2JZ Tuesday: How to select aftermarket ecu for your 2JZ or other engines? (No brand in specific)

2JZ Tuesday: How to select aftermarket ecu for your 2JZ or other engines? (No brand in specific)

hello guys welcome to another series of
2jz Tuesday my name is Michael Chung and today I’m going to show you guys about
how to select an aftermarket ECU for your engine right the first thing is you need to
decide what kind of engine you are using okay how many number of cylinders that
you are using you’re using four or six or eight or ten or even sixteen okay
this one is you have to decide at first before you just before you select your
aftermarket ECU right so let me explain why it is important is because some of
the we call it a little bit ECU they can manage up to four individual ignition
and four individual injectors okay so if you are going for six cylinders of eight
cylinders the same ECU may not be able to support them all you might want to go
for the second one which is you’re going for with a configuration that means you
are firing both spark plugs at the same time
okay so for example if you are using a six cylinder engine but you are using an
ECU which can support up to four cylinders or me so you’ll be you need to
use a waist pack configuration Demi’s both spark plugs are firing at the same
time okay so you’ll be just using three outputs from the ECU alright so the
second one what’s your preference okay if you prefer to ignite the spark plugs
sequentially okay so you may want to go on a higher level we see you because
they can they have multiple outputs that can fire the spark plugs individually
alright so as a advantages on going for sequential
miss Patty’s Scotia you have lesser duty cycle image lesson sparks going on
father do a longer Starbucks life and also along the ignition coil or even
ignite those life all right if your ECU can support without mean I
turn you can just save your money but if your ECU requires an external uniter
then you have to buy for it all right okay the third thing is you need to know
only rocky you have to determine your climbing all right
your auxiliary outputs ok how many I’ll push you while you want to go for a few
palm or aircon and all the different engine like check like everything you
have to list up everything plus so that you know how many exactly how many
outputs and you can expect more from the ECU ok
for example you might calculate that you may just need five ciliary output so you
can go for those ECU with part or more absolutely so when you need more they
are more all right okay input okay this one is quite quite fun is because there
are two things one is based on that you know if the tuner wants to see
everything from this computer then you may need a lot of input all right or the
driver to get driver one to see all the inputs from the computer or from his –
then you may want whether for important ones okay Blackwater ten-by-ten high
pressure fuel pressure okay boost levels okay so or more higher levels you may
want it’s also guessed at each other and auto
sensor and the waspey may be flex to flex fuel sensor or F all these counties
are quite crucial especially going for higher level of engine tuning by sample
you want to go for 10 bucks capability then you may need a higher level or
latest later version of the ECU all right
they can support can bus and especially for people who wants to go for those –
loggers okay and maybe your ECU or maybe you want to have a drag by wire
especially when you want to go for a drive by wire to control your empty leg
or your idle control and everything went alright okay so the number for the
number hood is a support availability all right
depends on your locket you know so or maybe recently it is quite becoming more
popular purchase that chillner can tune your engine remotely that means the
tuner is not present in the place in the in the dyno but he can tune for you but
of course he may need something to visually check other probabilities and
all the calculations has done then okay so depends on the availability and the
manufacturers support okay some support some support provided in terms of the
manual or the software and go we put you to another website for more information
or the pattern which is to provide more videos for you guys to explain what each
of the functions and other things that you can play with okay
so some manufacturers such as a new ECU masters they’re quite new but they are
providing very good ECU very high tech with low price but the video support is
not as good as others okay trolley stop turning the Oh video support really
especially thumbs up for him because he’s a very very good tuna and he
creates amazing products and able to show a lot of videos for you for us to
learn okay these counties are very important so
that for us DIY tuna or normal engine builder we
need to know all these counties so that we will do our engine we have to plan
for them too all right okay so the big one is the cost okay
I list this on the cost at the least important okay because sometimes when we
spend money for the engine using we may be spending like just shut up and take
my money right but actually we need to take this one into account especially
this whole you can this review how it can be go howdy depends on you okay okay
the cost of the ECU is not as important as the supporting us and supporting
pathways are taller if you want people going sequential you might need a lot of
division colors maybe okay and sensors organics and sent back
it’s a little bit the PGP the turbo speed okay whose Auto sensor SLR Oh big
fella especially when your voice you guys are going drag okay sunny some
drugs they normally they use GPS and alright precious water okay so all the
sensors which are which are which can end up all right and actuators for
example whose solenoid was actually two different engine fans to operate at
different temperatures or even feel cooler and so some all these kind of
things that you have to take into account because all these small things
cannot become very very huge of month alright so I hope you guys enjoyed this
video and please comment below if you guys got any question about selecting
and ECU I’m not supported by the ICU there I’ve
mentioned previously but those are the ECU that I found very interesting and
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  1. Would you have any info on using a gte vvti aristo ecu on a 2000 gs300 can find any info on what needs to be done to run the ecu on 2000+ models

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