2019 Toyota C-HR Koba Review | carsales

2019 Toyota C-HR Koba Review | carsales

The small SUV – your stepping stone into
the world of jacked-up motoring. But with nearly 30 models to choose from under
$40k where do you begin? Well, the Toyota C-HR is not a bad place. The Toyota CH-R offers buyers Toyota’s proven
reliability in a familiar design that pushes the envelope just a little bit… but not
too much. The front-wheel-drive C-HR is powered by a
peppy little turbocharged engine that has enough get up and go not only for the suburbs,
but the freeway, too. The C-HR runs a continuously variable transmission
and it’s not only smooth, but quiet, too. No complaints here. ***music only***
The seats are very supportive – and heated… ride comfort is good and it’s actually a
bit of fun behind the wheel. The interior design tells a familiar story
of mainstream design with a bit of a sporting edge – but its tech interface and this screen
is showing its age and it’s falling behind the competition. The small screen is fiddly to navigate and
there’s no Apple CarPlay/Android connectivity – but you do get Bluetooth pairing and voice
control. Despite its pinched proportions, the C-HR
features two cup holders, a lidded arm rest and even some in door storage. These sounds like simple things but they’re
features that some other small SUVs just don’t get right. The funky lines of the C-HRs will appeal to
many people, but it does come with some compromises. For starters, these door handles has divided
the nation. And then inside, the sloping roof line means
the head room is pretty compromised for the second row. And then this pillar means that rearward vision
for the driver is actually really poor. That second row also misses out on air vents,
seat back pockets and an arm rest. It feels best suited to the occasional passenger. ***music only***
The good news story here is safety. Five star safety. Standard technology includes rear cross traffic
alert, blind spot monitoring, front and rear parking sensors and reversing camera, autonomous
emergency braking and adaptive cruise control! The boot will pack the weekend away essentials
or fold the seats flat to load larger items. With looks that sit somewhere between the
conservative Mazda CX-3 and the quirky Citroen C3 or Nissan JUKE, the C-HRs middle-of-the-road
design poses a nice balance with broad appeal. When after sales support, resale value and
reliability matter, the Toyota C-HR is a safe bet. Combine this with excellent safety credentials
and a fun drive, and it’s definitely worth getting behind the wheel.

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