2019 Jeep Cherokee – Review & Road Test

2019 Jeep Cherokee – Review & Road Test

Geez we are really overusing that
graphic. As that sweet graphic implied, Jeep has updated the current generation
Cherokee. The front fascia, hood, and standard LED headlamps have been
reworked to better align with the rest of jeeps lineup. Subtle improvements can
be found inside as well, with new trim and a roomier USB adjacent spot to stow
your phone. Despite its implied ruggedness, the
Cherokees interior is plush. Soft materials abound, and what’s beneath them
is delightfully squishy. Oh, hey, equal height armrests. That’s sweet. If the steering wheel tilted further
down the driving position would be perfect, at least for my five-foot ten-inch frame. Using my average physique as a yardstick, front seat accommodations
are spacious while headroom in back is merely adequate if you choose the
optional panoramic moonroof. As for the actual seats cloth comes standard but
higher trims offer Nappa leather with heating and ventilation functions. One
issue regarding ventilation, in our test car the seat fan vibrates, a lot. Look I
like you Cherokee, but I don’t like you like you. Does anybody know how to file an HR
complaint against a car? On an unambiguously positive note, adjustable
lumbar support comes standard on all but the lowest trim, oh joyous day. Jeep’s
mid-cycle love also endowed the Cherokee with slightly improved cargo space. Skip
the optional full-size spare and the cargo floor lowers expanding space to
27.6-cubic feet. Make that 54.7-cubic feet
with the rear seats lowered. A number of that trails the Chevy Equinox and Mazda
CX-5. Ultimate cargo capacity is not the charities forte, but the space it does
have is utilized cleverly. The ever-so-slightly reclinable 60/40 split
rear seats can slide a full six inches for flexibly apportioned human and
luggage space, assuming you have the sliding seat, which
is optional on the Limited trim and standard on the Overland, but not offered
on the Trailhawk. Sorry, Lyn. Elsewhere there’s two-tier storage under the front
armrest, a bizarrely deep glovebox, and a bonus
covered storage spot on the dash that you can use to store almost anything. With destination charges a base front
wheel drive Cherokee Latitude trim costs around $26,000 and includes air
conditioning, eight airbags, and a 7-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay
and Android Auto. Though higher trims provide an 8.4-inch screen and as we all
know bigger is better. Size aside, Jeep’s U-Connect
infotainment system is simple to navigate with snappy reactions, but we’ll
say that’s using this interface to pull up things like the heated steering wheel
or the ventilated seats is a little more complicated than if we just had
dedicated buttons. Then again maybe we’ll just forget about the ventilated seats
altogether. Hey, let’s talk about driving impressions.
The Cherokee delivers pleasing ride quality in urban settings. Visibility for
lane changes is decent and handling dynamics are predictable if not
thrilling. If its thrills you want you can find them off road. Unlike most compact SUVs, the Jeep Cherokee is happy venturing off pavement
with a range of four-wheel drive systems. The most basic, Jeep Active Drive One can
be had on any trim and includes five drive modes for matching stability
control, transmission and throttle behavior to the current road or non road
conditions. Jeep Active Drive Two adds a low range two-speed power transfer unit and a one-inch increase in ride height to the mix.
Finally, the optional Jeep Active Drive Lock found exclusively on the Cherokee
Trailhawk rounds things out with a locking rear
differential for boldly traipsing through the wilderness, choose the
Trailhawk. Do off-roaders say traipse? No they don’t say traipse. With its lifted
suspension 8.7-inches of ground clearance,
superior approach departure and break over angles, skid plates and requisite
red toe hooks, the trail rated Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is a truly capable
compact off-roader good for gallivanting through nature. Yeah I bet off-roaders
say galavant. If rugged scenery doesn’t do the job
numerous heritage inspired touches will help remind you you’re driving a Jeep.
There’s a cute silhouette on the edge of the windshield, and the dynamic cruise
control display features a classic Willys Jeep.
Speaking of driver assists the Cherokee’s technology group adds collision warning
with automatic braking, automatic parking abilities, and a lane departure
prevention system to steer the Cherokee back into its lane if the driver sucks
at driving. Not careening into adjacent traffic is pretty great, but be warned,
every once in a while the system rather than steering you back into the center
of the lane, will bounce you back across towards the other lane. Ever gone
bumper bowling? For propulsion Jeep offers a trio of engines, the standard
2.4 liter 4-cylinder is serviceable, but we prefer the optional v6 or a new
2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. The V6 isn’t particularly efficient, but it is
plenty powerful with a max tow rating of 4500 pounds.
Meanwhile, the 2-liter turbo blends the best attributes of the two other engines.
It’s got V6, hopping torque, and fuel economy that matches or exceeds the base
4-cylinder. And now needless acceleration, eventually. Adding to that efficiency is
a largely inoffensive engine start/stop system. For towing, the turbos capacity
tops out at 4,000 pounds, slightly behind the V6, but still quite good for a
category where 1500 pounds is the norm. If I were to register a complaint
regarding the powertrain it will be the 9-speed automatic transmission. It’s
laggy responses mean that when I mash the throttle there’s a several
Mississippi delay while I wait for it to downshift and for the power to kick in
so I can pass that Camry. It’s always a Camry. Max out the swankiest turbocharged
four-wheel drive Cherokee Overland trim and the MSRP crests $41,000. GP delights
like a foot-activated liftgate, a nine speaker Alpine audio system, and passive
entry with push-button start might justify your investment. Keep in mind
Cherokee resale values are middling for the compact segment, meaning you’ll get
less of your investment back when you trade it in. On that topic, competition
features luminaries like the Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox
and countless others. Some are roomier than the Cherokee, some are more fun to
drive, and some are more efficient, but most of those compact SUVs will never
venture off-road. Unlike its foes, the Jeep Cherokee blends practical usability
with genuine off-road skills, yes skills with a z. Even if you never planned to
meander through the underbrush isn’t it nice to know you could. Off-roaders say
meander right?

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The weird angle of the steering wheel made me sell my 2014… I can't believe they didnt fix that! It's like driving a 1950's Dump Truck!

  2. LOL the foot in the glove box just reminds me that women put their feet EVERYWHERE inside the car, especially after you just detailed it lol great review otherwise, I will be trading my '17 Grand Caravan GT in a few years for a Cherokee trailhawk. I find they are the coolest looking crossovers and they are insanely great for our Canadian winters, in fact you see Cherokees on the road more than any other car. Yeah there's issues with them here and there, but what car doesn't? Heck, my mother in-law's brand new '17 Lexus RX350 has been back at the dealers several times for issues as well.

  3. Unless you plan to tackle the Rubicon Trail every week, buy a Subaru. It will be more comfortable and reliable and has the same ground clearance as the Trail Hawk.

  4. It's not a Jeep! No Straight 6, no manual transmission! it also looks like an Chinese abortion that lived!

    Rip that badge of and slap Hyundai on it and be done!

  5. Micah is really annoying and the KBB reviews just seem to get goofier with each video. I feel they need to decide whether this is a supposed to be a satire page of an in-depth car review channel, like the KBB website is.

  6. i really like the updated styling and off road capability but the reliability has me very doubtful, only other choice would be a 4runner but that's just out of budget… and a rav4 is no offroader

  7. I bought jeep cherokee latitude plus last saturday. I love it. the outlook, the 3.2L engine, everything is cool. out of my three suv(infiniti qx60, bmw x5 and jeep), I like the new jeep most!

  8. It would be great if some company would take original Cherokees, acid bath them, re-manufacture, put in a warranted 4.0L, Dana 44s, 33" tires and sell them like new cars.

  9. These cars (Grand as well) do so well in Mexico and South America that have flash floods, un paved and narrow roads, horrific accidents that require you to jump a curb or two to bypass congestion and flashier options like Range Rover and Benz will get you mugged.

  10. Is strange how many people talks badly of Jeep while they are encreasing the sells and profits. Probably the most of the people prefer drive a Jeep the others write comments.

  11. The words investment and car should never be used together when discussing a new vehicle. A car is a purchase. That purchase will always rapidly depreciate if you use it and if you don't it will still depreciate for the next 40 years.

  12. I bought a new one in 2014. Everything about it was great good seats good looks good power best SUV ever bought. But now the bad news it was broke down all the time and cost me a fortune and repairs. Stuff like the GPS went out oil leaks the wheels wouldn’t come off had to take it in have a special tool just to get the Lugnuts off. Oh my god what a nightmare.

  13. I wish Micah could loose the constant condescending attitude when evaluating a car very many people buy and enjoy. It's a jeep …so your typical crossover buyer would probably not even consider this car to be competition or a good comparison. I own a Grand Cherokee Overland and have had very little costs of ownership but a fair share of recalls over the past 5 years. It rides like a dream and has so many great features but would I go mudding? Nope. I'd look to a Wrangler or 4×4 anything. Point is there's really nothing to compare to the Cherokee so I guess bitching and moaning qualifies as a review to Mr. Micah

  14. Considering it's less than stellar reliability rating and numerous mechanical faults, I will pass despite it's good looks and poor weather potential.

  15. I just purchased a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4×4. Wow, what a great riding 4×4. Suspension is sweet and the backup navigation screen and heated seats and steering wheel are very nice. But I still like a CD player but will download my German music.

  16. Love your videos, Micah! Unfortunately the wifey and I leased a 19 Cherokee. Currently in the process of determining if it qualifies as a lemon. Not even 7k miles on it yet and already had 5 visits back to the dealership for transmission issues. Can’t say I’d recommend this one!!!

  17. My neighbour has a new 2019 Grand Cherokee. I think the car has a safety system that brakes the car when there is an obstacle behind. We had 2ft of snow and his car was detecting a small pile of snow and was refusing to move in reverse. Or maybe it was because the bumper sensors were covered with snow ? Anyhow, good to be aware of this if the car won't move when reversing. I've read about a similar issue when towing and trying to reverse. The trailer may bee seen as an obstacle. See this link how to override the system https://www.etrailer.com/question-277790.html

  18. Зачем надо было превращать такую машину в уродливую, безликую мыльницу? Неужели она не заслужила остаться в своих традиционных формах, как Wrangler?

  19. Picked up our 19 Cherokee Limited on Saturday. Superb quality. VERY silky smooth 9 speed tranny. Extremely comfortable, rides smooth. Love this thing. Perfect.

  20. I bought new my 2.0 turbo trailhawk yesterday, today I am very happy, even the color Green olives I like very much, I live in California in Newport Beach, California there are many roads off the road, in spring I go for my first test. Thanks for the great video, sorry my English I've only been living in Newport beach for 6 years, I'm deaf, I have a cochlear implant. Thank you. Mauro

  21. My family got me the 2019 'Limited' model with the basic 4-cylinder in January 2019. It's stalled twice in the last month. Never keeps the settings I program in. The lumbar support suddenly no longer supports, or even moves. The hi-beams are ridiculously easy to turn on and I accidentally do so constantly while turning on the turn signals. The A/C system is weak (My old PT cruiser was better and stronger, and it was a 2002 basic model), it's constantly changing gears and never seems quite sure what gear to be in, plus it has a huge delay in changing gears if you do sudden throttle or brake movements (Romp on the gas for example, and you're looking at a full second before it figures out it should do something) plus it has only a bit more oomph than my old 2002 PT cruiser with less horsepower. The headrests have some secret latch or something so I can't remove them so I can put on seat covers, and the felt-like covering in the cargo area turns it into a slip-and-slide for grocery bags. Nothing like taking a leisurely turn at a mosey and hearing the week's food go for a joyride. Oh, and the power day/night rearview mirror that does nothing a normal mirror doesn't is twice the size of my old PT's and blocks a big chunk of the forward view. Big enough to block other cars big.

  22. How can some folks “love” their Jeep and they just bought it or its a week old and its great. The Jeep questionnaire will quit coming after 6 months when the problems begin.

  23. Vibration!!! Lol! Had ventilated a/c seats in a Ram Laramie and Charger Daytona, no vibration. Must need the fan balanced…stick on weights?😂😂😂. Several Mississippi’s 😂😂😂👍👍👍 For me, haven’t noticed a Camry…always a Buick, Lincoln, Marquis or big Ford Squad car ( Crown Vic) Guaranteed lane holder uppers🤔🤔😡😡😡

  24. A GOOD Review, and a job well done with your Stand Up Comedy Routine, thrown in, while sitting behind the wheel and driving. Did you Ad-Lib that, or, do you have speech writers like the POTUS does ???

  25. The Jeep is more then its looks, if you're buying it for an investment, very few if any at all make will make it past its 5th to 6th year…without some major issue!! They are the least of all SUV's that will fail you–without exception! Their engine and drive train will simply fail you!! There's no reason to lie, their great as new, but it will be short lived, no matter what you do!! So, save your money!!!

  26. If you're smart, go to Edmunds.com and read the "owner reviews", NOT the auto magazine reviews, for ANY vehicle you're considering buying. Better to trust actual owners than marketing b.s., right?

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