25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool- Do you sink or float?

25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool- Do you sink or float?

A while back I was eating lunch with
some co-workers and we were debating about just how far you would sink if you
jumped into a pool of these orbeez For example would it go up to your calf
or to like your waist or all the way above your head Everyone seemed to have
a different theory, in fact I asked about a hundred people and you can see how
much the guess is varied, so as a firm believer in the scientific method I
decided to test our hypotheses So I’m here today in the backyard of the
backyard scientist. so for the past six months we’ve been stockpiling these
orbeez in Kevin’s backyard and today it’s finally the moment of truth all right you ready for this let’s do it
so take a moment to guess in the comments below of how far you think we’ll
sink and then we’ll see if you’re right For the record I think I will sink to about
the waist, okay here we go This Feels so crazy This feels like its compressed on all sides but
it’s so smooth and like slippery So it looks like I was wrong by quite a bit
and we have to reject the null hypothesis So now what I decided to call
up my nephews you guys want to come swimming at my friend’s house in my
ongoing quest to be the favorite uncle only I might have forgotten to tell them
there’d be no water in the pool also that kevin was right there You guys ready to go swimming in this But before we go swimming in 25 million orbeez let’s talk about why I was wrong It has to do with buoyancy so here’s a riddle when
this ice melts will the water level go up or down as you can see here it
actually doesn’t change at all Archimedes taught us that you displace
your weight in water so this baseball weighs about 135 grams
and when I put it in water it will sink until it is pushed out 135 grams worth
of water at which point it’s in equilibrium and it floats and since the
waterline is about halfway up the baseball you know it’s about half as
dense as water and this is why scooby-doo quicksand is pure lies you
sink until you’ve displaced your weight in quicksand and since it’s about twice
as dense as a person you Bob like a cork about halfway down and it’s impossible
to sink so Atreyu relax your horse is going to float So I
will keep sinking in Orbeez until I have displaced my weight in Orbeez and since
they’re a little more dense than me and taking account the packing efficiency of
a sphere surrounded by water the fact that about 85 percent of me sank makes
sense I thought the friction between the balls
would play a bigger role which is why I guessed halfway so I was wrong but a lot
of times that’s more fun because that means the result was unexpected and you
learn something okay back to the pool Guess where my foot is So a huge thanks to Kevin for letting us
use his pool he actually also made a video we did eight crazy experiments
with a pool full of water balls so go check that out because his footage is
amazing as always I also want to thank Squarespace for helping to make this
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I can wait

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