2020 Corolla: “Rescue” | Toyota

2020 Corolla: “Rescue” | Toyota

Never a dull night. Take this. There it is. How much for the bolt cutters? [Turn up. (repeats)] You’re paying for breakfast. Let’s go places.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hay I loved it,what happen to 16v,models,what happen to it,and makes 2 door one,I like to know have you made a v12

  2. /what is this even supposed to mean? Get a Toyota if you are and your friends are involved in a kidnapping? What the hell?

  3. So I composed and pitched two original pieces of music customized specifically for this commercial before it was released. Neither were picked. Both fit better than what you guys ended up with though. That’s kinda sad. This commercial deserved something custom.

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