2020 Toyota Corolla: “Train” | Toyota

2020 Toyota Corolla: “Train” | Toyota

[I’m a travelin’ man. Made a lot of stops] [all over the world.] [And in every part I own the heart] [of at least one lovely girl.] [I’ve a pretty Señorita waiting for me] Let’s go places.

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  1. What a legend!! I will forever miss those golden pipes and that wonderful man, Rick Nelson. Bravo, Toyota!!

  2. You chose a winning song for your new hybrid! Could you please tell us where this commercial was filmed?

  3. well to be honest this is what make me don't like with Japanese cars brands. the Japanese cars brands never sell their nice product to developing country they only sell their nice product to developed countries. and I don't know why this things is only happen to Japanese cars brands. if we taking another cars brands that make from European American and Korean they always sell their nice product to those country developing and developed countries. but not for Japanese brands. I hope Japanese cars brands for the next can be fair at selling their product in developing and developed countries in the future

  4. So he could have just drove her where ever she's going but now she wasted money on the train and he's gonna have to buy gas

  5. This is wonderful! RIcky Nelson, the absolute best! A Very Big Thank You from all the Ricky Nelson fans out there, a joy to hear! Good to know there are people are there that know great music! Peace

  6. So you're advertising a super fuel efficient car by having this guy completely waste gas by driving alongside the train. Buy a second ticket and don't waste the gas. People often buy hybrids to lessen pollution, and it almost flaunts the waste here. Not a good look.

  7. Anyone else wondering by Goodbyes > Hellos? I feel like that should be the other way around.

  8. Umm so am I missing something here or is the “Goodbye > Hellos” thing kinda backwards and saying that goodbyes are “greater than” hello’s…..?

  9. This commercial bothers me…they wasted money on a train ticket rather than ride together in his car. 😒

  10. So basically this commercial is saying that he would rather drive his car than spend time with her and just to get a few brownie points to stop every so often. This poor girl just doesn't realize he is putting her 2nd instead of 1st where she belongs. JUST DRIVE HER ALL THE WAY! Who ever came up with this commercial obviously puts his girl in his life below everything he owns.

  11. These Corolla commercials are mostly false advertisement, mainly because they have the drivers driving them like they are race cars.

  12. #corolla #corollahíbrido #allnewcorolla @Toyota @TeamToyota faltou no novo Corolla bancos traseiros mais confortáveis como da última geração, faltou não rebaixar o teto por causa do teto solar, faltou potência ao híbrido, falta a tecnologia turbo, e com certeza faltou ar dualzone

  13. I saw this on the tv the other day and I started freaking out so much because I am in love with Ricky Nelson and I was so happy his music was being featured!!

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