2020 Corolla: “Metalhead” | Toyota

2020 Corolla: “Metalhead” | Toyota

Graham? [I keep waiting for you my dear.] [Waiting for you to call.] That’s my daughter! Hey. Dad. What an incredible set! Love the wig. Let’s go places.

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  1. Go hear The Gathering with Anneke before she left them or Nightwish with Tarja before she left them thats real talent or Bikini Kill Rebel Girl. That's Talentttttt

  2. Y'all straight up lying about the urban experience of owning a car in this commercial. I live around the corner from The Smell and you can't park outside the front door like that. You gotta deal with sketchy-ass high-crime parking lots. That venue is 1 block from the Metro red line. Driving to The Smell is a rookie mistake and I feel bad for anyone persuaded by this commercial. Downtown LA is by far best experienced without a car. I guess it's good to see Bleached and The Smell taking money away from the car industry though.

  3. Do Toyota focus groups really think this stuff makes us want to buy a Corolla? Divorced dad going through midlife crisis trying to better relate to his daughter? Talk about quality, performance, efficiency, then I might be interested.

  4. #corolla #corollahíbrido #allnewcorolla @Toyota @TeamToyota faltou no novo Corolla bancos traseiros mais confortáveis como da última geração, faltou não rebaixar o teto por causa do teto solar, faltou potência ao híbrido, falta a tecnologia turbo, e com certeza faltou ar dualzone

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