direct injection four-cylinder engine paired with a standard six-speed manual or
an $800 continuously variable transmission that bests the manual when
it comes to fuel economy but not driving fun. Especially since CVT models lose two
horsepower and one pound foot of torque versus manual equipped cars. In this
stratum every horse counts. 130-ish-horsepower may not sound like a lot, but it’s
actually pretty good for the category, and it’s more than enough power for
zipping around town or merging with freeway traffic without shame. I will
bring my own shame thank you very much. Slotting just above $17,000 including
destination, a base Fit LX trim comes with automatic headlights, cruise control,
air conditioning, power windows and door locks, a tilting telescoping steering
wheel with audio controls, Bluetooth, six airbags and a 160 watt audio system with
USB and auxiliary inputs. For more Fit goodness higher trims offers 16-inch
alloys, a moonroof, push button start, and keyless entry that automatically locks
the car when you walk away, an upgraded six-speaker audio system and extra USB
ports, Honda’s lanewatch blind spot camera, and a high-res seven-inch touchscreen
replacing the base five-inch unit, and offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In a boon for distracted drivers that Fit can now be equipped with Honda’s
awesome Honda Sensing driver assistance package. This thousand dollar package,
which comes standard on EX and EXL trims bundles potentially
life-saving technologies including lane departure warning, lane keeping assist,
dynamic cruise control, and forward collision alert. I’ve said it before, if
you avoid side swiping just one lowered BMW filled with MMA fanatics Honda Sensing has basically paid for itself. Live large and the price tag for an EXL trim
with heated leather seats and embedded navigation tops out at around $22,500. Hatchback competitors like the Nissan Versa Note,
Chevy Sonic, Kia Rio, and Toyota Yaris each undercut the Fit’s base price, some
by more than $1,000. That price advantage is tempered by the Fit’s
exceptionally strong resale values and long standard feature list. In some ways
the real competition might be Honda’s own Civic. Given the price overlap it
might make more sense to skip a fancy Fit and choose a bigger faster and more
efficient, albeit less dazzlingly equipped, Civic instead. Nonetheless in
its class the Honda Fit is roomy, refined and cleverly designed, and it also
delivers excellent value both in terms of purchase price and resale values. Add
a little mid-cycle love, and the Fit is still the subcompact to beat. Sorry, Metro.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Like the fit all for year. For the 17.K dollar you pay that in the Netherlands for a second hand Fit (Jazz) So sad that the price is here high. And for 1 liter benzin we pay now €1,519 euro.-> $1,7325 So for 1 gallon you pay in the Netherlands $6,548 dollar…

  2. This will be my next car. Maybe not a 2019 but definitely a 2018 used CVT model with Honda sensing nothing older though.

  3. GDI carbon-gunk engine, low-lifespan CVT & ugly styling. Honda will still sell a ton of them to the unsuspecting public. Magic Seats!!!

  4. Fit is the Honda car that doesn't have extremely low seating. Civic, Insight and Accord has annoyingly low, to me, seating.

  5. Not fun to drive. If you have to put your foot through the floor just to get it going then it is not fun.

  6. Its gutless, harsh ride the CVT is awful , loud and the road noise is painful. Only a limited 3 year warranty.. And completely awful, old, lagging interface. An NO independent suspension.

  7. I have a 2007 Honda Fit S Manual Transmission. Currently at 150k miles. What have I fixed? The clutch. That’s it. You bet when I decide to move forward with another vehicle it will be another Honda Fit.

  8. I own a 2019 Lexus NX300 F Sport AWD but I got the 2019 Honda Fit EX as well for everyday driving. Love my Lexus but can't be using 91 Premium everyday for daily driving. Haha! Love my Honda Fit and the compact-ability of it is pretty phenomenal.

  9. I love the Honda Fit / Honda Jazz, I have been driving one for 6 years gen1 and gen2 looking at gen3. Looks amazing cant wait to get one. Hondas rule, Go Honda!!!

  10. I went up to a Civic Sport with turbo, but returned to the latest 2019 Jazz / Fit Sport, naturally aspirated 1500, which is more practical for me with the smaller lanes and roads in South West England. The turbo is nice, but given the Jazz / Fit is a whole big motorcycle lighter than the Civic it is more fun imho.

  11. Is it really necessary to have so many CUP HOLDERS?!!  Everyone out there doing 2 fisted DRINKING as well as texting while driving?!!

  12. Interesting fact. The rear leg room is just a hair larger than my 2012 CRV which totally blew my mind and 0 to 60 of 8.5 with the manual matches my CRV. Guess the fact it’s 1000 lbs lighter than my CRV gives it that speed. Great value.

  13. after watching the 2017 fit review, i can tell you guys copied/revised some of the script. Still a great review and an awesome car!

  14. I prefer the FIT/JAZZ to the Civic, even though the Civic Spec is higher and includes a Turbo. I traded a Civic Sport for the FIT/Jazz Sport because the FIT/Jazz is more fun on our smaller UK lanes and roads.

  15. I bought the 2019 fit sport, but i noticed it's a little bit slow, it needs more balls . I'm saving money to buy a Turbo for it.

  16. I will always love the simple look that Honda goes with. Too many companies change their looks and it looks hideous in the end.

  17. This guy fits a full size rolling residential trashcan in the back of the Honda Fit.
    Watch "BDofABQ: Why I Bought Then Sold My Honda Fit" on YouTube

  18. did you try the telescoping steering wheel to address your cramped legs, something you cited in the same video?

  19. after having a 2008 for eleven years with a great transmission my new 2019 fit with a cvt is a major disappointment. shame on you Honda..

  20. I tried justifying the Civic hatchback si, but 2 doors on a hatch don't cut it. They did a great job with the Fit. This is their 4th/5th iteration now.


  22. Ha ha, I get 26/38 MPG in my Acura ILX. This car has 208HP and 185 Torque, which means the Fit has less power and worse fuel economy.

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my FIT! 2018! "BUT" I went on a train trip and left it for 4 days. I came back to a DEAD BATTERY. It's still under warranty and I took it to Honda of Rock Hill. The service guy looked at me like I was an idiot.
    I told him that I want my money back for the $167 battery that I dished out. He gave me this story that it's mostly electronic and they are bound to die if left for a couple of days. WHAT?
    YEP! Then he gave me this 800# to call. I called, she gave this EMAIL to write. I wrote. NOTHING!!! No refund no contact no nothing. Ya'll better get your crap together. Right now, social media knows what Honda of Rock Hill did for me…NOTHING. They don't care.
    And when the 2nd service man came to talk to me he said basically the same thing. I told him that I can dish out hundreds of dollars leaving my car for a couple of days. There's got to be something done. I kind of hushed him when I said that I was stranded at a train station from 12:30 am to 3:45 am, how would he like that to happen to his wife or daughter? And I was 85 miles from home!!

  24. I just bought a 2016 Honda Fit and I was surprised at how roomy it was. The large front windows also make it super spacious and fun to drive.

  25. I'm so glad I have this car! Had to move twice in less than a year and this car was the only thing I used to carry all my stuff. It's bigger on the inside 😁.
    The design is so versatile with the multiple positions the back seats can fall into. I'm also getting around 38MPG on average.
    Horsepower is a bit lacking, but turn off the eco mode on hills and it'll do fine.
    The windows on this car is huge! I tried to buy a sunshade and the auto store didn't even carry one that's big enough. It's a compact car, but I had to buy an extra large sunshade meant for trucks!

  26. Sounds to me like you can articulate just fine I understand everything you said even though you do have a Midwest accent. But this car disappoints me. They should have really played up the name FIT when they came out with the sport model, and call it the TANTRUM and a stretch model called the "Gran Mal Seisure". I always wondered why they named the car after something you really hate when your kids do it but the car is light enough to throw so throwing a fit isn't out of the question.

  27. Anyone else find the gear shift too far away? I test drove a 2015 in a manual and couldn't position myself to comfortably reach it. Anyone know if this has been addressed?

  28. What this gentleman failed to mention is the flawed "Earth Dreams" engine design that can become damaged or ruined if the owner keeps the vehicle for 80,000 or more miles.


  30. It’s great if you don’t need a place for more than 1 big gulp! The 2 cup holders are useless unless u use a tiny cup. Also, good luck trying to hear gps when the radio is on, it will not allow you to unless u turn off the blue tooth and only use your phone! Crap if you ask me, my Suzuki was perfect, I hate the Honda Fit

  31. Honda messed up when they stopped making the Fit in Japan (2016 models). Check your VINs.
    Does it start with a "J"= Japan.
    [2015 was made in Mexico ie. VIN starts with a "3"].
    2017-2019 start with a 4 (not Japan).
    All said the 2016s are the ones to look for and buy.

  32. I bought a 2019 EX in Aegean Blue. Overall I love the car. It is roomy, economical, and I hope reliable. I bought it to drive for a few years and then give it to my daughter when she graduates college. The Aegean Blue is awesome. I can only think of a few colors for a Honda. Blue, Red, and maybe white. My only negatives are the arm rest, no remote start, blind spot camera only on the passenger side, and the carpet is not carpet to me. It's like plastic fibers. I do not like that at all. This is not a negative, but the fuel tank is under the front seats so standard floor mats don't work well at all. So Honda just provide all season floor mats! It's super cheap and would make a difference. But overall, great car, the CVT is noisy in the city, ok on the highway. I like it a lot, so just telling you my opinions. You will have to decide for yourself. I have rented many cars, and the Fit is what I chose for reliability and function.

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