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  1. I don't know who is the dumber one here, the parents that "forget about their kids in hot cars" or the law enforcement officials that believe them. They should make a law for these idiots that leave their kids in hot cars and "forget them". Put the parents in prison and "forget" where the key is.

  2. They should be charged with criminal negligence they knew they forgot the other child. I'm a parent I've never forgotten my child no matter how tired I am. Shame on them how do you forget your child 🤔

  3. Never an accident. Not saying it was intentional either, but If you have a child, it's your responsibility to know where they are, esp that little. How do you not notice a three year old is not around for hours? Sorry, but these stories always make me angry. Cars aren't that big, you should be able to tell if everyone is out. Pay attention!!!!!

  4. My fren lives in this neighborhood and she said she saw him w his family yesterday all playing in the yard and the day this happened she was gonna go skateboarding around the block, she ended up not going outside and she kind blames her self for not being able to help him

  5. Here's an idea…


    (Oh, was I shouting?)

    I am tired of whispering prayers of useless apology and helpless sorrow to the wind, to more dead children who had given all their wide eyed trust to us, every damn morning on reading the news.

    And yet I still read the news, because not knowing – unawareness – is the zen opposite of comfort, and ignorance is not bliss, nor ever gave anyone peace.

    More and more I am at a loss, yet I know I’m not the first or the only one.

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