2019 Kia Stinger review – better than an Audi S5? | What Car?

2019 Kia Stinger review – better than an Audi S5? | What Car?

Welcome to a brave new world.
Now while Kia already has a large saloon on sale in the UK called the Optima,
multiple SUVs, a family car, and even a city car. It hasn’t ever before had
something truly sporty to attract enthusiastic drivers like myself.
That is until now. This is the Stinger. It’s a stylish rival to premium cars
such as the Audi A5 Sportback, BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and Volkswagen Arteon.
And while that may sound ambitious, it’s worth remembering that despite its
humble origins, Kia sells more cars these days than some of its premium rivals. So
will the Stinger prove to be too far a niche for Kia, or will the Korean upstart
be good enough to tempt you away from German rivals. In this review we’ll find
out, as well as what it’s like to drive, how much baggage you can fit in it, and how
easy it is to live with. And if at the end of this review you’re thinking about
buying a Kia Stinger, remember you can head to whatcar.com, check out our New
Car Deals section where we can save you thousands. First though, let’s see what
it’s like to drive. Unlike its rivals, the Kia Stinger has just three engines to choose from. Kicking off then is the 244 brake
horsepower, 2-litre petrol. Which gets this car from 0-to-62 miles per
hour, in just 5.8 seconds. Next up is the 2.2-litre diesel, which
feels positively punchy, but it’s a little gruff for a car this premium, and
the fuel economy, and CO2 emissions are not a patch on rivals with similar
engines. The most powerful engine – and our pick is the 365 brake horsepower
3.3-litre V6. It sounds ferocious, and is blisteringly quick. All engines are teamed
up with an 8-speed automatic gearbox which is smooth on the upshift and on
the downshift, and no matter which version you choose the steering is
precise, and it flows from one corner to the next, even though it’s not a hardcore
sports car. Certainly when you’re driving quickly the rear wheel drive Stinger is
more fun than many of its rivals. Ride quality is reasonable too – you certainly
feel less of the bumps than you would in an Audi S5. There’s also very little road
and wind noise. The driving position – for the best part –
is comfortable. You get electrically adjusting seats and lumbar support, and
steering wheel as standard, which is great. And then once you’ve found a comfortable
driving position you can see over the sloping bonnet quite easily. Out the back is
not quite so good, however you do get front and rear parking sensors as
standard, and also a reversing camera. In terms of quality in here,
we’re not going to claim that it’s as good as Audi, however it does feel quite
premium and refined and there’s some sporty finishes in the material choice.
You only really need to go quite low down here where you find the hard
scratchy plastics. There’s traditional dials here, which, in a way is quite cool,
And then a central screen for displaying the most relevant information to the
driver. As well as this 8-inch touchscreen which is quite good to use,
and the graphics are quite appealing. It’s got built-in sat-nav, smartphone
mirroring, and various online services. The Stinger is a pretty spacious car, so
if you’re six foot, even with the optional sunroof, you’ll find there’s
enough space for you – although I don’t need to worry about that being five foot
four and a half. In terms of storage, first of all this big bottle won’t fit
in there. Oh that’s a bit of a squeeze in there. And the glovebox. Yes it fits there. So we’ve got two
cupholders and a little bit of storage here at the base of the dashboard, will
that close with the key in? Yes it will. Underneath here there’s a large
amount of storage. I’ve got my phone, sunglasses, banana, and pen here just in
case I want to make notes. Overall very good. Get into the back and it’s not
quite so roomy, unless you’re five foot four and a half, in which case I’m
actually quite comfortable. If you’re six foot though, I think that headroom is
going to be a little bit of a push. Two adults sitting side-by-side is okay, but
try and sit in the middle seat and it’s going to be a little bit too squishy.
It’s on a par with an Audi A5 Sportback because the Audi’s got a little bit more
headroom but less legroom, and if you go for a Volkswagen Arteon, it’s going to
feel palatial in comparison. This hatchback style tailgate gives easy
access to the boot, which is a decent size and you can fit two large suitcases.
But if you have a particular fondness for flat pack furniture, no problem, fold
the seats down. Creates more room and it’s a virtually flat floor. Kia has been really savvy here because while it knows it’s not going to win badge appeal
against the likes of BMW or Audi. It can undercut them on price, which is why the
Stinger costs substantially less than its key rivals. And if you go for the V6
petrol engined, GT S version it’s likely to hold on to it’s value better than the
4 Series Gran Coupe, or the A5 Sportback. That’s part of the reason why we’d
choose the V6 petrol engine over the alternatives,
and that engine is only offered in GT S specification. Which gets you impressive
performance Brembo brakes, nappa leather seats, and adaptive dampers. It also gets
plenty of safety kit, including automatic emergency braking, lane keeping
assistance, and traffic sign recognition. The Stinger offers sweet handling, potent
acceleration, and comes fully loaded with kit. Despite all of that it is cheaper to
buy than its main rivals, and for that reason we think it’s one of the best
executive cars on sale right now. For plenty more on the Kia Stinger, including
our full online review head to whatcar.com and remember if you’re thinking of
buying one, we can help save you thousands. Just head to our New Car Deals
section. But before you go anywhere, never miss another video hit subscribe!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Looks and sounds hot! …and the car's not bad either. Nice review Becca, you can come and save me thousands anytime!

  2. Sorry, I was looking for the 2018 Kia Stinger GT S Review, anyone know where it is please, would love to watch it!!!

  3. I like this car, I honestly think that for it costs and what it is it's a great first effort, it can only get better in its second and third generations.

  4. Top class review Rebecca.
    Totally love the more relaxed style of voice and presentation. The stinger is an incredible car but do you really think the badge snob idiots will pay the audi/BMW price for a KIA…

  5. Rebecca, I really do miss the panty shot glimpse of !!! and the way you held the banana please bring them back, in fact, I'd be happy if you did a road test of a wheelbarrow if I had the aforementioned back love Mike xxx

  6. Just subbed….. nice car and nice review, well done Rebecca! You should do some track reviews with track-worthy cars, such as this one…. anyway, always nice to see you!

  7. Rebecca looks more and more fantastic every time she posts another review. Move to the states, marry me, and race at Watkins Glen. You can have it all!

  8. I just saw one of these in person a few weeks ago. In the red color. And it looks fantastic! I think I just found my next car when my lease is up!

  9. This review is a breath of fresh air. The Kia Stinger checks all the boxes a sporty sedan needs unless you are a badge snob.

  10. She knows her cars, reviews are excellent and the most beautiful British lady I have seen. Plus the car looks great!

  11. The comments section of these videos are one of the cringiest things I have seen in quite a while. A load of internet blokes perving over what is quite an average woman in very conservative clothing that they are never going to meet. Bizarre.

  12. While the Kia May have the size and power to be similar to the Audi S5 Sportback, it lacks the quality, refinement, and fit and finish to be a true competitor.
    So, those who are in the market for an S5 will not cross shop this car.

    Perhaps the Genesis G70 will offer enough to be a true competitor to the S5.

  13. Stinger better than S5? Hell no. I think 9 out of 10 people would choose and would say that S5 is a better car. But if it was my money, I would buy the Stinger and save 40-50k difference. Does 80-90% of S5 but costs half the money. Don't really need a genius to figure out which is the wiser decision.

  14. Better than audi s5? Your pretty smart but that weed or edibles are strong. And for 60,000 ill pass i rather get a gtr for that price.


    looks at comments on this video

    Oh ok thats why

  16. Nice to see my felklow gentlemen respect women for their professional contribution to the car industry. Grow up.

  17. Traditional speed dials are not rare enough to be cool yet. Every cheap car still has them. Give it 10 years and then they'll be retro.

  18. Really like the Stinger. I'm one of those people that would buy it ahead of an Audi or BMW. I'd imagine its long term reliability would also be better and I tend to keep cars forever….

  19. Our local Kia dealer has had one on the forecourt for weeks now. I think the £41k price on the screen is the problem.

  20. Great car, but you can tell where Kia saved some of the money over the Germans. But what would stop me buying it, is not the badge it's those fake vents.

  21. What a stupid title! The Audi S5 is an easy to beat car and far from being a reference in the industry. As mentioned Kia sells more cars than the rivaling German manufacturers, so I would say to ask the question the other way around would be more adequate.
    Btw: The mentioned VW Arteon is nothing else than a rebranded Passat with a hefty pricetag, hence not really in the ballpark of a real sports sedan.

  22. Nice car and power of the car is quite descent. Is their some off road suvs from your end . U are beautiful as usual.

  23. I own a Stinger GTS and I can honestly say it's the best car I've ever owned and driven. Beats the trousers off my Mercedes W205 which was a real let-down with reliability and build-quality issues abound. No regrets here and for anyone thinking of buying one think no more – just do it!

  24. sometimes its better that a man does the review because as much as im a car guy, i cant help that my eyes allways go to Rebecca's direction

  25. Hmmm, I saw one today and was intrigued, after reading reviews and watching videos, I think it is old fashioned looking, they have borrowed much of the tech from German cars and made it look pants IMHO, I can promise these will lose 50% after 2 years, bleh!  Also long for no reason????

  26. Total package! Knowledgeable reviewer. Well produced, professional . Reviewed by a driver who'd beat the pants/skirts of everybody in the comments section. And "for those how have a particular fondness" for a charming, beautiful personality in the center of it all. Total win. Rebecca…thanks!!!

  27. she's hot! I want that WHITE interior!.. they should make it an added option here in the US aside from having an available a Red and Black interior.

  28. The cup holders are for the cup not for a bottle that is why they call them cup holders. Jesus! And what's the idea of the banana?

  29. Still love my 2018 GT2.. 😀 Best winter car I've ever had up here in northern Sweden. Unlike the BMW's, Mercedes and Audi's, it actually starts at -30 celsius no issues. It powers through snow, eats it up and spits it out back.. Love it. AWD 2018 GT2.

  30. 5"4.5' means whoever sits behind you is laughing. I think I might have to buy this over my previous choice of a Golf R Wagon. Also, doesn't the GT-S come with 360 camera view as STD?

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