2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: First Drive Review — Cars.com

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: First Drive Review — Cars.com

I’m here with the all-new 2019 Corolla
hatchback now the reason that I say this car is all-new is because it really
doesn’t share anything in common with the Corolla sedan that’s currently on
sale here in the United States the Corolla hatchback is based on the
European version of the car which Toyota calls the Auris and it rides on a brand
new platform it rides on Toyotas global architecture and it’s an improvement in
pretty much every single way over the current Corolla sedan now under the hood
of the Corolla hatchback is a new 2-liter four-cylinder and it makes a 168
horsepower that’s a 31 horsepower improvement over the outgoing Corolla I
am in that car felt a bit sluggish but this car doesn’t the bigger changes to
the powertrain for me actually come with the transmissions there will be two
available transmissions on the hatchback a CVT or a 6-speed manual and both get
changes that make them a bit more drivable and a bit easier to live with
starting with a CVT it is a CVT but at the bottom of it is what we call a fixed
gear so essentially what it has is a first gear that behaves like a normal
first gear in an automatic wood and that gives it better off the line
acceleration one of the big complaints about CVT is that you have that rubber
band you feel and they’re really bad from the stop however in the Kuril at
hatchbacks is it has a fixed first gear acceleration from a stop feels more
linear and it makes the whole car feel much more responsive now the bigger
change for me comes from the 6-speed manual in the Corolla I am you were also
offered a 6-speed manual but it was not a good one the clutch action was sloppy
the throws were long the gates weren’t very good it was so bad that it actually
made me prefer the automatic version in this case it’s been cleaned up the
clutch action is a little bit more linear and the gates are more well
defined it’s an easier manual to drive and it comes with two features that you
wouldn’t necessarily expect from my Toyota manual the first one is downshift
rev-matching so when you’re going from like 3rd to 2nd gear or even 4th to 2nd
gear the engine will rev up to match the new gear and it makes it smoother when
you’re down shifting services it also has some fuel
benefits but we don’t have actual fuel economy numbers for the Kuril a
hatchback yet so we’ll have to see if that’s true the second feature which
will be very welcome for some people is an anti stall feature essentially what
happens is if it feels the car is going to stall in first gear it will actually
bump up the revs on the engine slightly so you don’t stall and this is kind of
perfect for those who are learning how to drive manual and the Corolla
hatchback might be the most friendly car for beginners that I’ve ever driven now how does the Corolla hatchback do in
corners it does okay you can drive circles around the Corolla sedan but it
doesn’t quite live up to sporty members of this class like the Mazda 3 and I
think the Civic is a little bit sharper overall but on the right kind of road
you can have fun pushing the Corolla hatchback now the hatchback also comes
with some new suspension technology called active cornering assist and what
that will do is it will actually use the the brakes on the inside front wheel
when you’re coming into a corner to help give you a better approach angle and
will actually help to keep the car flatter and prevent understeer as well now another string for the Corolla
hatchback would be styling because I am wasn’t a bad looking car but the Kohler
hatchback kind of takes it to the next level I
especially like the treatment of the front grille where there’s this floating
body color piece on the bottom that helps to give the front dimension the
whole package looks more aggressive overall and even the big wing spoiler
found on the XS II it doesn’t overdo it it actually matches the overall
aesthetic of the car quite well now the Corolla hatchback also gets a few
interior upgrades as well an 8-inch multimedia touchscreen is standard
across both trim levels that would be the SC and X SE and it does come with
engine 3.0 – whether it is new multimedia system that includes apple
carplay and Amazon Alexa connectivity and those are two features that we’ve
been clamoring for for a long time in Toyotas one other thing that I
appreciate about the Corolla hatchback is the actual placement of the screen
it’s pretty high in the dash so it’s easy for you to look at briefly while
driving without taking your eyes too far off the road and you can reach it from
the driver’s seat without having to lean too far forward so I can just reach out
and touch the far right side of the screen without having to lean forward
the dashboard design is very clean and I’m a big fan of it there aren’t too
many controls I want Toyota has done is they’ve pluster them all up pretty high
so there’s nothing you have to really reach for down low besides the heat
warmers all your climate controls are right here and your multimedia controls
are here X se models also add a 7-inch digital display in the instrument panel
and it’s high resolution and easy to see even in bright conditions like the ones
that we have today now the Corolla hatchbacks interior has
one weakness it would be the backseat Toyota actually hasn’t released official
specs and dimensions for the backseat area yet but I can tell you that there
isn’t much legroom if I set up the seat here where I want to drive and I’m 511 I
can actually can’t fit in the backseat without putting my knees into the back
of the front seat Headroom is good though there’s a some cutouts in the
hood and the overall shape of the car gives you a lot of air so you won’t feel
claustrophobic but there are no visible air vents in the backseat either so the
back of the center console just has a small storage bin but no air vents
no USB ports there’s only two USB ports one found up here under the dash and the
other one here in the central storage bin so there’s no way if you’re in the
backseat for you to get air or to really charge your devices and for someone like
me who has a tendency to get kind of motion sick
that would make riding in the back difficult now the Corolla hatchback also
carries with it a few important safety updates and that includes both new
technology and updates to existing safety technology Toyota has done a very
good job of making safety features standard across their whole lineup of
vehicles so the last generation of coral that did have standard features like
adaptive cruise control automatic forward emergency braking and lane keep
assist but those technologies have been refined in the Corolla hatchback and it
would be the first Toyota to come with what they’re calling Toyota’s safety
sense 2.0 so two of those technologies that are worth highlighting are updates
to the adaptive cruise control and updates to the lane cue system so the
lane cue system before would keep you in the lane but it didn’t have any
centering now it has centering so instead of ping pong in from lane line
to lane line it actually keeps you firmly in the middle of that lane now
the second innovation is the one that I’m excited about is someone who lives
in Los Angeles where stop and go traffic is a norm the exact of cruise control
will now take you all the way down to a stop before it turned off at around 15
miles an hour which got annoying when traffic got slow but in CVT foot models
of the Corolla hatchback it’ll take you all the way down to zero now if you do
opt for the manual it will still only go down to fifteen because if you drop
below that you’ll need to change gears anyway however it has one helpful
feature and that is if you downshift let’s say you’re on a hill and you’re
using the cruise control it will still hold your speed but just do so at a
lower gear now no official word yet on pricing or fuel economy for the Corolla
hatch but we assume that we’ll get those numbers closer to the cars on sale date
in July of 2018 you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Don't get why the XSE doesn't get the spoiler shown on the car at the NY auto show. That's pretty lame both trims have the same spoiler

  2. Wow I’m impressed! I drive a 17 WRX but I really need a hatchback (not offered) and this might be a good replacement

  3. Definitely a step up in looks and with that blue, I see many young people buying these as college cars and future cambered out rice cars:)

  4. Not gonna lie, I really like it, but with that back seat, I'm not sure who its for exactly.

  5. Yet another hideous monstrosity from Toyota. If you want silly, juvenile bad taste, then Toyota is the car company for you.

  6. That "PLEASE LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" blue color is awful. Car will look good in black or white though. The weakest link is that fish-face front styling and fake dual-exhaust ports in the back (/facepalm). The CVT w/launch gear design is pretty innovative.

  7. I like the way it looks and will consider purchasing it when I find out the price and MPG.I have a 1997 Camry that I purchased new and may get a new car even though the Camry runs perfectly with no problems.

  8. Why complain about small back seat space? Get a SUV so you will fit at back seat! This car usually used by college kids not by a fat guy!

  9. We think there's a huge improvement with the new 2019 Corolla. Now if we can just pray for the GR version!!

  10. Amazing, hopefully with the rebranding they will be be offering great lease deals. Coming from someone who doesn’t know how to drive stick and now wants to, I can’t wait to hop in this, since it doesn’t let me stall and rev matches!

  11. Super nice corolla.

    Crying out for a higher performance model ! Also this guy complains about back seat space.. lol really dude

  12. Too small. I find hatchbacks useless. I don't understand why they are not making wagons. It is actually cool.

  13. I got to say, I'm surprised. This thing is actually pretty darned nice!

    I hope Toyota will come out with a hotter version of it with maybe the 2.0 turbo from the Lexus.

    The 2.5 would be cool as well.

  14. Performance and design I'm not suprised Toyota is just doing what it needed to do to . Rear seat space and leg room is where I'm shocked they skimped out on. Competition is growing in size .

  15. I keep hoping that Car makers might notice that most roads are not as smooth as race tracks, and bring back real wheels and tires.

  16. That is a good looking hatch, nicely done toyota, this corolla/auris and the new camry are going in the right direction

  17. I'm Toyota and Honda fan, but I kinda like the Mazda3 hatchback body style.especially, the 2013 sports tour or grand tour.

  18. The tablet on top of the dash makes it a no-no for me. I prefer the classic look of VW Golf/Jetta with the screen in the middle of the center console.

  19. Just learn to drive a manual like we all did without the car upping the revs if it senses you are going to stall. Who cares if you stall out in first..that is how you learn. It is like buying a car with hill assist…just learn to drive a manual and you do not need hill assist. The 'dumbing' down of human skill development with technology.

  20. if I'm picking this up def dropping airbag suspension. aggressive rims. needs from lip or lip splitter. keeping the body overall stock. catch me at SEMA and WEK fest!!

  21. Toyotas are dangerously fast cause they have too much power and a light body and thats the love i have on this car

  22. The car looks real good but Toyota in it’s conservative mindset has put the wrong motor in it, it needs the 8AR-FTS as an option and dump that CVT transmission. Then it will have the go to go along with it looks

  23. I'm just a happy camper to have a car… period. A lot of people rip on Toyota for creating these toyish cars, but IMHO they are rather stylish and come with all the features any modern person would want. They are reliable, affordable, get you from A to B without issue, and outlast most other manufacturer's vehicles. You buy a VW or Fiat and you're almost guaranteed to dole out several thousand dollars over the life of the car for mechanical/electrical issues.

    A+ for Toyota. They've got a winner this year.

  24. So iPhones and Apple Watches are expected to last for three years. I am curious what will happen when Apple Infotainment will stop supporting updates? Just like iPhone 4s won’t upgrade to iOS 10. If you plan to keep this vehicle for a long time you’ll be stuck with that old hardware? Also not to forget that apps also require regular updates. It’s interesting to see what will happen to this system 5 years from now.

  25. the toyota eventually managed to present cars that appear to reflect the state-of-the-art technology and the economic stability it holds. Congratulations people of Toyota!!

  26. The iM is much better styling. I hate the new entune/head unit and interior styling. iM head unit is simple and sleek. Also the shaft angle in the back/hatch is on my nerve! The best part of a hatch is that u can stack stuff up hiiigh. This is silllly…

  27. I wonder if a performance model will be out. Would’ve been nice if it at least hit 170 hp and torque. A few complaints are no sunroof, fake exhaust tips, and nothing really to differentiate it from the base. A better sporty rear bumper with real tips would be nice.

  28. I'm glad they offer manual tranny, but still not quite sporty enough…let's see what the next gen does, if it matches the Civic, I'll buy one.

  29. I have an eye on this because it’s really nice and my boys are 8 and 10 now but I can pass it on to them once they’re in high school.

  30. as soon as i saw an ad for this car i had to see it. im way in llove with this car. i hope it hits hard in the car market. id love to own one.

  31. Надоело работать на начальника за копейки? Устал от очередных рутинных приказов? Есть новость! Ежедневно я делаю по 10.000 рублей! Хочешь так же? Показываю, что нужно делать. Посмотри видос у меня канале

  32. They should have an ad with the AE86 drifting down a windy road and then out of nowhere the new hatchback pulls up and passes it. Plus there's a whole bunch of eurobeat blasting in the background.

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