24 HOUR OVERNIGHT In School Bus Fort!

24 HOUR OVERNIGHT In School Bus Fort!

Alright guys, so today you can guess what I’m about to do One of you guys suggested it , and i like that idea So we’re going to give it a go and, See what happens go, see what happens Alright guys so we’re out of the area And we’re just waiting for the 179, got 6 minutes to go ♪ Music Plays ♪ Alright guys lol We gotta be really discrete and hide Ahh sh*t! There’s a camera right here! There’s a camera right there Look guys you can see there are cameras all down here and everywhere What we can do, i think we can slide between the chairs Do you wanna try that then? No! Let’s see your sliding between the chairs skills He’s driving right now so he’s going to be watching the road try it now im waiting, not going under now Its alright man Its not alright Do it for the vine – lemme do you, pass me that Alright, go on man my legs going to break Hows this? It’s not gonna work yeah we’re going to try dude alright Jayden we have to do it now you know? because we dont want someone coming up because he’ll keep looking up You have to do it now, from now Shit i’m not even gonna fit fam pull yourself down more put your head down put your head down because they’ll see over the chairs Lets see if this works Guys while we’re traveling this would be a good time for you guys to add me on Snapchat The first thousand snaps that i get i’ll add a few people back so add me on Snapchat right now, it’ll be on screen Imagine someone comes, to the back now Like, A passenger Their gonna be Guys i’m praying no one comes He fully looks comfortable like hes been doing this for a while Fully on your phone like your sitting on your couch Oi Oi Jayden Do you think it’ll work? I hopethat no one comes and sits in one of those seats there Move your arm off the seat then Yeah, a bit more if you can Yeah there you go, perfect Guys my legs are hurting, these are brand new jeans aswell finished If this guy has scanned the cameras from downstairs yeah He must be thinking, what are these guys doing Oi jayden your right foot’s up -Bus alert- This bus terminates here -Bus alert- Please take your belongings with you I think we got away He said this bus terminates here Jayden, i think we did it I think we done it Jayden, we done it -Giggle- Guys he’s parking up I can see all the other busses Hes parking up -Phone buzz- He’s moving below Another bus Guys theres a bus behind me parking up -Rattle downstairs- -Another phone buzz- -Door Slam- -Driver talking outside- -Movement downstairs- -Driver- You alrite’ mate? -Phone Buzz- -Another buzz- Whats he doing? Whats he doing Downstairs -Engine starts- Do you think he left? -Inaudible- Let’s wait five more miniutes -Outside talking- I dont think hes here anymore, i think hes left Yeah, shall i get up? Alright guys we’re gonna get up -Dramatic Music- -Outside laughter- Oi, Oi, hes still on the bus The lights are moving oh, ive just dropped my drink Almost dropped this Guys there almost going home Look were at the depot Were trying not to get spotted by any of the other drivers -Dramatic music intensifies- -Alarm sound- Oh shit -Alarm sound continues- Did someone get on the bus? -Movement downstairs- Theres someone down, still on Cleaner? I think someone just came to clean the bus we’ll fail as soon as they come up the stairs -Clattering downstairs- Their cleaning? Oh my days I dident know they clean the busses Oh shit! quiet Is they cleaning? Guys so, theres cleaners Yo, yo oh my days Im just scared -Giggle- Im scared Dont dont dont Just pretend you fell asleep, imma do that Just pretend you fell asleep, thats it -Laugh- -Heavy rain- -Dun, dun DUUUHHH- Alright guys so its now 3:27 AM We’re finally making our way back It’s been a long, long day We basically got caught I hope you enjoyed this video, shoutout to Jayden for obviously helping out First thousand people who add me on Snapchat i’ll add a few of you people back So uh, send me a snap Of cause this was a fail so if you guys have any other suggestions Be sure to leave it in the comment section and i’ll be more than happy to do them Guys mt PO box will be in the discription So if you guys want to send me any funks stuff be sure to do that Be sure to get this video to five thousand likes if you wanna see more 24 hour videos And other than that be sure to leave a like, share, subscribe and if you haven’t already, turn channel notifications on Peace! -Dance music-

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  1. do it on the 349 where it will take you into a bus garage. It will be found in Edmonton, Tottenham, Stamford Hill or Ponders End.

  2. You should try a 24 hour challenge that lasts 24 hours? And post it with a title that's not clickbait? That would be a real challenge

  3. I swear down they clean the buses overnight. You guys were probably lucky that the Cleaners never saw you real early in the video.

  4. Great video, but I got 3 corrections to make.

    1) Not a school bus
    2) I would've been great if you filmed the part where you got caught
    3) Not a fort

  5. hops on bus somewhere in barking let’s just hide when we get to ilford

    Not even a schoolbus the 600 routes are school buses get the facts right

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