2020 Toyota C-HR 2.0L Hybrid „Dynamic Force” Facelift (184 PS) 🔋 SUV-Fahrbericht | FULL Review 🇯🇵

2020 Toyota C-HR 2.0L Hybrid „Dynamic Force” Facelift (184 PS) 🔋 SUV-Fahrbericht | FULL Review 🇯🇵

hello and welcome to the
autotester the autotester of the trust we are in lisbon today
cashs behind me is the atlantic city waves
I would love to surf but well the freshly lifted toyota chr
In the model year 2020 I think so too not of bad parents with it
We surf the streets a bit markus lanz überleitung yes what’s new
on this car next to the gasoline and next to the 1.8 liter hybrid with 122 ps
he stands here now with the second hybrid drive because you choose
can get namely with the two-liter hybrid with 184 ps system performance yes
what’s new in the car or looks a little different and the new ones
LED headlight that has a bit changed interior more technology
others or improved a facelift will become something
So we do we look outside we will reinstall we will drive
we will try the car in his competitive environment of the small SUV
classify coupes from the market launch of Price just everything make something
in my sight and hopefully also out your brother belongs to his brother
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best of all, I would be very happy then it starts with me now I am
the gorgeous and the lidl brand new toyota chr in model year 2020 facelift
have fun with the review I’m in profile of our toyota chr model
2020 is the facelift and for me the opportunity to explain where
is the japan come from where would it be small SUV out and how can you
hybrid suv in its competitive environment arrange by the whole
understood for this car is already there it is not complicated at all complicated
it was this car at some point The Paris Motor Show stood as
concept stand in frankfurt then stood as a series new concept in geneva and me
I saw it and thought human great toyota finally something different her
have something to trust And visually, I like the car that nice
found or did not stand on another leaf meanwhile I find pronounced
well, yes and then I was animal curious as we supposed it before
Everything in Europe we have in the first year 2017 on the market is this model
hit like a bomb The Japanese have 120,000 pieces of it
sold and thus a market share of Generated ten percent by csu like
segment what grandiose is now drive 400,000 toyota chs on the
Roads around in Europe still The surprising thing about it is the
It’s not just that you still have it has over eight percent market share
but that eight out of ten of these cars here are hybrid
that’s because we only have one have small gasoline and just that
hybrid drive in there now new in the facelift comes another two liters
hybrid also 1.8 liter engine here with 184 ps as he stands there but the
Market share is surprising because meanwhile it is that puma segment
every manufacturer has something in there vwt cross for example scola i came
we have seat arosa mazda cx 30 in it ford eco sport peugeot 2008 and there only
to name a few chr the name is called coupé high
So rider exactly what it is sloping roofline a suv is the
on the tng a platform what all exciting what we do now
We want to be here with the model year 2020 with the facelift deal what
visually more on the outside a bit too it’s different so let’s take a look
cheeky times on the optics of the fresh Lifted toyota chr hierstetter in
orange this is one of three new ones Colours
There is still a red and blue are so bright colors match very well
this year polarizing model and the japanese have thought something
Do not change the face lift exactly so much because it is just success model
and the customers are very satisfied with the design of this car is what is new
how do you recognize the facelift? most noticeable change is definitely here
the light the the light is on the front and the back
always led lights and daytime running lights here the signature this now upwards
wandered here integrated into the Spotlight is under the blinker
in it the fog lights wandered upwards
That’s what you do with it a facelift always exactly the
touch the bumper area down here we have such a black one here now
lip down the power of this car in connection with this changed
bumpers a bit wider flat sporty just what is very nice and
Generally, this optics is already very much here uniquely very june everything is running here
also the toyota sign in front in blue You can see that, that’s just it
a again black element relative misshapen at first sight but stop
conspicuous and I like it meanwhile I really wanted to say that very well
and now we’re walking around here around and then we deal with
one of the fields is one of them as always we have here
18 inches on it 17 to 18 inches we get depending on it
equipment line is it in there then Here we have the hybrid there
on it black mirrors and then we come to the roof here
Above is a sloping roof shape here with risky spoiler here on the back
So a coupé coupe and not only in the Coupe but we also have one
contrasting is now black But you also get that
in such a gray tone which is a visual one There are simply more possibilities
Characteristic is this opener here back up what’s nice then we have
here plastik belangung on the side over the townhouses which is very common for
a suv and in profile it is auto stop very unique had huge
recognition value yes and if you can Now let’s go around it then
of course comes the tail and the tail is impressed not only because of
roof shape up here will also be one Nice to stand in the roof or because of
the darkened discs behind or because of the narrow running together
windows like them with such a rough line
converge but put the led Tail lights here in the back and above all
new then that we are here one black element have something like that
a bit like a small spoiler then the LED back lights will work
in this formality, this connects already quite nice I always find here
on it again hybrid the blue sign toyota chr
and down here we have something Hybrid is also very common, namely
here as well an underrun protection and here we have such indicated exhaust
End pipes are not and now we want us a bit with the trunk
employ and there it is exciting because on the
back seat there on the back so under the back seat may seat the battery for this
hybrids and we now have three 158 liter at the car was four meters 39
is long and that’s a bit less than the small gasoline and
in the small hybrid that gives us 377 liters but it is very painful
I think that has done well well solved because dena accommodate customers
By the way, let me share your opinion design of this car because I know it
polarized i like it how do you like it and what we want to deal with now
is actually times with the deal was to the battery or the battery
the back under the back seat built-in and that is quite interesting
because here stands the two-liter hybrid and has another battery in it
as the 1.8 liter hybrid is in here a nickel-metal hydride battery with
180 cells and a nominal voltage of 216 volts during the 1.8 liter
Hybrid a lithium-ion battery Inside is only 56 to tell but
still a voltage of 207 2 volts that’s quite interesting I wanted you
just say and now we look Let’s get into the car and we’ll get there
backspace and the question of how much is space and here is the first
you have to want to be funny on here but it just has the coupé line
owed functionality optics oh my God is always a balancing act is like us
split I’ll sit in here now it was hardly to the interior and that’s it
Interesting because the Japanese are really proud of this up and Japanese
culture that is also interesting because yes As a company you can hear it on the
Customers in Germany do not happen so often and therefore here was a lot
But maybe it changes now so much for the architecture in here
the horizontal vertical arrangement here and valuable materials in comparison to
predecessors want the Japanese more soft plastic or something
yielding valent plastic we still believe we have processed
a bit hard plastic here in the Center console for example, but it already
very valuable interior in here must To be honest sometimes say that
wipers on because of the whole This is all a bit salt water
fog up in here and if you look then the material quality here with the
Leder looks at this with this one stand a display of infotainment is
By the way, that’s great by the way connectivity of this system here yes
and for example park beeper behind that too automatically slows down a lot
new in here does not change anything because it is a great interior
the stalls in here are good it comfortably cushions us
have a lot of storage space here example in the armrest
cupholder here in the doors we place have glove box down there where you can
nice what gets in and otherwise It really is very ergonomic
arranged slightly inclined to the driver and if you talk about it, you speak
of course, over this cockpit yours, we have left charts eco power
that’s the case with a hybrid Display is important here and in the
In the middle we have such a small one digital unit where we get everything
to the car can show where was then let music show, for example
can the assistants like the lane we can show that to assist
Messages what is important we have yes just the park beeper at
drive backwards because not only tips but also slows down we have city
emergency brake assistant in here lane assist adaptive cruise control the
you can control everything here very comfortably So if mode is a purely electrical
Mode if the battery is charged then here So you can drive purely electric
otherwise the interior comes with a lot a few buttons make it exciting
because who cares for me Climate control electric mode here
yes, the buttons for this louder and quieter Speech noise steering wheel left right
Everything here for the assistants and the on-board computer on the right side
normal speedometer and that’s it very good which is exciting in the new
info topics that toyota again so small Real buttons has just come from the
Customers like feedback that you want because it is intuitive when
drive yes if you look at it then this system is great for you
Connectivity with apple cable android car is very handy now
was important too and then we have here home as a button we can prove here
we have something nice for example here the radio the on-board computer 7.9
liter average consumption currently the map we have menu here we come
here to the navi nice beautiful intuitively beautiful redundant that one can really get in
served shortest time believes me if I manage we have apps download
there is also such an app with which you can then look on the phone
as is the state of charge of the car wherever pipapo if you need that audi audio
For example, here we can you then connect the radio map
we are here nice big map the phone I just told you about apple
tray with outdoor great for music here this tbl plant in here thinks old
it does not really matter advertising but already have cool setup
we still here and that’s it system is certainly not cheesy or
overloaded but it is very intuitive when That’s exactly what it must be from my flags
also be sure that the screen is like that is a bit out there is great
that does not distract too much when driving From now on, I can simply grasp the interior
together that is technically on the new stand
clear digital cockpit can and have the connectivity is very collective
collective yes and he is I will processed him
has many assistants and it feels somehow everything right at the right place
you have to give up this golf phenomenon Do not sit here long in here
now also here the height adjustment even if you can not do that
leather seats comes as standard and if you want The leather seats have electric ones
adjustability of the seats that was Also important because the Japanese have just
also belongs to the customers sometimes It’s not that hard
yes but what I do now we first jump out and get the motor or the
engines explain there we talk about the new engine namely the two-liter
we are in here hybrid i am doing Just let it be for you and that
is quite interesting because he has just two liters of gasoline as a base with 152 ps
and in conjunction with the electric motor the same as the 1.8 liter here too
in it is this car on total 184 ps
then we have a higher one top speed of 180 km / h
we have acceleration value of 82 seconds to 100 5.2 to 5.3 seconds
average consumption and that is interesting interviewer says the engine
50 percent more power is needed here but only ten percent more fuel
really good will be purely electric, though also only 10 120 km h fast
but that is an announcement and he is too not so much harder because he just weighs
about 1.5 tons so about 100 kilo more than the others but I can help you now
yes, tell a lot about this car here from the new engine toyota says he is a lot
more cultured for calmer with the cvt gear in here what we want to do
just get in and here at the I’m going to drive you along the coast
let’s say we drive there we come to my favorite sequence in the reviews
namely the fan here first the key so he looks from a toyota chr
I always find keys completely interesting again and I know
I already said that but in all short front-wheel drive cvt gearbox 184 hp 2
liter engine with 154 persons Total come with the electric motor
then we get the 184 ps power I’ll just start here and
we hear nothing when I hear what we hear because doing this now and now was
I go and that’s nice too I have to say honestly because there you can
Get used to this right silent start first time nothing happens
no burner is coming yet there is no burner yet
not a criminal until we enter There is a little more gas then like now
slowly comes the burner and that’s really nice toyota itself
says in 80 percent of all cases though So we are on the move in city traffic
because this car can be purely electric drive and I think so yes
for very very realistic and if I am Now I drive here then I notice
brakes well yes the car recuperation of course, electric motor is not just something
what supports the approach as here and in the dynamics but also
the battery can recharge in here and that’s just a concept that I have
really good and if we drive here now, then notice
first of all slightly raised seating position the car is just like a car
golf is good in the hand and that is then especially here in lisbon
really nice feeling but if we talk about it then I will
was on the freeway toyota’s very proud that you have this car yes
it is also very well insulated very quiet and then when I am
times here then feature 82 seconds on tempo 100
it gets a bit louder then is a cvt gear but i need you
say in comparison to 1.8 liters old engine, it is essential here
cultivated driving and what also Nice is when you go to the sun
Purse looks like I have six now liter used I believe in posterity
enormous 5.2 to 5.3 that’s really good and that’s it
comparable to a diesel engine here in there and then I think so the hybrid
that really results are the car here weighs 1.5 tons
the 1.8 liter hybrid engine is yes not so difficult 1400 and the
well the burner the little gasoline It’s a little easier, but like that
hard it is not the technology not that hard
beautiful is in here we have a lot assistant with one
Detect distance control signs and track maintenance assistant we have here
inside we have park beeper cross traffic warner we have in the
park beeper can even brake the cross traffic was due to brakes and
we are very good with that the infotainment nicely furnished
Field of view here on the highway we will go 180 km h fast without
problems do not need that either insanely much more fuel the cvt
gear in here hardly really annoying Of course it gets a bit louder
you have to know and want that is so and then the question is always this
little is missing the four-wheel drive actually in here honestly
not because the car here I believe Anyway, the 725 kilo pull is now
also honestly not so right off-roader so front-wheel drive in here
completely okay i believe in the allrad Anyway, hardly any people in this car can
ordered here and then the question is what is the right engine for me wanted
simply cheap in the entry-level price his bike anyway is not much and is
not important then just the gasoline engine with 116 ps if
your hybrid volt due to environmental reasons yes, like in a purse then maybe
the 1.8 liter good if he simply Volt with 122 ps and if you drive a lot
a lot of power volt in your car then yes maybe there should be this
Two-liter engine grip is very cultivates very linear power development
fun on the highway is one bit competitive in you know what i mean
my that is a great engine but that is
of course, the top-motorization like that and now I’ll take it here in the
twilight meanwhile the lisbon times a little bit together
we have a great driving behavior here a bit louder are the tvt that
It’s just that we really have one reasonable consumption in here and we
We can do that a bit too more dynamic on the go are a bit
have fun in this car hardly a wall movement good power development in here
It also does a lot uphill fun many assistants and that is from
investigate such a car as I think it really has to be a lot
offer this car because that competitive environment is really
rich but want to do it now drive back to the beach and I will
conjure up a conclusion yes come was the conclusion of our toyota
chr and i have to tell you i am the facelift impresses optically as well
has won optically not much made but what is done by
the japanese is good the interior is I’ll become clearer now collective
significantly more premium quality and the two-liter hybrid in there has the
something that clearly gained on running culture you might before in the cvt gear
has criticized is essential here better a successful facelift 2020
model year sight stands but you want Of course I do not know love
this car I love it so much I want it for her
can order it from the 15th of november and from the 25th
In January, it will be up to the dealers but another part of the question is what
costs because and because toyota from me completely different reasons always
so terribly rough prices have made I have someone small cheat sheet
usually do not take you along I’m still right this morning
got up early if you have this car here with the 1.2
liter burn sixgang Handset wants then he goes on
26,000 290 euro wolter the 1.8 liters hybrid with the lithium ion battery and
122 ps still in there then it starts at 29,000 140 euro that is
in each case the equipment line flow so the ring is the least after that
business edition team germany style selection lounge ears Chadian
but wanted the engine in here he hybridizes the two-liter with 184 ps
then be at least price 32 1790 euro in the business distri yes and that
is then a word but of course the larger equipment lines then the
what’s in here is the color in it roof the rims the whole in the interior
then you can already get to the 40,000 euro is getting much more expensive
but not and I think so very reasonable pricing
I’ll throw my note away and then of course it’s about how can
this car in the competitive environment classify at the end where there is a lot
I like the system with the hybrids it will become clear that one would say
like to connect a socket but toyota just says that 80
percent of all urban routes stretch with the pure electric drive
can be driven yes and then this car is a concept which really
coherent is from the japanese and it hardly wonder that so many of them around
remote and the toyota with the cr so one I would like to have a huge market share
your opinion for my review here I’d be happy to go to the car
by the way, compete with my cap colder than it looks, thank you
you are very welcome to see us on instagram facebook youtube or
www the autotester de likes to stop by subscribed uses our filter times to
example on the social channels would I am happy and see you soon

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  1. Danke fürs schnelle Review vom Facelift! Tolle Kulisse, einzigartiges Design, spannendes Auto. Sogar die Farbe wäre meine Wahl. Wie siehst du den C-HR im Vergleich zum neuen Nissan Juke?

  2. Die vielen Versprecher im Video sollten noch verschwinden. Da widerspricht sich einiges. Der Bordcomputer zeigt 7,9l Verbrauch. Gesagt wurde was von 5,2l? Also 7,9l sind für einen Hybrid schon Grotte. Mein Toyota Diesel gönnt sich um die 7-8l Diesel bei 150 PS. Ich kann ordentlich was anhängen und der Kofferraum ist doppelt so groß. Das für mich keine Zukunft, sondern Geldschneiderei. Aus Umwelttechnischer Sicht ist das Auto ein Gebrauchsgegenstand. Das da ist ein überteuertes Spaßmobil. Wozu 4 Sitze wenn im Kofferraum nur Platz für 2 Koffer ist. Kann ich nur mit 2 Leuten verreisen. Sind 2 Sitze zu viel. Wozu braucht man 184 PS? Doch nicht um unsere Umwelt zu schützen? Dann kann ich mir doch das Hybrid sparen und kriege für das gleiche Geld ein Benziner mit weit über 200PS und bissel mehr Luxus.

  3. Sorry Toyota,aber keine vernünftige moderne und detaillierte Reifenluftdruckanzeige,keinen neuen Toyota !
    Kommt endlich mal aus dem Mittelalter raus was das Fehlen solcher Anzeigen betrifft !
    Es wird das direkte Messsystem in euren Fahrzeugen verwendet,somit weiß der Bordcomputer genau Bescheid darüber welcher Luftdruck im welchen Reifen herscht,also warum wird das nicht auch vernünftig im Bordcomputer angezeigt ?
    Es ärgert mich das in euren hochmodernen Fahrzeugen Anzeigen fehlen die inzwischen fast jeder Kleinwagen der Konkurrenz als Serie hat !

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