2019 Toyota Camry Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

2019 Toyota Camry Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

Where’s James? Well James has appeared in the last four videos He’s working very hard and it’s time he took a break So that’s why it’s just you and me now What’s with the Stranger Things t-shirt? I’m glad you asked Well Stranger Things is made for people born in the 70s and 80s and is a cool show Just like the Camry which is made for people who are in their 30s and 40s I dare say that this Camry is pretty cool Yeah, it is pretty cool actually This is currently the eighth generation Toyota Camry and it looks nothing like before As a matter of fact just based on looks alone I’m quite sold Why don’t you tell me more about this car? It looks different now It’s more modern, more sleek Unlike the previous few generations when it was really bland Yeah very “Uncle” Yeah you know it was very old, very boring but this somehow just changes the game I mean it goes It goes head to head with cars like Volkswagen Passat, Mazda 6 and those cars that I just mentioned are actually very very attractive cars and this brings it up to the next level There are a lot of nice sleek lines over here The only thing I think I’ve got a little bit of complaint is probably this portion here It’s a little over the top It looks like Thanos but horizontal A little bit a little bit Or some huge whale that eats plankton It’s a little too much but I mean, I’m not complaining here really I mean think about it Jon I am in my mid-30s Family man In the past if you were to ask me would I get a Camry, I would say no But now I would, with this car I would but then again is a tricky thing because I’m not too sure if I’m changing my taste because I’m in my mid-30s No I don’t think so Definitely if you put this side-by-side with the previous generation Camry you can tell that this one appeals to a younger crowd It’s definitely sportier I wouldn’t get it in this color to be honest I probably get in black or white A more conservative colour Now that we know that you’re kind of in love with this Why don’t we check out the boot You know Jon what I also really like about the car is this “CAMRY” badge right here It kind of allows Toyota to showcase or at least give you a feeling that Toyota is really proud of this car Yeah it’s very different This is really… It’s bolder now But you know what I really want to show you? The boot What’s really cool 490-liters worth of space It may not be the best in class, but it’s very decent Let me show you Check-in luggage If anyone wants to sponsor us luggage please give us nicer looking luggage A lot of people complain about my market stroller trolley If the wife wants to go to the market So if you want to sponsor us a nice market trolley Please let me know Family man with the stroller There you go. Everything fits I know right, 490-liters worth So is anyone gonna fit in there today? Nah, James is not here. I will want James to get in Good stuff, on to the back seat Okay now for the back seat So if you are a family person upgrading to this car The back seat is actually very important because this is where your child will be in the child seat and your spouse will be at the back as well Isofix points, check Lots of leg room, check Head space, check Great plush leather, so it’s very comfortable in here There are creature comforts like rear air-con charging points and something very important for Singapore’s weather sunshades! Lovely, no more uneven tans on your arms after a day in the car Now let’s see how the Camry fits three in the rear Actually, it’s pretty alright It’s pretty decent even for your headroom It being a front-wheel drive has got this advantage that the transmission hump isn’t too high so you can actually fit easily I guess we like the backseat *old man noises* It’s really easy to get in and out of a car like this and I’ll tell you why, start the engine and the steering starts moving to your exact position where you left off Now it’s very important for a pint-sized guy like me because if the steering wheel is like this and I like to sit close to the steering wheel it gives me better control Getting in and out of the car is gonna cause a little bit of problem but this is easy You’re faced with this nicely wrapped leather steering wheel Multi-functional steering wheel in fact Which means I can actually control whatever I have to do via here without taking my eyes off the road Dashboard’s really nice, simple, and we like it simple but what’s really really nice is this whole portion here It looks like a kimono dress of sorts, and it wraps the center console and infotainment system really really nicely It makes you feel like it’s nicely packaged The engineers and the designers really thought this through properly and I think what they also thought properly is The whole ambiance of the car The car doesn’t come with a sunroof and that’s fine but imagine if it’s no sunroof and it’s all black It’s gonna be really dull. It’s gonna be really boring But what Toyota did was really really nice If you see here Cream white color soft to the touch It actually creates a livelier cabin ambiance I like the seats, really comfortable It’s actually electric memory seats I can have two different memory settings here, which is good So if for example my wife decides to drive and she sits quite differently from the way I sit she can set hers to either number one or number two Now the car doesn’t come with wireless Qi charging Now that’s fine because if you check all these out here It’s actually nicely flushed I have USB ports, AUX IN, and I can charge my phone and when I’m done cap it back and it’s clean and it’s very neat What’s also neat is all these small little buttons here There’s a “HOLD” button there’s also “ECO”, “NORMAL”, and “SPORT” driving modes Which means to say if you’re wondering what this “HOLD” button is This “HOLD” button basically just means you can take your foot off the brakes when you’re at the (traffic) lights and it will just stay still Only one way to find out how this thing drives Let’s check it out Hey Julian tell me how does this car drive It’s damn comfortable I mean, I really, really, I’m enjoying myself You know how I’m a really impatient driver I don’t feel the need to rush from point to point in this car It just feels like I want to enjoy myself I want to soak in the whole experience being in this car It’s not crazy luxurious like maybe a Lexus or Audi or BMW But it’s luxurious in it’s very own right But this is based on the Lexus, right? It’s actually based on the Lexus ES It has the same global architectural platform As a passenger, I must agree with you It’s very comfortable, I can stretch my legs out fully, completely I could easily fall asleep in here You know, I think it has a lot to do with the air-con as well Yeah, the air-con is great The air-con is working damn well man I mean Toyota’s air-con is like *pfffffffffft* Best in Business It’s always cold. It’s cold all the time You could probably set it to 25 degrees and it will still be damn cold And I think what’s important about this type of car is the backseat where you will have your kids and your wife It’s very comfortable behind there And then I noticed that there are buttons here to adjust the front passenger seat I call this the “Towkay” button because your “Towkay” behind will be able to adjust it for you You can move the passenger’s seat much further forward so that they get more leg room It actually feels, I don’t know. I’m actually quite surprised by the whole thing, I mean like several years ago if you ask me “Would actually want to buy a Camry?” I would say nahhh, I’m not Maybe it’s not for me or something like that but I don’t know if it’s because Toyota has up its ante with the Camry or it’s because our age just went up that we are feeling this way I think objectively speaking if you look at this car versus the past few Camrys you can tell that the design language of this car is is more suited to the younger generation It’s got sleek lines, and it’s not boxy that definitely appeals to people who want something sportier But I’m not too sure if I want to get it in like this color, the creamy white The cream white interior It’s really nice I mean, I really like it because it kind of gives it a bit of a light-hearted experience but I think I’ll get it in black because this is the kind of car that you want to keep for 10 years maybe even 20 if you renew COE It’s Toyota, it’s gonna work It will just work well throughout the years I don’t really want to have dirty seats For functional purposes, I would probably just keep it black I guess if you wear jeans the colour will run off on the leather But I must say that this white leather with the wood panel, if you blindfold someone and plonk them in here and you cover the Toyota badge they are going to think that this is a German car Yeah, and it just gives off this luxurious look and vibe I really like this whole thing this is nicely wrapped and encompasses like It’s like it’s well thought, they didn’t just do it and then like oh we need to place the infotainment system here They actually had it planned Yeah, I like that the infotainment system there are still physical buttons to adjust the air-con which is the thing that you probably adjust the most and it’s not hidden inside some command in the infotainment system So it just makes sense It’s practical I think it’s also partly to do with how we personally like things like funtion over form There’s no point having something that looks great but it’s completely not funtional at all Julian, there are three levels I have an answer in mind Alright, three, two, one Alright why I’ll get this for the very simple reason that it gives me what I need It might not exactly be what I want but it’s really really what I need Now here’s the thing there’s certain things that bother me when it comes to buying a car It doesn’t have ventilated seats and I think it’s actually really important A lot of people just be thinking like this guy is an idiot I know I am but Ventilated seats, it’s an important feature especially in our climate Number two, if you were to tell someone If someone were to ask you “Eh dude, what car are you driving?” “I’m driving a Camry” They’ll be like, “Oh, I think you’re too young for it man” But what it lags, it makes up for with its subtle suspension, great air-con very slick looks comfortable drivetrain I really like it and 2.5 liters to be honest with 207 horsepower is not slow I can actually keep up with the pack if I wanted to I just choose not to because I’m really enjoying the drive I mean for me if I’m at the age where a lot of other people like me in their mid-30s are into maybe going to get their second car and they have a small young family So you’re thinking of a car that is slightly bigger, higher capacity, and this car has all that Great back seat for my wife and my kid, lots of space Premium interior, very comfortable ride Then you have that Toyota reliability And adaptive cruise control I think for me it’s the complete package and like you said, a lot of people would think that “Aren’t you a bit too young to drive a Camry?” but look at this car front and back It has a new design language It looks so much younger, sleeker I think Toyota really did a good job by really improving the Camry product because it has been bland for a damn long time It has been bland for seven generations This eighth one just takes it up to a whole new level Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment and hit the bell icon button somewhere there So that you’ll be notified when we upload new videos and we are definitely reading all the comments and feedback that you guys are giving We are taking it to heart and we are trying to improve ourselves as we go along We are figuring things out as we do each episode Please be patient with us Thanks for watching this video and till next time

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  1. Total agree with the review.. I have a red hybrid 2018/19 Camry (exactly the same as the one you reviewed).. lovely car to drive!! 😀btw, great review, guys!!

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