2019 SEAT Tarraco 1.4L 7-Seater Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

2019 SEAT Tarraco 1.4L 7-Seater Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

So today, we have the “seat” Tarraco 1.4 litre Wait… Seat? No, it’s SEAT Yeah that’s what I said what? So today we have the SEAT Tarraco 1.4 7-seater SUV. General first impressions of the SEAT Tarraco? It’s a pretty good looking car It doesn’t look like a SEAT at all It’s refined, its stylish and it looks like a really good family car I can see myself going for
like road trips, family outings or grocery shopping in this car, because
it’s big, it’s spacious. And yeah, it’s nice What about you, Jon? I think, looks wise, when I first saw it it’s a pretty handsome car And then When I look at its side profile It reminded me of the Škoda Kodiaq which incidentally, shares the same platform as this car What do you mean “platform”? Think of it like your Tamiya cars Most of the bases are the same You just replace the top shell So, same platform as the Škoda as well as the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace but that’s not available in Singapore So the direct competitor of this car is the Škoda Kodiaq as well as the Peugeot 5008 For more details on the Tarraco or any other car, head on to sgCarMart.com to make the smart choice on your next purchase So what are the differences between the SEAT Tarraco and the Škoda Kodiaq? Basically it’s like a Tamiya car, it’s a different shell so most of it is styling and maybe a few differences in the bells and whistles But let me show you one very
cool thing I like about the headlights Check it out Let me start the car first That’s cool man Yeah, yeah but that’s not the only cool thing Look at the headlight Ooh Like, it just goes over the white line It looks like it’s winking at you Enough about the exterior It’s time for the back seat To the boot! So, the SEAT comes with this really awesome feature where you can do this leg sweep And the boot will open I’m going to test it out Sh*t, I’m right-legged So, I’m going to use my left leg It opens! Damn, with my weak kick So, initially when you look at the boot it doesn’t look like there’s much space So keep in mind, it’s a 7-seater Assuming you have a family of three kids Any more, that would be crazy, it will be a baby factory So you probably won’t use the last row So to open it up, all you need to do is press here. Like so and boom! 700 litres of space Perfect for families and now we’re gonna check out the
luggage test So we put one check-in luggage I think there’s enough space for another one The aunty trolley Fits. It’s perfect But to really appreciate this boot We’ve got to take this stuff out first So if you think 700 litres of space is not enough The kicker of this boot is this More space! How much more? I don’t know But a lot more space And that’s basically the boot There’s two ways to close this You can either press this button here or you can do the leg sweep And I’m going to do the leg sweep because it’s cooler Damn it Third time’s the charm So there’s one word to describe the Tarraco And that is “space” Just so much space. I have more than enough leg room More than enough head room And if you don’t have enough leg room? This is just for the seat behind the
driver (actually, the passenger side can be moved too) There’s a lever to push (the seat) forward and roll back and that is cool I’m a tall guy so I really need my space The seats they are not full leather But they’re okay, they’re comfortable. I like it The rear AC is pretty decent I like it It’s at the lowest setting I can still feel the cold emitting from it, so that’s good compared to some other cars we’ve reviewed before, this is better To the front! No. Wait To the back! I must say That it is very important to note that the back seat is definitely for kids children or children-size humans There’s no way Even if Julian were here, he wouldn’t be able to fit in As you can see my leg is like… Like sticking out I can’t even Let me try and get it Ok it can fit me but Okay. No So now Let’s check out how it fits three people Hello friends Hey Surprisingly It’s really spacious So it reinforces the whole thing that I said The Tarraco is all about space We’re all comfortable, yeah? Yeah Cheers Before we check out the front seat This is one feature I think is very important for Singaporeans Especially when you are parked under the hot sun for a very long time So before you get back into your car, you can do this Ah Ha! Roll down all four windows to let all the hot air escape And then you can come back to a cooler car And then If You want to put it back up All four windows go back up Ok, with that cool function done On to the front seat Okay, first thing’s first This chair Pretty comfortable I get support everywhere It’s electric seats with memory functions So it remembers up to three profiles But what I don’t like is this fabric material I don’t think it’s very suitable for Singapore’s climate But the aircon here is nice and cold And the buttons are placed Pretty within reach And it is simple to understand You can’t go wrong with this And then you have the infotainment system Nice, big screen Quite responsive to the touch And the cool thing is that it has navigation But It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay I think most of us would prefer to use the navigation from our phone So the multi-function steering wheel On one side, you can control your song track and your volume On the other side You control the fully-digital instrument panel So right now we are in the traditional mode The speedometer here. The rev counter here And when we change it It becomes a very cool Audi-esque display Your speed is just a number here And then this shows gear we are in So when we put it to “D” We can see that Maybe it is on the first gear Let me put it to “D” first See? First gear Cool stuff And then Whatever is in the middle It’s configurable So we’re currently on Kiss 92 Or you can have your navigation right here Cool stuff All in all This cabin is very comfortable Very functional to be in I won’t say it’s super luxurious but neither is it basic It’s comfortable, you get what you pay There’s loads of room Loads of storage space for your cups Glove compartment is nice and big Oh, you can put SD cards and CDs here I guess that’s for your music But who are we kidding? Most of us have our music in our phones All in all A very nice place to be in So let’s find out how this car drives Okay James Before we start on the test drive Let’s do this parking assist thing where the car apparently almost automatically helps you park Alright, sounds cool man! So you got to signal in order Yeah, the car needs to detect So now, with the arrow out It can detect Hands free! Damn It’s like a poltergeist Oh, so you still have to like manually change the gear Yeah you have to You know you can put your hands on your lap right? No, no, no I think I need to look like an idiot Performance! This is a 1.4 litre turbocharged engine You would think that such a small engine for a 7-seater It will be underpowered But it is not It is actually just right It is not super powerful But it is enough to get you from point A to B And when you need to haul ass It does the job as well And the feeling of the transmission and the turbo kicking in is pretty good It works It is not as if you are lumbering along Handling! This car has a very nice light handling (steering) And it’s pretty accurate for general use Interestingly Although it’s a long 7-seater SUV This car handles like a car Like a normal small sedan You don’t feel like you are a huge burden on the road It’s quite nimble It drives like a car I like it Features! There are a lot of features you come to expect from a European car of this range There is Lane keep assist Adaptive Cruise Control Rear (traffic) alert Front auto emergency brake So, pretty standard useful equipment for driving And the parking assist we just did earlier Yes That is cool Tech wizardry Comfort! I can see how I can hear how stupid I sound As a passenger I feel extremely comfortable In the SEAT “Toroko” Tarraco So it’s comfortable right? I feel very comfortable in the Tarraco The one thing I said about the Tarraco It’s very spacious, it’s very big I really enjoy being in the passenger seat A lot of space. I like it What about you, Jon? With all the features Nice seats It’s a comfortable drive So we’re down to Will Buy Won’t Buy Go Try You got your answer? Yes I do On the count of three One Two Three Go try because This car is not targeted at the likes of me This car is targeted at people who have kids And families And I don’t have anything I don’t have kids, I’m not married So all this space behind is just really not for me But that being said I have things that I like and I dislike about
the car I like the the design of the car It is really sleek, it’s stylish. It’s refined. I like it I like the 700 litre boot space I also like the fact that it is a 1.4 litre engine But doesn’t feel like a 1.4 litre engine But then again What I dislike is actually the price Because at $148,000 There are other similar models out there That cost much less SEAT is not a very… It’s a very understated brand I don’t really know much about SEAT So I rather pay less To get a more reknowned brand You know what I mean? Go try, if you have a family, if you have kids I will disagree with you that SEAT is a neither here nor there brand I think SEAT has its own pedigree And interestingly, this car shares the same platform as the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and the Škoda Kodiaq and this car is made in Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory Actually this is quite like a German car And What can I say? For $148,000, you’re getting a 7-seater SUV And that’s cheaper than the Peugeot 5008 I would say value-for-money But if you compare this to an Outlander The Outlander is definitely a lot cheaper But it has a lot less… features So what you’re paying for is The German make And then the Spanish styling And a lot more advanced features So that’s why I would buy it I’m a family man My wife and kid will be happy behind It is a very comfortable ride That’s why I will buy it If I had the money Okay. As you can tell I really like the Tarraco And I was wondering if there was any way to encourage people to come and try And I spoke to the SEAT marketing manager And he has come up with some promotions If you follow our description box below There’s a link for you to go to Click on it Follow the instructions, get a promo code And with that promo code Come down to the SEAT showroom Any time between December 16 to 22 2019 If you decide to buy the Tarraco This promo code will give you $1,000 off So if you complete a test drive at SEAT’s showroom You will get A SEAT cash card And you would be able to take part in a lucky dip And what are the prizes? SEAT Polo T-shirts See the SEAT branding here There’s a very nice blue polo That I personally want And the kicker This awesome windbreaker I think this one is worth $170+ But If you really want to win something without going down to test drive we’ve got you covered as well If you sign up in the link below in our description box I’ll be picking one winner who will get this. Cool stuff Free stuff for just watching videos on YouTube Awesome life

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  1. 5+2 seater model – Outlander, Peugeot 5008, Kia Sorento, X trail, CRV, Sante Fe/Discovery/In my opinion, these models are suitable for a young family with kids averaging 1-9 yrs old. For a true 7 seater, benchmark is on CX-9, Discovery HSE,XC-90, RX350 L, Q7 and X7. $200K and above. But then again, there are quite number of models with equal or bigger space 5 Seater than the featured model in this video like Subaru Forester/Tucson. Great video though. Perhaps, apart from using luggage, recommend to have the biggest ever Baby Stroller (Alternate Replacement for Luggage) to be place on the boot space as it gives a better visual impression for family owner.

  2. Great review SGCM! Would really love to see the local take and reviews of more popular car makes and models more commonly seen here in Singapore. Would really help many of us looking to change/buy a new car. Keep up the good work!

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