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  1. I have the non-hybrid 2019 rav4, should i paint the roof, fender and rim to Gloss black like hybrid version? It looks cheap now

  2. Design is awesome.but why is it so small, body size is small.It's made for dwarfs? size of the new raw4 not seriously.

  3. Are you being paid by Toyota? They now have a noisy engine. And the sales people said that normal and tall people cannot fit into the new model due to the high and wide console that interferes with the driver's leg. Toyota messed up big time with this model. My right knee would be rubbed raw due to the bulky centre console. Rear seats do not lay flat in non-hybrid models. It also has less storage room and storage compartments than the 2017. And it looks different which is ok but it is ugly! Push button start as most people know is the least secure system. ENTUNE sucks & looks not good.

  4. The Rav is just a Lexus w/o the badge! This thing has over 13 different windshield configurations! People spend so much money and have no idea what they have.

  5. Love the vids and all but god save the engine some pressure every video you either hitting or near the rev limiter

  6. Exterior: 6/10
    Interior: 7/10
    Quality: 8/10
    Practicality: 7/10
    Performance: 5/10
    Value: 8/10
    Overall: 41/60

  7. Really dislike when you review cars and only show the upper trims. How about he lower trims for the simple people?

  8. Looks too small. I'm 6'5", I don't think I will fit in this. This guy looks tiny and even he doesn't look like he will fit in it well. Despite problems with the 1.5T in the CRV, I still find that CUV much more appealing. I have zero interest in the CX5 and its low MPG offerings. I don't know why anybody would ever care about "sportiness" in a crossover. Talk about ignorant. You want a sportier car, get a sports car instead of pretending you have both. Not to mention I don't trust Mazda at all, I've never known them as reputable. If only the Toyota was bigger. I want a spacey CUV with an efficient engine and a nice well featured cabin. I don't buy cars every 5 years. This thing will be with me for 20 years, just like the Cadillac DeVille that has been in my family since 2000. It still runs great and has very few issues and that's what I expect from a purchase. Toyota usually fulfills that reputation but I doubt I will fit in this vehicle with any ease. I rarely fit in anything but full size SUVs, but I'm not spending the money on gas and a giant vehicle that I won't use to the fullest.

  9. I was hoping Sofyan was gonna pull a matt with him in the car and be like, "lets just turn down this backroad…"

  10. I rented one of these for a road trip. I was impressed with comfort, headroom, interior space and fuel mileage. I drove 2700 miles in 60 hours and just slept in the back at rest stops. It made the trip barrable. Good job Toyota👍

  11. Worst car I ever bought…. waited 4 months to get RAV 4 XSE Hybrid 2019, and the brand new vehicle has been sitting in the dealership for more than 2 months waiting for parts. Purchased in January, delivered in April, returned to the dealership's shop in May for parts and car is not drivalble. Today, Mid-July Toyota is saying parts are back ordered for another 4 months!!! Stay away from Toyota. Cannot pump more than 9 gallons of gas into the vehicle when empty.

  12. Every single person complains about how slow the Rav4 is. Go fucking buy a sports car then. Jesus its a CUV not a racing machine. I got to drive a 150hp Rav4 equiped with a CVT and it felt pretty quick. I am not going to race in it. I just want it to last and take me anywhere I want. Thats the point of this vehicle.

  13. Will one be able to get the blackout trim level for wheels and grille on the XLE level? As well how is acceleration from 0-60 in the XLE? In the XLE is the infotainment system LED or LCD screen? And just to be clear that is standard in all trim levels? And to get the rear mirror camera is it a better camera that the standard one?

  14. My mother recently brought a 2019 RAV4 and I have to say, I can’t wait to drive it. It has a super safe system, it tells you when you’re out of your lane. Beeps when you drive too close to a car as indication to stop. This is coming from a 15 yo. 😂

  15. Exhaust rattle much? Jesus that's awful. Where's the heads up display? Lol use Waze integration… Yeah because there's no Android Auto.

  16. 4000 miles into my mid spec Rav4 …I still enjoy how it drives although it now squeaks when i turn right and I still utterly hate the sat nav etc

  17. Ok. Toyota cars are good, but their design are really ugly. Look that screen, looks more like a 80's TV than an modern design. Also the resolution is bad. Very disappointed.

  18. I still think the damn thing needs more ground clearance. I live in South Africa and our dirt roads will eat that thing for breakfast. If its so great they need to release a model that has higher ground clearance or if they want to be fancy they should have control options that can increase and decrease the Rav's ground clearance accroding to the required conditions.

  19. Bursting your Toyota bubble: “My 2018 Toyota Rav4 has stalled 5 times while driving on city streets in moving traffic, first time in Feb 2019 while driving home from work, in April three times while driving to work and one time while driving home from work(rush hour). All documented with Toyota. Occurs when I take my foot off the gas while driving, and difficulty restarting after it stalls with loss of power and sputtering. 'charging system malfunction' warning msg appeared on dashboard(I took photo and emailed to Toyota). I followed instructions in 2018 toyotal Rav4 owner's manual "stop the car immediately…continuing to drive the vehicle may be dangerous". had car towed to Toyota immediately. 3 trouble codes were recorded P1603(engine stall), P1604 startability malfunction, and P1605(rough idling), however they were unable to determine root cause of stalling and refused to keep my car to do further analysis despite the fact that I told them I did not feel safe driving vehicle, and my car is still under comprehensive warranty coverage. I contacted corporate, and they restated dealer conclusions and would not allow me to speak to a field tech specialist. I then emailed and wrote a letter to vp sales of Toyota, andrew gilleland. Rep from executive office called me. I asked for Toyota to provide me with either transportation assistance and a no cost-to-me extended comprehensive warranty until the underlying cause is determined and without further stalling incidences, or a replacement vehicle. He refused, despite all the significant potentially dangerous safety issues in a vehicle with less than 9,200 miles. Toyota does not appear to be concerned with reliability, peace of mind, and most of all safety. I have a case # with Toyota. I recently discovered there are several other reports on this site with same stalling issues as my car. – San Diego, CA, USA
    “. Car complaints.com

  20. I love this color interior but can’t seem to find it on the site when building one. Is it specific to a certain trim.

  21. The new RAV4 body style is beyond amazing! BUT I went to check them out in person and it was a huge bummer that the passenger side seat level is so HIGH, anyone taller than 5’5 will have difficulty getting into the car. It’s UNBELIEVABLE that they DO NOT have height adjustment for the passenger side. My dad is 5’9 and he had about a inch left of space before his head would hit the roof. My 2016 Kia Soul has it! Like wtf! HUGE MISTAKE for Toyota, hopefully they can make the change for the new 2020’s

  22. Finally, a Toyota Rav 4 that doesn't look like some goofy- ass soccer mom mini van. Only took them how many years….?

  23. People complain about the model 3 finger smudges on the gloss black; just imagine this gloss black exterior body after years of debris…

  24. All's you really have to say is that it's a vass improvement from it's predecessor. A lot of bla bla bla. I test drove one at Hertz, and thought it was great for what it was. I watched your video thinking you were going to cover every internal features and explain the new technology operation. I be honest I kept watching hoping the video would get better and for it to end.

  25. В Санкт-Петербурге с 1 октября текущего, 2029, года конвейер покидает Toyota RAV4 четвертого поколения, и уступает место новому кроссоверу пятого поколения. Мы предлагаем вам обзор с фото, комплектацией и техническими характеристиками нового кроссовера Toyota RAV4 2019 пятого поколения: http://westicar.ru/yaponskie/toyota/208-toyota-rav4-2019

  26. I just purchased one back in June and I am having MAJOR transmission issues. The car jerks and bucks when I do a “California stop” or slow down then accelerate. It doesn’t matter how lightly I push the gas, it still jerks forward and it’s beyond annoying. Anyone else having this issue?

  27. Why doesn't Toyota offer an engine with more power, they only offer one engine really stupid, why not have a model with an option for more HP

  28. I purchased a Rav 4 XLE Premium AWD and I absolutely love it. The ride is extremely smooth with the 19” tires and I’m so happy with it. Not gonna lie, it did take me a bit to get use to the louder engine but all the other great things this car OFFERS totally makes up for it.

  29. Yeah I agree with criticism of the back up camera. We definitely have the tech for car makers to make ‘em a lot more sharper.

  30. https://www.nettavisen.no/livsstil/norges-mest-solgte-far-stryk-i-sikkerhetstest–viser-farlig-oppforsel/3423846775.html Google translate is your friend

  31. Note to ALL manufacturers: Never, and I mean never, put LED projector headlights and incandescent fog lights. It is the perfect way to ruin the front end of the vehicle.

  32. I'm 6'1 and had to pass on this SUV. The console panel is way to wide, digs right into my knee making it painful and difficult to keep your foot on the gas pedal.

  33. My friend has a 2001 model with nearly 500,000 miles, original motor and tranny, new rear end though, leaks oil a bit but other than that still runs great to this day, good vehicles.

  34. I hate all these “journalists” keep saying “wish they had this feature like the other high ends would have” This is not a high end car!!!

    Can all these people stay realistic. Compare with cars that are similar to its price points.

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