2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Review | carsales

2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Review | carsales

People-mover, no, no, don’t switch off! The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class deserves your
attention. When you think Mercedes-Benz, few people think
of the B-Class. A boxy shaped vehicle that’s not a regular
hatch and not an SUV, the B-Class is a car that easily gets lost in the regular car vernacular
– the important kind of new car chatter you have at the pub for example. So how on earth does the B-Class get noticed,
let alone compete? Easy, make it look and feel like every other
Mercedes-Benz – classy and packed full of the latest and greatest technology. The B-Class has the wow factor we’ve come
to expect from the new generation of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. And much of that is thanks to these dual screens and all the tech and customisation that come with them. You’ll find smart phone mirroring, digital
radio, a heap of vehicle information and the Mercedes Me voice command system. Hey Mercedes… [I’m hungry] The front of cabin is comfortable, spacious,
offers good storage solutions and is very well equipped. Although we’ve got a few options ticked,
like the sliding sunroof and 360-degree cameras. And the heated, electric-adjust seats with
memory function and lumbar support are an option, too. There’s an AMG Line Sports Package, too. You’ll love or loathe the round, aviation
inspired air vents that dominate the dash, as well as the piano black surfaces – which
pick up a lot of dust. The B180 is the sole B-Class to come to Australia
– front wheel drive and paired to a seven-speed automatic transmission. The B180 rolls along ok, given it doesn’t
have much power under the bonnet. ….powers along nicely and you can flick
between drive modes for something extra. The little engine might not have power to
boast but it’s frugal, which is a nice pay off. And that slightly raised seating position
does offer good outward vision – without reaching full SUV heights. My only real criticism is the wheel spin – from
stand still, those front wheels sometimes struggle to lay down the power when you plant
your foot. It’s the second row where the B-Class’
size really comes into play. Like the front of cabin, it’s comfortable
and spacious – there’s plenty of leg and head room. You’ve got two charge points, but you miss
out on directional air vents. There’s a great amount of safety technology,
too including park assist, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, reversing camera with
front and rear sensors and autonomous emergency braking. The electric tailgate reveals a decent load
space and 40:20:40 split fold seats up the flexibility. Yes, the B-Class is suffering from an identity
crisis that may see it inadvertently overlooked – but in all other respects, it’s Mercedes
goodness as you’ve come to know it

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