3 Guys, 3 Cars, 3 Days, $5K each | How did our cars fare at auction?

(upbeat music) – Hi. I’m Stefan Lombard with Hagerty. You’re in Nashville,
Tennessee with my good friend Brad Phillips, my other good friend Matt Lewis, and we are here to settle a gentleman’s bet. We want to buy three cars for $5000 apiece. Drive them all the way
up to Auburn, Indiana to consign them with Auctions America for their fall Auburn sale. And see who comes out on top. – See who buys the best car. – Or the car that’s going
to do the best at auction. We do all have about 6,000 tabs open on our computers of potential cars. Not just here in Nashville,
but in Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Indianapolis.
– [Matt] Indianapolis. – Toledo. Basically this giant
corridor from Nashville. – I have also looked in Chattanooga, Huntsville, Alabama which are the opposite direction of where we’re going. But you never know. For the right car, you
should go anywhere for it. – And the car needs to make it to Auburn. That’s the only way this
whole thing’s gonna work. – On a trailer? – No! It needs to drive. – [Stefen] Okay, so like.
– [Matt] It’s a big deal. – Like the song from
Smokey and the Bandit, we’ve got a long way
to go, and a short time to get there, and I’m gonna win. – I don’t think that’s
how the song goes exactly. – Okay, well, in any case,
I’ll see you guys in Auburn? – [Matt] Sounds good.
– [Brad] Yes. – [Stefen] All right. (rock music) – So I found a dealership. Music City Motorsports. It seems to have a decent
inventory of classics as well as a lot of newer stuff. And so I’m just gonna
go see what they have, see if there’s anything in my price range. And, if not, maybe they can point me in another direction
and I’ll go from there. – I know car people all over the country, so I placed a few calls to
some potential private sellers in the area also. There are a couple of
cars that are going to be with a friend of mine that
we have the option to look at and see if we want to consider buying. And I believe that they’re going to be in our price range. So right now we’re going
to this location to look at the cars, and it’s going
to be pretty interesting. – All right, so I called the
guy with the ’78 Monte Carlo. Going to take a look at
it, he’s right outside of Nashville, actually. The only problem is, he doesn’t want to be on camera so we’re going to have kind of some radio silence when I go to actually check out the car. – The Audi at the
dealership was consigned, and I’m still waiting to
hear back a price on that. And I think what I will
do is I’ll call them, and maybe I’ll just make an offer. And if they say no or they can’t, then maybe it’s time to get out of town. – Yeah, so that’s siliconed in right there and it does have a little
rust bubbling around the edges. – [Man in orange shirt] So
it looks like, you know, there’s probably been a
fire here at some point. – Oh yeah, could have been,
a little charred there. – We went and looked at the Monte Carlo. While it was… a fair enough car for its age, it definitely was a used car. – So tell me about this. – It’s an ’88 E28 535i. – I gotta tell you, so far
just on air conditioning alone, this is looking pretty good. (laughing) The BMW, pretty nice but
a little daily drivery for this auction. And the Scorpion, I still
love, but it had needs. And not the kind of needs that we can fix on the way there. So we’re going to continue on our path going up into Kentucky. – We’ve got the Mustang
that we were looking at. Foxbody Mustang, it is modified. But it looks really nice. It very well may be a
properly modified Mustang, but there are no interior shots and there are no engine
shots so that’s where the question mark comes up. – One of the many challenges
beyond finding a car, is that Matt and Brad are looking for the same
kinds of cars in the same price range, in the same places as I am. – So the foxbody Mustang is a no go. It looked great in the photos, again the body wasn’t quite as nice. Mechanically it seemed great. But there was a reason there
were no interior shots. That interior is rough. We may just start heading north. Brad it sounds like is on his way north. – We left town, Matt left town, Brad left town, we all went north. Through Louisville, I
don’t know if they stopped in Louisville to look at anything. There were cars there but
we went through Louisville. For some reason, I think it’s a good idea to find a classic car in Cleveland, Ohio. – There’s an ’87 Dodge Shelby Turbo. Now, in standard form, that car is not all that interesting. But it’s a turbo, it’s
a Shelby version of it. And of course it’s got a signed dash and all kinds of other stuff. But it is otherwise stock and unmolested. So I like it. – ’76 Fiat 124 Spyder. Looks awesome in the pictures. Which now we’ve been fooled twice already by the pictures. But that’s neither here nor there, it’s a new city, it’s a new hope. (rock music) – This guy here with
the Shelby, I like it. But honestly, he wants five for it which is our top budget which leaves us not one thin dime to fix the
air conditioning compressor which was making the sort of noises like you’d pour gravel into it. – For it to be a car that I’m
going to get my money out of, it’s going to take a
little bit of work as well. I’d really like to go and
look at a couple more cars before I jump on this one. – I really like that Karmann Ghia. It was a very sharp car
despite the color change. Black is a good color for that car. I really feel like he could have done well at the auction, it was very clean. But unfortunately,
Terry, the gentleman who we spoke with, is not
the owner of the car. He’s a friend of the owner of the car and he does not have the title with him. And the owner of the car is out of town for the next two weeks in Montana. (rock music) – But I’ve never seen one
of these this nice before. This is really neat. – Okay, so it’s Thursday. Two o’clock. – Yes. – And we are all three in Auburn, Indiana, at Auctions America. And I believe all three of us arrived here in classic cars that
we found on Craigslist. – [Matt] We all have vehicles. – Somewhere in the
greater or lesser midwest. – I feel like I’ve look at
a lot of the lesser midwest. (laughing)
The last few days, for sure. – This was an exercise in, oh dear. – [Matt] Yes.
– [Stefen] It really was. – There’s a lot of lies of omission. I’m coming across on Craigslist. – I feel good about my purchase. I think it’s going to do
well on the auction block. I don’t know about you guys. – I feel very good about my purchase. – I’m really happy to be here. (laughing) – All right. – We looked at a lot of different cars. Lots of different kinds. And I mean all across the board. From classics, stock type cars to ’70s and ’80s type vehicles, really trying to think of what does each particular car offer the
potential auction buyer. – So, enough talking. We should probably find out what we all ended up here with. – I think I agree. – All right, you first. – I’ll go first, that’s fine. All right, I’ll see you guys in a bit. – Okay. Are we going to place any
bets on how terrible it is? – Well, and I know he didn’t
buy an old British car ’cause I haven’t heard
him beating anything with a hammer out there to
get a fuel pump unstuck. – No, but you don’t know that for sure because it’s still not running. It’s still not here. – Did he leave it in Indianapolis? (faint horn honking)
Oh, I hear a horn! It’s got a working horn,
that sounded European to me! – It didn’t sound as
masculine as I was expecting. – Right. – [Matt] Ohhh!
– [Brad] Ohhh! There it is. – The Merc. – [Brad] That is actually very nice. Look at that. – [Matt] Seatbelts fastened? 1973. – [Brad] Yeah.
– [Matt] You gonna hit me? – As the plate says, and as you guessed, it’s a 1973 Mercedes 450SL… which is a 4.5 litre V8. It’s got 98,000 miles on it. MBTex interior with not a stitch wrong. No cracks, nothing. Really good paint. And I bought it in a little
town in north-central Ohio from a very nice gentleman who… had it for his wife and she has a newer SL and they don’t need two SL Mercedes, and– – [Matt] I have that problem all the time. – And so he put it on Craigslist, it was on Craigslist for about four days. I mean, I drove across
northern Ohio this morning… easily on the freeway. – [Brad] Gotta be pretty
plush in this thing. – [Stefen] It is! It is a really comfortable,
very comfortable driving position. Not sporty, but just relaxed. What you would want from this car. Both tops. This hardtop was off the
car when I looked at it. But it’s in great shape,
and the soft top is new. So it’s, I think there’s a
lot to like about this car. There’s some, a little bit
of rust in this door sill. But he never drove it in
the 12 years he owned it, he never drove it in the winter. – [Matt] Excellent. Brad? – [Brad] It’s certainly pretty. – [Matt] Is it your turn?
– [Brad] It is. – [Matt] I gotta see what you got. – [Brad] Okay, here we go. – This is not what I was
expecting out of you. – [Stefen] It’s not what I was
expecting out of me, either. – It is very nice… but not what I was expecting out of you. – No. – This doesn’t seem like
your cup of tea, per say. – You know, after driving
here, it could very easily be my cup of tea.
– [Matt] Yeah? I think I hear him. – [Stefen] I hear a car. – [Matt] I see a reflection of a car. It is, whoa! Coming in hot! I don’t know if I’d trust
that thing to turn like that. – That is a shiny Corvair. – That is shiny. – [Stefen] Look at that.
– [Matt] Look at that! – [Stefen] Is that maroon? – [Matt] It is a maroon. (hands clapping) You sir. You look the part in
that thing, look at you. – [Stefen] It’s an American classic. – [Brad] Let me tell you what.
– [Matt] It is a classic. – [Brad] Yeah, this car
is really fantastic. – [Matt] Oh, and you’ve got a manual. – [Brad] Yeah, so it’s a ’63. And what’s really cool about this, it’s the first generation
of Corvairs, okay? And it’s a Monza, so the Monzas got a little bit of an upgraded engine. So it’s twin carb, it’s 102
crazy stampeding horsepower. It’s got a 4-speed which
actually works very nicely. And it’s great. It runs down the road no problem. And this has been a lot of fun. It’s pretty clean. But originally a red with black interior. That’s the original interior for the car. Original radio, all the little
things that you can decode which I love doing, figuring
out how was this car really born, work really well. – [Stefen] How’s the top? – [Brad] Top is almost new, brand new. And when we put it up for the first time, the window’s clear, no yellowing. And we had seen photographs of the car that actually had the top up also. And it’s very good, it’s a great car. It’s been well taken care of, we believe. One more car to see. – [Stefen] Yeah, go get your car. – [Matt] It’s mine, it’s my go? All right, I’m going to go get my car. – Tell you what’s fun too, you can just, the heat just radiating off these things from sitting outside. – I know, I leaned against this thing and I think I’ve melted my hand. – I heard a horn. – [Stefen] I think, yeah. (laughing)
– [Brad] Oh, my. – Look at that. – [Brad] And now we have a hybrid here. – [Stefen] Look at that. – [Brad] European luxury.
(laughing) – [Stefen] And American… reliability. (laughing)
– [Brad] Yeah. – [Stefen] Is that a TC by
Chrysler, or by Maserati? – [Matt] This one’s by Maserati. – [Stefen] All right. – [Matt] It is worth mentioning
that this is 38,000 miles. – [Stefen] And it’s got a
real trident on the front. – [Matt] Well, no,
that’s the penta-trident. That’s literally what they call it. This car was born through
a deal between Maserati and Lee Iacocca. Probably heard of him. The penta-trident on
here, it’s the only car to run it, three years. One year color combination, they only did this color once. Has both tops. And, it is a turbo. – [Brad] Nice, is this the 2.2 turbo that they ran for so long? – [Matt] This is, I believe a variant of the Dodge Daytona turbo. – [Brad] Okay.
– [Matt] Yup. – [Brad] It’s got nice lines. – [Stefen] It does have nice lines. – [Brad] And fully equipped? – [Matt] Oh yeah. So the first thing you notice, like if you look at Maserati biturbos and Quattroportes and things of this era, the seats look kind of
like Maserati seats. – [Brad] Yes, they do.
– [Stefen] Very plush. – [Matt] So the interior
is Italian leather. The exterior is by Maserati. The engine is by Chrysler. And the criticism is you’re getting the worst of both worlds. (laughing) But it’s really comfortable
and it’s a good driving car. – [Brad] Now let’s talk
about the built in– – [Matt] That is a sign of the times. Carphone, still in the car. – [Stefen] Nice, it’s kind of mandatory. Now you had made a lot of noise before we left Nashville about the TC. – [Matt] I did. – Not this TC in particular,
but you were on that trail. – [Matt] And alarmingly
adjacent TC, in fact, same guy. He has six of them. Six TC’s. He had this one listed
on Craigslist first, it didn’t sell, he pulled it. He listed the other one
on Craigslist which I went to look at, and he goes
“you can do either.” – [Stefen] Take your pick. – [Matt] Right! He had a third one in
the garage next to it. That one wasn’t for sale. And that was cream. – [Stefen] 38,000 miles, huh? – [Matt] 38,000 original miles. And it’s even got the 100,000 mile marker so you know it’s not a million 38 ’cause it is a Chrysler
engine (chuckling). – [Stefen] And it runs well? – [Matt] It does.
– [Stefen] That’s great. So we, we all end up with convertibles. – [Matt] We did, somehow. We all ended up with convertibles. – [Stefen] I wasn’t necessarily
looking for a convertible. – [Matt] Neither was I. – [Stefen] But I was looking for the car. – [Matt] I was looking for fun, really. Because the point of any of these cars, in my opinion, from the way
I look at the hobby, is fun. I want to get in it and drive it and have fun and I have more fun in a convertible. – [Stefen] And all three of
these cars are a lot of fun for the money. – [Matt] Absolutely, yeah. – I think we all did well. Now it’s in Auctions America’s hands. And so I’m excited to see you guys on sale day and… see what happens. – All we can do is wait and
see ’em cross the block. So let’s get out of here. – [Brad] Sounds good. (rock music) – Well, it’s judgement day. Auction day here at Auctions America. Fall Auburn in lovely Auburn, Indiana. The sun is out, the bidders are here. – The cars are lined up. – The cars are lined up
and we’re gonna find out… what happens. What’s gonna happen, guys? – And it turns out that there are a few of each of our cars headed across before. – Yes. – Which could either
make us really nervous if they don’t sell well. Or confident if they do sell well. – If you’re holding out
for our particular car, they know it’s coming later. – Those are here to
just to whet appetites. We’ve got the entree. – I have the least of the
problems though, this morning. ‘Cause there’s only one
Corvair going before mine, and it’s the white one we looked at. It is a convertible but it’s
an automatic transmission. And I think it’s sort of on par with mine, but with the automatic
I still think I could come out ahead. So that one goes before me,
so I’ll be watching that. – On my side, both of the other TC’s cross before mine which I’m
looking at as a positive thing because that means
if you’re here for a TC it’s your last opportunity. You better bid well, ’cause otherwise you’re going home empty handed. – And mine is one of a baker’s dozen of 450SL’s crossing
the block this morning. I think it’s the only ’73 so maybe… people will wait for
the purity of that year. We’ll see. I’m excited, I’m nervous. – We have all been here at auctions a lot of times but never
had any skin in the game. – No, no. So this is a totally new experience. You know, just having a vested interest in how the auctioneer is pushing the car and the enthusiasm of the crowd, so. Little nervous in there. – I think it’s fun to
finally put ourselves in the shoes of these
people that we’ve seen and now I understand
all the nervous pacing and general chit chat
pro and con on the car before it all happens because you just want to keep pushing the process along and just get to the end of it. And I’m ready to see what these things do. – Yes, good luck. – Good luck to you. – [Matt] Let’s do this thing.
– [Brad] All right. (“The Star-Spangled Banner”) (audience applauding) – [Voiceover] Awesome
ladies and gentlemen. – [Voiceover] Let’s do it. (upbeat music) (auctioneers and bidding
assistants yelling) – Here comes the first. – [Matt] Is that one yours? – [Stefen] This one is not mine. – [Matt] Oh. – [Stefen] But this is a ’74
so it’s just a year after. – Oh looked, they dropped it, they’re doing it in three. – Do you see what we’re offering you here? – That’s the wrong way, Stefen. – And to go down to three. – This is not looking good for our hero. – But again, the real money is waiting for Stefen’s car. – The smart money. – The smart money in the room. – I like that you said that, Brad. I appreciate that. (auctioneer drawling) – [Matt] Yes!
– [Brad] Whoa. They rolled the competitors to both of your cars up at the same time. You could not plan that. So that was a pretty nice TC, right? – [Matt] Yes. – [Brad] Five speed, yellow. – Not the luxury
automatic, but it was nice. – Fewer miles. Did they sell it? – No, no sale at 85. – [Brad] All right, now here’s
the Corvair convertible. – [Matt] What are the chances of this? – So this is an automatic. Very similar to mine but automatic. (auctioneer drawling) – 5,000. – [Brad] All right, all right. – Oh! – Oh no, here it comes. Here it comes. – All right. Matt Lewis. The car, here it is. – [Stefen] It’s got a
great stage presence. – [Brad] Let’s get some action in there. – [Matt] I got 1000, I got 1000! – Here we go. – [Auctioneer] That is
a Maserati, by Maserati. 1100, twelve. – [Stefen] That’s one way to phrase it. – [Auctioneer] It’s not just
a Chrysler, it’s a Maserati. (auctioneer drawling) – 1400. 1400. – Relax. – $1400. $1400. – You can faint now. – That’s terrible. That’s terrible. You guys have to make up my slack now. – Well, yeah. – Like short wheel base Cal Spyders, everyone who wanted one
got one in Monterey. – Right. – So. – So the market’s done. – That’s a really good
way to think of that. Absolutely. Yeah we’re switching
this to an aggregate win. – This was more Chryslers TC
than the market could bear. (laughing) – [Stefen] Who’s going to lose the least? (laughing) – Yours is next. – There it is. – I can see it. – Oh, here we go. – [Stefen] Oh god, there’s
trim hanging off the side! There’s rocker trim hanging off the side! – [Brad] Oh my god, are you kidding me. The rust finally pushed through just at this very moment! Are you kidding? – How did that happen! – How did that happen? – Oh my god. – [Stefen] It looked a lot better when I left it this morning, that’s for sure. But it’s up to 2,000. – [Matt] Run up and fix it. – On this side you can’t see that. – Stop the rotisserie! – [Stefen] They’re fixing
it, there’s a pit crew fixing my car on the block. Hit in on there with your fist, fellas. – Nice job guys, nice job.
(hands clapping) – Ground it on there. C’mon folks. – [Brad] A leap immediately to 5000. – [Stefen] Oh, goodness. (auctioneer drawling) – 3200. 3200. – Well. How are we feeling? – I was kidding when I said I’m not going to lose money on it, that was a joke. We’re going to drink a
lot of sorrowful booze after this round. So what’s next here. – This is it, this is it! – Oh! Okay guys. – [Stefen] Here it is. C’mon Brad, do it Brad! – [Brad] Look at it, under its own power. Ascending the auction
block with authority. – [Stefen] No trim pieces are hanging off. – [Brad] No trim pieces are hanging off. 3500. Okay, I’m in the money! I’m 200 bucks. I’m 200 bucks in the money! Yeah! Okay, okay. All right! – 5000. The only man to make money, I’m retiring. I’m done. I’m out. – Well, we are post block. – Yes. – At Auctions America. It didn’t quite go the
way we envisioned it. – Correct. I finally finished crying. I’ve worn myself out. I have nothing more to give. It was a wake up call to
us at buyers and sellers. – It was. I do want to congratulate Brad here. – Brad is the only one. – Brad made a profit on his car, $700. – I did, I did. 4300 for a good old American
iron which I thought would play pretty well here and it did. So it sold for five and you guys were both the victims of a brutal line up. So many 450’s in succession before yours. And TC’s. I’m still surprised it was all
stacked up in front of you. You had some pretty hard
contenders to deal with. – I was excited to see them go. All of them went for more than mine. – One of them did not sell– – One of them did not sell but it was– – At $8,000. – Yeah. – I think it was
something else to see too, ’cause even though you guys had a less than stellar experience
with what you earned on the cars, you still
got the butterflies, you’re still talking about
coming back to another auction. So there’s a junkie
mentality to all of this too. You want in, you’re gonna beat
the house next time, right? – I am a glutton for punishment. (laughing) – What I take away from this is that there’s no hard and
fast rule for doing well at an auction. – No and it has to do 100% with the crowd. ‘Cause Auctions America gave it their all. – They did. – For every car that went up there. We just didn’t have the right people in the audience. – That’s it. – And I think next time we buy cars at auction and sell them on Craigslist. – Yes. – That’s how you make money. – Sounds like a better way to do this. (laughing) – Well, I am sorry for
you gentleman’s losses. I am happy for the win, and– – Drinks on Brad! – Drinks on Brad! (laughing) (rock music)

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