2020 Corolla: “Rainy Day” | Toyota

2020 Corolla: “Rainy Day” | Toyota

[I put a spell on you] [’cause you’re mine.] [You better stop the things you do.] [And I ain’t lyin’.] Let’s go places.

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  1. I never liked the corolla before, but I definitely don’t like it now. This came on Uplifting network and I was appalled. Makes me want to never buy a Toyota again if they’re going to advertise like this.

  2. Me and a friend are laughing so hard we're crying over this commercial because it's so pointless??? Like what's your selling point here? Who pitched this? Who approved it? Why was this thought to be a good idea? It looks more like a car wash commercial 😂😂😂

  3. You're not supposed to wash the car like that, it scratches up the paint. The outside looks great, i don't like the tablet radio, i like my radio inside the dash.

  4. Thanks Toyota…. I love that awkward feeling that comes with realizing what this commercial is really about while watching t.v. with my 16 year old son 😕

  5. Toyota, you cant't keep objectifying women like this!!! Men and Women can't do things like that with each other!!! Shame!!! #metoo #Timesup #imadudandreallydontcare4life

  6. Anyone noticed that she has to turn on the car after getting out of the automatic car wash?
    Pretty sure we shall leave the car running in neutral in the wash bay.

  7. Very disappointed in this commercial. Toyota used to have values and class. Highly inappropriate, I have kids and I shouldn't have to worry about a car commercial during daytime TV.

  8. I love Toyota. I’m surprised they made a commercial like this, only they would. I own a 2018 Corolla SE and only hand wash it or take it to a brushless car wash.

  9. Ew nasty…lol theres gonna be a lot of kids asking their parents what those two turds were doing in the back of the car

  10. Who is the worker dude in the commercial that watches them? 😂 I SEE HIM EVERYWHERE DOING SMALL PARTS AND I DONT KNOW WHO HE IS.

  11. I would still get a car from them if I wanted to. But as for irresponsible sex being implied in this commercial, it is not a smart move on marketing sex appeal to sell products.

  12. #corolla #corollahíbrido #allnewcorolla @Toyota @TeamToyota faltou no novo Corolla bancos traseiros mais confortáveis como da última geração, faltou não rebaixar o teto por causa do teto solar, faltou potência ao híbrido, falta a tecnologia turbo, e com certeza faltou ar dualzone

  13. My 5 year old watching thrusday night football just asked me what these people were doing… I had to search it to show my wife… thanks Toyota

  14. I just want everyone to know I hate this commercial so much. Who told Toyota that sex can sell cars? Because not only was this pointless, but you're just steadily ruining one car commercial after another.

  15. so toyota is promoting extramarital affairs(dude doesn't has a ring in his middle finger and the broad has a ring on her ring finger) O_O

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