2020 Lexus GX 460 // NEW Face for a RELIABLE Old-School Luxury SUV!

2020 Lexus GX 460 // NEW Face for a RELIABLE Old-School Luxury SUV!

What’s going on YouTube? So as most of you know, this generation of the Lexus GX has been around for a while now But it’s unique combination of old-school luxury and off-road capability means it continues to be a popular offering Now for 2020 Lexus is putting it under the knife for another extensive refresh Which is why we’re standing out in the cold rain this morning at Lexus of Lexington Of course we do want to take a moment to specially thank them for giving us such quick access to this new GX and if you’re in the market for any new Lexus Make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So With all that said let’s see all the 2020 changes You So starting things off here on the outside, this is the biggest place that Lexus focused their efforts They definitely went for an LX inspired. Look this year by making the spindle grille substantially larger and bolder But unlike the other Lexus models, the previous chrome bars have been eliminated in favor of a new black mesh across all the models Now this specific GX also has the sport design package which makes a pretty big difference in the overall look since it adds the extra chrome surround Across the bottom of the grille and the dark grey lower body kit across the entire front The other big update is of course the brand new headlights Unlike most other Lexus products on the GX they are including these very nice-looking triple beam full LED headlights on all the models There are obviously a big step up from the previous partial LEDs and you also find LED fog lights on the bottom So long as you choose the premium or luxury trims Now in regards to all the rest of the styling well it has not changed nearly as much The side profile is unchanged and the rear design is pretty much Unchanged besides for a slightly different looking exhaust finish Once again this sport design package spices things up with a unique lower body kit and red taillight lenses instead of the normal clear ones And of course being a rugged SUV, you have a full-size spare tire underneath and a 6500 pound tow rating So all in all while the look hasn’t changed in a huge way The new front really goes a long way in making the GX look a lot more modern Now another important part of this refresh are the new wheel designs For the first time you can now get a GX with 19-inch hours Which is what these are on this sport model as well as on the luxury model, which has the same design – the dark finish Finally the previous luxury wheels have moved down to become the standard wheels on the base and premium models As far as the mirrors the sport model adds an extra chrome accent and every model now has standard blind spot monitoring for 2020 Additionally, the luxury adds power folding and auto dimming abilities Now perhaps the most important upgrade in 2020 is that the GX finally adds all of the lexus active safety systems as standard equipment Including automatic emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist auto high beam headlights and adaptive cruise control These are features that a lot of the GX’s rivals continue to place within expensive packages But anyways guys that’s going to hit all the big changes on the outside so now let’s see what’s new for the cabin So we’re after that here you will notice one of the 2020 interior changes and that’s that We now have an updated keep up. This is Alexis’s newest design Remote start the still comes via the Lexus enform app and that will be free for 1 year Now the inside the vehicle itself, all you got to do is grab behind a handle since it does have a sensor I’m checking out the interior of the refreshed GX As you can see a lot of the main design components do carry over but Lexus has changed out many of the details Now some of those details are in different material and color options So what you’ll be looking at for 2020 is new luxe faux leather for both your standard model and your premium model And that comes in black sepia ecru or new for 2020 a Rioja red, so that’s pretty cool You’ll also be looking at some different types of woods So for your base model that’s going to come with the linear Espresso wood but starting on the premium model you get this upscale grace appeal a wood with the little aluminum lines that run through it And then finally on your luxury model, you still have the option of the semi-aniline leather Which is beautiful and that comes in these same four colors So turning over here to our door trim as you can see it is nicely appointed All of the armrest area is going to be covered in real leather And this top part will be padded with your grace appeal a wood Over here, you’ve got some more wood and four fully automatic windows as well as two standard memory seats They coming down here to our seats they are 10-way power adjusting with to a lumbar across all the trim levels And then like I already mentioned this is the new looks synthetic leather I’ve said it in many other Lexus models though before Very realistic. Most people won’t even notice as a matter of fact From what I remember the previous real leather on cert on the middle trim That was a lot harder than this. This has a softer more supple feel Now you get inside the vehicle itself, we do have running boards and a assist grip So for 2020 the design and materials stay pretty much the same which is definitely a good thing since it was already a very high quality cabin So across your upper dash here we do have a nice soft touch plastic dropping down here to your middle You’ve got kind of a silver trim with some wood inlaid inside of it We do also have a nice leather patch through here with some color contrast stitching Driving down to our lower area. Most of this is covered in more of that nice wood as well as leather Rhett all through here Now start the GX all you have to do is just press this button And what you’re looking at here is one of your 2020 changes right off the bat and that’s a brand-new gauge cluster with a totally different design And you do also have a new center display here. This is a 4.2 inch color multifunction display Of course, it does do all the typical stuff that it does and all the other Lexus models Including over here. You have your options for the newly standard safety systems And then coming back to the steering wheel it has been redesigned to the latest Lexus design You do have leather wrapping, of course on all the models Standard on the luxury is this wood trim. However, we have optioned it on to this premium model Up top here you do have rain sensing wipers on the premium model and up Lexus has also thrown in a fully power adjusting steering wheel standard across the board. So that’s really nice And then you also will have heating if you go for the luxury I’m moving on to interior storage. The GX does have a pretty good amount for vehicle this size Turning up underneath the center console here. We do have a nice felt line tray. It is removable And then inside here it is pretty deep with a little felt lining down at the bottom You also want to mention that this adjust both sides It’s pretty nice Underneath this piece of wood We have our two cupholders and then up in the front here. When you slide this piece back. You will notice a decently sized Area right here with two USB ports and aux jack and a 12-volt outlet Now moving back to the shifter here you might notice that this has also been redesigned to look like the other Lexus models Of course, it is just traditional. So you just pull back for drive bump over here to the left to shift manually However, there is not going to be any paddle shifters on any of the models Now heading on up into reverse This is just the standard backup camera. Most of the models will come with this. We actually do not have active trajectory, which is surprising However on the premium model and up. We do have parking sensors. Now the news this year is a brand new 360-degree camera system with What they call terrain monitor, which can kind of like see through the vehicle at certain points That will be available as an $800 option on your luxury model only Then as far as your mirrors they do tilt down when you reverse to help you see the part that is better And of course there are several other buttons located around the shifter So what you’ll see here is basically just your hill descent control You have your 4 wheel drive controls right here, and then we’ve got some blank buttons on this model They would be filled in if you went for the luxury Basically, these would be concerning your rear adaptive suspension Up in front of that, you will notice a little roller here. This is for your three-stage heated and three-stage ventilated seats Three-stage heating is standard on all the models the ventilation comes on the premium and up And then that will bring us up here to our audio system this has the standard 10 speaker audio system Excuse me, 9 speaker audio system, but there is a 17 speaker mark levinson surround sound system offered as an option Let’s go ahead and sample that standard sound system Definitely very impressed by the fullness of the sound especially on a bass sound system And you do still have a CD player, which a lot of you guys will like All right now above that you’ll be looking at your climate control system It has two zone automatic on the base model if the rezone automatic on the premium and up Now of course it’s very simple you just have your temperature controls over here on the side one thing you will notice though Is that there’s a lot of buttons here that are missing as far as physical controls for those missing things you’ll have to hit the climate there and make adjustments for things like your zones as well as your fan settings up here in the disobey All righty, so now that’s gonna bring us here to the Lexus enform system now this is one area that has not really seen any changes for 2020 which is a little bit surprising since the 4runner has gotten an upgraded system with Android auto and apple carplay That’s not the case here. You still will not have those systems on the GX for 2020 So this is an 8-inch touch display The GX has always had a touch display. Whereas a lot of Lexus models are just now adding that We’re trying to going through the features here. You do have a standard navigation system. It is not the newest dynamic navigation system And moving on up from that we do have a frameless auto dimming mirror with your three homeland reversal remotes built right into it Additionally lexus has also included a standard moonroof It is just the regular size. Of course But like I said, it is included standard across all the models. I’m not gonna open it given that it is raining obviously But anyways guys that’s going to do it for the front areas of the cabin So now I’m going to go ahead and hand it off to my sense you check out all the back areas And you see and steering-wheel do move out of the way to help with easier entry and exit So looking at the GX’s rear door trims it is a nice one and it has the same materials as the front so we do have a leather padded armrest all the way through here and The rest is a soft touch plastic. You do have some wood trim as well as your automatic window And down below that you have some bottle storage In turning over to the seats themselves you will notice on this GX We do have the captains chairs that is included on the support package on the GX So if you want the captain’s chair, so you are gonna have to opt for that model However, you can’t get bench seating on the regular models if you want that Now here in the center of the GX does throw in a lot of features for its price point So we do have tri-zone climate on this model so all you can do is adjust your fan speed as well as your temperature right through here and It is worth noting that not all models will come with the tri-zone climate In that case you will have vents back here instead of this control panel Whereas the events on this model are located here in the ceiling as well as in the third row Now in addition to that you will also notice that we do have two-stage heated rear seats in the back That is included on the premium trim level Now heading down you will notice two new features for 2020 and that are that’s these charging USB ports Of course that says your captain’s chair should you have a fold-down armrest as well as a cup holder here it just folds right out And I don’t know if Korea’s mentioned this in the front, but this does have a absolutely Lovely headliner this is one of the things that older Lexus models used to have and it almost feels like an Alcantara It’s very very nice Now as far as the rear legroom is concerned behind drew seating position I have plenty of it I have probably six to seven inches of rear legroom Thanks to these nice neat cutouts and the technical measurements are 34 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of her Headroom This car doesn’t really have any technical competitors But if you want to compare that to the RX for reference, that is a little bit less Now in order to get into the third route self Lexus has made it pretty easy So I have to do is locate this little handle push it up and it does hold and slide right out of the way Now looking back into the third row you will notice it is a two seat Third row and let’s just go ahead and get back there and see what it’s like for an adult So my first impression Back in the GX is third-row. It doesn’t seem like I have a lot of space back here Legroom is pretty much non-existent for someone of my size. And another thing that is quite lacking is the thigh support This is pretty much expected for a body-on-frame SUV like this However, if you’re really looking to haul a bunch of people in the third row, it is not going to be very comfortable back here But off to the side we do have a cup holder This was a little arm rest portion and let’s just was nice enough to include some vents in the system Now heading around to the GX is tailgate for 2020 it continues to have the signature site opening tailgate However, if you don’t have room to open it all the way up, but let’s this was nice enough to include Popping for just the glass mechanism you can use this button or the key fob But if you want to open it up fully just grab the little handle here and it does open right up And once inside the GX’s trunk you are going to find a pretty decent amount of space You’re going to find 12 cubic feet of space behind the third row seats and spans 237 cubic feet if you fold them and a maximum of 65 cubic feet with all the seats folded Now depending on what you compare that to it is going to be pretty much less than most of its rivals like the Audi q7 It’s actually even less in the Lexus RX But that’s to be expected here with a body-on-frame SUV with as much capability Now as far as how Lexus has finished it back here. I just have pretty nice finishings And in order to fold the third row, it’s a two-part mechanism. So I have to do is grab this little strap holds the headrest and then grab this push Now it’s actually very easy to fold it down. However getting it back up is pretty difficult Since this bumper is so wide here But it is worth noting that it has a power third-row. If you go for the fully loaded luxury model And off to the side here, we do have a typical household stock outlet And if you’re looking for the spare tire it is under the bumper connected by a chain and it’s a full-size spare tire Not coming over to the passenger seat of course, it is power adjusting And in front of the passenger we do have nice materials as well as a good sized glove box it opens quite wide and it has a Pretty good depth to it And up top we have a Sun Visor with a light mirror And it does also detach as well. It looks has an extension in the end Well guys that pretty much sums up all the rear areas the rear areas of the GX So now let’s go ahead and get on the road and see if they change anything there All right, so first acceleration and the 2020 gx460 Power feel is very good, of course for 60 Lexus is one of the few automakers that still maintains numbers that actually have a maintenance to the engine 4.6 liter v8 Does carry over this year Still producing 301 horsepower at a little over 300 pound feet of torque but It is a big burly naturally aspirated v8 And you can certainly feel that strap the line and very importantly Here, it’s straight off. The engine really makes it great sounds The I imagine a lot of buyers are gonna appreciate that engine, you know a lot in this class have V6 options and you know, this is just go straight to the v8 You know and another thing that buyers might appreciate when you get inside the GX is you know Just how smooth that rides even though. This is a old-school SUV with that body-on-frame design It does still have a very smooth ride As you could tell we hit some storm drains and some rough patches in the road and it really just handles it very well You can tell it’s a luxury car and they’ve tuned it accordingly Right and the Luxury trim level if you were to specify for that that’s going to get you some active dampers as well, so The ride only gets smoother from here This is very much a truck that accelerates on its torque like Well, of course this does have a six-speed automatic transmission That does carry over once again from the previous model years So as you just saw like as we were accelerating there and I was pressing onto the throttle even drop a gear now we’re just propelled by all the rich torque of the v8 And it’s also worth noting that this car does come standard with full-time four-wheel-drive Obviously, this is a very capable truck Which is very unique in this class of vehicle. This is basically a lexus version of the 4runner and Pretty much all of the large luxury three roads that you might be cross shopping this with are not as capable as this truck So if you’re gonna be doing any off-roading or I mean even in stuff like this, you know, it’s raining You know, it is good to have that capability as an option Right in other markets. This is known as the Land Cruiser Prada and You know, you’re basically think of this as LX jr. especially now with the way that it looks it really fulfills the LX jr. Status so with Lexus you kind of have the ability now in their lineup to choose between the more urban Option is going to be your RX l with three rows or you can choose the GX to go for the real traditional feeling SUV That has lots of capability off-road, of course you have a traditional powertrain that is Ultimately reliable. So this is a type of vehicle. You can buy in 15 years from now There’s almost no doubt in my mind that everything in here is going to be functioning exactly the same way And I can’t be said about a lot of the newest luxury offerings Now unfortunately you do pay that price in terms of fuel economy This is definitely not going to be at the top of his class It’s rated at 15 city 19 highway 16 combined So overall as far as your driving is concerned Lexus You know have not really made any changes in this regard and I think that is a good thing you know this car it gets a lot of grief from Certain people, you know, it really is all in the way that you think about the vehicles They’re a luxury experience can come in multiple forms So basically what we think is that if luxury to you Is the newest tech the highest quality cabin the most modern stuff. This is not your cup of tea But if luxury to you is reliability dependability a smooth engine This is really something you need to check out Now for the pricing for this 20 GX You are going to find very competitive pricing. If not a little bit cheaper than most luxury 3 rows So for the very base model and keep in mind that four-wheel drive is standard across the GX lineup So for the very base model and four-wheel drive that’s going to start at 53 thousand dollars if you want the premium Which is what we have here that’s going to be fifty five thousand seven hundred ninety And if you want the fully loaded luxury model that’s going to be sixty four thousand two hundred and sixty-five dollars Now as far as how this model is equipped we do have several options on top of that So we have the headlamp washers for one hundred dollars And then we have the premium sport package So as you can tell we have the sport exterior design and that’s going to be the big-ticket item at five thousand five hundred and ten dollars and Then you have the wood and leather steering wheel for three hundred dollars some floor liners for three forty five and the cargo mat for two for two eighty five and Finally when you add in the destination charge of one thousand and twenty five dollars This particular model as equipped comes in at sixty thousand five hundred and sixty five dollars Which like I was mentioning before is a lot cheaper than most Luxury three rows and this car is actually very capable So this is definitely a unique offering in the class and something you should check out Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the Refresh twenty twenty Lexus Gx460 please hit those like and subscribe link if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you Next time is the sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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