3 best gutter guards: Micro Mesh, LeafGuard, Screens

3 best gutter guards: Micro Mesh, LeafGuard, Screens

welcome back everyone my name is Dmitry
Lipinskiy this is a second part of our serious best and worst gutter covers
2019 this video is not sponsored by any of the players here as a matter of fact
some of them are absolutely heating us right now after our last video for worst
gutter cover products that you never want to buy go check it out Lincoln and
B below or you can watch it after this video but if you’re looking for
absolutely best gutter covers guys I have a couple of recommendations so I’m
gonna only talk about three products in this video I’m gonna start with number
three and then number two and then what I believe is number one and the best of
the best all three probably would work when I
would say eight and ninety percent of the houses out there there is a chance
that the gutter coverage just might fail you if you have very tricky design if
you have humongous trees and it’s just huge volume or design of your roof or
roof is too steep or maybe it’s too big so there’s always a chance for gutter
covers to fail but again this is not sponsored video this is just my opinion
I’ve removed thousands of thousands gutter covers in my life we own the
roofing business we do install gutter covers we’re actually install what we
believe is the best but this is not a sale video by any means I just want you
to be educated and to see what’s going on on the market number three what
usually works for most people out there something like this so this one it’s a
nut micromesh it’s a finer mesh much finer than it used to be there is a
quite a few products on the market I have two here this one has a little bit
different design I don’t like solid parceling gutters but this one it’s a
little bit tricky because it has solids but it takes away but the mesh is almost
the same so I actually have this type install in my house we’ve been there for
a couple years from previous owners I have a big trace this works if you have
really big lifts if you don’t have pine needles if you don’t have nothing crazy
going on it’ll protect your gutters from clogging from anything major anything
big now if you do have pine needles if you have a lot of fine stuff you have a
lot of trees who produce a lot of smaller debris so that’s probably not
gonna work because soon later you got us gonna start filling in
it’s also not gonna keep granules from the roof out of your gutters and if you
have a shitty roof especially those organic shingles do shadow have granules
and they do feel and all of a sudden you you know you’re gonna start having seeds
and stuff gonna starts growing in your gutter so it’s not perfect it’s not
ideal but it’s affordable it’s cheap and it works and it’s definitely going to
last for a couple of years like if you compare this to any of the products that
we review in the last video of one of those for its bids then like 10 to
nothing because this works those products don’t right you can buy it at
Home Depot most stores sell them again only if you have very simple roof
nothing crazy going on it’s probably not gonna fail you now second one on my list
is actually one of my competitors leave guards by Linda’s live guard has been on
the market forever what I like about it is it’s a water adhesion type of gutter
curse but it’s actually one part with the gutter there’s been many many
companies who try to mimic it they do have a patent but there’s other
companies who’s trying to do the same no matter what fact in our first video I
talked about the same type but cheap gutter covering like you’ve pretty much
the water doesn’t even shed even in our simple water test so what I like about
leave guards is you deal with one company and it’s actually part of the
gutter so it’s it’s a true one system the reason that copycats fail in this
business because when you talk about aftermarket parts it’s really hard to
fit in the little fascia and gutter guard stand out because they’re pretty
small and they’re very very easy to install because they don’t take a lot of
space so you can actually make them work and also you have a warranty of the
company who’s gonna back in them up so for those two reasons it’s not
definitely for do-it-yourselfers you probably gonna fail if you’re gonna try
to find similar product from big-box store that looks like live guard and
gonna try to do it yourself I guarantee it’s gonna fail I’ve never seen copycat
of live guard fail I always put them in the second category they always fail
just give it a time the water start overflowing there’s always something
with the design because you work with the existing gutter you never have
enough slope you have to you stuff and once you start bending it
it just fails live guard it’s one piece it’s similar with the gutter it’s not
cheap you have to go through the company but it definitely works so that’s second
of my list and lastly it’s of course micromesh micromesh I mean I’ve seen a
lot of jobs we’ve installed hundreds of jobs ourselves so this company here this
is just one of the brands the relief solution I asked them to ship me a
couple samples of the new stuff you can see there’s three different designs so
fair to say I recommend all the micromesh gutter products only filter is
one of them but they’re way overpriced I hate their sale system they pretty much
sell you like car sales guys used to sell 30 years ago they start with the
highest price and they drop it down so they pretty much have okay product that
you know worth mentioning worth recommending but they charging way too
much for it they’re not reasonable and the sales are just very gimmicky so that
that’s right there so if you do like micromesh you can do it yourself or you
can call other contractors who install something like this right again lift
solution is just manufacturer it’s not like local company or anything we can
install it you can find a company to install it or you know there’s five
other brands similar to this but when you buy a micro mesh product here’s what
I really want to point out I mean there’s different designs I mean you you
make a decision if you wanna just a flat this will not fail you
I mean this is a little bit more advanced a little bit more engineers so
this actually gonna work as well like I said any of them will work but what’s
gonna make your micromesh you know even better if you have this little rip and
if you’re actually gonna screw it back to the fascia so if you do this
combination now you gotta actually going to be super super strong I actually
tested it myself so pretty much it’s gonna in close your gutter and you can
do like crazy stuff pull-ups I’ve done muscle ops on my gutters like that so if
you just slide another shingle it’s one installation type but when you actually
screw it on the back it’s actually makes entire gada system stronger so you
completely seal in the top and it’s actually adds integrity to your gutter
system so you screw to the front you screw to the back
you make the gutter stronger and you protect it from leaves and debris for
years to come one more thing that only this company
does it that’s why I brought them to this video I could bring anybody they
have amazing accessories this is absolutely game-changer this
piece right here installs in inside corner a lot of times is the most
important area on the exterior of your house
a lot of times it’s in front of your front door and that’s where you get the
most of the water from that Valley so pretty much it just pours in and that
3/4 inches is just not enough to catch it so it’s one of overspill gutter guys
for years have been trying to put splash guards there usually doesn’t work and
also contributes to further clogging so this one here you install it inside both
gutters left and right right both l-shape and then you have a screen on
top of it so the water gonna be driving here if it’s over spills is gonna catch
here and drain back to the gutter and because you have this huge micromesh
screen on top of it it’s also gonna filter all of that water and it’s gonna
push away all the leaves and all the debris this is from you the genius so if
you wanna absolutely best of the best system micromesh first make sure you
secure it to the fascia second and make sure you use accessories like this third
I cannot think of better system in a gutter market today this is absolute
bass again as far as brand goes the only reason I’m bringing this brand because
they have accessories like that you can actually buy accessories like that from
them and then buy micromesh you know from different manufacturer if you like
or check them out on a website they’re not sponsored but I will put the link
below just because I like them so much that’s about it when it comes together
covers if your gutter installer I would like to hear from you comment below let
me know what you think whether you agree or disagree maybe there is a better
product out there I want to know and I’ll include it in the next video if too
many of you will prove to me there’s something better but I’ve been doing it
for years I could not find anything better
this is absolutely best of the best I if you let me to install it for you or
if you find somebody to install it and they’re gonna do it right
it’s never gonna fail you thank you guys so much for coming if you like this type
of content give me one of those subscribe to channel I’ll see you guys
in the next video

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  1. Englert Leaf Guard works great…. but still needs maintenance like pressure washing…. and it still clogs(I've ripped miles of the stuff off houses). Real hard to get a sales person to tell you that. Also real hard to have a sales person convince me their product is worth the price when there's literally a recipe printed in the warranty for a cleaning solution they expect you to use yourself. Furthermore, I have a printed copy of their 'warranty' in my office that clearly states the only thing actually fully covered is the paint… the paint…. which any vendor usually warrants for about as long as anyone is going to be in any given house. Their warranty covers a cleaning, only through the subcontractor they get to do the install so, good luck homeowners. My conclusion is that for the egregious pricing, Englert Leaf Guard is complete trash that preys on the elderly.

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