2019 Suzuki Jimny Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

2019 Suzuki Jimny Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

It’s so hot
Why am I dressed like this? It’s perfect! For today’s car we are reviewing man! I look like Kevin Hart in Jumanji. In a Jumanji-like car. So today we have the
fourth-gen 1.5 litre Suzuki Jimny. Cool stuff. Who’s it for? It’s targeted towards people who love the outdoors like you and me and people who want to own an SUV type of vehicle So Jon, what does
the Jimny compete against in the market currently? I think its nearest competitor would be the Jeep Wrangler And if you look at the car it looks like a Mercedes G Wagon Yeah, in photos it looks like a huge
vehicle, but up close we are like so big next to the vehicle. Because this car originates as a
Kei vehicle in Japan. What “Kei” vehicle means it’s a small class vehicle. There
are size limitations and engine capacity limitations so this car is only 3.5
metres long. It’s a very nimble car as opposed to a regular SUV which is closer to 5 metres. All right Jon, so this is the 4th gen
Suzuki Jimny, right? How does it differ from the
3rd gen? Ok, the 4th gen is slightly higher than the 3rd gen so its ground
clearance is better Its approach angle and departure angle is
also improved. What does that mean? What that means is as you approach a
hill it can take on a steeper hill as compared to the 3rd generation. The 3rd generation I believe can take on about 35 degrees Checking the script. He’s checking the script, guys. 35 degrees The 4th gen can take on 37 degrees 2 degrees difference is a huge difference. It’s all about the angles. For more details on the Jimny or any other car, head on over to sgcarmart.com to
make the smart choice on your next car Wow that was a mouthful but Jon what’s
your first impression of the car? Honestly speaking when I saw this car
and it cost $107,000 I was thinking who would buy this car and when I read the
specs I was like *puzzled grunt* Even Suzuki’s own Vitara is around the same price and you get a better engine, more features so that was what I thought about a car but
I mean we’re here today to actually figure out why anyone buys this car or will they buy this car? So for me the first impression is, it’s a rugged nice
looking car. I don’t really like this color, which is kinetic yellow by the way.
It’s not green but let’s just check it out and see how it goes? To the boot! I know how to open this there’s a handle. What the… I’m not going in.
You’re going in. How? No one can go in. I mean maybe
Julian. It’s 85 litres right? I think you can put a tent and some basha sticks I’m assuming if we bring down the seats we can we have more space. Yes
actually it’s meant to be brought down like that and you get quite a flat
floor for your stuff So when you bring down the seats how much space do we have? Some people are saying 800 but I’m not I’m not too sure. Looks like
it’s quite a lot of space. Looks like 500 to me. Let’s fit
in the usual sh*t. That was a close shave dude. A lot of people complain about my market trolley but it has its uses. It shows how short some cars are in their boot space. You can put
it like that but that’s only if you are sitting two people in front. We really need to do our human test come on let’s take everything out, you’re just going in and you can look very sad in there and we
see how many “sad Jons” you can fit in there. So there’s more than enough space here as you can see like we can fit probably three “sad Jons” in there so Jon let’s bring up the seats and I’m not too optimistic
about this but because the back seats really look very small and tight. Are we still reviewing the back seat? Yes, you have to go in. It’s a 2-door car and in order to go to the back seat you have to go through the passenger side You can’t go through the driver side, it has to be the passenger side Don’t ask me why, it’s just a Suzuki thing Damn It’s small All right here goes. So in terms of space there is none For a tall guy like me there
is no space at all it’s important to note though that the the back seat of
the Jimny is meant for two people and two people only But if people were as
tall as me? Nah This car preferably for just a family of two people like maybe
you can put some kids behind I’ll just use it for the boot space
don’t use it for people it’s cruel it’s it’s a torture man There’s nothing really much at the back either to review You got a little handles. Look at that I’m just holding this so I’ll be more stable
when there’s like a offroad drive session which will never happen in Singapore Jon it’s time for the front! All right! To the front seat This is where all the action is First impressions, the Jimny is not pretending to be a comfortable
luxury car There’s plastic everywhere but there’s a good reason for that.
Imagine if you went off-road, got out off your car, got yourself good and muddy,
you wouldn’t want to come back into a cabin filled with leather
and that’s why there’s plastic everywhere so it’s very easy to clean
with a damp cloth Alright, and if you went to NS (National Service) and drove a Rover, the instrument panel reminds you of the ruggedness of an outdoor type
of vehicle. It’s nice and simple no fuss, no mess This is the reason why you
buy the Jimny. This allows you to switch the Jimny from rear wheel drive,
to four-wheel drive, to four-wheel low range So that means that when you’re in
a sticky situation in a mud, the low range helps you get out. Also you get the
hill descent control as you’re going down a steep hill, this helps you brake
the Jimny and lets you navigate the car better. And for the passenger, there’s
an assist grip here to hold on to dear life when you’re going through some
really sketchy sketchy situations in the mud So now first things first let’s
carry all this stupid thing And let’s see how the Jimny drives So in terms of space compared to the
back, I feel it’s really spacious at the front I think this car is generally
designed for just two people in front And when I first saw the car on
paper, it was really not a very interesting car in the sense that – at
this price point there are so many other cars you could get with so much more
equipment and tech and features and comfort But after driving this car
around I can understand why people get this car How’s the steering? At low speeds It’s quite tough You’re fighting the steering wheel quite a
bit but once you pick up speed this car becomes very nimble. It’s small
and it’s actually a very fun car to drive around and it’s easy to change lanes
and you can squeeze into a lot of spaces. Parallel parking won’t be a problem also Yeah, it won’t It is actually a very fun car to
drive I’m surprised myself that I found myself enjoying the drive so much But that being said this is a four-speed automatic. So if you try to go faster on
the expressway this car will let you know it is trying very hard. The top
speed is 140 km/h right? It says 180 here, but I think it’ll take you quite a long time to hit that or it might never It’s a 1.5 litre car, if you’re expecting anything more than that this car is probably not for you. It is not We have to acknowledge that Suzuki designed this car for the offroad. It has a ladder frame chassis which makes the car much more stable and rigid. Most of the tech in here is for offroad and Singapore doesn’t have any off-road. But if you want so you could go to JB. I think there’s a few offroad trails
there. But why don’t we go to the beach? In Singapore? Yeah. If we don’t film ah. Wait people call police, then we get fine. You know PMD ride on the shelter kena arrested. Will get fine meh? Why don’t you drive and you find out? then I’ll be in a car with you. So, all in all, this car, I would say is an enthusiast’s car. It’s not for the
regular Singaporean looking for value for money; looking for resale value;
maximum number of features for the for the amount of money you pay. This car is is a cult car for a reason A big factor is its size. It’s small, it’s narrow, it’s very fun to drive and squeeze around But actually you’ll be
very surprised you know when we’re standing outside the car we’re like
way bigger. You look very big next to the car. When you come in and sit in like
the passenger and driver seat You have a lot of space. What I really
like right is the big windows that we have here, so it gives you the
illusion of space and it makes it feel like you’re you’re in a bigger car than
you’re actually in. One interesting thing about this car is
when I picked it up, I stopped next to a tour bus and then a lot of tourists got off and they started surrounding the car and taking photos of
the car. I felt I was in the zoo and I was the exhibit Wait, where were you? Chinatown area It shows that this car is unique and it is a talking point when people see it right there they will be curious about it
and it is definitely something you want to take into consideration when you’re
thinking about buying this car All right, with all that being said and done we’ve got our three options In three, two, one… So why? Before I drove this car yesterday, this was firmly in the “Don’t buy” category But after getting into the car and driving it around and especially on the expressway surprisingly, the handling of the car is
just so… I would say interesting It makes driving interesting You know Julian says “numb” right? This car is definitely does not make you feel numb it makes you feel very
connected to the road for some reason I found myself having fun Really? Yeah, it was fun to drive I would understand people who are
looking for cars at a $100,000 who want a lot of features – they won’t look at this
car but I don’t think this car targets that audience it targets a different crowd outdoorsy types yo outdoorsy types But maybe those car enthusiats who buy cars for an experience for driving pleasure So for me, I said “Go Try” because
there are things that I like and don’t like about the car. What I like, I like
the big illusion of space that you have as the passenger in this Jimny compared to the back I really don’t like the back.
The back is so squeezy and there’s really no space but it’s good that when
you put down the car seats you have about 850 liters of boot space so that’s a lot of space to put your sh*t Compared to the 85 liters that… 800-plus which is a lot of space For me, it’s just about the
space and I like how the car looks very rugged makes you feel like, you know,
you’re more sporty than you actually are I mean a lot of people spend
close to five hundred thousand and up for supercars to enjoy that people stare at
you on the street and you can have it for $100,000 So that’s our review of the 4th gen Suzuki Jimny Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe in the comment section below Hit that bell icon thingy which is on the left Hit the bell icon thingy that is here. To be notified whenever we post up new content thanks for your support, mad love and see you next time!

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  1. Very nice video on the Jimny, really an interesting cult car (saw it on the expo this year). However, got some problem with the sound near the middle.

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