2019 Toyota Avalon Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

2019 Toyota Avalon Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

[SNAP] Even though sedan
sales are lagging, Toyota put a lot of effort
into redesigning its flagship four-door, the Avalon. That’s because sedans
still have some appeal– whether it’s with
older buyers who want to drive something that’s
familiar and comfortable, or younger buyers who prefer
the style and presence of the sedan over an SUV. Well, Toyota now
offers an Avalon for both kinds of buyers,
and it’s personality largely depends on what power trains
and trim levels you pick. Looks-wise, the new car is
lower, longer, and wider than its predecessor. Buyers can choose
between a 3.5 liter V-6 with an 8-speed automatic,
or a fuel-saving hybrid drive train with a 2.5 liter
4-cylinder engine, and a continuously
variable transmission. We rented two cars– an Avalon Hybrid Limited
and a Touring with a V-6. For such a large car,
both Avalons we drove felt light on their
feet and composed. Touring models come with
an adaptive suspension, and although it felt more
lively to drive, some of us thought it felt a bit
too firm for an Avalon. The differences continue inside. The interior’s been
given a major upgrade. All the materials feel
upscale, whether you’ve got the aluminum and suede
in the XSE and Touring, or the real wood and
leather in the Limited. Unfortunately, we found that
an excess of engine noise can interrupt the
Avalon’s quiet calm. [LOUD WHIRRING] No matter what trim you
choose, you’ll find a floating touchscreen with Toyota’s own
apps and standard Apple CarPlay compatibility– a
first for Toyota– along with wireless
smartphone charging. A heads-up display
is optional, as is a 360-degree surround view
camera to help with parking. Despite all the
technology, the Avalon still comes with a
traditional shifter and plenty of physical knobs and buttons. It’s quite literally
a nice touch, even if some of the buttons on
the sides of the touchscreen look a bit cheap. Rear passengers get dual USB
chargers, a phone holder, and optional heated seats. The cabin is still very
spacious and the backseat offers a ton of leg room–
that’s an Avalon hallmark. But the lower stance
can hurt ease of access. Hybrid models have a
smaller battery pack, which is now located
under the rear seats instead of in the trunk. This aids cargo space, as the
seats can now be folded down. Like all Toyotas, the
new Avalon comes standard with a suite of
driver assistance and advanced safety features,
like automatic emergency braking and
forward-collision warning. We’ll have a lot more to
say about this new Toyota once we buy our own to
test here at the track. For more on sedans, check
out consumerreports.org [SNAP]

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I’m a fan of Toyota/Lexus…I saw this car at an auto show & the grill is not as bad as it looks in pictures & videos.I’m guessing an all black Avalon wouldn’t be bad to sorta blend in with the grill.

  2. who the hell is this ?? lol but anyways 2019 avalon has alot to offer,, just please make it RWD or at least AWD sheesh toyota

  3. who the hell is this ?? lol but anyways 2019 avalon has alot to offer,, just please make it RWD or at least AWD sheesh toyota

  4. I really like the details on the seats. They look really good. Interior just looks like a great place to be.

    The grill look good only with certain paint colors. It's much too large tho Toyota needs to break it down and separate it. Overall diggin this car.

  5. The Lexus style front grille seems to be delicate and offers less protection in a frontal impact. Seems CR could have mentioned it. I'll stick to Volvo.

  6. I get it, it's cheaper for Toyota and Lexus to just not have a front bumper nowadays. That way the design team doesn't need to design and they can focus on other things instead of manufacturing front bumpers

  7. More engine noise? Toyota you r a bunch of morons, just like CR. CR whines about cars not being sporty (what ever the heck that means) Toyota ignores customers and listens to CR adding more noise and a stiffer ride and then CR turns around and complains about more noise and a stiffer ride. CIRCULAR STUPIDITY! HEY TOYOTA HOW ABOUT U LISTEN TO US AND GIVE US THE LUXURY, COMFORT, ROOMINESS AND PERFORMANCE WITHOUT THE BUMPS AND WITHOUT THE NOISE!!!!!!

  8. Other than Mazda, Japanese "stylists" specialize in creating vehicles that range from bland and boring to seriously ugly.

  9. I know some think that the front grill looks bad but at least it’s different, it took them way to long for a design change so I welcome it

  10. Pointlessly wide center console will limit driver's comfort (right leg cramped) which seems nonsensical in a car whose mission in life is to provide maximum comfort. This faux cockpit design affectation needs to die already.

  11. hey hey hey. least its not ugly like the 2018 Accord. now thats a hideous sight only a mother could love

  12. It looks like the Hybrid riding on 17 inch wheels is the best blend of comfort and stupendous fuel economy in any large car.

  13. Consumer Reports needs to stop saying every non-crossover/non-suv has reduced or difficult "ease of access". This oft-repeated stance that crossovers and suvs are easier to get in and out of is an absolute myth.

  14. CR, in all seriousness it's almost lazy to say the hybrid is just a 2.5l with a CVT. It's misleading in many ways, and at the very least smears over what the hybrid drive train actually is and what it can do differently from a CVT (in almost every way).

  15. The grille is just outrageously bad. The enormous Lexus grilles have grown on me (ha ha) but this is just bland and looks messily done.

  16. I wish Toyota would stop designing and styling their cars in hopes of impressing 17 year old ricer racers end middle-aged pinheaded Auto journalists that Bagon anything that isn't as pretentious as a overly engineered eurotrash Mobile my mother is only regeneration of the Toyota Avalon since 2000 and has loved all but the last one. It was noisy, harsh riding, and not very comfortable period. Visibility out the back insides was a problem as well

  17. Why does the redesigned 2019 Toyota Avalon not have the power rear window sunshade like the 2018 model year Toyota Avalon? Please let me know as soon as possible because other vehicles competing with the Toyota Avalon like the Nissan Maxima, Kia Cadenza, Buick LaCrosse, Chrysler 300, and Ford Taurus and most Lexus sedans have the power rear window sunshade.

  18. ????? Other reviews have said how quiet the car is I've never heard anyone say an Avalon had road noise or wind nosie, strange.

  19. It has a huge maw in the front of it! This in a time when grills are going to be going away with electric. It clearly screams ICE! I think I've bought my last ICE powered car (just ordered the Model 3 from Tesla). We are a Toyota family, so it's too bad they are so far behind and bet on hydrogen.

  20. I like the car, but that grill looks like Predator is resting his upper jaw but flexing the shit out of his lower jaw

  21. The grille is a styling disgrace which makes an otherwise passable car look likes it's had its front end and grille 'wiped out' in a 'prang'. Aerodynamically, I'd guess that Toyota has no windtunnels in that drag must be a major factor at speed.

  22. Toyota and Honda have been trying way too hard to make every car they make look agressive and soorty, the new Camry has quad exhausts ffs

  23. Does anyone think that gaping grille is attractive? I suppose it sort of apes some racing cars, but this is an Avalon. Maybe the radiator is so small it needs to create a wind tunnel effect. It looks like a catfish

  24. Japanese cars seem to be getting uglier every year, and these giant grilles don’t help though they are not the only problem.

  25. Engine noise in an Avalon ? Yay Toyota discovered Apple CarPlay…. What is with an options list on a limited ? Available, Available, Available

  26. It’s such a shame that the grill is so ugly. Because the rear is absolutely beautiful. It’s like the front and back were designed by two completely different ppl with different tastes

  27. I was looking at the car to buy it and after a test drive I decided not to.
    Even tho the car looks huge on the outside once u get inside u notice how the designers didint do a good job on the interior.
    Dashboard is big and high making it difficult to watch the road thru the small windshield.
    Center console is also too high when sitting in those”low seats”(I’m 6ft tall)
    The back seats do have great leg room but not good head room.
    The rear view mirror is useles do to the small piece of glass behind the backseats and those huge head rests attached to the seats.
    U can’t get leather on the sporty trims u get leather imitation and little bit of suede!
    Get one of the sporty trims with all the belts and whistles u have to pay a little over $45k and u not even getting leather.
    Resale value not good after a couple of years(great exterior and good engine yes) but not worth that much money.
    Even tho I hate to admit it.
    Cuz I believe the exterior looks really bad.
    The Honda Accord is a much better buy right now.
    U will pay a little over $36k for the highest trim with all the bells and whistles.
    U do get a leather interior and resale value is very
    Good(even tho u can only get a 4 cilynder turbo engine.
    I know most of you
    Will not agree with me.
    But this is just my opinion.
    I’m no expert.

  28. Big ugly grill is a deal breaker, Toyota. Being your long time customer, I need to look elsewhere for an attractive big sedan.

  29. Fuck the haters, that grill is aggressive looking. Gonna swallow up all the other puss wuss sedans on the road with legendary toyota reliability.

  30. Saw it in person at the dealership today, fugly. Ain't worth $40-45k. Cheapened out on the details such as
    halogen bulbs for courtesy lights, really? That center console is fugly, reminds me of my Renault Grand
    scenic minivan rental in Paris.

  31. This is one of those cars that may look ugly to some in pictures and videos. Once you see it in person, that grill is actually very proportionate and looks excellent.

  32. I had the 2005 one was excelent , big comfortable and nice front seat and dash board ,unfortunately I change into 2017 , age deiffernt very tight in the front , I can nt even see the floor , if I drop a phone or something, I feel you do not need seat belt , I already tight in the small seat, and very bad unclear screen, I really missed my 2005 avalon

  33. If I buy a great family sedan, this is it. It’s even superior to the very expensive standard 5 series and E class in many ways.

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