2019 Nissan Micra review – can the Micra go upmarket? | What Car?

2019 Nissan Micra review – can the Micra go upmarket? | What Car?

[Music] For the past three decades, Nissan has
sold its Micra in bucket loads, partly because it’s cheap to buy, also because
it’s easy to drive, which makes it appealing to first-time car owners and
those downsizing from larger cars. This latest version is a little bit different
though, it promises a sportier drive and it’s posher interior could make it rise
head and shoulders above its competition. So is the new Micra now a better choice
than rivals such as the SEAT Ibiza, Ford Fiesta, and Volkswagen Polo? Let’s find
out, but before that, don’t forget we can help save you money on your next new car
go to WhatCar.com and head to our New Car Deals section, where we can help save
you thousands. Engine choice is simple, there’s a slow one-litre non
turbocharged petrol engine which has 70 brake horsepower and a puny 71
pound-feet of torque, which means it gets to 60 in a truly glacial 16.9 seconds.
It has just enough poke to be able to cope around town, but as soon as you get
to a B-road it really starts to struggle, and at over 3,000rpm it also
starts to get a little bit noisy. We recommend going for the 0.9-litre
turbocharged petrol engine, which is the one we’re testing today, and is
definitely worth the premium over the entry-level engine. It has the right
blend of performance to use around town, and also on the open
road. Yes it does get a little bit vocal when you really push it through the rev
range, but it has enough low-end grunt that you seldom need to do that.
If you’re doing enough miles to warrant buying a diesel there’s the 1.5-litre
diesel engine which has a good delivery of power across the rev range, and is
one of the smoothest in its class. Sadly the 5-speed manual gearbox isn’t
impressive. The action is a little bit vague, what is impressive however, is the
clutch, its light and positive and the brakes are progressive, which makes the
Micra a breeze to drive around town. In terms of how the car rides, the Micra
suspension is fairly stiffly sprung, which on the plus side means it stops
the car bouncing round over undulating roads, but on the downside it means the
Ibiza, Fiesta, and Polo are all smoother riding. This is particularly noticeable
around town where the Micra fidgets, and has a tendency to crash over the kind of
sharp potholes that those three rivals would cross without much bother.
At least the Micra’s jitters smooth out when the speed increases, which makes the
Micra a very good a motorway cruiser. The Micra’s light steering lends itself
perfectly to city driving, trouble is when you get out onto the open road, it
doesn’t weight-up nicely like a Fiesta or Ibiza. It does however have plenty of
grip around the corners and very minimal body lean, but the back end can feel a
little bit skittish in wet conditions. Overall it is reasonably sporty, but not
quite as sporty as we were expecting. It’s a small car but most people should
be able to find a driving position that works, thanks to the adjustment in the
seat and also the steering wheel adjusts for reach and rake which is great.
In terms of visibility it is excellent out of the front, apart from the sloping
A-pillars can cause a slight obstruction at junctions. It’s out the back that it
becomes a bit of a problem, because the pillars are very thick and the screen is
very shallow. However, you can spec a reversing camera and parking sensors on
the mid-range Acenta model and they come as standard on the top of the range
Tekna, that we’re testing today. In terms of interior quality, the dashboard is
logically laid out, and the buttons and switches are very clearly labeled.
One criticism I do have, unless you choose one of the priciest models on offer, the
steering wheel is plastic and the gear lever rubber, and these two main points
of contact feeling quite cheap is not ideal. Overall the fit and finish is
not quite as pristine as say a Volkswagen Polo. Acenta models and above
come with this 7-inch touchscreen, crisp, and easy-to-use. It does however
have quite small icons which are little bit tricky to hit accurately on the move,
you do have to buy an optional connect package or go for the pricey
N-Connecta or Tekna trims if you want the built-in sat-nav and DAB radio. But,
Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink are standard on mid-spec Acenta models.
allowing you to use your phone’s apps via the screen. Optional BOSE stereo
has speakers on the side of the driver’s headrest, and creates very effective
surround sound. Up front, the Nissan Micra is one of the roomiest cars in its class.
It’s also fairly practical with two cupholders there, a decent sized door-bin, and a large glovebox. If you regularly carry
more than one adult passenger it’s probably worth crossing the Nissan Micra
off your list, because in the back there’s not exactly loads of legroom, and
even 5ft 4 1/2 me is very aware of how close the roof is.
So, overall being in the back of the Micra is not the most comfortable place to be. As for the boot, it’s a decent size and is usefully wide. So you can fit a buggy
in there, or the weekly shop but you can still fit more in an Ibiza, Polo, or Fabia. If luggage space is a real priority to you,
you’ll probably be better off with a Honda Jazz or a small estate car such
as the Fabia Estate. Although there are cheap versions of the Nissan Micra,
the versions that you really want with the best spec and trim are not
noticeably cheaper than our favourite versions of the Fabia, Ibiza, and Polo.
Those cars have got more favourable finance deals, plus it’s set to lose its
value quicker than the best cars in its class, and it’s set to have more
expensive service costs. That said our favourite engine, the 0.9-litre
returns 45 miles per gallon in our real-world fuel economy test. As for
equipment, the entry-level Visia does not come with air conditioning, so you need
to upgrade to the Visia+ to get that. Our favourite though, is the mid-range
Acenta because it comes with a touchscreen infotainment system, alloy
wheels, and cruise control. Above that you have N-Connecta and Tekna Micra’s. Which
are both far too expensive to recommend, even though they come with a long list
of equipment including: sat-nav, folding mirrors, and rear privacy glass. All Micras
come with a very impressive list of standard safety equipment, which includes:
front, side, and window airbags, a lane departure warning system, and an
automatic emergency braking system that can stop you from running into
pedestrians or another car. The UK spec Micra gets the maximum five-star safety
rating from EuroNCAP, which matches rivals such as the SEAT Ibiza, and
Volkswagen Polo. Unfortunately for the Micra, even though it comes with a
long list of standard safety equipment, overall it is a little underwhelming, and
doesn’t perform as well the best cars in its class. For plenty
more on the Nissan Micra, including our full online review, head to WhatCar.com,
you’ll also find reviews of its key rivals, and if you’re thinking about
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. All the Asian cars now have a very busy design. It seems they all share the same designer. Boring. Too futuristic and busy for me.

  2. Underwhelming indeed! Simply put; the VW Polo is the best in it’s class. Especially as it was mentioned by her half a dozen times in this review…
    I guess, repetition is the mother of memory.

  3. Renault Clio is all it is even built in a Renault plant in France, uses Renault engines and worse Renault electrics avoid run away.

  4. Nice design but shame about the ride and gear box and along with the French parts a most definite pass, all show and no go.

  5. Great looking car. But….
    Rubbish engines
    Rubbish suspension
    Rubbish in the rear
    Rubbish price
    No grab handles
    No rear electric windows on any version or option list on an £18k car !!!!!
    Small boot
    Terrible view out the back
    But hey..
    It looks great.
    Conclusion: Simply not good enough Nissan!
    Appearance 9/10
    The important stuff 2/10

  6. nice looking car. steering wheel and shift knob are fine. car like this shouldnt have leather unless its fake leather and holds up over time. not a fan of biodegradable materials within cars, really.

  7. I've tried the 1.5 litre DCI of The Nissan Micra DCI 2008 model and it's fantastic. I would recommend The 1.5 DCI turbodiesel today. A small car which you can take from The Highlands to Hampshire easily and park in any NCP bay.

  8. So basically anyone under 70 year's old will not like this peace of crap..I would prefer to cycle to work than drive this depressing heap of shite..

  9. I don't mind the look of this car, too bad about absolutely everything else about it 🤣
    Maybe NISMO can do something?

  10. The New Nissan Micra is the replacement for the old Micra AND the Nissan Note and is intended to compete with the Fiesta.
    This review says it fails in all but looks.
    The Note in particular was a 'tardis' with so much more space. It had electric rear windows on most models and a wonderful 1.2 supercharged engine. Neither are available on the Micra, which will cost more than £22,000 for a so called 'fully loaded' version.
    I'm bewildered that intelligent people inside Nissan's management went this way, and seem to have concluded that 'looks are all that matter'
    Quite an insulting attitude to people with brains.
    How do you get it right? New Seat Ibiza! (or 2018 i20)
    Judge yourself…

  11. I got my 2018 micra n connecta a few months ago after test driving it for a week and loved the way it drove! I have the 0.9 turbo and it is very quick and nippy around town and nice to drive on motorways. Definitely does 0-60 quicker than is said and the mpg is good. And it is a nice car to look at. I found the vw polo very boring and looks wise it hasn’t changed in years!

  12. It just looks like the Nissan Kicks that is available in North America, but in a smaller package. We have the Micra here in Canada, but it is only the K13 model with a 1.6L 4cyl engine, not this newer one. Also, I find it strange how many of these European budget cars have power windows at the front, but only manual windows at the back, even on top-trim models.

  13. this car is trash…..get a jazz instead way more quality……had one as a courtesy car when i took my 370 nismo in. Car was a joke, cheap plastics extremely loose gearbox……rubbish. the crz and jazz kill it ……avoid!

  14. I have a k10 micra (the first edition) and it's not an ugly bubble like the 3 models after it … this is the 5th gen and it's a good car … people who diss micras are just small minded and haven't had time to actually feel what it's like

  15. I have the 0.9 Acenta turbo and choose it over the Polo which it also replaced. The road handling is superb and once that turbo kicks in it is pretty rapid. The Polo is a bit bland in its looks which is something you can not say about the Micra. It also has impressive features like cornering assistance which lightly brakes the inside wheels when cornering at speed. Automatic lights, wipers and collision avoidance together with lane departure warning and assistance, road sign recognition, emergency brake assist and cruise control. It regularly returns over 45mpg over mixed driving and I have managed just under 60 on a long run through the B roads. To me the rear seats are not an issue as I don't carry passengers. The Micra was also quite a lot cheaper than the Polo and comes with more kit. It's pearlescent orange paint looks fantastic and is a real head turner especially with the large black alloys and black trim panels.
    So for someone who had the Polo and looked at a replacement, the Micra was definitely a very good choice. Do not rule this little car out.

  16. I got the top spec one that you say costs to much at 6:44 with folding mirrors and privacy glass etc and the bose sound system for 13k with only 3k miles on the clock same engine as yours also in black and orange

  17. Dont like the orange on it. Would look better actaully without the different colours. I can say i have drove one and very comfortable in my opinion and the steering was spot on. Looks ugly as shit though which is why i wouldn't buy one. And i do agree with the gears, i get its a 1 litre but fuckin hell its slow in 4th. Personally like the previous model and no real complaints with that.

  18. that lady can drive stick, very amazing I thought manuals are relics that only few old men knows how to drive

  19. Here at the other side of the pond we still get the shitty looking march/micra that was released back in 2013? or even earlier can't remember now.

  20. I never see the point in road testing one of the top of the range models, far better testing the basic model but I suppose it's what's available at the time and a marketing ploy by the manufacturer.

  21. I just love the presenter; very well presentation, good points, very professional; does not try to be too funny; very entertaining and informative. Just excellent!

  22. Just a mediocre Clio with lots of cheap plastic and clearly built in France. Really sloppy when it comes down to quality checks. I wonder if management in Japan is aware of that. And also very expensive when you compare this Micra with far better ones like the Ford Fiesta or even the Seat Ibiza.

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