2019 UK Driving Test Replica (full route with Sat-Nav / manual car)

2019 UK Driving Test Replica (full route with Sat-Nav / manual car)

The UK Driving Test changed it’s format in December 2017, so in this video we will show you a replica of a real Driving Test so you can see how everything works. We will drive the full route from the test centre here in Bury St Edmunds, and include a manoeuvre and independent driving with a Sat-Nav. This is quite a long video, so we’ve put links to interesting moments of the test in the video description and comments section below. Let’s get started! That’s the end of our test route today, The examiner would now complete their paperwork, let you know if you have passed or not, and then give some feedback on your driving. If you have your test soon, then good luck – we hope it goes well.

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    * 0:48  Test introduction
    * 1:05  'Tell Me' question
    * 1:49  Start of independent drive
    * 6:00  Angle start on a hill
    * 7:05  Reverse Parallel Parking
    * 14:05  Large roundabout
    * 14:50  Joining the dual carriageway
    * 15:40  'Show Me' question
    * 17:30  Leaving the dual carriageway
    * 19:30  Pulling up on the left
    * 22:25  End of the independent drive
    * 29:15  End of the test

  2. Seat Leon 2013 vs Golf 2013 vs Peugeot 208 2014/2015 ??? (All of them with 1.6 Diesel Engines)
    Which one should i buy as my first car???

  3. I've been learning for a year now and I am a very nervous driver. I am the kind of person to have to know exactly what i'm doing and hate when I can't control the situation, that's why driving scares me if anything unexpected happens. I'm a good driver but nerves get in the way. I hate the unexpected so this really helped me gain some understanding of what my test will be like. Obviously my route etc will be different from this one but I feel that watching this has helped me format my brain into understanding how its going to work and has alleviated my stress levels a little. Thank you for posting this. My test will be soon this has really come in handy. Thanks

  4. Been looking through videos to help improve my learning to drive and wasn't expecting to see Bury St Edmunds come up, that's where I'm going to end up doing my test.

  5. Interesting…. His drive was a breeze. The roads were almost empty and the roundabouts were small, easily manageable. Where I live, they are multi-lane and the traffic is heavy.

  6. Hi i have my test next week.my intructor said that i should maintain my speed limit.otherwise i might be fail.can you guys give me any suggestion.thanks

  7. Hi, I’ve got my test tomorrow and I’m using my own car, I was wondering because I don’t have one yet if it’s essential to have an interior mirror for the instructor

  8. I passed my practical test today first attempt with 2 minors and still watching those videos and guess what im still nervous 😬

  9. I've been learning for over a year now I've struggled so much with my driving i dont have much confidence which doesn't help. I have my test soon and I'm so nervous I stay up late at night watching these videos they are good i juat hope they help me to pass

  10. I have my driving test tomorrow. I can drive easily but I worry that due to being nervous, I may fail. I've been practising all year for this.

  11. Is 70mph being driven on a country road – that would have been a fail in a test situ – game over- surely?

  12. So, would the student have failed this test at 71 mph – which is not 70mph – l just would like to establish by which margin the Government examiners are adhering to….

  13. Love the videos, so helpful, I'm going to do my test in the NY! One question at 6:18 you drive on without indicating after pulling up, but at 8:37 you indicate then drive on after the reverse park, whats the difference in these? Thank you!

  14. 8:02 i swear when your parallel parking your suppose to leave a decent car length otherwise you get marked down for clearance

  15. Thanks for the video. in munits 6.17 after the examiner asked you to pull over before the black car then she asked you to drive on you didn't use the right signal to indicate that you are leaving!?? is not it a mistake? or the law says nothing about it? I already have a Moroccan driving licence but I cant exchange it with an UK one so have applied for my provisional driving licence and I am preparing for the test, hope everything is almost similar

  16. Can you tell me? How many gears we can use in driving test? My instructor told me we can use till 4 . But I saw your video use 5th gear. I am confused please tell me which one is right? You or my instructor?

  17. Giving instructions over the sat nav while the sat navs giving different directions can be so distracting not good

  18. I have my test on Wednesday, I am very nervous as everyone knows I have it including my friends. I am very anxious and my throat dries up easily so I hope I’m not affected by this

  19. Thank you! It was like we were inside the car driving, it can also help some people those will pass their tests.

  20. 27:43 Shouldn't the driver have signalled left to show he was leaving the roundabout at the second exit? My instructor always says to signal out of the roundabout even when going straight over.

    Also is it a fault/minor if I indicate when not necessary?

  21. Are you allowed to reverse with one hand on the wheel and one on the back of the passenger headrest, as in Canada (not from Canada, just been watching Canada's Worst Driver and they are taught to reverse this way, I tried it and found it easier and more comfortable than what I was taught – which is what is shown in this video – both hands on the wheel while looking round.) Going for a manual test soon, been driving automatic for about 4 years.

  22. Im so jealous how you effortlessly did the parallel park. I have my test next week! hoping I can do it as good as you

  23. I have my test on Friday next week. I think im ready but still as nervous as anything. I'm happy that I can have my instructor with me, I feel alot more confident having someone with me who has basically taught me all I know and want to make sure everything he taught me has sunk in.

  24. 15:10 he’s going like 60mph I thought learners and restricted drivers always had to keep under 45 no matter what ?

  25. Passed my test yesterday.  These videos were very helpful.  I would recommend using a nerve calming potion like Rescue Remedy before you enter the test center.  Calmed me right down so I could concentrate better.  Had 3 minors.

  26. I learning how to drive I m in my 6 lessons but not in the traffic lights yet
    When can I drive on the Road ?

  27. I have my first driving test tomorrow, to say I am nervous would be an understatement. Have a 1 hour lesson beforehand to practice a few manoeuvres and general driving. Fingers crossed! Thank you for the video it was very helpful.

  28. It's illegal to have the sat nav in the middle of the dashboard like that; it's obstructing the view. The police say that your sat nav should be at the bottom right of the windscreen (which I think is also a ridiculous position and still in the way).

  29. I am just a learner when it comes to driving. I know that when you stop at roundabouts and junctions you should change to first gear and lift the handbrakes up. However, at certain roundabouts, the driver did not change to first gear, but remained in second gear as he is aware that he is going to exit soon. Would he have to keep his feet balanced on the clutch and accelerator up to biting point to make sure that the car is stopped?

  30. Hey guys, great video. What’s the digital speedometer used in this video called? I’ve been looking for one everywhere!

  31. Am having my test on the 8 of August 2019 this video has helped me understand and see what happens in a test situation. Will let you all know if I pass or fail hopefully not the latter.

  32. At 3:43 I’m confused I did the same roundabout the same way on a mock test and failed for it, what is the rule on mini roundabouts? Thanks

  33. This's very helpful. Thank you so much beautiful Ann and kind Matt. Love you both, your channel helped me alot with my driving. My test is on Wednesday next week am sooo scared. Hope I pass 🙏🙏🙏

  34. Omg…this is completely different from where I learnt from many yrs ago.. Not sure if I can follow satnav,. And this is a long driving test I've ever seen.this is insane.

  35. No bay parking apart from the final drop off and no reserved parking into a bay?? I scared myself too much then…..

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