2020 Vauxhall Mokka X review – a better all-rounder than its SUV rivals? | What Car?

2020 Vauxhall Mokka X review – a better all-rounder than its SUV rivals? | What Car?

[Music] The Mokka has been on sale since 2012, and
morphed into the Mokka X in 2016, which was Vauxhall’s attempt to keep its smallest
SUV competitive, against some pretty talented new rivals. So, the little Vauxhall
got chunkier styling on the outside, and an improved infotainment system on
the inside, but is that enough for it to outshine the likes of the SEAT Ateca,
our favourite family sized SUV for under £20,000? Value for money is a strong point for the
Mokka, and if you’re thinking of buying one head to whatcar.com and go to our
New Car Deals section where we can help save you thousands on your next new car!
There’s plenty of options to choose from with the Mokka, you can get front-wheel
drive, all-wheel drive, petrol, diesel, manual, automatic; this one here that
we’re testing today is our preferred choice. A 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol
engine fitted with a manual gearbox. Let’s see what it’s like to drive. [Music] The 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol delivers
a pretty big punch, it makes the Mokka feel comparably swifter than a Nissan
Qashqai or SEAT Ateca, and the power is delivered sufficiently across a wide
rev range, unlike the 1.6-litre which seems to have a
sudden surge at 2,000rpm which doesn’t last long.
The manual gearbox generally has a positive action, although watch out from
2nd to 3rd because it can feel a bit notchy. The brakes and clutch can feel
snatchy, which means that driving around town isn’t quite as smooth and easy as
you’ll find a SEAT Ateca is to drive. And, the Mokka isn’t as good to drive as
rivals elsewhere either, the steering is numb, it rolls too much in the corners,
and it just doesn’t grip the road very well. There’s more bad news when it comes
to ride quality which isn’t up there with the best of the competition, the
Mokka feels unsettled over low-speed undulations, while large potholes send a
jolt through the interior. The 1.4 petrol engine is
quieter than both the 1.6 diesel and petrol, so if you are going to buy a
Mokka, that’s the one to go for! Drivers of all shapes and sizes should be able to find a comfortable driving position
because there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat, and steering wheel – for reach and rake.
You do have to go for the more expensive trim levels of ‘Elite’ or ‘Ultimate’ if you
would like adjustable lumbar support on the driver’s seat. In terms of visibility,
it is excellent, because you sit quite high up, and the front pillars are thin. Out
the back though, the window is a little on the small side, and the rear pillars
are quite thick. However you do get parking sensors as standard, and if you
would like to spec a reversing camera, you can do so. There’s a touchscreen
infotainment system which is easy to navigate, and pretty responsive. The icons
are quite small, but, it does come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Up front, the Mokka easily accommodates two adults, and
there’s plenty of storage compartments. There’s one here – which I can put the key in
because I’m not driving at the moment – and banana can go either in the door bin, or in the glovebox. Large bottle fits here in the cupholders, or in the door bin. There’s another storage compartment
here for my healthy snacks, sunglasses. [rummaging] And phone, in the glovebox! In the rear, it’s big enough to sit two
adults, or three children, but if you try and put three adults side-by-side it is
a bit of a squeeze. You’ll find that there’s more space in the SEAT Ateca,
or Nissan Qashqai. The rear seats fold flat – but you have to lift the seat base
up before folding them – and if you have the front seats a long way back they
won’t lie flat. So it’s not the most practical car for carrying larger items. Although the boot will swallow a couple
of large suitcases, or a pushchair, it’s shallower than rivals such as the
Renault Captur. However if you don’t spec a full-size
spare wheel you can take advantage of the storage underneath the boot floor,
this one however, does have a full-size spare wheel, so the boot is
quite small. As we’ve already mentioned, the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol is our
pick of the Mokka’s engine lineup, and we think the cheapest Design Nav has
enough kit to keep most people happy. It comes with climate control, automatic
lights and wipers, and an 8-inch infotainment system with sat-nav and a
DAB radio. Not everything we recommend is included though, it is not possible to
add automatic emergency braking to any Mokka and we think this is a vital
piece of safety kit, it’s also worth considering casting your net further if
driving enjoyment is a stronger priority. The larger SEAT Ateca and smaller
Arona are both far more rewarding from behind the steering wheel. For plenty
more on the Vauxhall Mokka, including our full online review, head over to whatcar.com,
remember to hit subscribe and never miss another video. And if you’re
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This Seat Ateca you keep raving on about- is it the same one that finished 28th out of 33 in the small SUV class in the 2017 What Car reliability index? Impressive – not!!

  2. Great review shame about the car . At least you have changed your style of presentation. Will hit subscribe again as it was getting boring . 1990s top gear . Well done Rebecca 10/10

  3. Fab colour coding! Great things come in small packages, not something that applies equally to the Mokka by the sounds of it…

  4. The Mokka has always sat in a rather strange middle-ground between B and C segment crossovers – it doesn't really know where or what it wants to be. Perhaps that's why the Mokka X still exists, even with the Crossland X and Grandland X in the same range, though to be fair, the Grandland X is longer than the Ateca that is being mentioned so much in this review.

  5. Wow, the video quality is amazing, up to 4K @ 50 Hz? It looks great! I can see so much fine detail on my big monitor, much appreciated.

  6. The Vauxhall Mokka is cancer, I hate them with a passion always getting stuck behind them as they appeal to old coffin dodgers who drive at 38mph in 60 zones.

  7. Is this a Opel? Or a GM Saturn… Or. Chevy Sparks… Nothing is more confusing then the branding of GM cars… The worst part they make this crap in China and sell at as a German car

  8. I've actually just got a 18plate on mobility and quite t like the car, suffering with a bad bad after several operations the high seals are better than other small suvs and it's comfortable to be in for the price I really like the car

  9. Αν ησουν Ελληνιδα θα φορουσες ενα σωρο μπιχλιμπιδια,κ βεβαια το κομποσχοινι του πνευματικου.

  10. A real hatchet job on the Mokka then. What did poor old Vauxhall ever do on you? Surely it can't be that bad, can it? Really?

  11. All the learing at this poor women shes not even pretty hard up nerd's her voice is like chalk on a chalkboard.. she has no idea what she's talking about.. she's reading a script does the same thing every time.. who care's what dress she wears.. give it up stop sexualizing this poor women

  12. Not look the new look on this 🐦, she has changed, was naturally pretty, now too make up and glamour , and too moody.

  13. Its a shame the mokka is such an uncomfortable car as it looks very nice inside and out with a good engine but people will still buy it on looks alone which i find very strange.

  14. My car was in an accident so I was given this car as a replacement until my one was fixed. I have had it for 2 days now, the 1.6 manual version. Absolutely terrible car, I am not use to suv's since I have only ever owned a Audi A3. I use it to drive to uni, and I gotta say its shit. the breaks are terrible, like really bad I have no idea why my Audi is 100x more sharper. the infotainment system is slow, and touchscreen is not as responsive as most other infotainment systems. seats are uncomfortable, and doesn't even include built in sat nav. the sound system is shit, has no bass what so ever.. the only good points about this car, is it has good handling and some what smooth driver. but overall 3/10 car for me

  15. I have one and I wouldn’t recommend them I needed a new engine after 32,000 miles mostly used for motorway I’m trading in for a Qashqai

  16. I tested one last week and it’s typically Vauxhall’s. Second rate at everything, unfortunately. I would give it a miss. Rebecca is looking babelicious as usual!

  17. We Aussies got a rental 'brand new' tho' we'd specified a 'small automatic car' which turned out to be a Mokka X Turbo (1.4 at a guess) (a Vauxhaul we think) at Heathrow. Cases happily just fitted & as we headed for Wales on M4, in huge rain& hail. Turbo good for 'spurt' passing trucks. Think it's sold as the micro Holden Trax (GM) in Oz but never considered it tho' a Hyundai Kona Turbo abt 168hp (or 201hp) seems 'cool'. Anyway, we seniors then visited cousin in Devon & found the tiny 1.4 turbo gave us the 'spunk' to occasionally do fast lane stuff, & kept up well. (But the fuel prices!!! WOW) No wonder this is the only English speaking nation where manuals live in hope that even the most dippy drivers will be at the control end of all the modern 'hi tech' stuff hiding out of sight. Anyway, this cheap and cheerful rental tiny SUV did well & lived to fight another day. 🙂 🙂

  18. And buy an auto.We, just three weeks ago, had one Rental Mokka turbo 1.4 auto driving around UK & it went okay. Turbo good for passing Semi Trailers in the rain. Tho' v basic, Trax as Holden calls it in Australia, realises that the weakest point is techno speaking, is "the nut behind the wheel", hence mostly auto here.

  19. I rented long term Buick Encore in USA and loved it. Bought Mokka x in Germany now. Like with everything else, whatever one likes and thankfully we like different things. I never liked VW and renting Polo for 10 days confirmed it. Rented Ford Fiesta in USA I drive now is far better than Polo.

  20. I think a lot of the opinions could be qualified, like:

    Mokko has more punchy acceleration > it has a turbo
    Car rolls on corners > it is taller than normal cars
    Ride is "unsettled" and "jolts" over bumps > suspension is firm, which is a good thing for me

  21. I’m glad I didn’t see this review last week. I test drove a Mokka x at the weekend and loved it. I found the gearbox was smooth, good ride and build quality. It’s like she was reviewing a different car!

  22. Im surprised to hear Rebeca say that the car rolls on the bends etc.
    Ive had the Moka 1.4. Petrol turbo elite for nearly 3 yrs, and had no such problems with road holding or conering etc.
    The only problem i had with the car, was that as a motability owner, the salesman sold me a diesel engine and it wasn't suitable to my needs..
    As i only cover low milage per year, so Motability told them to change my car to the 1.4.turbo petrol elite, and ive never had any bother since. Seemingly if you don't do a fair mileage while driving a diesel car it can lead to big peoblems, in which i wasn't told about, and unfortunately i had these problems.
    Having to have the turbo replaced plus severe diesel problems within the system, which obviously had to also be repaired.
    But as already stated, when i changed over to the petrol model, ive had happy driving in a very good little car, and ive had a lot of cars in my life, owing to the fact that im 80 yrs.old niow.👍
    In saying that, as im changing my car at the end of this year, ive been advised to have a good look at the Seat Arteca, as seemingly it's a very pleasant car to drive.Only time will tell.
    Thank you Rebeca for a good review once again. You made an old man's day.👍

  23. My wife filled a gasoline Opel version of this with Diesel on the A-4 outside Nogental Chateau Thierry. We were going back to Ludwigshafen, DE….We are actually from Connecticut in America…Gazole Plus it was. 🤔🔫

  24. Sounds like she didn't love it. I've got one as a hire car right now with the 1.4T but without the satnav. Honestly its quiet but the ride quality is too floaty and its an easy car to really dislike. Nowhere to balance your phone if using it for satnav either 🤦‍♂️

  25. I got a 2015 mokka 1.7 love it … my next car is the mokka 4×4 please in blue our orange Santa 🎅
    Ps could you get her to deliver this car to me Santa cheers

  26. I hired one of these cars while on a trip back to the UK. It was ok to drive on smooth roads but anything rough then it's a very uncomfortable ride and you feel every little stone on the road. Sat nav is very good and 1.4 turbo petrol is very economical

  27. Looking at thr reviews some of them are done by rapiest or perves …this seems the perfect car for them type of nonces…

  28. Just bought this very model, collecting on the 1st of february. It replaces our three year old Mokka 1.6 and certainly drove better on the test drive.
    Only gripe is the lack of integral Sat Nav, but I have Google maps on my phone which simply plugs into the infotainment system.

  29. 1 year and 5 month in and I love it. I have the petrol auto 1.4 turbo and it's really fun to drive. Had a rear ender few weeks ago and all I had was scratches and a couple of cracks, the other was leaking all over the road and left side bumper was hanging off🤣. The mokka is a tuff car and I'm more than happy with safety while the kids are in the car.

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