2019 Toyota Avalon: First Drive Review – Cars.com

2019 Toyota Avalon: First Drive Review – Cars.com

we’re here with the 2019 Toyota Avalon
and for 2019 the Avalon sees huge changes it doesn’t just change a few
things it changes everything from the platform to the engine to the exterior
styling now for 2019 the Avalon’s exterior styling has changed drastically
so much so that it will be impossible to confuse it for the 2018 model now last
year’s model had this weird kind of front two-part grille opening which
Toyota has combined for 2019 into what I call one giant front in the air and take
to rule them all now the front looks really polarizing even within our staff
there’s some disagreement over whether the Avalon is good looking or going too
far but what’s less arguable is that from the sides in the rear the car
definitely is improved Toyota has stretched out the cabin so that it has a
bit more of a fastback look that makes the whole thing look a bit sleeker and
in the back there’s new LED tail lights which stretched wide across the bumper
and give the Avalon a good visual signature especially at night one of our
complaints about the old Avalon was that the interior didn’t really make sense
especially here in the center stack the screen was kind of in a weird position
at an off angle and the storage spaces were a bit weirdly sized for example if
you had a larger smartphone like many of them are these days it didn’t quite fit
on the wireless charging pad luckily Toyota has made big updates in
the interior including updates to the multimedia system and that wireless
charging pad which fit an iPhone which is among the biggest smartphones without
a problem now the center stack now comes down in this waterfall fashion it has a
larger screen a nine inch touchscreen is standard across all trim levels and it’s
bright and easy to see and read thankfully it’s also flanked by physical
controls which makes it easier to navigate there’s one thing that’s weird
about the screens position however it’s kind of situated far from the driver so
if you are driving you won’t actually be able to reach the right side of the
screen without leaning forward a few inches and that’s kind of a minor
quibble it’s a trade-off that I’m willing to make to have the screen up
this high but it does mean that these buttons over here are hard to reach
now another strength that remains for the Avalon is its backseat other calls
the Avalon a premium midsize car but don’t let that fool you this is
basically a full-size car in bits clothing the backseat is indicative of
this it’s very large and comfortable it’s got a lot of legroom and Headroom
and new for 2019 the Avalon has five standard USB ports two which are in the
back so even if you’re sitting in the back you’ll have a place to plug in and
charge devices for 2019 Toyota has updated the powertrain on the Avalon in
both the gas and hybrid versions of the car now
gas versions of the car like the one that we’re driving now get a new 3.5
liter v6 and that makes 301 horsepower that’s in 33 horsepower improvement over
last year’s model there’s also a new 8-speed automatic transmission on gas
models and together this powertrain combination is a strength in the Avalon
it has what I would call easy power both from a stop and while passing the
transmission steps easily when you want to and it’s very fluid and that actually
helps with the overall exerts feel of the car that works well together with
the interior and the ride to make things comfortable if you’re not really
strained to get the car up to speed now for those who are interested in hybrid
versions of the 2019 Avalon we have good news there’s only a $1000 price
difference between gas and hybrid versions of the car and when you factor
in the difference in fuel economy between the two you’re looking at a very
good value for the hybrid because they get about 44 combined mpg versus only 25
combined mpg in the gas versions 2019 also brings chassis updates to the
Avalon and that means a new platform so net now rides on Toyotas global
architecture which is the same thing that you find under the 2018 camry and
in that car the change of this architecture really changed the camry
from something that was kind of sloppy and boring to drive into a car that
actually has pretty crisp handling and a good ride now the changes in the Avalon
aren’t as dramatic the 2018 Avalon had a very comfortable pliant ride and the
same thing is definitely true of the 2019 there’s a change its that it’s a
bit more stable at speed and you have a bit more confidence while cornering but
not a whole lot still has a definite focus on comfort and the suspension is
pliant and it’s actually one of the cars that if I had to drive or be driven in
for a long period of time this might be the choice
because you know it does a very good job of staying smooth in most conditions now
we’re in a Touring model which also sees one more big suspension update this will
be actually the first Toyota car to offer an adaptive variable suspension
and it’s kind of a strange choice it’s something usually you’d find on more
performance oriented cars but Toyota says that the Avalon is going for now
sporty as well as comfortable does it work not really
the Touring is a bit firmer than the other trim levels that I tested today so
I also drove a limited model this is definitely a bit tighter but it still
trends towards comfort and I think that that’s a good thing that fits this car
better even when you dial the Touring all the way up to Sport S+ mode which is
unique to this trim you’re still gonna get a decent amount of body roll is
still gonna focus on comfort and that is I think a better way to go in a sedan
like this now those who are interested in the 2019 Avalon won’t have to wait
long it will start at 36,000 395 and hit leadership in May you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I don't like this car 🚨. I'm not 📵 impress with the front 🐥 design 🎨, nor the dashboard and center console 🎮. Hate 😡 the interior. SMH.👎😮👎😮👎😮.

  2. I wish it had a bigger grille!!!!! That will run off all of the old people who buy them as well as the young people they are going for.

  3. Looks like a demon car from a bad dream. It's designed to run over widows and orphans in the streets. That's why it looks so mean. Toyota Corporation needs to go on psychiatric drugs to control their urges to make satanic looking vehicles. Polarizing = butt ugly. That is what all the reviewers really mean, but most just won't say it out loud because Toyota has big time money and power.

  4. FUGLY…….The End……and people criticized the Previous Acura grill…….Just goes to show that critics have to be paid off by these car companies because for all intents purposes they should be lambasting Toyota for this hideous grill.

  5. Not offering AWD is a huge miss and clearly shows Toyota is just towing the company line and not actually trying to be the best. Just following what's already out instead of defining it like it use to in the 90s

  6. People who don’t own cars dont complain about the price of gas…Same as those who aren’t buying shouldn’t be concerned with anything on the Avalon.

    You’re not buying but yet you’re complaining…

  7. I am impressed by your relaxed demeanor and genuine presentation, much like the Avalon itself.

  8. Does Toyota ever read comments regarding the design of their cars????

    Unbelievable to come up with such a hideous front design, it is so awkward that you might think that Toyota does not want to sell any Avalons anymore, hideous. The rest of the car very well proportioned and nice design.

    I have never seen a company that is so stubborn and has such a poor connection with their clients. If Toyota Lexus continue they will lose ground to the competition, mainly due to their ridiculous styling.

  9. Previous generation looks better….but if I were given the choice of either I’d pick the newer one, only because it’s newer 😂

  10. The Iphone X has a notch and everyone follows the design. The 2019 Avalon has a big grill and everyone will soon follow.

  11. People talk about the grill,well look at the Camry xle v6 grill . I have seen the xle in person and it looks good even the grill the car stis lower and looks wider and has a athletic look to it . I cant wait until people start tuning the Avalon , its got a futuristic look to it

  12. So ugly! Toyota styling is awful the last few years. And I'm allowed to complain since I'm over 50 and own a Q70 which puts me in the same demographic as Avalon owners.

  13. I was looking at the car to buy it and after a test drive I decided not to.
    Even tho the car looks huge on the outside once u get inside u notice how the designers didint do a good job on the interior.
    Dashboard is big and high making it difficult to watch the road thru the small windshield.
    Center console is also too high when sitting in those”low seats”(I’m 6ft tall)
    The back seats do have great leg room but not good head room.
    The rear view mirror is useles do to the small piece of glass behind the backseats and those huge head rests attached to the seats.
    U can’t get leather on the sporty trims u get leather imitation and little bit of suede!
    Get one of the sporty trims with all the belts and whistles u have to pay a little over $45k and u not even getting leather.
    Resale value not good after a couple of years(great exterior and good engine yes) but not worth that much money.
    Even tho I hate to admit it.
    Cuz I believe the exterior looks really bad.
    The Honda Accord is a much better buy right now.
    U will pay a little over $36k for the highest trim with all the bells and whistles.
    U do get a leather interior and resale value is very
    Good(even tho u can only get a 4 cilynder turbo engine.
    I know most of you
    Will not agree with me.
    But this is just my opinion.
    I’m no expert.

  14. Not really a fan of the big grille, rear tail lights that stretch across the rear end, looks like a Corolla from far away, also dislike the screen/infotainment set up but like the sequential turn signals immensely

  15. In my opinion, If Toyota had kept the back portion, those previous tail lights, or if they changed it, just do it a little, then i wouldve loved this car. The front grill is HUGE..but i couldve learned to love it..in time…but that back, i cant get over it at all. I will have to wait untill they do a newer, and much better design.

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