2019 Kia Picanto v Toyota Yaris Comparison | carsales

2019 Kia Picanto v Toyota Yaris Comparison | carsales

There was a time when affordability was the
defining factor of the light car segment. Cheap and cheerful was the term, if memory
serves. But these days we expect more. I’m talking about flexibility, connectivity
and reliability. And, in some cases, a little bit of fun behind
the wheel. While few cars under $20,000 deliver the whole
package, the Kia Picanto and Toyota Yaris build a mighty strong case. Divided by just a few hundred dollars, and
with many on-paper similarities, it’s likely to be your take on value that sees you land
on team Kia or team Toyota. Let’s see if we can help you out. [Music] The Kia simply cannot compete with the tried
and trusted reputation of the Toyota Yaris. What it does bring, however, is a splash of
personality which is completely absent in the conservative Toyota. This special edition Kia Picanto X-Line features
LED lights front and rear, dual exhaust pipes and 16-inch alloy wheels, taking its look
generations ahead of the Yaris. Inside tells a similar story. The Yaris has a safe and conservative design
we expect from Toyota, while the Picanto has a little bit of spunk and it will likely appeal
to a younger buyer. With near identical performance figures, the
on-road behaviour of our cars are also, well, near identical. Their small proportions, small capacity engines
and not enough gears between them, relegates the Picanto and Yaris to urban car duties
for the most part. Try overtaking at freeway speeds and you’ll
experience equal parts dread and sorrow. These engines are not inspiring. On matters of creature comforts, the Kia wins. It’s got a lidded armrest, sensible oddments
storage and adjustable cup holders. The Yaris does not. It just has a messy mishmash of storage cubbies. The Kia also has a more cohesive cabin design
that delivers a more resolved interior. Look, the Yaris does have its strengths. The larger footprint makes the Yaris the more
versatile car. It has a larger boot, and the second row accommodation
is more spacious. If you’re regularly taking backseat passengers,
this is definitely the pick. The Toyota Yaris feels cheap inside and out but I think it will be a more reliable car and I reckon retail value will be better too. Yes but, mate, you look at the Kia and that’s
built to the same price point, and it’s a much nicer place to be. It looks great inside. Then we’ve got a seven-year warranty Great peace of mind. And some technology that can’t go unspoken. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. Yes. It’s almost a deal-breaker for me. If you’re spending hours in this every day commuting, then you’ll kind of want that interactivity with your phone I’m a little bit of a stickler for seat comfort, I’ve got my favourite, which is yours? Ok, so I love the Kia because it looks really
good. But I’ve got to admit, the seats are more
comfortable in the Yaris. I agree wholeheartedly, I think the cushions are softer and more form fitting So, we’ve both got kids. Chances are one day they might ask us for
advice about cars. Which of these are we going to recommend? Alright, for me, first car, it’s got to be based on safety Although the Yaris charges you an extra $650 for autonomous emergency braking, it does have a five star safety rating while the other car has a four star So I’m leaning towards the Toyota I agree with that. But I don’t like that you have to pay extra
for it. That is true, it’s standard on the Kia I reckon the Toyota is definitely more comfortable It seems to be a bit softer and absorbs the bumps and lumps Yes, I think it’s just line ball. But I’ve got to say that I actually enjoy
steering the Kia much more. It’s a little more fun. This feels a bit bland Yes, it is a bit bland and you’re right, the Kia, it’s just got a bit more sportiness about it Ok, so someone says to you You got to take one of these on a rally raid expedition through the desert It’s going to be more fun in the Kia But I just feel like maybe the Yaris is going
to get me there Yes. I think I will probably do the same But I think either of these get airborne over a dune they’re probably not going to be in too good a shape on the landing I’m going to be busy that week. Yep The smaller and lighter Kia is more fuel-efficient. It offers better service intervals and a longer
warranty period. Both offer capped-price service plans that
will see you more regularly at the Toyota dealer, but at a slightly cheaper accumulative
price than the Kia. While the more pragmatic choice points towards
the trusted Toyota and its extra size, I can’t ignore the bang for your buck you get in this Kia. and it’s that bang for your buck combined with personality that gives it the edge, the Kia Picanto taking the win

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  1. otyota is more comfort, but dull to drive. Picanto is more hard and can enjoy the driving. For longterm, for love the car, Kia will be more reasonable

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