2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro: First Look — Cars.com

2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro: First Look — Cars.com

we’re here at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show
where Toyota has given slight changes to his lineup of three TRD pro vehicles now
those vehicles would be the tundra the Tacoma and this one which were going to
focus on here the 4runner now cosmetically there’s not a lot different
for 2019 with the 4runner TRD pro it has a new standard roof rack which is kind
of a callback to an FJ in Toyotas new color for 2019 is actually voodoo blue
which is another shout-out to the FJ which have wore that color back in
around 2010 or so now the real exciting changes for the foreigner’ actually
happened in this wheel well and it in the other wheel wells as well now last
year’s model road on Bilstein shocks this year now has Fox shocks which are
taken from last year’s Tacoma TRD pro and that’s standard now across all three
models now the big difference between these shocks is that the Fox shocks have
an internal bypass system and what that means is that it can actually change how
to reacts in different situations so for example the 4runner is driving down the
road and there’s medium load on the shock it can be soft and pliant but if
it rebounds or compresses a lot it can actually change the pressure to prevent
you from bottoming out and not rebound you to hard when you go over a whoop
offroad or something like that now also unique to the 4runner is the
position of this external reservoir on the rear shock because of the way that
it fits in the wheel well they actually had to flip it over on the truck sits on
the bottom but here’s on the top which actually looks like it protects it more
in case you go over something sharp or big off-road Toyota is also adding a
shield under there called the Roush shield to protect the shock further from
damage now the 4runner has always been my favorite of the three TRD pro
vehicles but if you opt for one now there’s a huge caveat both at the coma
and the tundra offer Toyota safety cents Pete standard now that’s a suite of
safety technologies that includes adaptive cruise control lane keep assist
in autonomous forward emergency braking now those technologies aren’t available
on any trim level of the 4runner so if you do opt for the 4runner you’re going
to have to forgo those safety features we did ask further when they could
potentially be coming to the 4runner but they were non-committal now no pricing
information yet on the new 4runner TRD pro it will come out closer to its on
sale date in fall of 2018 you

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  1. Same boring 4runner.. nothing new.. not worth the exuberant price for cosmetics.. no new technology like in the new competition off road vehicles…when will Toyota finally stop promoting lame design and outdated technology..

  2. Nothing has changed for 4Runner in the last 5 years. Dont waste your money buying 2019. If you have to get one, Buy a 2014 and save a little money because its the same as 2019!

  3. I was really expecting a new design for 2019…this generation has been out since 2010 and it’s way overdue for a redesign , but then again the Sequoia , Tundra and Land Cruiser have had the same body style/look since 2007/2008

  4. This would be the TRD I would get. That Fox setup is much better than the Bilstein from last year. I would pass on the safety sense anyway, one more electronic nanny to breakdown while I'm offroad. All comments below are from mall crawlers and soccer moms who drive this without understanding the point of this vehicle. This truck is still worth every penny. Reliability is King when you are in a remote area.

  5. The TRD Pro 4 Runner used to be able to compete with the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. But after seeing the new Wrangler JL Rubicon, the 4Runner is being left way behind. The 4Runner TRD Pro needs a major upgrade in the worst way.

  6. Still no hids or led headlights.. looks like the interior is all black now including the headliner and maybe push start now? No more key?

  7. I am waiting for the 4Runner to get engine & transmission updates. E.g. 3.5L V6 and 5.7L V8 trims with 8-speed auto. The current setup is extremely fuel inefficient.

  8. I really want a TRD 4Runner but Toyota you need to update. The last refresh was 2014 and this body style was released in late 2009 as a 2010 model. We need BLIS..Power Lift Gate..Pano Roof..powerfolding mirrors… all of these features are already on most of the line up. When will the 4 get some love. This truck really competes with itself and it will be a knockout with updated features. I hope the 2020 is still body on frame.

  9. watch out abs compact one unit cost big cost to replace i had 4 runer before 12 year later still make abs compact one unit why they not make mastercylinder and booster in one unit then abs modle and pump one unit easy truoble shoot replace part less learn my lesson

  10. safty asesat what thats all junk not needed at all in a 4×4 such as this if you want a town cruiser get a camery or prius or somethin lol i can break on my own just fine and can drive just as well on my own peopl e who cant well you suck

  11. I really recommend you guys to buy one of these 4runner, once they change it to the 3.5 8spd it will suck like the new Tacoma.
    I've never seen so many used Tacoma 4.0 older model in the dealer like the new 3.5 , people are trading it in because it's not good .

  12. Love the 4runner I'm a loyal long time owner of one,but this foregone conclusion that Toyota is just using the 4runner as an afterthought pisses me off! NO safety autonomous features missing which leads me to believe that the fuel economy change promised for the 4Runner will be missing as well. Toyota seems to be missing the point with the 4Runner their owners like to go off-roading but the truck doesn't live off road 365 days of the year. Ugh I'll buy a new one when they give better fuel economy and better safty features.

  13. Why does it need a redesign if the Tech is there? It’s a great looking vehicle that continues to improve technology wise. It’s by far the most reliable in its class. The 4.0 is adequate but could benefit from a bit more hp and torque (300/305)…although I’ve had no issues with passing on the highway (2012 Sr5). I do love the sound from a cold start!

    My personal improvements would be more hp and torque, center and rear lockers (TRD pro and Limited), sunroof option (U.S. version TRD pro), TSS all models, more interior/exterior color options (forest green TRD pro)

  14. No security features ! Zero…nada…zip…toyota does NOT care about their customers? !!! Why are they on ALL other TRD …except…also…LED TECH has been around for over a decade…WHY then do they not have them for their main headlights…the Land Cruiser as well along with the 4Runner DESPERATELY need to be totally redesigned! As they are dinosaurs that I Love but please toyota…won't you do it for little old me ? MUAH 💋

  15. Id rather get the 2010-2013 4runners body styles. These newer design are ugly as hell. Ill pass again!!

  16. This engine is trash. Off-road ok but on the road what a slow sack of shit.. I guess that’s why I Have my wife driving it.

  17. I've been a Toyota customer since 1987 and this is my second 4-Runner. I have the 13 limited and wanted to trade it in for the 19 model. But, since there's no significant body change, I'll wait until 20. My vehicle's in excellent condition and I'm just getting to 100K.

  18. No V8. No Toyota Safety Sense. No HID or LED headlights. No adaptive cruise. No lane keeping assist. No blind spot warning. No 360 camera. No styling changes. No sale. I'll keep my 2004 4Runner 4.7-liter V8 and keep $45,000 in my wallet.

  19. Total waste of time putting cosmetic changes on these tundra and 4 runner 2019 , if u look at the ram and Chevy.. you guys are way behind. TIME TO SHOW SOME SPY PICS UPGRADE FOR TOYOTA.2020 vehicles

  20. So between 2011 and 2019 they've changed….fabric. If they are going to stick with the n/a v6 they really need at least an 8 speed tranny to get this big boat up to speed. I love the 4.0 in my 4runner but I wish there was a small v8 option

  21. This effin' thing still uses halogen lights…still no proximity key…..no safety features. Lame ass crap.

  22. Toyota, really please, make an off-road capable light SUV like the old FJ40 and FJ45. Something with Toyota quality but not the size of a battleship. And not some poser CRV or mall crawler. Solid axle option, front and rear locking diffs, easily modded, etc.

  23. Hey did u end up lifting your 3rd gen yet, if not there’s a kit from cam burg that inculuded the icon shocks but had the Camburg brand UCA it is hands down the the best company for UCA anyone in the 4×4/pre runner after market mod industry knows camburg is the top notch

  24. Everybody that keeps asking for V8’s is getting the complete opposite. Toyota wants to sell cars with good MPG. If they were to make V8’s nobody would buy them besides the dumbasses who like to kill gas.

  25. I have the 2018 4runner sr5. Threw some big wheels and tires on it and lifted it and absolutely love it. Although it’s not the fastest and not the best gas mileage, it’s a monster off road with no real mods done. I don’t care what anyone says, I still love it. Yes it is very expensive for a basic body on frame suv with basic design in the interior and infotainment system but that’s the point of the 4runner. I wish it had a bigger more fuel efficient engine but it still doesn’t take away my love for it. This generation is just the best design ever to my eyes. I absolutely love how this design looks. Can’t wait to see the new design, I really hope it looks as good or better than this generation. But every generation of the 4runner looks good to me but this generation is by far my favorite design wise.

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