2020 Toyota Highlander First Look Debut

2020 Toyota Highlander First Look Debut

hasn’t been that long since we had an all
new Highlander, which is why I was expecting
more of a refresh here at the New York Auto Show. To my surprise, we have this,
the fully redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander. This time around, the
Highlander is 2.4 inches longer nose to tail. That expands cargo space as
well as third row leg room. Also, the four-cylinder base
engine from last year is gone. Now it’s just the
295-horsepower V6 that gets 22 miles per gallon. There’s also going
to be a hybrid model with a four-cylinder that has
less power than the V6 hybrid from last year. But it’s going to come back
with 34 miles per gallon. Up front with this
new Highlander, we’re getting some
of the character from the Toyota trucks
and even the new RAV4. It’s got that nice,
substantial look. Down the side, we’ve got
a lot of surface features here, who are catching
light and casting shadow. But the thing that
really bothers me is this character line. It starts here and jumps
right over the wheel arch. To me, it’s adding some
unnecessary visual weight. Before we get too deep into
the Highlander, do me a favor. Hit subscribe below. We have a ton of
content coming your way. Technology is well represented
with the Highlander. You have Apple
CarPlay, Android Auto. Plus, in higher trims, you get
this massive 12-inch display. Base trims have a seating
capacity of eight passengers because of a second row bench. Higher trims come with two
captain’s chairs in the middle, reducing it down to
seven passengers. But the bench is
still an option. Third row space,
or lack thereof. Yeah, I’m 5′ 10″. My head is brushing
the headliner, but it’s down here I’m
having some issues. There is almost no support,
because this bench is almost on the deck. And I really don’t have much
space for my knees either. But let’s face it,
third row seats are usually meant for kids
or just occasional use. In a pinch, going to
lunch, maybe this is OK. We expect prices to start
right in the mid $30,000 range when it goes
on sale in December. The hybrid will
probably cost just a few thousand dollars more and
follow it to market in February. For more information
on the Highlander, Highlander Hybrid, and
all of its competition, head on over to Edmunds.com. To see more videos like
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  1. A minivan is still better than any of these b#$ls*#t crossovers. The Sienna has tons more space and is far less top heavy than the Highlander. But I get it, a lot of people want to protect their image and make it look like they don't have kids, ya know, look available in the outside view despite the fact that many buyers are married with children? What a sick culture…

  2. What a useless 3rd row! I wouldn't even subject my grandkids to it; they couldn't see out the back windows either. I'll take my Toyota Sienna any day! Why do auto designers hold back on making third rows as useful as the second row?

  3. Hybrids loss 66 hp..
    Who will be like this…this is big mistake!

    It is a secret?
    hybrids not only for consumptions…

  4. Well this certainly is NOT an improvement over the last model so why Toyota waste R&D on this vehicle?

  5. This one does not have enough interior room for three rows, but it is too long for a two-row SUV.
    If I need a 3rd row, then I'd rather consider Kia Telluride or Hyundai Palisade. If I just need a two-row SUV, I will consider Honda Passport. 🙂

  6. It’s not the best 3 row crossover if the 3rd row is useless, so that would make the Chevy Traverse or the VW Atlas the best 3 row crossover.

  7. I like the interior except for the third row, which is only for the young ones. The exterior is not great with that curvy weighted line like the editor pointed out. Not a bad car, but expected more.


  9. Wow that third row is a fail. Most of the other new offerings have a third row that can fit adults – Traverse, Atlas, Telluride, Pallisade, Explorer

  10. The new Highlander is being widely covered on almost all media platforms right now. What an awesome start. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I normally like your reviews but I strongly disagree with you. The previous generation already had a midcycle refresh and has been around since 2014. 6 years is a long run.

  12. Toyota is designing some of the ugliest cars in the industry….. what a horrible exterior design for 2020. That bulbous style line that goes up over the rear wheel well is hideous….. it looks like 8 different designers were tasked with taking on certain areas of the suv without any collaboration with each other….. fail !!

  13. I agree with you on that character line down the side and over the rear wheel. I was going to wait and purchase this vehicle until I saw that and unfortunately it's a deal breaker for me. WHY TOYOTA? WHY did you ruin a good thing? Is it too late to change this before you release the vehicle??? Guarantee it would help sell more of these.

  14. Buy Toyota: good, safe and reliable. If this car works for you, buy it. For young families with small children, it should be fine and the kiddies seats in the rear will work great. Not a fan of the ever-growing, longer Highlander. I was hoping for a true 3 row Highlander or I wish they'd made a true, adult-sized two row Suv, like the Honda Passport. Was hoping the newly redesigned Rav-4 would have grown up to fill the gap, but sadly they shrunk it; it should work for small families quite well.

  15. The redesigned styling makes it look like a Subaru which are some of the ugliest vehicles out there. Reliable vehicles but just won't spend over 40 thousand dollars on a vehicle I don't like the looks of. The 2019 looks way better by comparison (even with the front grille). I would buy a 2019 but was waiting for Android Auto to be included. Now I think I'll have to look at something else. The front end and that abominable saddlebag side bulge are a no-go for me.

  16. Heres what I dont understand. They keep making the second row with captains chairs or a small bench seat in the middle. Why? Basically just a 4 person big SUV. If you want a 5 person vehicle. SUV is not an option anymore. It's a family sedan or a full size truck.

  17. He certainly wasn't very enthusiastic, was he? Figuring how it's been 6 years since a redesign, I think Toyota's going in the right direction. Beefier, wider "looking" and sleeker…but if all I have to do is get a black paint brush and paint that part from the roof to the hood to appear "modern" then…maybe I will, lol. Kind of how people mock the black glass tops these days.

  18. I'm totally disappointed!!! We have a Highlander Limited 2011, so I was hoping for some nice 3rd row seating space. Looks like I'll be looking elsewhere for a new SUV. It's a shame because I really love my Highlander.

  19. I know that Toyotas are super dependable and low maintenance. AND the interior looks to be upgraded. But…..it really missed the mark on exterior appearance. It'll never be called handsome or
    pretty, I'm afraid. Looks a lot like a Mazda.

  20. Can anyone tell me why they went back in time with the design? The front-end looks almost identical to the 2014-2016!! Come on Toyota! don't you have some creativity over there?

  21. AND only 2 inches extra on length, really?? That third row needs to be more comparable to the Honda Pilot at least. This also looks like it sits LOWER… that wouldn't make me happy… that would mean it is just a little taller than the Sienna min-van… bleh!

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